Chapter 239 – 240: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 239: Holy Dragon Scripture’s Conspiracy

Kris Chen was puzzled, too.

Magic pills?

What magic pills?

Shentong Wang grabbed the pill bottle from the saucer and then gave it to Kris, saying, “Saint, those pills, with Saussurea involucrate, centennial ginseng, snow honey and other rare herbs as the ingredients, were made out of my painstaking effort. They are completely wholesome to you.”

“Tonic pills?”

Hearing this, Kris Chen was totally confused. “Damn it! These are apparently Living and Dying Pills,” thought he to himself.

Son of a bitch. How dare he gave such poisoning pills to me!

Sure enough, the Bishop was not a kind person.

But at this moment, Kris had no choice but to act as if nothing had happened. Pretending to be ignorant, he said gratefully to the Bishop, “Thanks for your kindness. But I won’t take them now; instead, before I can actually take the holy pills, I will select an auspicious day to thoroughly bathe myself with incense burning.”


The Bishop was shocked by what Kris had said.

Quan Mu, who was standing beside them, tried very hard to keep a straight face. “What a crafty man. It’s obvious that he has recognized the Living and Dying Pills. However, he still pretended to be grateful,” thought she to herself.

Last time she was attacked by the pill toxicities, it was Kris Chen who saved her life by refining the antidote; otherwise, she might have died.

And the reason why Kris dared to say so was due to his absolute trust in Quan, deeming she wouldn’t give him away. Obviously, he won the wager.

Thinking of this, he cast a grateful eye toward Quan.

As for others present, they were all shocked at his behavior.

The truth is all the permanent members of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult have recognized the Living and Dying Pills on their Bishop’s hand.

“Hahaha…, I’m so touched you are such a filial follower,” said Shentong, laughing widely. “Take them right now. I pardon your innocence!”

While speaking, he passed the pill bottle to Kris.


“He is a viper, indeed,” thought Kris Chen to himself.

Not daring to reject the pills, he had no choice but to take the pill bottle and said gratefully, “Thank you a lot. May you good luck and long life.”

“Yuck! A flatterer. I will wait to see if you will be still grateful when you’ve known you’ve taken poisons,” said Weiwu Zhao to himself while he was glancing at Hu Meng, the Lord of Baihu Star.

“Hahaha… My lady, the Saint you conferred is quite funny,” said Shentong, with a wide smile.

“Kris, hurry to take the pills,” ordered Quan Mu, with a sigh.

Hearing what she said, Kris Chen felt a grave bitterness in the heart. In the end, he had no choice but to take the Living and Dying pills as ordered.

People around him were all gloating to see him take the pills. But for fear that the Bishop would have seen their remiss expressions, they tried hard to remain serious.

“Damn it! I will immediately refine myself the antidote as soon as I get out of here. No one could hurt me. No one!” thought Kris Chen to himself, determinedly.

At this moment, Quan Mu felt relieved. She yelled to Kris, “Saint, do you have any gift in return to the Bishop?”

As soon as she finished her words, every one cast their eyes on Kris and was looking forward to see what gift he would present to the Bishop!

Unpleasant though he was, he still remained an air of composure. He stood up to make a bow with hands folded in front and said solemnly, “Bishop, since today is your birthday, I’ve prepared a precious gift for you. And I hope you will love it.”

While speaking, he took out a pill.

At the time of crisis and danger, a lot of people were lurking in the shadows, expecting a time to fight.

Although the Bishop had stabbed him in the back, Kris Chen had to please him so that he could fly away from Ice-Fire Island safely.

Shentong looked at the pill on Kris’s hand with great interest. “Wow. It’s pretty good. I’m so happy that you are so nice to me. I wonder what it is, actually?”

In fact, he’s able to refine pills, but for only two types. One is the Living and Dying Pill, and the other is its antidote.

The inheritance of alchemy (the way to refine pills) has broken off since the Danzong School and Tianmo School’s banishment.

Due to this reason, he didn’t know what pill Kris Chen had given to him.

Kris Chen asked with a smile, “I don’t know if you’ve heard about Obstacle-Breaking Pill?”


Obstacle-Breaking Pill?

The magic pill that can help practitioners break through the bottleneck of their practice?

“Saint, the Obstacle-Breaking Pill is the one that can help practitioners break through the bottleneck of their practice?” asked Shentong incredibly.

“Yeah,” answered Kris Chen as he nodded. “This pill can help practitioners break through the shackles of their current stage,” added he.


Hearing this, everyone present sucked in a cold breath.

What a magic pill it is! How could he have it?

Where did he get it?

The Bishop was too excited to be calm. He walked toward Kris and took over the pill from him. With one hand patting on the shoulder of Kris Chen, he complimented him a lot. “Nice job, dude, but I still have a question to ask you. Where did you get this pill?”

The great hall suddenly fell into silence immediately. The Bishop finished speaking. Everyone was listening attentively in order not to miss anything important.

“Bishop, I got this magic pill by accident from a detached master. It’s said that the pill was inherited from his ancestor,” said Kris Chen, who was absolutely talking nonsense so as not to divulge the fact that he was refining pills.

“Wow. I see,” said Shentong. “So, can we find him?” added he.

Kris Chen shook his head with a bitter smile and replied, “The master enjoyed traveling around and had no fixed abode, so it’s impossible to find him.”

Hearing this, Shentong shook his head in regret. “This is a magic pill. The one who has refined it must be the descendant of either the Danzong School or Tianmo School. How good it will be if I can find him,” thought he to himself.

“You’ve done a great job, and I appreciated it a lot. Quan Mu surely didn’t judge you wrong,” said Shentong as he moved back to his seat.

What a Fuck? Only two compliments for me?

What a mean person!

That’s 50 million dollars!

Kris Chen felt heartbroken…

Soon after, Kris Chen presented his divine pill to the Bishop, the Sun Guardian, and the Moon Guardian, as well as the four Lords of the four stars all, showed their gifts to the Bishop.

The gifts were respectively millennial ginseng, millennial lucid Ganoderma, millennial Tai Sui (an extremely precious lucid Ganoderma of great medicinal value), and so on so forth.

All of those gifts were rare and valuable medicinal materials, which were alluring Kris Chen to commit a crime for them.

“They were so attractive! With them, I could refine numerous magical pills!” thought Kris Chen to himself.

All the followers joined in singing the praises, which delighted the Bishop a lot. “Terrific! You are all filial followers. Well, serve the wine now!” ordered him with a big smile on his face.

At the Bishop’s command, a cluster of beautiful women was moving in succession, holding the altar to pour wine for everyone.

Since it was the Bishop’s birthday, lots of followers dared to make a toast to him.

As for Shentong himself, he was joyful too, declining no one toasting him. He belted down one cup of wine after another.

Quan Mu also deigned to drank much, and under the influence of alcohol, her beautiful face was radiant with a ruddy complexion.

After several rounds of toasting, the Guardian of the Holy Dragon Scripture stepped forward with a wine glass in his hands, asking, “Bishop, are you satisfied with the Taiyin Scripture we presented to you yesterday?”

“Well, I like it,” answered him with a smile.

“Since you like it, I beg to ask you for a favor, and I hope you can help with it,” said the Guardian of the Holy Dragon Scripture.

“Since it’s a presumptuous request, you can just stop saying that,” said the Sun Guardian.

“Just let him speak. I’m wondering what request he needs,” said the Bishop.

“Thank you, Bishop,” said the Guardian of the Holy Dragon Scripture. “I’ve heard that the Sun-Moon Holy Cult has collected four books of magic scriptures, which are respectively two books of Taiji Scripture and two books of Taiyin Scripture, including the one I’ve just presented to you. You’ve got half of the eight magic books. I’m begging you to share with us the secrets in those books.”


How dare he!

Hearing this, The Sun Guardian and the Moon Guardian, as well as the four Lords of the four stars all, rose to their feet, glowering at the Guardian of the Holy Dragon Scripture.

“Now go, all of you!” ordered Shentong to everyone.

Now that today is his birthday banquet, it would be nothing but a shame if everyone fought together.

“My Lady, how do you perceive the four books of scriptures?” asked the Shentong while he was looking at her,

The time he finished speaking, everyone stopped to listen.

It has been hundreds of years that no one had decoded the secrets of the scriptures. Thus, everyone was curious.

Quan Mu shook her head and took out the four books of scriptures. “Bishop, please pardon my incapability. I can’t decode the secrets in those books,” said she.

Hearing this, the Bishop spoke to the Guardian of the Holy Dragon Scripture in a frown, “Did you hear that clearly? Even my wife, who is superiorly wiser than any others can’t reveal the secrets in those books, how can those secrets truly exist?”


Not exist?

Everyone present was stunned at Shentong’s words.

They were crystal clear that the Bishop was telling a lie, but with a second thought, it must have been a problem indeed. After all, no one had come up with any perception of those books.

This is a problem, indeed!

At this moment, the Lord of Canglong star who has kept silent for a while stood up and said respectfully, “Bishop, I’m guessing that the method to decode the secrets in those books lies in a full collection of the eight books of scriptures.”

Actually, someone has already come up with this guessing long ago, but no one has succeeded in collecting the eight books.

Without a word, both Shentong and Quan Mu nodded for consent.

However, the Guardian of the Holy Dragon Scripture began to speak again, “Bishop, since two heads are better than one, I’m here begging you to share your four books with us so that we can work together to decode the secrets in the books.”


The crowd was immediately mute on hearing what he said.

Well. What he said does make sense. Maybe, the crowd can decode the secrets by working together.

“Bishop, why not share your books with us?”

“Bishop, please show your books to us.”

Shentong put on a straight face after hearing what people said. He will never let others see the books. He will suffer a steep loss if someone else gets the secrets.


At this time, Kris Chen, all of a sudden, came to his feet. “Bishop, Can I be honored enough to appreciate the four books?” asked he.


He must be an idiot.

At this moment, all the people in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult became annoyed with a pale face.

He must be a spy from Holy Dragon Scripture!

Taiji Scripture and Taiiyin Scripture are precious enough that only the Bishop can read.

Why was the idiot asking for reading them?

Was he the Saint in the Sun-Moon Holy Cult or the one in the Holy Dragon Scripture?

Thinking of this, Shentong put on an even longer face.

How dare he asked for reading the books in front of the crowd at the holly hall?

Didn’t he recognize the trap set by the Holy Dragon Scripture?


Seeing that Shentong was in a grave mood, Quan Mu hastened to scold Kris Chen, “What are you doing? Are those books the ones that you can read?”

At this time, the Lord of Xuanwu Star and the Lord of Baihu Star looked at each other with a vicious smile. “Bishop, Kris Chen was too arrogant to respect you in the eye. He was lacking in etiquette. It was a big crime to have asked for magical books in public. Please remove his tile of Saint,” said the two with one voice.

“Please remove his tile of Saint!”

While speaking, all the subordinates of the two Lords kneeled down.

Seeing this, Quan Mu was even more anxious. Although she was thinking hard on how to help him out, she still needed a bit more time.

Bastard! Can’t he see that the four books are the treasured possessions to the Bishop?

Chapter 240: A Dramatic Turn

At this moment, Kris laughed and said in calmness: “my Lord, I am loyal to the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and even more loyal to you. It’s just that one of the four Scriptures is not right.”

Taiji Scripture and Taiyinn Scripture, one is yellow, and one is cyan.

The two Scriptures seem to be made of a special paper, similar to gold but not gold, to copper but not copper, to iron but not iron, to wood but not wood.

Moreover, these kinds of Scriptures can be preserved for hundreds of years, so they must have been treated with waterproof and fireproof. But last night, there was something wrong with the Taiyinn Scripture sent by the Holy Dragon Cult. Kris actually saw a piece of oil on it.

The difference was too obvious, wasn’t it?

Over the years, Shentong Wang has read the Scripture for countless times without leaving any trace on it, while the Scripture sent by the Holy Dragon Cult was actually stained with oil, which was very suspicious.

Shentong Wang frowned and doubted, “are you talking about the Taiyinn Scripture sent by the Holy Dragon Cult?

“Yes, that’s right!” Kris nodded and said.

They had no difference at all!

Shentong Wang compared the Scripture with his own. Except for the little oil stain, everything else is the same.

Others were also eager to see the difference between the Scriptures.

The Holy Dragon Cult messenger stepped out and said, “you are rude and ridiculous. This Scripture was obtained by the Holy Dragon Cult with great efforts, and now we present this Scripture as a gift to the Bishop of your cult. It’s ok if you don’t thank us. How dare you doubt its authenticity. What’s your intention?”

Kris sneered. Although the Holy Dragon Cult and the Sun-Moon Holy Cult were both cults, they have long been intolerable to each other.

Now that the Lord of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult was celebrating his birthday, it was strange enough for the Holy Dragon Cult to send gifts, even sending “Taiyinn Scripture” such a treasure book. If you said that there was no agenda in it, who believed it?

“My Lord, my loyalty to you can be witnessed by the sun and the moon. If I have mistaken the Holy Dragon Cult messenger, you can rid me off the title of Holy Son!”

Hearing Kris’s words, the faces of Lord of Xuanwu Star and Lord of Baihu Star brightened, and they interjected quickly, “my lord, you may give the Scriptures to this brat to see what he is up to!”

Shentong Wang meditated for a moment and then handed the Scriptures to Kris, who then flipped through the book’s pages.

With the sound of page-turning, and a faint smell of ink escaped from the Scriptures. The smell is too faint to be noticed if not carefully smelling.

Since there were many flowers on Ice-Fire Island, the smell of ink was covered by flowers’ smell. Now he was absolutely sure that this was a fake Taiyinn Scripture.

He arched his hands to the Lord and said, “my lord, please give me your copy of the Taiyinn Scripture!”

Shentong Wang frowned, controlling his annoyance.

“Kris, what are you doing?” Quan Mu stood up and scolded Kris.

“Ma’am, I’m trying to determine whether it’s true or not.” Kris looked at Quan Mu, and his eyes were clear and calm.

Somehow, as soon as she contacted Kris’s eyes, she lowered her head, unnaturally: “my lord, please give him the Scripture.”

“Here you are!” Shentong Wang threw the Scripture towards Kris. Kris caught it and went a few steps away to check.

What happened next surprised all the people in the hall. Kris holds two Scriptures and burnt them on a candlestick beside him.

Just seconds later, one Scripture in Kris’s hand was lit.

What the fuck!

The fellow was crazy, and he was burning the Scriptures!

Everyone in the hall was shocked and speechless. Lord of Xuanwu Star couldn’t help but stand up, glared at Kris, and angrily rebuked, “Kris, how dare you.”

At the same time, Lord of Zhuque Star, who has not spoken, was also full of shocking anger and shouted: “what are you doing? Do you really think that no one dares to kill you because you are the Holy Son?”


A sword came out of its sheath, Lord of Zhuque Star now had one more sword. Shentong Wang’s expression changed into complete anger suddenly.

How dare of Kris to burn the Scriptures in front of him!

His dream of living forever was shattered by this bastard!

Now he had only one idea in his mind, which was to tear Kris into pieces!

Upon this moment, the four Deputies have taken out their own weapons, one by one, gnashing teeth to beat Kris.

Kris dropped the burning Scripture on the ground and then wiped the other Scripture with his hand. Miraculously, the blackened Scripture was instantly restored to its original state.

“Everyone look, this is the Taiyinn Scripture of our Lord, and the one on the ground was sent by the Holy Dragon Cult. It’s clear which one is fake!”

Seeing this, the crowd who were about to beat Kris calmed down.

Stupid fellows, it was obvious that the real Scripture can’t be burned, and the fake one can be burned with even a spark of fire.

This made everyone in the room shut up.

Even Shentong Wang couldn’t speak a word.

Quan Mu breathed a sigh of relief, her beautiful eyes looking at Kris. This daredevil really scared her to death.

“My lord, if I guess correctly, the Holy Dragon Cult intended to steal the real Scripture with the fake Scripture.” Kris looked at the Holy Dragon Cult messenger, whose expression changed greatly and said with a smile.


Shentong Wang suddenly stood up and said, “the bloody Dragon cult dares to humiliate me on my 70th birthday and even wants to steal the treasure Scripture with a fake. What a shame! I’m going to kill you!”

The voice brought a kind of terror murderous spirit, sending out from him! He was going to tear the Holy Dragon Cult messenger to pieces!

The hearts of the crowd trembled, and they were afraid to speak. They knew that the Bishop was really angry. But the next moment, a shocking thing happened.


Shentong Wang ejected a blood arrow from his mouth and immediately knelt on the ground.

“My lord, what’s wrong with you!”

“My lord…”

The disciples of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult were so frightened that they wanted to come forward one by one.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

All the disciples fell to their knees.

“Shit, he is poisoned…”

Lord of Canglong Star was on his knee feeling weak.

“My lord, are you ok?”

Quan Mu was also lying on the ground. Not only that, all the people in the hall were paralyzed.

“Lord of Baihu Star, Lord of Xuanwu Star…why are you two OK?” Shentong Wang looked at them in shock.

“Damn it, these two bastards defected!” Quan Mu said in a deep voice.

“Ha ha ha, how smart my lady is!” Lord of Xuanwu Star laughed and went towards the Holy Dragon Cult messenger and said, “to tell you the truth, Lord of Baihu Star and I have joined the Holy Dragon Cult.

Lord of Baihu Star went to the Holy Dragon Cult messenger and said, “watch this, we are getting the head of Shentong Wang for you.

As soon as the words finished, Lord of Xuanwu Star stopped him and said, “no hurry, let me humiliate the old dog in front of this crowd.”

Then he went to Shentong Wang and said, “you old dog, all you know is shutting down all day long and studying the secret scripts. You don’t care about anything in the Cult. You let a woman manage us. What can we get from our hard work for the Sun-Moon Holy Cult? What’s more ridiculous is that this woman even let an immature boy be the Holy Son. Where do you put us old brothers who have shed blood for you?”

“This woman is also the one to blame. Everything is because of this woman. Today I will fuck her in front of you and let you have a good look before you die!” Then, Weiwu Zhao began to untie his belt.

“You… you dare… I will cut you into pieces…” Shentong Wang shouted with an angry stare.

“Ha ha ha, do you want to show your anger when you are under the Sorrow Breeze Attack? In your next life!” Weiwu Zhao rushed towards Quan Mu.

At this moment, Shentong Wang, who was paralyzed, suddenly slapped his back on the heart.

Weiwu Zhao didn’t expect that Wang Shentong still had strength. This slap directly beat him off the ground.


Weiwu Zhao spurted blood. Only one slap paralyzed him!

“Xuanwu!” Instantly, Baihu rushed to Shentong Wang.


When the two palms touched, Lord of Baihu Star flew away upside down.


Shentong Wang vomited out a big mouthful of blood. He had suppressed the toxicity of the Sorrow Breeze Attack by relying on his profound skills. He had just hit two moves in succession, and now he could not suppress it anymore and lost his fighting power in an instant. And just now, he fought with Baihu. Therefore, he also suffered a lot of internal injuries.

“Dragon messenger, come on, this old dog has no fighting power…” Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star shouted together.

The Holy Dragon Cult messenger was just a fulfilled-period monk. Just now, even Shentong Wang was poisoned, and he successively abolished Baihu and Xuanwu at the later stage of returning to the original. This power was too strong.

“Come on, when he suppresses the toxicity, we will all die!” Weiwu Zhao roared at the Holy Dragon Cult messenger.

“Let’s fight!” the Holy Dragon Cult messenger bit his teeth and sent out his attacking moves to Shentong Wang. With the sound of “Bong!”, Shentong Wang was blown away directly.

Seeing Shentong Wang lying on the ground spitting blood, the Holy Dragon messenger was so excited that he didn’t expect that he could kill the Lord of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult one day.

It was a great credit. Upon thinking of this, he shivered all over his body.

“Ha ha ha ha… Old dog Wang, the one who killed you, is Bin Luo of the Holy Dragon Cult, now die…” then Bin Luo urged his whole body towards Shentong Wang.

Shentong Wang was a hero. How could he have imagined that his 70th birthday would become his own death date?

He was desperate at this moment.

Bin Luo knew that Shentong Wang had completely lost his ability to move, so he took a shot at Shentong Wang’s top of the skull.

If this attack was successful, it would definitely be a brain cracker.


Just as Bin Luo was about to crack Shentong Wang’s head, a man suddenly jumped out of the side and kicked him away flying.

This scene shocked everyone.

What was going on here?

Why did the Holy Dragon Cult messenger fly away!

The crowd subconsciously looked at the figure.

“Kris…” Quan Mu was surprised and glad. She never expects it would be Kris.

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