Chapter 24: Family known for antique collections – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Miss Xu, welcome you.” The old lady of the Su Family said.

The Xu Family, as a family known for their antique collection, had a good relationship with the Su Family, which was why the old lady had invited her last time when she had a celebration banquet for Mary.

Mary looked at Xiaorou Xu and smiled. She came at the right time. This time, she could ask Mingdong Wei to buy a “Heavenly City” necklace for her as well.

As soon as Xiaorou entered the door, she attracted the attention of all the men present.

Her slender waist and slender thighs were really charming.

“I’m sorry. There was a traffic jam on the road, so I…” Xiaorou explained as she walked. Suddenly, she stopped before she finished.

“This is?”

Xiaorou looked down at the broken box on the ground and a half-opened painting scroll.

As a person of collecting antiques, she was very knowledgeable about antiques. Her intuition told her that this broken box on the ground and this painting were very unusual.

“Miss Xu, take your seat. You don’t need to pay attention to the trash. I’ll have someone sweep it away.” The Su Family’s old lady said with a smile.

“They aren’t trash.” Xiaorou thought to herself.

If she wasn’t mistaken, the box should be made of red sandalwood. From the outside, the box looked worn out, but if one looked it carefully, one would find that the surface of the box was very finely crafted, and the figures on it were carved vividly.

This box was an antique worth at least hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because she loved appreciating antiques, she often carried a magnifying glass with her so that she could sometimes need to use it.

“Miss Xu, what are you doing?” The old lady was very confused and said: “The things on the ground are trash; they will get your hands dirty.”

Xiaorou didn’t say anything, but she used a magnifying glass to look at it carefully.

When she saw the openwork relief carving on the surface of the box, she exclaimed that there was a dragon spitting pearl carved in the box’s interlayer.

“Fabulous!” She exclaimed in her mind.

The more she looked, the more excited she became, even her breathing quickened.

Suddenly, a seal appeared, causing Xiaorou’s heartbeat to slow down by half a beat.

Her forehead actually sweated.

She discovered that it was carved by Emperor Youjiao Zhu in the Ming dynasty.

As we all know, Emperor Youjiao Zhu did not like power and beauty but preferred carpentry, so people in the Ming Dynasty even called him “Carpentry Emperor”.

This box was actually carved by Youjiao Zhu, which was a priceless treasure.

“Miss. Xu, please take your seat.”

At this time, Hai Su came over and said respectfully, “Miss. Xu, the banquet is about to begin.”

Xiaorou took a deep breath, put the magnifying glass away, and asked, “Who sent this box?”

“No… No. This stupid box is not a gift.” Hai Su shook his head, “Don’t misunderstand. Everyone present is a respectable person; no one would give this kind of gift to others.”

The Su Family was at least a third-rate family. If they even accepted this kind of gift, then the Su Family would be laughed at by other families.

“You take your seat first. I’m going to throw the trash out,” said Hai, and he bent down to pick up the box and was about to throw it into the trash can.

“Please wait.”

Xiaorou stepped forward and snatched the box over.

She realized that there was actually no one who recognized such a precious thing and even treated it as trash. This box was so precious; the scroll on the ground was even more precious.

        Xiaorou bent down to pick up the painting scroll on the ground. She then slowly unfolded it and she was stunned. This was actually the Longevity Painting of Song Dynasty, another priceless treasure.

The box was carved by the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and the scroll was the Song Dynasty’s Longevity Painting. Xiaorou thought who had thrown them on the ground. It would definitely be a huge loss if such a precious treasure was broken.

Although Youjiao Zhu loved woodworking, none of them have been passed down to the present day. This box is one of only a few of his masterpieces. It is also proof of Emperor Youjiao Zhu’s love of woodworking. Its value cannot be measured.

The Longevity Painting handed down from the Song Dynasty is also a treasure. At that time, the nobility and the common people were all proud to have it.

Xiaorou never thought that she would be lucky enough to see the Longevity Painting and the box carved by the carpenter Emperor Youjiao Zhu. She couldn’t help but take pictures of them with her cell phone. Her father would be very happy if he saw the photos of these two treasures.

This box and the painting are supreme treasures to any collector, which can be treated as family heirlooms.

“Miss. Xu, just throw away this box and the broken painting; they’ve made your hands dirty,” Hai said with a flattering smile, “I’m really sorry to let you, an antique expert, appraise such trash.”

“Trash?” Xiaorou frowned and said softly, “They aren’t trash, they are……”

“This box and this painting are mines.” Kris stood up, walked over to Xiaorou, and took the box and the painting back.

Today was the old lady’s birthday, but no one knew that it was also Kris’s birthday.

Kris was mocked for giving a birthday gift to an old lady, and even his gift was thrown out as garbage.

Since they didn’t have an eye for treasures, why should he suffer their humiliation? He intended to take back his gift.

“They are yours?” Xiaorou looked at Kris and felt that he looked familiar.

Xiaorou recalled that he was the person who gave her a seat at the Dynasty Hotel last time, the Su family’s take-in son-in-law.

“That’s right. These two pieces of trash are his.” Hai pointed at Kris and shouted, “No one would give trash as a gift to others other than a poor man like him.”

“Even if my gift is trash, it’s still better than your artificial Luminous Pearl.” Kris sneered, “Grandma is so good to you. You send her an artificial synthetic pearl? And your pearl is so glaring; it must have a lot of radioactive chemicals in it.”

“You’re lying, the pearl is…”

“You can fool others, but you can’t fool me.” Kris waved his hand and said, “You guys dislike the box and the painting, right? Fine, I’ll take it back.”

After Kris carefully rolled the scroll, he put it into the box.

Hai’s face had gone black with rage, and he said, “You smear me. You are jealous that the gift I gave is better than yours. If you’re talking nonsense, I’ll find someone to beat you up.”

“All of you shut up.” The Su Family’s old lady interrupted Hai and said, “Today is a good day, no fighting.”

Hai returned to his seat after spitting towards Kris.

Xiaorou was an honored guest and should be at the VIP table, but she followed Kris and sat next to him.

“Excuse me, may I sit here?” Xiaorou smiled and asked Jane Tang.

“Yes, of course.” Jane smiled and said, “Kris, give your seat to Miss Xu.”

“No, no, you’ve misunderstood.”Xiaorou smiled awkwardly, “I mean, whether I can sit next to him.” Her voice was not loud, but the people at the surrounding tables could hear it very clearly. Xiaorou wanted to sit next to Kris, a loser.

The other girls stayed away from him, but Xiaorou even asked to sit next to him. Could it be that there were some secrets in between?

Jane was also stunned. The first thing she thought of was that Kris had just offended Xiaorou.

“Miss Xu, he’s just a bit silly, please don’t be angry with him.” Jane said nervously, “Sometimes, he is stupid. If he offends you, please forgive him.”

“No, you misunderstood me,” Xiaorou smiled slightly, “I just want to talk to him.”

When she finished, all these people were very surprised and talked about it.

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