Chapter 241: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 241 Kidnapping!

A van suddenly pulled to the side of the road, braking hard and grinding the ground so harshly that Baker Lee turned his head warily.

The van pulled over in front of Doris Lee and Vanessa Liu, and coming out of the van were five men with sticks in their hands.

Doris Lee and Vanessa Liu were taken aback. Vanessa Liu held Doris Lee by the shoulder protectively and glared at the men fiercely, “ What do you want?”

“So many people are watching! You’d better not mess around!”

They looked at Vanessa Liu and yelled. “That’s her! Tie her up!”

Vanessa Liu was confused. She thought they were coming for Doris Lee, but it turned out they were coming for her!

Several men surrounded Vanessa Liu and Doris Lee, and one reached out his hand trying to grab her.

The onlookers scattered in fear.

Doris Lee stood forwards and hit the men who was holding Vanessa Liu with her fists repeatedly. “You let go of my sister! Let her go!”

“Stand aside!”

Another man shoved Doris Lee roughly out of the way.

Doris Lee then fell to the ground.

“Doris!” Vanessa Liu struggled but it was five muscle men who held her and dragged her to the van.

Doris Lee scrambled to her feet and grabbed the man’s hand as she saw that Vanessa Liu was about to be dragged into the van.

They were going to ignore Doris Lee, but Doris Lee kept getting in the way, so two men came up to her and said, “Shit! Let’s simply bring her together!”

“Yes! She is pretty. Take her back and enjoy ourselves!”

Just as Doris Lee and Vanessa Liu were about to be dragged into the car, Baker Lee rushed over, “Let them go!”

At the same time he struck the man nearest to him with his fist.

It took the man sometime to react; the next second, he had grabbed the iron stick and fought back.

Baker Lee, in his 50s, was hit by the stick a few times.

“Ahem!” Baker Lee squatted down on the ground as the iron stick hit his head heavily, then punches and kicks rained down at him.

Doris Lee was crying.

“Dad! You don’t hit my Daddy! Ah……”

“Mr. Lee!

They themselves were caught tightly in the hands and couldn’t get free, much less to help Baker Lee.

At the moment, out of nowhere, a man in black suit jumped in the battlefield; with a few punches and kicks, three of the men were whining as they lied on the ground.

It was Xu Lang.

Usually he was not interested in getting himself in this street fight; but an impulse in the heart made him do so.

The two who captured Doris Lee and Vanessa Liu cursed as they saw their men being beaten.

“What the fuck! Your troublesome bastard?”

“Kill him!”

Two people held the sticks and rushed in his direction.

With a swift movement, Xu Lang grabbed one of the sticks to block to the other one’s attack; with a leap, he sprung his legs and kicked the two in their necks.

In an instant, they joined the other three whining on the ground.

Xu Lang took a look at them then elegantly took out his mobile phone and dialed 120; as the sirens rang from afar, he vanished into the crowd.

Jason Brown led a team of police officers to the scene and the five men lying on the ground, along with Vanessa Liu by the side of the van, Baker Lee on the ground, and Doris Lee in tears.

Soon, ambulance arrived as well. Jason Brown had the wounded taken away on the stretcher and followed the ambulance to the hospital in his car.

When Colin Ward got a call from Vanessa Liu, he was stunned. Fortunately, he heard that Doris Lee was still fine.

Colin Ward drove as fast as he could to get to the hospital.

At the same time, Eva Gray and Flora Lewis were also notified and both arrived at the hospital.

Eva Gray and Flora Lewis arrived at about the same time, a little earlier than Colin Ward.

Vanessa Liu and Doris Lee were waiting outside the emergency room. Doris Lee was still crying, her eyes red.

Flora Lewis asked Vanessa Liu anxiously: “What’s going on? What happened?”

Vanessa Liu blamed herself because the men were coming for her, because she was the one who endangered both Doris and Baker Lee.

After talking about the matter, she comforted, “Mr. Lee should be fine; but his head was hit by the iron stick heavily several times.”

Baker Lee had been hit several times; but there should be no bone fractures, internal bleeding or anything else; if his head was fine, he should be fine.

Eva Gray and Flora Lewis looked worriedly to the emergency room.

Doris Lee was still sobbing; Flora Lewis went over to her and gave her a reassuring hug, saying, “Doris, don’t worry, Mr. Lee would be fine. He will be fine.”

Eva Gray was distressed.

At the thought of Colin Ward, she started blaming again, “Why didn’t Colin Ward come over? Didn’t he know his father-in-law was in the hospital? What kind of son-in-law he is?”

Vanessa Liu and Flora Lewis kept quiet. They both knew that Eva Gray wasn’t really blaming Colin Ward. She was just worried.

Not long after that, Colin Ward arrived.

When Eva Gray saw Colin Ward, she shouted in anger and worry, “What takes you so long? There is only work in you head?”

“And how would Doris be targeted by those people? I knew something would happen to Doris if she continued to stick with you!”

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