Chapter 239: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 239 Desperation of Reed!

Flora Lewis really couldn’t spare the time to come home. She had quit her job because of the seduction incident.

Colin Ward took over the Lishi Company from Fox Lee and was thinking about gifting it to Doris Lee; but Doris Lee was what she was now so Flora Lewis was helping taking care of the company.

The industry of Lishi Company was not small, and it had been sanctioned by Baker Lee before. To recover it would take some efforts and dedication..

Colin Ward thought for a second and said, “Take her to the company, your office.”

“To the office? Did she recover?”

“No.” Colin Ward replied. “I don’t feel well to leave her home alone; at least in your office, you can watch over her.”

There were different kinds of people in the company, but with Flora Lewis around, he felt more at ease.

Flora Lewis replied, “Okay!”

At ten o’clock, Jiang Guotao arrived at the Marquis on time. Nina White received him personally and took him to the office of Colin Ward.

They shook hands and sat down together on a sofa in the lounge area.

“So many thanks to Mr. Jiang for what you have done the day before yesterday.”

“My pleasure.” Jiang Guotao smiled, “As a friend, we should have helped each other. We have received the materials and application, after the materials were reviewed, the loan would be granted.”

“With the help of Mr. Jiang, we can all rest assured.”

Colin Ward nodded back, “By the way, does Mr. Jiang know anything about the Juding Bank”

“Juding Bank?” Jiang Guotao chuckled, “Juding Construction Group is still very big, currently ranked among the top 100 in the nation, but Juding Bank is just a small company affiliated to the group. Don’t worry, Wei Reed can’t make any bigger wave, he should have felt lucky not being laid off by his superiors.”

Colin Ward was relieved to hear that. In fact, he was not so hostile to Wei Reed. It was just the big gift he received yesterday made him pay more attention to the man.

As long as Wei Reed behaved, he didn’t care.

At the moment, Wei Reed was on his way to the airport in Tianbei City to pick someone up.

Wei Reed had tried to cover up the whole things; but the large amount of fund it involved , including the deposits of the Marquis and other enterprises had seized him the attention from above.

Hui Reed, the chairman of Juding Group, soon found out about the incident and immediately bought a plane ticket.

Wei Reed was worried that this time Hui Reed was not going to be very polite to him.

At the airport, Wei Reed picked up Hui Reed. He looked sullenly as he walked out of the arrival hall.

“What the hell were you thinking? Messing up with the president of the Marquis?”

“So much money being withdrew at one time; do you ever think of the consequences and loss it would have caused?”

“Are you nuts or what?”

“The project in south were all halted because of that? Every plan was screwed up by you!”

Wei Reed listened obediently and did not dare to argue.

When they got in the car, Wei Reed said, “Chairman, you can rest assured that I will fix this.”

“How? If you’d fixed it properly, there wouldn’t have been this fucking thing!”

Wei Reed waited until he had said enough before saying, “Chairman, this is really my fault for underestimating Colin Ward. But Colin Ward is young cocky man, after all, he did not have much experience.”

“If I could only do him some favours, and promise him some good; he would be a good lamb.”

Hui Reed sniffed: “you had better fix it as soon as possible; or you could packed up and get out of my sight!”

Wei Reed nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes, sir…”

Wei Reed knew that Hui Reed was now in a fit a anger; and whatever excuses he found was not going to soothe his nerves; he could only be calmed by a solution he brought up.

Not matter how powerful and influential Juding Group was nationally, he was now in a strange place with only one Juding Bank; so he felt more modest.

After all, the Marquis Group was the leading company of here.

“Mr. Ward, Wei Reed has come and said he would like to invite you to dinner.”

Colin Ward looked up and told Nina White directly: “No, I don’t have time.”

At the thought that they had been rejected once by Wei Reed, this payback served him right.

In the lobby on the first floor, Nina White met with Wei Reed and apologized. “I’m really sorry, the chairman is caught up in business right now.”

Wei Reed narrowed his eyes and asked, “I understand, but he still has to eat, right?”

Nina White shook her head.

Wei Reed’s face stiffened slightly. “Assistant White, does Mr. Ward refuse to see me on purpose?”

“Chairman is really busy, currently; as you must know, we are now in the middle of the cooperation talk and loaning procedure with banks.”

Nina White just made up a random excuse for Colin Ward, even though she did not know much about what happened in the dinner banquet the other night.

Her word sounded harsh to Wei Reed.

Wei Reed was a little displeased, but Nina White was also a beautiful woman. Examined Nina White’s body figure, he asked,

“Since your boss doesn’t have time for dinner, how about you, assistant White? Shall we have dinner together?”

Nina White gave him a look full of contempt and said impatiently: “Mr. Reed, watch your step while leaving.”

Wei Reed turned around reluctantly and left.

After turning around, Wei Reed’s face was gloomy and malicious. Well, he was to pay back the humiliation he had suffered today one hundred times worse.

He had already sent a big gift to Colin Ward and now invited him over for dinner; but he was turned down mercilessly!

He wanted a war, then a war it was! Wei Reed gritted his teeth and thought.

Nina White came back to the office. “Wei Reed is gone.”

Colin Ward nodded. “If he comes again, just say yes.”

Nina White wondered, “Why?”

“There’s no need to bring down a bank for a little thing like this. It’s too much fuss for the Marquis.”

What Colin Ward thought was very simple; the Marquis needed the loan to expand the project and Wei Reed needed a lesson; since he had got both, there was no need to continued worsening the situation for him.

But what he did not know was that some people were more vicious than he thought.

Wei Reed made a phone call after returning to his office.

“Black Carp, it is me. Don’t wait up, just do it, now!”

“Yeah, boss, and the down payment….”

Wei Reed snarled, “Five million would be transferred to your account immediately; get it done, you can have the rest twenty five million!”

“All right, boss.”

Wei Reed added. “That woman named Vanessa Liu, don’t you dare touch her!”

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