Chapter 239: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 239 The Baby’s Miraculous Power(1)
“I’ve got her baby. She won’t run away.” Gavin said with confidence. The baby is Venus’s biggest weakness. She would die before letting anything happen to her baby.

Gavin was right. Venus just went to wash her hands. While standing by the stream, she couldn’t help but recall the scene in the cave. She got chilly on her back, and felt as if a pair of dark eyes were staring at her.

After she hurried back to join Gavin’s team, she felt much more at ease. Although Gavin and his subordinates were not good people, they were at least human beings.

Alisa couldn’t stand Venus’s frail and timid look and satirized her, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Are you that scared?”

Venus didn’t refute but admitted, “I’m not like you who have lived a life of fighting and killing, and got used to seeing people die all the time. I just lead an ordinary life. Of course I’m afraid.”

Alisa snorted in contempt and didn’t say anything. The slight affection and sympathy she once had for Venus had completely disappeared since the night Venus drugged her.

After having enough sleep, the baby woke up slowly. Seeing that it was Gavin who was holding him, he rubbed his eyes and stretched out arms to ask his mother for a hug.

Venus put her hands behind her back and said with a gentle smile, “Mommy can’t hug you now. Let uncle hold you first, okay?” Even though she had washed her hands, her whole body still smelled. Moreover, so many bats had flied past her. What if some bacteria got stuck in her clothes?

When Gavin heard the word “uncle,” his expression softened a little. He thought to himself, Venus was really good at giving out tasks. She didn’t even ask for his permission before tasking him with the job of taking care of the baby.

The baby seemed to have understood what Venus said. He looked at Gavin with big eyes, and meekly put his little head against Gavin’s chest, as if he was still a little sleepy.

Gavin looked down at the baby and sighed warmly in his heart. It seemed that he had no choice but to take care of this little fella.

Alisa found this scene a bit harsh, so she turned her head coldly to look at the cave. She was more and more confused by Gavin’s attitude toward Venus and her baby. He could do very bad things to her. For example, he asked her to go in the cave alone. But sometimes he could also be very tolerant. Last time when Venus drugged her and escaped, Heng Zhang told her that Gavin didn’t say anything, let alone punishment.

What was Gavin thinking? Alisa felt so strange.

Ten minutes later, Heng Zhang and two other subordinates came out in a mess, followed by countless bats. The bats didn’t return until they were driven out of the cave.

“What’s in there?” Mr. Cai rushed up to ask. Since Gavin was holding the baby, he did not approach them.

The three of them all looked terrible, but much better than Venus when she came out of the cave. They gasped heavily. After they finally calmed down, Heng Zhang said, “There are many skeletons inside, and they are scattered everywhere. There are also many machetes, long swords and so on. Going further, we found several coffins which has been opened. There is nothing but a few skeletons. “

The other man handed Mr. Cai a short sword, “I took this out of the cave. Please take a look.”

Mr. Cai put on his gloves with a serious expression and took over the sword. It had an ordinary style and the blade was rusty. On its hilt was a line of small letters that were clearly visible.

“What does it say?” Gavin asked curiously.

“Qing, the 34th year of Emperor Guangxu, Min, Li family.” Mr. Cai read the words slowly and clearly.

“What does it mean?”

“That is to say, this short sword was forged in the 34th year under the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, by a weapon forge managed by Li family in the southern part of Min, another name for Fujian Province.” As Mr. Cai looked carefully at the short sword, he explained, “The 34th year under the reign of Emperor Guangxu was 1908. In ancient times, every weapon had an identity, including when and where it came from, and there were strict regulations. The style of this short sword is very common and the blade is not sharp, so it should be forged by folk and not worth much money.”

Heng Zhang responded, “So the people who died inside were all from the late Qing Dynasty?”

Mr. Cai shook his head, “Not necessarily, it could very well be people during the period of Republican of China, or later. After all, swords are something that can be passed down.”

“What does Mr. Cai think of this cave?” Gavin asked seriously. He was a businessman, so he didn’t know anything about these things.

Mr. Cai pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, looked around the cave and said, “This should be a cave of the dead.”

“A cave of the dead?” Gavin looked confused.

“Yes. The ancient Miao people had a different burial custom. They didn’t bury the dead in the dirt but in caves halfway up a mountain. This cave is located in the main mountain, surrounded by other mountains on both sides and a stream in front. According to Chinese Feng Shui philosophy, this cave is perfectly situated to embrace the beauty of both mountains and rivers.

All the laymen there were astounded by Mr. Cai’s speech and shocked by his profound knowledge.

“Generally speaking, the caves of the dead of the Miao people are large enough to bury many people, but this cave has only a few coffins and is located in such a good place, so it should be the grave of local gentries or dignitaries. The ancient people believed in the existence of the underworld. So when they die, they will have a large number of goods buried with them, so that they could continue living a rich life in the underworld. But this also attracted a lot of grave robbers. If I’m right, those who died inside are grave robbers.”

“Since they came to raid graves, why would they die?” Heng Zhang couldn’t help but ask.

Mr. Cai did not have many expressions, “Perhaps it’s because the booty was not divided evenly, or they encountered something bad. After all, the ancient Miao people are very mysterious and boast much mystical witchcraft.”

After absorbing this little-known knowledge, Gavin only had one thought in his mind, that is, he still didn’t find the treasure.

It was getting dark. To avoid spending the night in the mountains, Gavin ordered everyone to go down the mountain first. And he didn’t give the baby to anyone else, but held it throughout the whole trudge.

Venus still felt frightened and even she was walking amid a group of people, she stll felt chilly on her back. So she walked quickly to Mr. Cai and whispered,”Mr. Cai, do you think ghosts are real?”

Mr. Cai had no grudge against or conflicts with Venus, so he was nice to her. He couldn’t help but laugh when he heard her words, “There’s no such thing as ghosts and gods. They just exist in people’s imagination.”

“But why do I keep getting an eerie feeling that there are eyes staring at me.” Venus said while hugging herself more closely and turning her eyeballs around.

Mr. Cai comforted her, “This is purely psychological. When you keep thinking about something, you will get suspicious and paranoid. This is normal. You seem to be really scared.”

Venus was extremely upset, “Then when will this feeling of mine go away?” If she kept being this suspicious, she had better not sleep at night. She had already foreseen that tonight was destined to be sleepless.

“You should think more about happy things instead of what you saw in the cave.”

Venus was about to cry. “I don’t want to, but those images just keep flashing through my mind. There is nothing I can do to stop them.”

Mr. Cai was sympathetic toward her, “Well. There’s nothing others can do. You can only depend on yourself to overcome it.”

Psychological diseases should be treated psychologically, but how could she get cured psychologically? Venus stared at Gavin, who was walking in front of her. It was all his fault. He forced her to go in, thus making her nervous.

Heng Zhang and Alisa were walking behind Venus. Alisa was quite curious and asked Heng Zhang, “Is it really scary inside?”

Heng Zhang cast a glance at her and said quietly, “You’d better not see it your whole life. Just seeing the countless bats clinging onto the roof of the cave gives me the chills.”

Alisa shuddered and asked, “Did you see the big fish that Venus mentioned?”

“No.” Heng Zhang glared at Venus’s thin back. Due to her words, when he and the other two men walked past the pool, their hearts almost stopped beating, in fear of a big fish jumping out of the water to bite them. At last, they only heard the sound of flowing water at the bottom of the pool, and did not see any big fish.

Although Heng Zhang was very bold, that was only when he faced humans. Whoever faces such unknown things will have a sense of awe and fear.

“She is really having way too much time.” Alisa said contemptuously.

“What?” Heng Zhang didn’t understand what she meant.

Alisa shook her head, “Nothing.”

When they arrived at the feet of the mountain, it was already dark. They continued to drive for a long time before arriving at a small town. Since it was during the National Day holiday, almost all the hotels were fully booked. Finally they found a hotel that wasn’t full, but there weren’t enough rooms. So men had to squeeze into a few rooms while Venus and Alisa slept together in a standard room.

When Venus entered the room, she couldn’t wait to get into the bathroom. She couldn’t stand the rotten smell her body exuded any more.

Alisa went out to have dinner without telling Venus. After been in the bathroom for over 10 minutes, Venus heard the bell ringing. She thought it was Alisa, so she didn’t ask. She rubbed herself hard for a third time, trying to wash off all the stench from the cave until her body became red and she felt limp.

After drying herself on the bath towel, Venus suddenly realized she was too hurried to get a change of clothes.

Thinking of Alisa in the room, she called out in a soft voice, “Alisa, could you get me some clean clothes? I forgot to take it.”

No one responded.

Venus knew that Alisa had always been resentful of her, but she did need the clothes now, so she had no choice but to plead again, “Alisa, given that we are both women, could you please help me for once?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 239 The Baby’s Miraculous Power (2)
After a moment, there was the sound of stepping inside the room. Venus Mu was happy for a moment and immediately said, “my clothes was in my backpack. Randomly grab two for me please. Also, there’s underwear in the bottom’s little pocket. Please help me get that. Thanks!”

Two minutes later, the sound of steps came to the bathroom. Venus opened the door and stretched out her slender pink arm. “Give it to me.”

The dress was thrust into her hand, rudely, and turned away. Venus didn’t care about her attitude. It was very kind of Alisa to bring her clothes.

After Venus was fully dressed, she came out with a towel while wiping her hair, “thank you…” Before the word “you” was said, Venus was frozen in place. Where was Alisa sitting in the room was Gavin, who never showed his true face?

“You, why are you here?” Venus pretended to be calm and asked, although she was already manic inside.

Gavin looked at her blandly, pointed the child on the bed with his chin, and says, “he’s asleep. I send him over here.”

Venus looked at the child who fell asleep.

“Then just leave him alone. Why are you still here?” Venus asked. Thinking of him who sent her underwear and clothes just now, the woman had her face becoming very hot.

“What if he falls?” Gavin’s tone was still very bland. The child turned over frequently now. It’s dangerous if no one was watching. However, this was not the reason why he came in without knocking.

“Why don’t you knock?”

Gavin glanced at her up and down without any waves. “Venus Mu, a woman flat like you, I have no interest at all.”

Venus looked down at herself, and subconsciously covered her chest because she had just taken a bath without wearing underwear.

“My body is rather flat. Please Mr. Gavin, go out at once.”

Gavin raised his eyebrows, pulled his long legs back out of bed, and stopped as he passed her.

Venus stepped back in fear and looked at his eyes, like a hedgehog on guard.

“Venus, you look so ugly. How did Kerry fall in love with you?” Gavin’s words were full of satire.

“That’s none of your business.”

Gavin didn’t get angry. Instead, he approached him a few inches. In his deep eyes, Venus couldn’t see through his emotion, “Your skin is in good condition, but the other aspects have no advantages.”

“So what? It’s enough for Kerry to like it. “Venus did not show weakness.

“Oh, confident enough.” Gavin laughed maliciously, and his breath sprayed onto Venus’s face, letting her feel some discomfort.

On the contrary, if it were Kerry, Venus’s heart rate would burst.

“Gavin, you can leave.” Venus directly ordered him to leave.

“What’s the hurry? I…”

Before the words were finished, the door was pushed open. Alisa stood at the door with a lunch box in her hand. Seeing the two people’s posture, she was stunned for two seconds and then quickly closed the door.

Venus was speechless. Alisa misunderstood her, and it seems that her future life would be more difficult.

“Gavin, I don’t understand. You obviously don’t like women. Why do you still pose like this? Don’t you feel sick? “Venus did not cover up but directly asked.

Gavin’s mood changed. He stood up straight and stood away from Venus. He frowned and asked, “who says I don’t like women? Do you want to try it? “

Venus could not retreat. With her hands against the chest, she said, “are you and Xuan Chu not lovers?”

Hearing the name, Gavin’s eyes sank, and his voice was cold, “Venus, you asked too much.”

“Is it Xuan’s unrequited love?” Venus continued to ask.

“You have so many questions.” Gavin was not in the mood to answer her. He was about to leave. Venus did not let him go. “Hey, Gavin, you can’t do this to brother Xuan. He has paid so much for you. You can’t say just no.”

Gavin was bothered by her so much that he opened the door and left quickly.

Venus closed the door and showed a sinister smile on her face. Everyone has weak points, and Gavin was not an exception. It’s really hard to use Xuan as a shield.

After running for a day on the mountain road, she lost so much energy. At this time, Venus was so hungry that she couldn’t help but lie down at her room door and called out to the corridor, “Alisa, Alisa.”

No one responded to her.

“Alisa, Alisa, Alisa –” Venus yelled like a ghost. A door not far away suddenly opened. Alisa looked at her, angrily, “what do you shout for?”

“Oh, I’m thinking, if you don’t show up, I’ll run away with the baby.” Venus leaned against the door frame and joked. When Alisa came, she bent down to take the plastic bag in her hand and shook it in front of her. Venus said with a smile, “thank you very much.”

Alisa looked at her face and almost punched her.

Two women walked into the room, one eating like a wolf and the other looking coldly. Finally, Alisa didn’t resist and asked angrily, “why was the boss here?”

Venus’s chopsticks stopped for a few seconds, looked up, and said with a smile, “why should I tell you?”

Alisa held her anger in her heart and took several deep breaths before pressing it down. With a sneer, “Venus, if you don’t want to eat rotten rice tomorrow, you’d better answer what I ask you.”

Venus bowed her head and rolled her eyes. There was no way for Venus to resist that. Alisa was responsible for her diet all the way.

“It’s easy. He sent me the baby.” She said.

Alisa did not doubt the reason, because the child was in bed, but, “so what were you doing?”

“Nothing,” said Venus with a naive face.

“Ha! It’s all like that. It’s nothing? “Alisa didn’t believe her.

Venus looked at her angry face meaningfully, “Alisa, you like your boss.”

Alisa’s mind was spoken, and her eyes were a little wavering, “what are you talking about? How can I like our boss? “

“Why are you so excited?”

“I’m afraid you’ve tried to seduce him.” Alisa found a plausible reason.

Venus chuckled, stopped her chopsticks, and looked at her with teasing eyes. “Alisa, you have no confidence in you. You are several times better than me in appearance and figure. What can I do to seduce your boss? “

Women liked to listen to good words, especially from other women. Alisa lost a lot of anger on her face.

Venus caught the change of her expression and laughed in her heart, but she asked plainly on her face, “besides, your boss doesn’t like women, how can he be interesting to me?”

When Alisa heard this, she looked a little complicated and said in a cold voice, “it’s our boss’s private business. Don’t worry about it.”

Venus sniffed, “Who would like to talk about it?”

Alisa glanced at her and turned on the TV to watch the news. She was just Gavin’s subordinate. Alisa respected him and liked him. She could only secretly keep it in her heart, never daring to tell the truth. As for whether the boss had feelings for Xuan, she was not sure, but as far as she can see, the boss’s feeling was at least different.

In the evening, there was no accident. Venus had a nightmare. Maybe it was the effect of Mr. Cai’s words. All the men and women in the Miao nationality’s clothes were in her dreams. They carried a coffin to the cave, and their mouths were singing a ghost song. In the dream, Venus also turned into a Miao girl. After everyone put the coffin in the cave, she was pushed into the coffin. She struggled and wanted to get up, but he was held down by a masked man.

Breathing harder and harder, Venus seemed to realize that this was just a dream. She pinched her arm and suddenly opened her eyes.

In the moonlight, she saw something more frightening, which almost made her cry out.

Just half a meter above her face, the baby’s body floated, like in the vacuum, hands next to his head, legs bent, sleeping sweetly.

Venus was scared and started sweating, with her chest up and down violently and thought it was in a dream. Venus mercilessly bit her arm, ah – there’s still pain.

It’s not a dream, it’s the reality.

Does the baby’s ability begin to show? He has a purple eye; does that mean he was born with this ability?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 239 The Baby’s Miraculous Power(3)
Venus reached out hands, pulled the baby back, and tightly hooped him in her arms.

What should I do? If he becomes more and more powerful, it will be out of control to the point of using it casually.

He’s a kid; he just likes to get fun; he doesn’t think it’s dangerous.

My God, this little guy is like his father and always scares people in the dead of night. Nobody knows how long this situation has been. Venus was glad that he was still normal during the day. Otherwise, he would be put on the experimental platform by Gavin.

Venus was worried for a night and afraid that he would float up again. She still held his two small hands in the dream.

Sleeping for a while, Venus was awakened by the voice in her ear, “Hey, get up!”

She opened his eyes vaguely. It was already bright outside. She looked down at the baby quickly. He was awake and playing with his fingers. When he saw his mother awake, he gave her a sweet smile.

Venus was very relieved. Fortunately, her eyes were normal.

Alisa went out to dinner and locked the door when she left. To be honest, she was really afraid that Venus will run away again.

Venus felt that she couldn’t stay here like this, especially after the baby’s behavior last night, which made her more eager to leave Gavin as soon as possible. So she did the same thing and put a few pieces of paper under the sheets. The words on them were the same as last time. Call the police or call Kerry Ye.

Do your best and listen to destiny. Now that’s all Venus can do.


Following the clues, Kerry got more and more information and roughly knew the other party’s route. Venus left three or four days earlier than Kerry. It was not easy to catch up with her because Kerry didn’t know where the other party will go next, so he was very passive.

What bothered him most was that the mobile phone signal in the mountain was so poor that he was always worried about missing a call for help.

Just on the road in the morning, Kerry stared at the signal left on his mobile phone and felt helpless. If he had enough money, he wanted to set up a signal tower for every hill here.

“What are you staring at? Won’t you feel dizzy? ” Xiran, sitting in the back seat, couldn’t help asking.

“I’m afraid there’s a call coming in.” Kerry said that. Xiran Xiao and Tianye looked at each other. It seems that this guy was very sorry that he didn’t receive the phone call last time.

Not long after that, the mobile phone rang as expected, and it showed that it was the landline of F province. Kerry’s spirit shook, and he quickly picked it up and told his name, “Hello, I’m Kerry.”

There came a soft female voice, “Hello, we are XX insurance, would you like to buy…”

“No!” Kerry snapped off the phone with a furious roar.

Xiran in the back seat laughed, “Kerry, don’t be so cruel to other girls. It’s not easy for them to work.”

“Shut up.” Kerry, who was agitated and didn’t control his mood, yelled at her.

Not waiting for Tianye to open his mouth, Xiran slapped up and said, “do you want to try to shout at me again?”

Kerry turned his head and glared at her angrily. This woman is usually arrogant. Now she has Tianye’s support and doesn’t pay attention to him. If she has Venus, Kerry will be oppressed by her all his life.

At this time, the phone rang again, and Kerry picked it up. His tone was not very good, “hello?”

It seems that the caller was frightened by Kerry’s voice, and the caller’s voice was a little weak, “is that Kerry?”

“It’s me. Can I help you?”

“Do you know a person named Venus?” The other party had a strong dialect, but Kerry understood the words of Venus in an instant.

Kerry’s face changed greatly, and he said in a relaxed tone, “I know. She’s my wife.”

Tianye and Xiran in the back seat immediately became serious. They leaned forward. Kerry turned on the hands-free and put the mobile phone among the three.

“Oh, well, when our waiter was cleaning the room, he found some toilet paper with your phone number on it, saying that you would come to help her.” The other side spoke quickly and had a strong accent. Kerry could not hear every word clearly, but he could roughly guess the meaning of the words.

Taking advantage of the signal, Kerry asked, “excuse me, where is your specific address?”

“We are…”

After the other party finished, Kerry looked at each other and didn’t understand what he said. So Kerry asked again, “can you say that again, please? I’ll make a note of it.” He quickly pressed the recording button.

He doesn’t understand, but someone can understand.

The other party said again, and Kerry wanted to ask more questions, but he heard a lot of noise coming from there. He only heard the boss saying, “ah, customers are coming, I’ll hang up.” Then the phone was hang up.

There are no local people among the people who follow Kerry. The local dialect of F province was too obscure. After listening to it several times, the three people did not understand the specific address. To ensure that there was no mistake, the car stopped when passing through a village.

A middle-aged man was walking along the road, carrying a bamboo basket in his hand to go to the field. He was wandering and humming a tune. Three people in special clothes blocked his way.

“Hello, could I trouble you? Help me hear where this is. ” Without waiting for him to refuse, Kerry pressed the play button on his mobile phone, and there was a voice from the hotel owner.

Then the middle-aged men realized that they wanted help. The first time he didn’t hear clearly, so he said, “play it again.”

Kerry played it again with great expectation.

After listening, the man said with a smile, “Oh, this man said the name of a town. I remember it was in city C. I don’t know exactly where it is.”

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