Chapter 241: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 241 A Golden Opportunity Slipped (1)
“Yes, Sir.” Said the driver and pressed the accelerator hard to cut across farming lands. To his surprise, the car in front of them moved to the same direction on purpose and got in their way.

Bang! The two cars clashed together.

Nighthawk pinned gun to his waist and took a good look at the man from the car in front of him. He was wearing a military green T-shirt, black wide legged trousers and a pair of black leather boots. Judging from the feature of his face, he might not be a Chinese.

Nighthawk got out of the car and shouted to him, “A fucking bad driver you are, don’t get in my way!”

The man cast him a threatening glance and cried in his poor Mandarin, “Who…who are you? And why…why do you follow me? “

Nighthawk smiled cunningly and said, “Asshole, there is only one way to leave this fucking county, I follow my own way, not yours.”

As K observed, every time when he had been about to speed up, Nighthawk did so and caught up with him, which was why he kept skeptical about him. Then he said in a unpleasant tone, “Don’t try to disguise your purpose, tell me who the hell are you and why do you follow me!”

Nighthawk raised his eyebrows and sneered: “My friend, now I am a little curious why are you so enraged about my following? Is there anything precious in your car? “

K ‘s look changed quickly and he pulled out the gun and shouted, “ Tell me your purpose, or have a good taste of my bullets.”

Nighthawk replied in a calm tone, “My friend, you look like a foreigner. Don’t you know it is illegal to hold a gun in China? Put down the gun first and I will tell you what you want! Otherwise, I am afraid passers-by will call the police to arrest you. ” On hearing this, K caught the sight of two cars pausing behind them. In an instant when drivers saw his gun, they pressed the accelerator and ran way as fast as they could.

“I think you don’t want to attract the attention of Chinese police, right?” said Nighthawk. At the point when the man was at his hesitation, Nighthawk pulled out his gun and shot at his hand. After minutes of gun fights, Nighthawk seized the man and his two fellows.

“Now tell me where is your boss going?” said Nighthawk.

K sent him a cold glance and felt angry about the crafty attack of Nighthawk.

“A hard man you are!” said Nighthawk and sealed his mouth with adhesive tape.

Unfortunately, Nighthawk found nothing useful after a careful search in their SUV. When he was about to give up, the walkie-talkie in it rang and said, ”K, how is your driving trip?”

Nighthawk chuckled and said, “Bad because he got hurt.”

A sudden silence later, the walkie-talkie continued, “Who are you?”

“There is nothing to do between you and me. But I should tell you that your man are a bad driver and he got in my way on purpose. That was why I drove faster and clashed upon his car. Poor guys they are, now they are badly wounded.” Said Nighthawk. Obviously, he was smart enough to be a good story-teller.

“Ha ha …” A burst of feminine laughter came.

Nighthawk immediately recognized that this was the voice of Venus Mu. So he guessed the one behind the walkie-talkie was Heng Zhang.

“I said, you’d better come to the spot and take him to the hospital, or perhaps they are gonna die here.”

“What’s your purpose? And who are you serving for?” said Heng.

Nighthawk knew that any mistake in his answer would bring Venus trouble, he had to hide his identity and kept telling the story, so he said, “I don’t know what are you talking about, your man make me clash my car, I want you to pay me for compensation.”

“How much you want?”

“Five million Yuan.” Said Nighthawk in a cunning smile.

“Crazy man, you are taking trouble for yourself! “

“Pay me or your men will be killed, it’s your choice!” said Nighthawk.

Heng turned to Gavin and waited for his decision. Without hesitation, Gavin gave a short reply, ”Then kill them now, we don’t care.” He was a man endowed with cruel beast-like nature who would never show any mercy to anyone who was no longer of use to him. A chilling thought came to Venus that Gavin would certainly kill her and her child when he got the treasure.

After the conversation, Nighthawk looked back sympathetically at K and said “Poor guy, your boss abandons you now.”

K lowered his head and didn’t give any reply. Obviously, he felt depressed by what Gavin said. But he knew he was no more a simple mercenary soldier to his boss, he should anticipate the consequence of a failure.

Nighthawk tore the tape from his mouth and said, “My friend, now there is nothing to do between you and your boss. I think revealing his whereabouts is not a betrayal of the contract principle for a mercenary soldier.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know his whereabouts.” Said K frankly.

“What? ”

“As ordered, we have to escort a car and follow it all the way. ” said K.

“Do you know the name of your boss?”

“No! We know nothing about him, and we call him boss in the usual days.”

“……” Nighthawk was speechless about the answers he got, though he was sure that K didn’t tell a lie to him. Then he made a phone call to his boss and told him everything happening here.

After a while of hesitation, Kerry gave him a reply: “Call the police to handle it, you should leave the spot before the police come. Policemen will send them back to their countries, we don’t need to waste our human resource on them.”

“Yes, my boss!”

“And ask them where is the headquarter of their boss, there must be more sites than that we have ever been in.”

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Nighthawk in an excited tone. After a vain and tiring and hunting trip, now he could finally do something useful.

“Wait, man, are you OK after the car clashed? Do you need a new car?” asked Kerry considerately.

“Thank you, my boss, I am fine and I think the car is still good to drive. To get further information, you can have contact with Fang, he is tracking the target. ”

“Fine, take care of yourself!”

Kerry ‘s consideration did moved him just now. Generally, Kerry was a good boss for him.


The atmosphere in the car seemed a little chilling since Gavin gave such a merciless utterance. Heng pursed his lips to the destiny of his men. K was a valuable soldier he had employed on his own. He never expected such a good guy would be abandoned by his boss. Gavin was so smart that he knew the feeling in his mind and said, ”Do you think I am a cruel man?”

“No, never!” replied Heng, who still remembered It was Gavin who had rescued him from Kerry.

“Man, to tell you the truth, the decision I made was the best one at that moment which could make sure the safety of your soldiers all.” Said Gavin.

“But, sorry, boss, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You should know that they have two purposes to track us, one is to obtain the treasure map, another is to get Venus. But I will never allow anyone to take way the two from me. With my rejection, K and his two fellows are of no use to them. And on the contrary, killing them will bring them troubles. Therefore, your soldiers must be safe now.”

Heng looked much better now after the analysis of his boss. However, K and his fellows would never serve them any longer. As for Venus, she knew Gavin was right since Kerry would never slay any innocent one.

Gavin turned back and said, “You look really disappointed, lady! ”

Venus gave out a sign and said, “Of course. I guessed they are the guys who are gonna to rescue me, but now, perhaps I was wrong. ” Her ambiguous answer confused Gavin, indeed. Though he was skeptical she had some secret contact with Kerry, he couldn’t find any clue from her words.

Fang was still on his tracking trip on Gavin. Smart and patient, he avoided coming closer to his target and disguised his car among the traffics.

Chapter 241 A Golden Opportunity Slipped (2)

It was getting dark, and the car drove into a small town between two mountains. A river cut across the mountains and winded around the town. Judging from the principle of Geomantic Omen, the site of this town is the best place as the tomb site for an feudal emperor. The treasure in the map must be buried under the town.

The cars Fang tracked paused at the front of a hotel. To avoid arose any attention, he droved into a dark corner and dialed a call to Kerry.

“Boss, they check in at a hotel.”

“Good. I will arrive there an hour later. Keep your eyes on them. Don’t expose your presence.”

“I see.”

Kerry and his fellows felt excited about the thought that they were about to rescue Venus soon.

“I’ll check in first to make sure everything is OK.” Said Tianye Mu.

Xiran Xiao stopped him immediately and said, “I will go with you. It’s strange that a man check in at a hotel alone.”

“No, you should stay outside, I am not sure there will be any danger or not?” said Tianye seriously.

“You are over concerning about me, I can take care of myself and …… ” said Xiran. Kerry interrupted her and said, ”Both of you are not allowed to go to the hotel.”


“Because you are the intimates of Venus, if she can’t control well her emotion and expose your identity, our plan will turn to a failure.” Replied Kerry in calm tone. Kerry was right, Venus would lost control if she got to know that her brother was still alive.

“So what’s your plan?” asked Xiran disappointedly.

“You two can help me to find which room Venus was in. There is specific information in the Reception Desk, Tianye, I think you can have a try.”

“What the hell do you mean that I can have a try?” asked Tianye confusedly.

Xiran touched his head and said with a big smile, ”Handsome guy, any waitress will be crazy to you. ”

“But if the staff of the Reception Desk is a male one? ”

“Then a beautiful lady like me can have a try.” Said Xiran. Her optimistic attitude and fantastic mind did amused Tianye.

“Be aware that they may check in with fake personal information, you two can ask questions like which room accommodated a woman and her baby.” Said Kerry.


“When you get the specific information, I know how to rescue her and my son safely.” Said Kerry. Tianye knew Kerry had a mysterious magic skill to do so. From the talks between Tianye and Xiran, Kerry could tell that Tianye had exposed his secret to Xiran. He sent a cold stare at the couple and said, ”Good guy, so you tell her my secret without my permission?”

“Of course, she is my wife, and she is always standing with us.” Replied Tianye frankly. Xiran seemed really satisfied about her man’s reply and said to Kerry in a bold manner, ”Buddy, I don’t like your sneaking attitude, but I promise you I will keep the secret for you.”

“A good couple you are!” Kerry pursed his lips helpless and turned around.

When he arrived at the hotel, Fang greeted him and said, ”Our young hostess is escorted by the guy in mask by Hummer, they have stayed in the hotel for a hour and neither of them gets out. ”

“How many people of them went in?”

“About seven.” Replied Fang after a while of reflection.

“That’s right. Last time in a small hotel, the owner said there were ten people of them. Three of them were taken down by Nighthawk in the daytime.” Said Kerry. As he observed, there were four stories of this hotel, and due to the National Day Holiday, the rooms of it was almost zero-vacant.

At the opposite road of the hotel, Tianye straightened the collars and said, ”Now I got to go.”

“Handsome guy, good luck to you.” Said Xiran with a chuckle. When he was about to got out of the car, Xiran stopped him and gave him a new lipstick and said, ”Believe, women will be crazy about this. ”

“But it seems like the one you like best.”

“I don’t care it only if we can rescue your sister.”

Then Tianye pocketed the lipstick and went into the hall of the hotel. The Reception Desk staff was a girl in a dark green uniform, and at sight of a handsome guy heading toward her, her eyes brightened and the smile on her face was larger. ”Gentleman, would you like to check in?” she greeted gently.

Tianye smiled back in a graceful manner and said, ”Lady, you look really pretty today. ”

“Thank you! ” replied the girl. Judging from his Luxurious Dior Jacket and delicate shirt, the man must be a rich guy with a good taste of fashion. It was really difficult for a young girl to resist the temptation of a handsome guy like him.

In a charming melodious baritone, Tianye continued, ”Lady, can you do me a favor?”

“Yes, of course, I will do whatever I can for you, Sir.”

“You know, one hour ago, there were seven persons checking in here, one of them was a young lady with a baby around her arms, can you tell me which room she is in?”

The smile on her face paused and she said in a embarrassed tone, “Sorry, Sir, I can’t leak out the privacy of our customers.”

Tianye had anticipated the answer and he continued, ”I know there are strict rules in your hotel, but all I want is her room number, I promise there will nothing happening between me and her, please trust me!”

“But I can’t do that, I am so sorry!”

With the smile on his face, Tianye took out the delicate lipstick from his pocket and put it on the desk. ”She is an important person for me, I beg you to do me a favor.” he entreated.

Immediately, the girl’s eyes were firmly fixed on the lipstick. It was the Christain Louboutin, a luxurious lipstick costing several thouands Yuan and was rare to see in this small town. She grabbed the lipstick and checked the information he asked.

“They have booked four rooms: 8508, 8509,8510 and 8511, but I don’t know which one is the lady in.” said the girl.

“Thanks so much. And can I go to the restroom of the hotel for convenience?” asked Tianye politely. It seemed that the luxurious lipstick did work. The girl replied gently, ”Please go straight this way, then you will find the restroom there. ” Tianye bowed for his gratitude to her. Then he turned around and during the walk to the restroom, he had a careful check the numbers of the rooms around the way.

In China, the number-4 meant death and bad luck, so hotel owner would named the 4th floor the 5th floor. There was no exception at this one. After that, Tianye went back and told all he got to Kerry.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 241 A Golden Opportunity Slipped (3)
According to the information Tianye had got, Venus was in the 4th floor. However, there were only the 8508 room and 8510 room in light.

“What are we going to do.” Asked Xiran Xiao in an excited tone.

“Just wait.” Said Kerry calmly. They had to wait until when the mid-night came and all of their targets were in a tight sleep. Though violent emotions welled in his mind, to safely rescue his wife and son, he had to keep his mind reasonable and action steady.

Henry found a restaurant nearby and said, “My boss, let me take back something to eat for us.” In fact, all of them had a tiring trip this day without a meal.

“Thanks, Henry, but I am not hungry.” Replied Kerry. How could he enjoy a meal when his families were still under the threats of Gavin. The first priority for him now was to get a good plan to take them out.

“But I think you need a good meal, you don’t have anything in the whole day.”

Tianye interrupted him and said, ” Don’t bother him now, just take back something to eat, he will eat then.” Henry didn’t dare to refute the suggestion of Tianye and he left with a nod. He knocked the window when he passed a car, Fang got out of it and went with him for a meal.

Hours and hours later, the lights in the rooms of the hotel were turned off gradually. When it was about the mid-night, the lights of 8508 room and 8510 room was turned off one by one. After one more hour, Kerry whispered, ”I will climb the wall and have a look there. ” Despite his mastering of teleporting skill, he had to save energy for emergency.

To cheer him up, Xiran gave him a nod and said, ”Go ahead, man, I will pray for you here.”

On hearing this, Kerry sent her a chilling glance because a pray in China for a fighter before a battle meant that he probably died from it.

The night in the town was away from civilizations, and the small river was murmuring, the wind was groaning, and insects singing here and there. After a while for preparation, Kerry’s figure rose up into the air and approached the hotel wall.

“My Goddess! Look, he is flying in the sky! That’s really awesome!” cried Xiran. With the mysterious skill, Kerry’s figure turned into a dark shadow, yet in the view of Xiran, he was more like ghost since what he did could only be saw in swordsmen films.

Tianye nodded and said, ”That’s awesome, indeed.”

After a careful look at the sky, Xiran found that the dark shadow was out of sight. “There, he disappears from the sky! You call this the teleporting skill, right?” Xiran asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Replied Tianye in a stunned expression.

“I hope Kerry can show his magic skill publicly for us one day, will he agree on it? ”asked Xiran.

“Perhaps you will know the answer from his chilling stare.” Said Tianye.

“Alright, man, I think you are right.”

After a glance through the 8508 room and 8510 room, he found neither Venus and his son was there. Then he moved quickly to the 8511 room. It was a standard room where he could see a man lying on the one bed by the dim moonlit. There was no one else in the room. A silver mask on the bedside table came to his sight. It must be the mask man who took away his son. At this point, he could not help resisting his curiosity and came closer to see who on earth was the man.

Unfortunately, when he was about to catch the sight of the mysterious face, the man opened his eyes suddenly. Though Kerry vaporized with his magic skill, Gavin could still find someone had sneaked here. The light odor left in the air was a little familiar for him. His mind was so agile and smart that he came to a conclusion that it was the one who had ever sneaked into his villa who came for a secret visit just now.

As for Kerry, he had traversed across the wall into the 8509 room within a blink. There were three persons sleeping here. When he found the one laying on the bed beside the window was not his wife, he turned to another one.

My Lord! It was Venus with their son sleeping across her arms.

“Wake up, Venus, wake up now.”

Perhaps to take good care of the baby, Venus was in a light sleep. She opened her eyes soon, only to find a familiar face approaching her.

Ker…ry! Kerry covered her mouth to stop her scream. “Keep quiet, I will take you out of this place.” Venus nodded excitedly as a reply. However, a roar came outside and the door was knocked heavily.

“Get up, get up now.” The noise woke up Alisa immediately. She turned around and the figure beside her surprised her. “Who the hell are you?” she cried like a beast and jumped toward Kerry in a naked body. As a well-trained fighter, she was a good match to Kerry. The fight between them arose the attention of her fellows, who now were trying to break the door.

To the urgency, Venus rushed ahead and pushed away Alisa. To block her movements, she hugged the female fighter as close as she could and cried, ”Go, Kerry, take away our son.”

Being in a rage to Venus’s attack, Alisa gave back a blow to Venus and pressed her down. However, a skilful fighter she was, she couldn’t easily break the block from the desperate mother.

“No, Venus, you must go with me.” Cried Kerry.

“Calm down, honey, I will be OK, just take away our son first!”

When Kerry was still in hesitation, Alisa’s blows continued to fall on Venus’s body. At the moment when he pulled out the gun and was about to shoot, a sharp crack burst out and the door was broken violently into pieces.

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