Chapter 241 – 242: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 241: I hope you’re fine


At this moment, everyone fixed eyes on Kris.

The Sun and Moon guardians, Lord of Canglong Star and Lord of Zhuque Star, were all shocked.

“How…how couldn’t you get hurt?” Lord of Zhuque Star said to Kris, “Are you a spy sent by others, too?”

Kris turned back. This Lord of Zhuque Star was quite beautiful, but she seemed stupid.

“Saint, kill them quickly!” Lord of Canglong Star was smarter than her, he shouted to Kris in a hurry.

“That’s right. Saint, please kill these betrayers from The Holy Dragon Cult!” The Lean Monk said with delight. Frankly speaking, he thought they would die definitely, but Kris was safe unexpectedly.

Kris didn’t understand why he was fine after eating Sorrow Breeze Poison, but he knew that they would be safe after killing those three men.

“Kris, kill the dickhead Shentong Wang, and joined The Holy Dragon Cult with me!” Lord of Xuanwu Star Weiwu Zhao, who was spitting blood, said difficultly.

“That’s right. Do you really think that dickhead treat you well? Do you know what medicine is that he just gave to you?” Lord of Baihu said.

“It’s absolutely good medicine for my body.”

“Hahaha… Ridiculous… Koko(the sound of coughing deliberately).” Lord of Baihu Star couldn’t stop laughing, and said, “Do you know that the medicine he gave to you was the secret poison Living and Dying Pill made by The Sun-Moon Holy Cult?”


Living and Dying Pill?

Kris pretended a shocked look.

“I’m afraid you don’t know the effect of Living and Dying Pill.” Lord of Baihu Star kept saying, “Look at The sun and moon guardians. The Lean Monk is short and fat, while The Fat Monk is tall and thin. Do you know why?”

Hearing his words, Kris was also curious. One was tall and thin, and another was short and fat, which was not corresponding to their names.

“Look at The Lean Monk. He was a famous beauty on Ice Fire Island, with a tall height, and had the title of Jade Gentleman. But just because he ate the Living and Dying Pill, and had not eaten the antidote in time, so he becomes fat and ugly like this.”

“And The Fat Monk, he used to be the famous strongman on Ice Fire Island, with enormous power. But for the same reason, he finally becomes weak and thin like this.” And then Lord of Baihu Star glared at Shentong and said, “Do you know what that douchebag was doing at that time? He was still training himself in his room! He cares a shit about our lives. There was no reason for not betraying the cult!”

“No wonder!” Kris looked at The Sun and Moon guardians who lay aside and found they were both silent and seemed to acquiesce in Baihu’s words.

“Sa… Saint, kill them, and I’ll entitle you as the candidate of me.” At this time, Shentong Wang, who kept silent, uttered suddenly.


Just then, everyone at the scene couldn’t help gasping.

Candidate for the Bishop?

This was not kidding! When Shentong reached the last stage, Kris would be the next Bishop.

“Ho ho…Kris, don’t be fooled by him!” Weiwu Zhao was worried and said in a hurry, “Kris, Shentong is one of the best in kungfu world, and he can keep the position of Bishop for at least 20 or 30 years. If you believe his words, I’m afraid he will take advantage of you and hurt you soon after.”

When he was saying, he kept tipping Lord of Baihu Star winks constantly.

“That’s right. Why not force that douchebag to hand over the antidote to Living and Dying Pill, and then kill these people. We’ll entitle you as the Bishop!” Lord of Baihu Star was persuading Kris patiently, “Look at his wife, how beautiful she is! She is yours if you can be the Bishop.”

Kris was freezing in the same place and seemed to chew the words of Lord of Baihu Star.

Just then, a figure suddenly flew up not far away, with a sharp dagger in his hand, and came up directly to Kris’s heart.

“Saint, be careful!”

“Watch out!”

But that man’s speed was too fast and came in front of Kris nearly in a blink.

“Kris…” Quan Mu shouted in a hurry. But her voice was not loud because of Sorrow Breeze Poison.

“Go to hell!” Bin Luo showed a crazy look.

How could that guy be fine after taking Sorrow Breeze Poison? He must die! Especially that attack of Kris’s foot had already made him hurt, so he played dead aside from a while ago, just for the moment now.

It was seen that the dagger was about to pierce Chen Yang’s chest.

“What!” Bin Luo opened his eyes to the most, for Kris disappeared under his eyes.

“Hello, I’m here!” Kris used Mayfly Power to the most and dodged Bin Luo’s sneak attack easily.

Bin Luo turned around quickly. Before he could raise the dagger, Kris had already released a punch towards him.

“Bang!” Kris’s fist hit Bin Luo’s face directly and smashed him away.


Bin Luo fell on the ground and spat a mouthful of blood. Then he looked at Kris with frightened eyes, “Don’t kill me. You can’t kill me. After more than 10 minutes, followers of The Holy Dragon Cult will attack here, and you’ll die at that time!”


Hearing Bin Luo’s words, everyone was scared to death.

“Let me go. When I returned to The Holy Dragon Cult, I’ll help you…”

“Bang” Before he finished saying, Kris had slapped Bin Luo’s head, and Bin Luo’s brains burst instantly at the scene.

Lots of them were scared by this bloody scene. Especially when Bin Luo’s blood splashed on Lord of Zhuque Star’s body, she looked at Kris with her beautiful eyes and showed a special look.

Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star were both scared, too. They couldn’t imagine that Kris could kill Bin Luo at the spot easily, and in this bloody way.

“I’m begging you, Saint. Please don’t kill us…please…” Lord of Baihu Star was so scared that he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing to Kris.

“Saint, I know when Ma’am planned to entitle you as Saint, I stopped her. But I’m not aiming at you. Please forgive me. I won’t… I dare not…” Weiwu saw Kris walking towards them, and he was so frightened that he almost peed.

“Antidote, give me the antidote now.” Kris looked at them, “Give it to me, and I may let you go!”

“No…I can’t. We’ll die definitely if we hand over the antidote!” Lord of Baihu Star waved his hand heavily, “If Shentong is detoxified, he will kill us by himself.”

“That’s right, the army of The Holy Dragon Cult is coming. Saint…as long as you kill that son of…”

“Bang!” Before Weiwu finished speaking, Kris slapped his face furiously. And he said with murderous wrath over his face, “I’ll kill you now if you don’t give me the antidote!”

No kidding, he wouldn’t have a good ending if the army of The Holy Dragon Cult attacked here. And Quan Mu, he wouldn’t let the enemy take her away.

“Saint, please stop!” Quan Mu said faintly, “I can swear. I will forgive their past mistakes, as long as Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star hand over the antidote.”

“That’s right. I swear, too. We’ll forgive you.” At this time, Shentong uttered slowly, “As long as you give us the antidote, and make amends. I promise no one will hurt you!”

Hearing the Bishop and Madam’s words, Lord of Baihu Star looked at Weiwu. Honestly speaking, he feared death a lot. Maybe he could survive after handing over the antidote.

“Give it to him…” Weiwu covered his swollen face and said ambiguously.

He was really frightened. He didn’t want to die like Bin Luo, with brain bursting.

“Well, fine. Hope you can keep your promises!” And then Lord of Baihu Star picked up sandalwood from his body, “Ignite this sandalwood to detoxify Sorrow Breeze Poison.”

Five minutes later, everyone in the hall recovered their energy slowly.

At this time, Shentong recovered, too. He stood up and said to the followers of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, “Stand up, everyone! Let’s fight together!”

Just then, The Sun-Moon guardians, The lord of Canlong Star and Lord of Zhuque Star, all knelt with one knee, “Yes! Under your command.”

Just then, they took their people and walked out of the hall with roaring, murderous wrath.

“Saint, you don’t have to go. Stay here and protect Madam!” And then Shentong rushed out of the hall using the magic power. But before he went out, he knocked Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star out.

Now this time, the hall was empty, except these two dickheads in coma. The others all followed Shentong to kill enemies.

Quan Mu glared at Kris. She was scared to death when Bin Luo woke up and attacked him. But she was also kind of curious that why Kris was fine after taking Sorrow Breeze Poison.

It was known that Sorrow Breeze Poison was colorless and tasteless, which was one of the top ten incenses. Even the Bishop was attacked off his guard, but Kris was safe and sound.

Thinking about this, Quan Mu looked at Kris with curiosity, “Why you are fine after taking Sorrow Breeze Poison?”

Kris smiled but said nothing. Actually, the reason why he was fine was just that he had taken the antidote.

Thanks to that Pure Essence Pill, otherwise, he would have died today. “I don’t know. Maybe I was born in this way that no poison can hurt me.” Kris smiled and said.

“Well. You bad.” Seeing Kris didn’t want to tell the truth. Quan Mu didn’t force him. Anyway everyone had secrets. But she could probably guess the truth.

When the poison in her body broke out, Kris made the antidote, so she guessed that Kris must have taken the antidote of Sorrow Breeze Pill.

“Well, I’m curious about one thing.” Quan Mu stood up from her position and walked to Kris, “Just now, Lord of Baihu Star’s proposal is quite tempting, why do you refuse that without thinking?”

Kris smiled and said, “You want to hear the truth or the lie?”

“Lie first!”

“I’m loyal to The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and never betray it!”

Hearing Kris spoke this sentence word by word, Quan Mu couldn’t help laughing.

Kris was fascinated by that smile.

“What about the truth!” Quan Mu stared at Kris tightly with her beautiful eyes.

“I hope you’re safe and sound!”


Hearing Kris’ words, Quan Mu’s heart shook, and her body couldn’t help quivering.

He…he did all the things for her!

Chapter 242: Do you dislike me?

Outside the main hall, shout and sound of attacks were roaring.

Inside the main hall, a tender feeling was flowing between two people.

Kris Chen’s eyes were calm and clean, and Quan Mu knew that he was telling the truth.

One’s eyes couldn’t tell a lie.


At 8 o’clock in the evening, Ice Fire Island was lit up so brightly.

In the daytime, Shentong Wang had brought many people of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and killed over 200 followers of The Holy Dragon Cult.

Among those followers from The Holy Dragon Cult, the worst stage was the fulfilled period of The acquired stage, and most of them were at The innate-power stage. It could be said that they were the backbone of The Holy Dragon Cult.

Had not Kris broken The Holy Dragon Cult’s trick, now all the achievements The Sun-Moon Holy Cult had made would have been destroyed because of Shentong.

Shentong shuddered after thinking about this.

Damn, The Holy Dragon Cult ruined his birthday party and planned to annex The Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

They wouldn’t stop till they died,

If the tiger didn’t get angry, he would be treated as a sick cat.

“The Fat Monk, under my command, from today, we’ll fight with The Holy Dragon Cult till the end. And inform other branches that once meet followers of that cult, kill them!”

“Yes, bishop!” The Fat Monk bowed and said.

“Bring Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star!”

Just then, followers of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult brought these two men.

Staring at them kneeling on the ground, Shentong couldn’t resist killing them. These two betrayers cooperated with The Holy Dragon Cult and nearly made Shentong killed by his followers.

Looking at furious Shentong, Lord of Zhuque Star stood up and said, “Bishop, Lord of Baihu Star betrayed our cult, and made hundreds of followers die. We must kill them to make the regulation solid. Bishop, please send your command to kill these betrayers.”

“I second that!” Lord of Canglong Star said.

“Second that, second…” The Sun and Moon guardians also stood up and said.

“Please kill the betrayers, bishop.”

And then, thousands of followers of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult knelt down.

Attacked by the followers of The Holy Dragon Cult, they had lost over a hundred followers. They couldn’t let out the anger without killing these two betrayers.

“Bishop, you can’t kill us. You promised us.”

“Yes, Bishop. You can’t break your promise…”

Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star knelt on the ground, and they were so scared that their legs became weak.”

“Saint, say something…”

Lord of Baihu Star looked at Kris, now they could only rely on Kris.


Suddenly, all the people fixed their eyes on Kris.

Faced with their anger, Kris smiled bitterly.

Damn, these two dickheads were trying to push him into the living hell.

But he had no way but to jump into it. Thinking for a while, Kris stood up and said to the Bishop, “Bishop, though Baihu and Xuanwu had made big trouble, they stopped themselves in time, and made some contributions to amend the mistake. Putting them to death is too easy, why not let them make amends for the previous mistake, and let them revenge for the dead followers, which can also reveal your kindness and tolerance.

Hearing Kris’s words, the Bishop clenched his fist, and calmed down gradually, “Saint, thanks to you this time. Otherwise, the foundation of our cult will be destroyed.”

Just then, everyone nodded head subconsciously.

They thought that it was totally out of luck for Kris to be the Saint. Now they changed their opinions, and they thought Kris was extraordinary.

At this moment, they were all convinced that Kris was the best one to be the Saint. Kris smiled and said humbly, “Thanks, bishop. This is what I should do.”

The Bishop nodded with satisfaction, “Since you plead me for those dickheads, I won’t kill them for the sake of the saint.”

Shentong stood up and looked at those two people kneeling on the ground coldly, “From today, remove Lord of Baihu Star and Lord of Xuanwu Star’s positions. From now on, you should follow the Saint and protect him.”

This was actually Quan Mu told him. He had promised to let them live in front of many people. If he broke his promise, his prestige as a bishop would be greatly diminished.

So, Quan Mu suggested that he remove their positions and order them to protect Kris, which could make people sincerely convinced and make the followers see his vision and courage and good to Kris, three birds with one stone.

Just then, Lord of Canglong Star understood Bishop’s words, so he said nothing.

Those two people kneeling on the ground constantly kowtowed, “Thanks bishop, thanks, Saint…”

“Bishop, this is improper…”

“Bishop, please kill the betrayers!”

The followers who didn’t understand the circumstance all tried to persuade the Bishop after seeing this.

“How dare you!”

Just then, Quan Mu stood up and scolded them, “So you want the bishop to be the one who breaks his promise?”


The followers looked at each other and dared not to say anything.

“Well, that’s the deal.” Shentong waved his hand and said.

“Thanks, bishop!” Kris stood up from the side and said in proper time.

“Hmm.” Shentong nodded his head and looked at Kris with appreciation, “Kris, thanks to you today. I’m discriminating in the rewards and punishment. You have made a great achievement this time, and I’ll reward you highly.”

And then two things appeared on his hands.

A black, vast, and ancient book!

Kris was puzzled at these things, and he thought the ancient book could be some secret martial book. But what about the vast?

Seeing that vast, Quan Mu was puzzled, too. Then she said to Kris hurriedly, “Saint, why don’t you show your gratitude to the bishop!”

The Bishop kept this vast with him all the time. It was really out of her imagination that the Bishop was so generous, even giving it to Kris.

“You don’t know what it is, right?” Quan Mu smiled and explained to Kris in a low voice, “The vast on your hand is made of the black silk spun by the magical black silkworms from the south. This magic armor can resist the swords, guns, water, and fire. It’s equal to having one more life after wearing this magic armor.”


That awesome?

Seeing Kris in a daze, the Bishop said with a smile, “Put it on and see if it fits.”

Kris took the magic armor excitedly and can’t wait to put it on.

This magic armor was light, and it was quite comfortable to wear it.

“Thanks, Bishop.”

Kris showed his gratitude to the Bishop in a hurry.

This was a good thing. The main characters in the novel all owned a magic armor, and he had one now!

Though the old Bishop was devious, but sometimes he was quite generous! “Today, when you fought with The Holy Dragon Cult, I find that you don’t know the fighting methods. This is a book on how to enhance the power of your tendons and bones. Remember to practice more.”

Hearing that, Kris was overjoyed. He knew how to fight actually, but he dared not to show it.

If he used The Sun-Moon Rotation Skill, the Bishop could notice quickly that he had learned the unique skill.

Kris took those things and showed his gratitude to the Bishop again.

Now this time, people down the hall were rather envied. Though they didn’t know what the vast was, it wouldn’t be something simple for it was given by the Bishop.

And that book was a secret martial book. Many people desired to own that. After taking the rewards, Kris was a little frightened.

He thought the Bishop would ask him why he was fine after eating Sorrow Breeze Poison, but he asked nothing about it.

This made him puzzled.

Shentong had some severe internal injuries in the daytime, and he used his inner energy to resist the injuries. Still, now he couldn’t hold on anymore.

His face was a little pale now, and he said to Kris, “Saint, I’m gonna train myself in the training room, so I won’t participate in the later party. Please soothe them for me.”

And then, he left the main hall in a rush. The next thing was simple. Kris soothed the followers of their cult for Shentong.

At the party, Kris became the center of people’s flattery. It could be said that his position of being the Saint was solid, and no one dared to say his stage was low anymore.

Facing with others’ toast, Kris refused no one and let go of himself to drink.

In the end, he even didn’t know how much he had drunk, but only know that everyone was deeply drunk.

Ten minutes later, Kris was stumbling to his room. But just when he walked to the door, he heard someone was calling him.

“Kris, Kris…”

It was Ma’am.

Kris’s body quivered instantly and somehow walked to Madam’s room.

Opening the door, Kris saw that Quan Mu was half lying on her bed with only thin clothes. It might be his illusion, but he felt that Ma’am was kind of weird today.

“Kris, come here…” Quan Mu, who was on the bed, bent her finger to Kris. Quan Mu’s face was extremely red after drinking, and even her skin became pink.

“Ma’am, are you thirsty?” Kris was half-drunk now, and he was about to get some water for Quan Mu.

He was staggering, and without finding the water, his head suddenly fell into something soft.


Quan Mu held Kris’s head with blurry eyes, “You… you bad. You said that you dislike me. But why treat me like this now…”

Because of the alcohol, Quan Mu finally spoke the words keeping in her heart for a long time.

“Dislike? When did I say that?” Kris stammered.

“Liar!” Quan Mu bit her mouth and said, “Then… why didn’t you kiss me at that time? Do you mind the age of my status?”

Now this moment, she threw away the dignity of being the Bishop’s wife and other things.

She just wanted to know the feeling Kris had to her.

She was drunk, but she was quite sober in her heart.


When did I mind your age?

Kris became a little sober. Damn, why he was lying on Madam’s bed, and even put his head on her chest.

“Ma’am, don’t…don’t think about too much. You look like an 18 years old girl, and your skin is tender like an egg without the shell.” Kris smiled bitterly, “Let…please let me go, Ma’am.”

“No way!” Quan Mu said angrily.


Wasn’t this asking his life?

Kris was drunk already, but after smelling Quan Mu’s body’s fragrance, he was even more drunk.

He felt that his bones were crisp all over. Damn, if you don’t let me go, I’ll do something!

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