Chapter 240: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 240 The Baby Learned To Call Me Mummy (1)
Kerry Ye continued to ask others but failed to get any useful clue.

Xiran Xiao suddenly recalled her police friend Officer Bai, she got the recording from Kerry and then sent it to her friend, and soon, she received the detailed address.

It was a small town of a certain county of C city in F province that required at least a four-or-five-hour drive from here, but luckily, they had Nighthawk in C city.

After informing Nighthawk to chase after Venus Mu immediately, Kerry also rushed to C City together with Tianye Mu, maybe they could not see her this time, but at least their distance was thus shortened a little bit.

He kept close contact with Nighthawk on the way in order to know the situation backward.

Nighthawk, on the other hand, found the hotel within mere an hour and turned around to catch up with them after getting the exact direction they headed to.

“Did the innkeeper tell you anything useful?” Kerry asked him on the phone.

“Not much. He just saw their car went west and I was catching up with them.”

“Had him saw the car license plate or something else?” Asked Kerry.

“Nay. It’s just a small hotel, kinda impossible for the innkeeper to install CCTV.” Said Nighthawk.

Kerry was sort of disappointed but said, “Fine, call me if you find something.”

“Yes, boss.”

If the innkeeper called shortly after Venus and the baby left, then Nighthawk just needs to spend over an hour to catch up with them in the right direction.

But the problem is, where will they go?

Venus was lifting the baby to teach him standing on the back seat of the car while Gavin, the man sitting next to her, gave her an occasional disgusted glance, they hadn’t spoken to each other since morning due to the unpleasant incident that happened last night.

She hoped that he could continue to keep it that way, and to be honest, she really didn’t want to talk to him too much, lest Alisa got suspicious again and put me down.

“Baby, follow me and say, mummy, mummy.” Said Venus to the baby.

The little guy beamed with a smile lit his big eyes, he opened his mouth to say something but it was not “mummy”.

“M-u-m-m-y, mummy!” Venus didn’t give up and continued to teach him. For the past few days, as soon as she got into the car, she would try to teach the baby to call her “mummy”. Even the word “grandma” was accessible to him, how could he be unable to call her “mummy”? Was it the most easily pronounced word?

Gavin, clearly annoyed by the repetition of such tedious conversations between the mother and the son, finally said, “Would you please stop it? I’ve been tired of this kind of talking even the child and you didn’t feel it in the same way.”

“Then you can take a rest, I’m not in your way, am I?”

“How can I do that when you’re sitting next to me?”

“Then you can let me stay in another car.”

“Wow, you begin to get your temper frayed?”

“Hostages have their dignity too, okay?” Venus said nonsense in a quite serious way, “By the way, the baby is learning to talk, what if he grows up with communication difficulties without more practices?”

“I think that you are exactly the one who has a communication problem.”

Venus didn’t retort, “Whatever. If you don’t like me, you can change to another car or put up with it.”

Gavin would have really slapped her on the face if she was not a woman. She’s quite an amazing person who could easily break the calmness and coldness he had maintained for years, making him fire up whenever they were thrown in an argument, the worst part, however, was that he couldn’t do anything to her.

The baby’s pure eyes darted around the two and laughed joyfully.

“What are you laughing at, babe? Call me mommy, let’s say, mommy.” Again Venus began her parenting cause.

The baby opened his mouth and said in a soft and cute tone, “Mummy.” It didn’t sound quite standard but was indeed the right word.

Venus almost jumped up with excitement and exclaimed in excitement, “You just called me mummy, right? Haha! Come on, one more time babe!”

The baby repeated obediently, “Mummy.”

The two simple words were like heavenly music striking straight to her heart, Venus felt filled with warmth, but at the same time, with a tad sadness.

Tears were thus brought to her eyes and her voice became hoarse, “Baby, finally you learned to call me mummy.”

The baby also seemed quite happy with this and kept saying, “Mummy, mummy, Mummy ……”

Venus tried her best to hold back her tears and touched his smooth face, breaking into a smile, “Alright, alright, what a mom’s boy.”

Gavin scowled at her crying and laughing face, “Is there any necessity for you to be that excited?”

“It’s none of your business.” Venus retorted.

Gavin snorted and turned his head to look out the window. He wanted to bring the child over and have him called himself “uncle”, but then the woman would probably laugh in his face, so it was better not to do such a childish thing.

“Where are we going later?” Mavis asked casually.

“What for?”

“The baby’s milk is gone, and there are no more biscuits, nappies as well as other necessities. It’s ok for me to starve for a while, but I can’t let my child stay hungry,” Said she seriously. These are all consumables and no matter how much you’ve prepared, you’ll run out of them someday or other.

Gavin looked back at the beaming little guy and clearly knew that what she said was true—that little guy was exactly a hand at crying—and asked Heng Zhang who was driving, “Stopped at the supermarket and get him some daily necessities.”

“Okay, boss.”

Venus smiled secretly, she needed to think about how to mark later for Kerry.

“Baby, mom’s gonna buy you the-yummy-yummy later, okay?”

“Yummy! Yummy!” The baby picked up the word quite quickly because he could get delicious food when he said so.

“What a little foodie just like me!” Venus said with her forehead against the little guy’s one.

And she said in her heart, “Thank god you’re not of folly.”

They stopped after arriving at a slightly larger county to find a supermarket through countless turnings, and Venus stretched out her hands towards Gavin.

“What?” Gavin was puzzled.

Venus said with a serious expression, “Give me some money. My credit card had been destroyed by you. Would you buy something with a humble smile?”

Gavin was completely defeated by this cheeky woman. It’s strange, he’s so fierce, why isn’t she afraid of him anymore?

“Heng will go with you, you can ask him to pay for the shopping.” Gavin said indifferently.

“Oh.” Venus was about to get out of the car with the baby in her arms, but she was grabbed instantly while the baby was taken by Gavin.

“Any question?” Gavin raised his eyebrows.

“No, of course not.” Venus cast an angry glance at him with an expression that seemed to say “it’s impossible”.

“Heng, take two more people with you.”

When she was about to get out of the car, Venus heard this and turned her head and said sarcastically, “Why are you still afraid that I’ll run away as my child is in your hands?”

“Who knows?”

Venus sneered, fetched a smart blow on the door, got out of the car, and was about to slam the door to express her rage, but finally closed it very gently for fear of scaring the child.

Of course, Gavin would not go to the supermarket as his mask would draw attention from the crowd, and he detained the baby because, firstly, Venus wouldn’t run away with her child in his hands, and secondly, the child’s extinct features will also make him become the focus of the crowd.

The reason why he let Heng take two more people to go with her, however, was that he wanted to give her a hand in case she would buy too much to bring them back. But he was fine with Venus’s interpretation of his intention.

“Come on, call me uncle.” Gavin touched the little guy’s face with warmth almost spilled over his eyes.

The baby reached out to touch his silver mask and grinned, “Duncle!”

“Not Duncle. It’s U-N-C-L-E.” Gavin corrected his pronunciation carefully.

“Duncle!” The little guy repeated.

Gavin shook his head and said, “Follow me, U-N-C-L-E.”

The baby stared at his mouth for a while, seeming to ponder how to pronounce it properly, but finally put it as the same, “Duncle.”

Gavin let out a bitter smile and said, “Not Duncle, little guy, it’s uncle. I’ve raised you for such a long time, why haven’t you learned to call me uncle?”

The baby just kept giggling, “Duncle, duncle.”




My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 240 The Baby Learned To Call Me Mummy (2)
During the National Day, supermarkets are decorated well, with discount posters and little red flags everywhere. After seeing these, Venus Mu was in a good mood. After going out of the hotel, there are many cars, and out of the car, there are countless people. It’s been a long time since she saw a wide variety of goods.

She went straight to the milk powder section and was greeted warmly by the shop assistant, “Hello, how can I help?”.

Venus nodded vigorously, “Well, I want to buy a good formula.”

“How old is your child now? What kind of formula is the body currently eating?”

“It’s about seven months old, and I’m not so familiar with the foreign formula she is eating.”

The guide quickly looked at what she was wearing, and although her dressing looked ordinary, it wasn’t hard to see that the workmanship was exquisite and the styles were all up-to-date.

” This formula is suitable for seven-month-old babies, and all the nutrition the baby needs is complete,” the shopper took down a pricey formula recommendation on the shelf.

Although Venus haven’t bought formula powder for her baby, neither does she know to buy what, however, she knows one thing: the more expensive the formula, the higher the quality will be.

“Do you have any imported milk powder here, preferably from Australia?” Venus asked.

The guide’s eyes were lit up and she took down a can from the top of the shelf, “Take a look at this one. It’s the one we just got yesterday. It’s an Australian milk powder: Bellamy Ⅱ. It is added with vitamins and minerals, so it’s very helpful for the baby’s growth and cultivation. And it doesn’t contain co-solvents, so it’s natural and healthy, and it’s best for seven-month-old babies.”

Venus took a look at the price. Wow, one hundred and thirteen dollars. However, she isn’t using her own money and wanted to delay. Therefore, she pretended to continue consulting, “Is there anything better than this.”

“Sure.” the greeter enthusiastically took the most expensive milk powder on the shelf, “This is also an Australian product, and it’s better than that one.”

The better one was that it costs twice as much as the one before.

“What’s the difference between these two?”

Heng, standing behind her, was out of patience and said in a very bad tone, “Can’t you hurry up and buy anything? They are all the same”

Venus frowned, “How can this be the same? Of course I have to ask to buy the best formula for my baby.”

“What a hassle.” Heng Zhang complained with discontent.

“If you find it troublesome, go buy what you want. Why do you have to follow me?”

Heng glared at her angrily, and to save time, he said to his two subordinates, “Watch her here, and call me when she is done with the shopping, and we’ll meet at the checkout.”


Venus pretended to continue to ask the shopping guide, but she was kind of proud. Everything will be easy without Heng.

A can of milk powder baby can be finished in a week, so Venus told the shopping guide, “Take this most expensive one for two cans.”

“All right.” The shop assistant was beaming with joy, since she hadn’t seen such a generous customer for a long time.

“Take them.” Venus put the two cans of milk powder to one of the subordinates behind her. Why didn’t she use his subordinates?

The bodyguard hung his hands and didn’t know whether to answer or not, and Venus raised her eyebrows and teased, “Guys, Gavin asked you to come here to carry things. Do you want me to give him a call to confirm?”

The two bodyguards looked at each other and silently took the two cans of milk powder.

Venus could actually buy more, but if she bought more, she wouldn’t have a chance to come out next time, so she might as well buy less, so she would have more chances to enter the supermarket and leave more traces.

When entering the area for babies, Venus was fond of almost everything, like the tablewares, hats, clothes and other washing machines. She would take the most expensive one if she found anything useful.

Soon, the two bodyguards’ hands were soon full of stuff.

“Find a cart. Otherwise, how can you take all these? I still have a lot left to buy.” Venus said.

The bodyguards were helpless, and one of them went to look for a cart with a big pile of stuff.

The shopping guide was surprised by her generosity and became even more enthusiastic. As soon as she got a look at the phone in her pocket, Venus had a plan on her mind.

She took a famous brand of baby shower gel from the shelf and mouthed, “This should work well.”

The guide quickly responded, “Yes, yes. This body wash is mild and especially suitable for babies.”

Without saying a word, Venus put the shower gel in the hands of the high-built bodyguard and shook it very carelessly again.

“Wow-” The whole thing fell all over the floor.

Venus was furious, “Why are you so careless? Hurry up and pick them up.”

The bouncer bowed his head and started picking things up.

Venus quickly pulled the guide to another row of shelves and whispered, “Hello, can I use your phone? I want to send a text to my husband.”

The shopper froze, “Where’s your phone?”

“I can’t explain that much. Please. I’m really in a hurry. My husband and I were forced to separate and I have to get him to save me.”

The shopping guide, perhaps impressed by her pitiful eyes, pulled out her phone, unlocked it, and gave it to her.

Venus was really nervous, and she typed in the familiar number, with her hands trembling, and sent a text message: “I’m Venus, this is from someone else’s phone. I’m in a county in the C City.”

After typing these words, she pressed the sending button, and then returned the phone to the shopper.

“Have not finished buying yet?” A cold voice sounded behind her, Venus’s face fiercely stiffened, and in the next second she turned her head as usual and said, “You’re quite fast.”

Behind him is the bodyguard who was sent to find a cart. They met each other. There are many fruits and food in the cart now.

“Hurry up. I don’t have that much time.”

Venus smoothly took a small cotton t-shirt from the shelf and asked the shopping guide, “How old is this for a child to wear.”

The shop assistant came back abruptly, “Oh, this is for a one-year-old.”

Venus glanced around the clothing section, ordered seven or eight dresses and said, “Take one of each of those styles I just pointed, for a seven- or eight-month-old child.”

“All of them?” The shopping guide was a bit dumbfounded.

“Yes, I want everything I just said.”

Heng was furious with her, “Why did you buy so many?”

Venus mocked, “Heng, they don’t cost you money. Why are you upset?”

Heng was speechless and fiercely put down, “I give you the final three to five minutes. You have to leave later.”

The shopping guide quickly bumped a pile of small clothes into the bag and handed it to Venus, who gave her a tight grip and a pleading glance as she took the shopping bag.

“Okay, time’s up.”

Heng didn’t care if Venus had bought everything or not, he dragged her out by the arm.

“Let go of me. I’ll go by myself.”

Heng ignored her and still dragged her away.

“If you don’t let go of me, I’ll shout.” After Venus raised her voice to shout loudly, Heng let go of her arm as quickly as possible.

At this time, they attracted many attentions.

The last second before she disappeared from the shelf, she saw the shop assistant pick up the phone.

It was from Kerry.

It was from her intuition.

Venus made it right. The call was indeed from Kerry. Because of the signal problem, there was a delay of a few minutes before he received the message. Anyway, he finally received it.

“Hello, was it you who just sent me the message?” Kerry Ye asked anxiously.

“It’s not me, but a young girl who sent it from my phone.” The shop assistant’s heart beat became fast, either because she heard the man’s magnetic voice, or because she was doing something exciting.

“Where is she? Where’s the one who texted?”

“She was just taken away.”

Kerry paused and said, “Lady, thank you very much for helping my wife. She is in danger now, so can you send me the exact address on your side?”

The guide readily agreed, “I’ll send you the location then.”

“Thank you. Thank you very much.”

When the shopper was about to end the call, the man on the other end asked, “Excuse me, does she look okay?”

“She seemed nice, but that man was pretty mean to her.” The shop assistant said, “She’s a woman too, and she hates it when men are mean to women.

Kerry became worried.

“Please send me the location.”

“Oh, okay.” The shopping guide thumbed off the call, sent out the location, and stood dazed. When hearing this man’s voice, why did she feel that he was sad?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 240 The Baby Learned To Call Me Mummy (3)
Outside the supermarket.

He had expected that she would not spend her own money anyway, so of course she would buy anything she wanted, but she spent nearly 10,000 yuan just on the kid’s stuff, which was really surprising.

It was at noon, and as usual, Heng found a private restaurant that was very remote. Today, their main task was to hurry on with their journey, so they had plenty of time.

Venus felt that she hadn’t sat at a table and had a comfortable meal for a long time.

Gavin is not very familiar with Chinese food so Mr. Cai did all the ordering for him.

During the meal, Gavin and Mr. Cai were discussing their next trip when his cell phone rang.

Sure enough, Gavin answered the phone and called out, “Xuan Chu.”

Venus got surprised that Xuan had escaped? Then Gavin said, “That’s good. I was worried about you.”

Liar! In her heart, Venus said, “You’re going crazy for the treasure. When have you ever worried about Xuan?

“You don’t have to come over here. We’re doing fine …… well, yes ……” Gavin looked at Venus who was eating with relish and said bluntly. “She eats and sleeps well.”

When Venus heard those four words, she knew she was talking about herself.

When can she eat and sleep well?

“Okay, I’ll go back to you when I’m done here. Take care of yourself.” Gavin’s last words were very soft, just like the feathers on a swan’s neck, and Venus had never seen such a Gavin before, so she couldn’t help but look up at him a few more times.

What kind of feelings did he have for Xuan? She really don’t get it.

Gavin put the phone away and his eyes became cold again, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m going to the bathroom,” Venus wanted to tip off.

Gavin pointed the corner of the room with his chin, “There it is.”

Oh, no.

In the county center.

At the same time, Nighthawk is in the supermarket’s monitoring center. Shortly, a familiar face appeared in the monitoring. She was followed by three men, two of them with shopping bags in their hands, while the last man, Nighthawk carefully look, was very much like Zhangheng who Kerry showed him.

Venus and Heng got into a black car parked in front of the supermarket, and the other two men got into the SUV in the back with their stuff.

Then the three cars started up and slid into the traffic next to them.

Nighthawk freezed the scene with the three vehicles, two military green SUVs and a Hummer that is in a low profile, and is perfect in performance and power. The Hummer is the one that Venus got in.

Nighthawk was surprised. After looking for so long, this was the first time to know what kind of car they drove. Although he could not clearly see the license plate number because of the low camera pixels, can, but as long as he knows what kind of car they drive, next time it will be much easier to find them.

“Thank you.” Nighthawk said mildly to the supermarket manager.

The manager felt nervous and stammered, “You’re welcome.”

“Let’s go.”

As Nighthawk and his men went after Venus, the supermarket manager sat without strength in his chair and an employee asked, “Manager, should we call the police?”

The manager slapped him on the neck, “You stupid. Aren’t you getting yourself into trouble by calling the police?

As Nighthawk looked for the three cars in the county, he called to inform Kerry of the news he had received.

“I’ll be there in two hours. Just be careful and try not to disturb them.” Kerry instructed.

“Got it, boss.”

When Nighthawk searched around the county two or three times, but couldn’t find any trace of the three cars, he became anxious. A subordinate called and said: “Boss, I found the cars in front of a private restaurant.”

“Great, send me the location.” Nighthawk was extremely excited.

In ten minutes or so, Nighthawk arrived in front of the restaurant and looked across the street to see two SUVs and a Hummer.

“It’s their car.” Nighthawk was extremely excited, “Fuck! I’ve been looking for you for more than half a month. Finally I got you! This time I can never let you go.”

“Nighthawk, do you want to go in and take a look?” The subordinate asked.

Nighthawk considered for a moment, but finally shook his head, “No, just keep an eye on it.” He wasn’t sure if they knew all of them, so it was better not to catch them off guard.

After a few minutes, a group of people came out of the restaurant.

First, there were a few brawny men, keenly observing their surroundings and when they found no suspicious characters, they escorted a man wearing a mask to the car, followed by Venus, who was holding a child, and then Heng.

Nighthawk only felt all his anger pumping out. It was the man who wore a mask he had seen once at sea who was so arrogant.

The three cars quickly started up and headed out of the city.

“We’ll catch up first. You guys stay behind and don’t let them find us.” Nighthawk informed his subordinates in the other car.


In the Hummer.

The baby, in a lazy state after eating and drinking, was lying on her mother’s chest, playing with her buttons from time to time. Venus was also a little sleepy, so she let him go. When she was almost about to fall asleep she heard the baby’s laughter.

Venus opened her eyes, “What do you see? Why are you so happy?” She looked at the direction where the baby looked at, and found a toy floating up, but also playing somersault.

Venus was instantly awakened, grabbed the toy, and turned her head to look at Gavin, who seemed to be a bit sleepy too, with his face towards the window and eyes closed.

Luckily, he didn’t notice that. Venus was greatly relieved and looked back at the baby’s eyes, which were still purple and blue. So, the baby can use his supernormal abilities without changing the color of his eyes?

“Be good and go to sleep. No more playing.” Venus said in a slightly serious tone.

The baby looked at his mother with big, and confused eyes, “That was fun, why don’t you let him play?

The baby was not happy.

“No, got it?” Venus’s face was still serious, and she didn’t know if the baby would understand what she was saying.

The baby really felt like he was about to cry out. Mommy was so mean. She had never been so mean to him before.

But this was the first time he had used his powers during the day, and if she didn’t tell him it was wrong, he might use it more often in the future.

Imagine when all the people around the table were eating, he’s playing with dishes and other things in the air ……

“Mom is seriously telling you that you’re not allowed to do that anymore, okay?”

Gavin felt something was wrong, turned around and said, “What did he do? Why are you so hard on him?”

Venus was stunned for a few seconds and made up a lie, “He spit on my clothes on purpose.”

“Well, is it worth scolding him for such a small thing?” Gavin apparently believed the excuse and turned his head to continue looking out at the landscape.

“Of course! A child needs to be educated from an early age to cultivate good habits,” Venus added.

The baby, didn’t know if he realized his mistake or if he wanted to make his mother happy, hugged her neck and softly shouted, “Mommy, Mommy.”

Her anxious and panicky heart just now immediately calmed down, and she hugged him.

“Alright, mommy forgives you, but don’t ever do that again, okay?”

Gavin couldn’t hear it anymore and said coldly, “He’s only half a year old. Does he understand?”

“None of your business” Venus retorted.

She found it so useful that whenever she didn’t want to answer Gavin’s question, she could use the four words to end the conversation, and she could also give him a bet, which made her feel so great.

As the car quieted down, Venus looked out the window at the large rice paddies, and began to worry about where Kerry had gone now. Did the nice shopping guide tell him the address?

When exactly will she be able to end this life of being in limbo with her child?

Without knowing how much time elapsed, the intercom system in the car suddenly rang.

“Boss, a car is following us.”

For a moment, Venus’s sleepiness vanished. Was it Kerry who had followed her?

Gavin’s car was in the middle, and the news was coming from the car behind it.

“Who is that?” Gavin asked.

“I don’t know, it seems to have been following us nonchalantly since we left the county.”

Venus had little expression on her face, but her heart was in ecstasy. It must be Kerry!

The Gavin turned to look at her with a ghastly light in his eyes, “Did you lead him here?”

Venus was nervous, but she sneered, “What does this have to do with me? You think too highly of me.”

“Haven’t you always wanted to run away?”

Venus generously admitted, “Yes, I’m trying to escape, but I also need you to give me that chance. Maybe the people in the back are coming for your treasure map?”

Gavin was speechless by what she said, but it wasn’t impossible about what she was talking about. It was just a subconscious feeling that the people in the back were coming for her.

“Boss, let K deal with them in the back.” Heng spoke up.

“Okay. Find out where they’re coming from by the way.”

Heng nodded and opened the calling system, “K, you guys stay behind to intercept them.”


The vehicle accelerated, and so did Venus’s heart. Seeing that the person who was taking her away was right behind her, she felt like they were thousands of kilometers away.

Nighthawk noticed that the speed of the SUV in front of him had slowed down, so he knew that he had been found and immediately informed the vehicles behind him to cross him and follow, but kept an eye not to be spotted again.

“Nighthawk, the SUV is deliberately blocking the road.” The subordinate driving the car said.

“I see it.” Nighthawk took out four guns from the bottom of the car, one for each of them. “Overtake it first. If you can’t overtake, get ready to fight.”

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