Logan was stunned. She saw Chuck her cheek, leaned back on the chair, and closed her eyes to sleep. She froze for a few seconds, and suddenly laughed, “This kid really…how did he sleep on the bed?”
“Chuck wake up.” Logan shook Chuck.
Chuck opened his eyes confusedly and saw Logan calling himself. He shook his head to make himself awake, “Aunt Logan, is it here?”
“Yes, it’s here. Let’s eat first, and then we will go to your mother’s hotel in the afternoon.” Logan said with a smile.
Chuck is curious, too. Logan has been here for several days and should see his mother.
“Get off,” Logan got off.

Of course, Chuck followed, but he touched his mouth, how did he feel fragrant?
He didn’t think much, and it was even more impossible to think of kissing Aunt Logan just now?
If Chuck knew this, she would be absolutely excited.
However, I just slept so comfortably. It seems that it would be nice to let Aunt Logan drive in the future.
Chuck got out of the car and went in with Logan to eat something. Then Logan continued to drive and took Chuck to Karen’s hotel. The two went directly to the top floor.
When I saw my mother, Logan said just now that there is a birthday feast here at night, so Chuck didn’t know it, but he did eat it, whether he knew it or not.

“Chuck I have prepared a suit for you. You can change it.” Karen came with a box in it and a suit in it.
“Well,” Chuck took the suit and changed into the room.
The so-called people rely on clothes and horses and saddles. Chuck changed into a suit and came out with a special spirit. The temperament was easily displayed.
Logan saw it, her eyes turned slightly.
These Karen look in their eyes, “How is it? Is my son handsome?”
Logan smiled, “Handsome, but Chuck is too young,”

It is indeed very spiritual. The spirit of college students has a clean and indifferent look. This is indeed what Chuck looks like. Logan has a little surprise in her heart. How to say Chuck has been casually dressed recently. Chuck was not a particular person. What kind of comfortable and how to wear, basically went to Aunt Logan without washing her hair in the morning.
Now this one comes out and looks completely new.
Karen is helpless, small? But you Logan and Chuck stand together, who would say that Chuck is young?

“Are you trying it? Think about it,” Karen persuaded. Compared to Yvette’s background is not clear, and it is not unknown, it is really a problem. Karen even hopes Logan to be his son’s wife.
“Thank you, I can’t think of it, I’m just a child.” Logan smiled.
Karen was gone, she saw that Logan had no idea about that.
Otherwise, Chuck had kissed Logan twice, and she thought it was an accident.
“This is yours.” Karen gave Logan a box, which was also a dress, plus exquisite high-heeled shoes, and jewelry.
Logan went to change next, and soon came out, Chuck’s eyes straightened.
The dress my mother gave Logan was too suitable for her. She didn’t expose it at all. She was elegant and intellectual. The slender dress outlined Logan’s concave and convex curve. Her figure was really beautiful, her hips were round, and her waist was full. This is a Woman showing beauty to the extreme.

“Is it pretty?” Karen certainly saw her son dumbfounded.
“Pretty, beautiful, Aunt Logan is so beautiful,” Chuck muttered to himself, remembering the dream of the day, Chuck felt guilty in his heart, how could he have that kind of thought about Aunt Logan?
Karen is helpless, what is Aunt Logan? Ugh.
It’s still a matter of fate for this kind of thing. Karen doesn’t plan to blend in. This is unfair to Logan. What she hopes is that Logan and Chuck fall in love freely and slowly develop love with each other.
Chuck came back and looked at Aunt Logan like this in front of his mother. He was looking for a fight. He reluctantly took his gaze back.

“Mom, don’t you go down?” Chuck looked at his mom’s casual clothes.
Karen said, “You go,”
Chuck nodded and walked to Aunt Logan, Chuck was nervous because Logan was so beautiful today.
The two of them went down to the banquet, and Betty walked in, “Young Master and President Logan…”
“Ah, look at them, I don’t care,” Karen shook her head and sat down.
“By the way, I recently discovered that Yvette was being watched. I think Yvette’s family did it, but they never showed up, including Yvette being beaten several times, they didn’t show up. “Betty said.
Karen is quiet.

“Do you want me to take care of Yvette? Give her a car accident or something? Otherwise, if she knows that her family has a hatred with the younger family, then…” Betty analyzed and said this, she was a bit too Tangled, how to say, she has been monitoring Yvette for so long, and feels that Yvette’s personality is very good. In fact, if Yvette has no background, then it is actually very good to be with Chuck.
Karen shook her head, “Don’t! Don’t do this. Yvette has a problem, but for so many years, she hasn’t done anything sorry, she can’t choose this background, so she’s actually very difficult, don’t move her .”
Karen did not want Yvette and Chuck to be together but did not want to interfere with them. Karen’s attitude was natural.

“Yes!” Betty nodded. “But the man who monitors Yvette, do I need to solve him?”
“No need for the time being, don’t need to beat the grass to startle the snake first.” Karen shook her head.
“But…” Betty had difficulty speaking.
“But what?” Karen asked.
“The man has a picture of you on the phone, and…” Betty monitored it. The man usually took the picture to see it and smiled very lustfully.
How could she not know what the man thought?
Karen’s eyes narrowed…

Chuck and Logan came down. The restaurant on the first floor of the hotel has been booked out. This is an old man’s birthday banquet. Chuck doesn’t care much about who he is. Anyway, he came in to eat.
“Aunt Logan, let’s sit over there,” Chuck saw a corner table where there was no one. He found that Logan came in, and many men looked at Logan. That look made Chuck particularly uncomfortable!
Did you see Aunt Logan yourself?
Logan smiled and followed Chuck, but she wanted to talk to the incoming Shou Xing, she said, “Chuck, you sit first, I will say hello to that one.”
Chuck nodded and saw that Logan entered the crowd, the tension in his heart was gone, alas, it was really happy and suffering to be with a woman like Logan.

“Chuck.” At this time, Chuck heard the crowd, Logan called himself, Chuck stood up and walked over, “Aunt Logan, what’s wrong?”
“I thought of it. Together, he has a plot of land nearby. I think you should buy it well.” This was Logan’s sudden thought.
Chuck unexpectedly, land, at least hundreds of millions of dollars, right?
“Chuck I will buy it for you.” Logan was gentle. She saw Chuck’s concerns. She knew that Chuck didn’t want to rely too much on Karen.
This is a good sign that Chuck, as the second generation of the super-rich, does not mean to spend a lot of money, but has his own struggle plan.

Chuck was embarrassed, “Aunt Logan is not needed.”
What’s so funny about Chuck?
“This kid, don’t you know me politely? Just tell me what you want. I’ll give it to you, do you know?” Logan said softly.
Chuck is guilty because a subconscious thought just came out to want you, will you give me?
However, after this idea came out, Chuck’s sense of guilt shattered the idea.
“Then don’t say this first, come here and go with me,” Logan took Chuck.

The Xiao family, the protagonist of today’s birthday banquet, chose to hold a birthday banquet here deliberately. It also feels that this hotel has a good reputation and good service recently, so the Xiao family held it here.
Shane was entertaining the guests, his eyes brightened because he saw a superb beauty approaching this way.
Yes, he knew, Logan. Before he knew her with his father’s lead and pursued Logan, but Logan refused to himself.
Today is an opportunity, Shane greeted in the past, “Mr. Logan, I didn’t expect you to come over today, my father is inside, please.”
He frowned because he saw that Logan was carrying a man tenderly, and there was vinegar in his heart. Well, you Logan, refuse me, just to find such a man?

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