Chapter 240: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 240 Hang out!

Wei Reed got to know Black Carp because they were both the frequenter of a nightclub.

He knew the background of Black Carp; and Black Carp loved the money of his; so their cooperation was purely based on the money-for-muscle. He did not really like Black Carp very much, not to mention to befriend him.

As long as the Black Carp could get the job done this time, it would be a win-win trading.

At the thought of Nina White and Vanessa Liu, Wei Reed could not help sneering, “When I got my hands on them; let’s see who is the one laugh till the end! Colin Ward!? Hum!”

Once the loan application passed and they got the money, everything would be on the track and Colin Ward will manage more time to spend with Doris Lee.

At the thought of Doris Lee, he called Flora Lewis.

“How’s Doris?”

Flora Lewis looked at Doris Lee, who was eating on the couch watching cartoons. “She is pretty fine.”

“Good, I’ll pick her up after work.”

After hanging up, Colin Ward contacted Vanessa Liu.

“Where are you now?

Vanessa Liu replied: “In Nina’s office! What do you need? You don’t feel well?”

“No, I want you to accompany Doris, she is now in Lishi Company’s office.”

Flora Lewis was there, but Colin Ward thought that Vanessa Liu’s arrival would make Doris Lee happier. “Buy whatever you feel like, it is on me!”

Vanessa Liu grinned. “No problem.”

Half an hour later, Vanessa Liu arrived at Lishi’s office.

“Doris, have you missed me!” Vanessa Liu bounced her way in the office.

Doris Lee grinned and hugged her.

Flora Lewis looked at them hugging like the best homies who had been separated for years and shook her head, wondering what Colin Ward meant by sending Vanessa Liu over at this time.

Did he think she wasn’t taking good care of Doris Lee, so he asked Vanessa Liu to check on them?

Vanessa Liu looked at Flora Lewis and knew what she was thinking. “You’re busy here, aren’t you?

Why don’t I take Doris Lee out for fun?”

Flora Lewis thought it over and agreed. She would have gone with them, but there was too much going on.

Vanessa Liu walked out holding Doris Lee by her arm, but as she reached the hall, she heard some gossip.

“Isn’t that Doris Lee?”

“It’s her. Why did she come to Lishi’s again?”

“Ms. Lewis had brought her here this morning.”

“Ms. Lewis and Doris Lee were close friends.”

“How strange it is! Is not the Lishi Company now an affiliate to the Marquis? How come Doris Lee’s best friend is managing it? Is it because…”

“Don’t you talk nonsense!”

“What if it’s true?”

“Who knows! Which of these rich people is clean?”

The voice tailed off as they walked out of the hall.

Doris Lee couldn’t understand it, so she didn’t care.

Vanessa Liu frowned slightly. She knew that Colin Ward was not what they thought to be, but these people can’t stop talking nonsense.

After the two went out, Vanessa Liu got a cab and took Doris Lee to one of the busiest commercial streets.

Clothing shops, pubs, snack bars, …, all good place to kill time for the young.

On the side of the street, Baker Lee, who passed by and stopped to buy delicious street food for Doris Lee, ran into them.

These two pretty ladies thrust in the crowd, arm in arm, talking and laughing.

It had been a long time since he last saw Doris Lee smile so broadly.

The figures of Vanessa Liu and Doris Lee had gone far into deep alley with the crowd; Baker Lee shook his head, smiling and turned around, ready to get back into his car.

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