Chapter 242: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 242 Save the Baby First (1)
“Why don’t you go?!” Venus Mu cried out at Kerry Ye with all her strength, “If anything happens to my child, I will hate you till I die.”

They were running out of time.

Kerry was prostrate with grief. But he had to make the right decision. He picked up the baby and then disappeared into thin air.

Gavin and Heng Zhang came into the room. They saw nothing but the disappearance of a figure.

The lights were turned on.

The room lit up. Letting go of Alisa, Venus protected her eyes from the dazzling light with her hand, then smiled in relief when she saw that the baby had disappeared.

Alisa gave her a smack, shouting. “Bitch!”.

Venus’s eardrums were buzzing from the stinging slap; blood dripped from the corner of her mouth. She spat out a mouthful of blood calmly. Sitting on the ground, she stared at these intruders with a cold and sarcastic look.

A complicated expression shone in their countenances. They were shocked, angry and a little frightened.

Of course, how could one not be frightened to witness a living person disappear right in front of them?

But she was happy that her child was finally safe. She didn’t care about her own life.

Gavin also noticed that the child was missing; he felt like someone had dug a hole in his heart. He took a big step forward, reached over and had his hands around Venus’s neck, asking wrathfully, “Who was that? Where’s the baby?”

Venus showed a faint smile, but didn’t answer.

“Answer my question!”

Venus was choking; she looked into Gavin’s eyes indifferently. “Of course he had gone back home.”

Gavin was startled. Remembering the several appearances of that phantom, he seemed to realize something, “That mysterious man is Kerry Ye?”

Venus smiled, “I don’t know, why don’t you go ask Kerry yourself?”

“You’re looking for death!” Gavin was strangling Venus with growing strength. When Venus was about to lapse into unconsciousness, an underling rushed into the room hastily. ”Boss, there’s a couple of guys coming up to the fourth floor with weapons.”

Gavin dropped Venus upon hearing the news. He realized there would come a back-up immediately.

“Get the weapons.” Gavin turned bloodthirsty. He took a glance at Venus, who was gasping for breath on the floor, then said to Alisa, “Keep an eye on her. She’s the final straw for us. She must not die!”

Alisa got dressed instantly, took out two guns and a dagger from her suitcase, and then pulled Venus up, “Let’s go. Aren’t they coming to save you? Go out and take a look at who they are.”

The two parties met in the narrow, dark aisle. The leader of the rescue team was none other than Kerry Ye, who had just disappeared into thin air, his eyes were still glowing with a demonic violet aura. Next to him was Tianye Mu, whose eyes were also blazing with fury.

“Kerry, I knew it was you.” Gavin sneered, pointing his gun at Kerry, “I’m really curious, are you human or demon?”.

Kerry didn’t want to chat with him, “Where is Venus? Hand her over and I’ll let you go.”

“You think I’m a 3-year-old child? If I give her to you, how am I supposed to leave this place safe and sound?”

“I swear, I won’t run after you as long as you let Venus go.”

“Ha ha,” Gavin laughed viciously, “Unfortunately, I don’t trust anyone but myself. I have to seize the initiative. Bring her to me!”

Alisa pushed Venus to the crowd. Venus was still in her thin pajamas, with severely bruised arms and swollen face.

“Venus!” Tianye shouted in distress.

Hearing the familiar voice, Venus trembled and looked over. Under the dim aisle light stood the man she had been constantly thinking of. Surprise and happiness welled up in her heart.

“Brother! Brother! Thank God! You’re still alive!” Venus threw herself forward in excitement with tears brimming her eyes, but was blocked by Alisa. As she moved, her neck was cut by a sharp dagger in Alisa’s hand and bleeding.

Alisa showed a sinister smile, “It seems like you don’t want to live, you’ve sent yourself to the knife.”

“Don’t hurt her! None of you will survive if she dies.” Tianye roared in an angry and anxious tone.

Gavin smiled, “Step aside and make way for us. As long as we get out of here, she will be released.”

“You think you can escape?” The purple aura in Kerry’s eyes was getting darker and darker.

“How can we know without having a try?” Saying this, Gavin took the dagger from Alisa’s hand and plunged it into Venus’s shoulder blade.

“Ah——”Venus screamed miserably. As Gavin pulled out the dagger, blood gushed from her wound with a sickening thud.

“Stop!” Both Kerry and Tianye roared at the same time, their hands which held the guns were shaking.

The pain almost knocked Venus down. It was because of Alisa, who was holding her waist, that she didn’t fall to the ground.

Kerry was so distressed that he couldn’t breathe. He was desperate to get her back at any cost. But he was not sure if his teleportation could save Venus with so many people around her.

Gavin saw through Kerry’s thoughts at first glance. He was scared in his heart, but showed no fear in his countenance, “Kerry, are you thinking of using your magic power? Well, have a try. Let’s see if you can rescue her from me.” He then clutched Venus’s wrist tightly.

Though he seemed calm and self-possessed, only God knows how anxious he was. He was betting on how much Kerry cared about Venus, and the moment he saw Kerry hesitated, Gavin knew he had won the bet. “Still not letting us go? You guys really wanna stand by and watch this woman bleed to death? Or, maybe I should give her another thrust……”

“Stop!” Kerry finally made compromise, gritting his teeth, “Okay, I’ll let you go.”

“That’s right. If you had compromised before, she wouldn’t have had to suffer that cut. Now, drop your weapons.” Gavin said coldly.

Kerry and Tianye bent down and put the guns on the ground gently.

“Bang!” A gun went off, Kerry instantly fell to the ground.

“Kerry!” The blood gushed out of her shoulder as Venus screeched.

Gavin looked back in astonishment and found that Heng was holding a gun with a murderous look on his face.

Tianye covered the bloody hole in Kerry’s chest, staring at Gavin maliciously, “Damn it! You just went back on your word!”

Henry Zhang was infuriated, red-eyed. He picked up the gun on the ground and was ready to fight, but was stopped by Kerry, “No, don’t shoot! Let them go.”

“Young Master!” Henry was extremely furious, “Let’s fight it out with them. I’m sure Young Lady will be fine.”

Kerry shook his head feebly but was firm, “No, let them go.”

Once the fight started, there was a great possibility that Venus would lose her life. He couldn’t take the risk.

“Get the hell out of here!” Tianye shouted, ”If my sister dies, none of you will survive.”

Gavin knew it was not a good idea to stay here any longer. Holding Venus, who was covered in blood, Gavin moved to the elevator.

“Brother, save Kerry! Please, save him!” Venus pleaded in a weak voice.

Tianye wanted to open her brain to see what was in there. Her own life was already in danger, but she was worrying about Kerry?

“He will be fine, you have to stay alive, okay? I will come to save you.”

Venus was pushed into the elevator. She didn’t have time to take a last look at Kerry and her brother as she fell into a coma right after the elevator door was shut.

Before, when Gavin stabbed her with the dagger, Venus was going to faint. She had been holding on because she didn’t want exacerbate the conflict.

Kerry and Tianye would not hesitate to shoot Gavin and his partners, but since Venus was still in Gavin’s hands. Kerry and Tianye would hesitate for fear of Venus’s life, which would put them in a disadvantageous position. Kerry’s injury just now was a good proof of that.

“Get her up, her life is still useful.” Gavin said coldly to Alisa, and then put the gun hard on Heng’s head, “Who the hell told you to shoot?”

Heng wasn’t guilty of his actions. He remembered that humiliating experience the moment he saw Kerry. Immediately, he lost his head. Even now, he couldn’t get it back, “I just wanted to kill him! Anyway, we made it, didn’t we?”

“What if they lose their minds and retaliate upon us? Could we survive?”

Heng turned over his head in silence. The ultimate goal of his life was to get Kerry killed.

The elevator finally went down to the first floor. Gavin put his gun back, “I’ll get even with you for this later.”

Alisa and another bodyguard bundled Venus into the car. As they were about to leave, the hotel lobby became noisy again. A group of people carried Kerry out. His eyes tightly closed, not knowing if he’s still alive.

“Go.” Gavin ordered.

Two cars instantly disappeared into the night.

On the other side, Kerry was taken to the emergency room of People’s Hospital.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 242 Save the Baby First (2)
The indicator light of the operating room showed that the operation was still in progress.

The baby in Xiran Xiao’s arms was enjoying a very sound sleep, completely unaware that his parents were all seriously injured this night.

Tianye Mu was holding Xiran’s shoulders; he said to Xiran in an exhausted voice, “Don’t stay here waiting. I’ll ask the doctor to get you another ward. You could go to sleep with the baby.”

Xiran shook her head and looked down at the baby, “I can’t fall asleep. I will go when I want to.”

“I’m worrying about you. You’ve been rushing around after us for the past few days, you must be exhausted.There are dark circles under your eyes.” Tianye concerned.

“I’m fine. I’ll have three days off to recuperate when we get Venus back.” Xiran looked up and asked, “How bad is Venus’s injury? Just now, I saw her being pulled out; she seemed to have fainted. What happened?”

Tianye was in great anger and grief, he slapped on the chair, “I won’t let those bastards go. They must pay for what they have done.”

“The good news is that we brought this little guy out this time. We’re coming home empty-handed. It will be easier for us to rescue Venus in the future.” Xiran consoled him in a gentle voice.

“I hope so.” Tianye’s eyes fell on the baby’s face, then his serious expression softened into a smile, “He’s the spitting image of his father, but not like Venus.”

Xiran laughed, “But I think the baby’s nose is very similar to yours, prominent and straight. And his mouth, also a little similar to yours.”

Tianye was slightly surprised, “Really? Does he look like me?”

“Yes, the more I look at him, the more I feel you two are alike.”

“That makes sense.” Tianye was pleased by her words.

No wonder people often say that his nephews are like uncles. It is true.

Besides Tianye and Xiran, Henry Zhang, Fang and others were also waiting outside the operating room. Henry had never seen the baby. He kept coming over to have a look at him, filled with joy. Although he was still worrying about Kerry, who was in the operating room now, it didn’t prevent him from finding the little young master adorable.

The baby was so cute and lovely. He had never seen such a pretty baby before.

Tianye gently touched the child’s warm face with his fingers, and then said to Xiran, “Take the child back to Sky City tomorrow. It may be more dangerous in the future, I can’t put you in danger.”

Xiran thought it over, “Okay, the baby is too small. It’s inconvenient to bring the baby with you. I’ll take him back tomorrow.”

Henry nodded upon hearing their conversation, “Yes, little young master should go back home. If anything happens to him, young master and young lady will definitely feel bad for that.”

Henry then added. “How about this? Miss Xiao could stay at the villa of Ye family with little young master. Mrs. Qin and Uncle Wang can take care of them, also, the baby’s room has been prepared for a long time. Everything is settled. It is very convenient.”

Tianye disagreed with Henry’s suggestion, giving him a stare. “Why don’t they live in the Mu family? We have also prepared everything you’ve got.”

Henry grinned and explained. “Mr. Mu, I didn’t mean that. I believe that the Mu family has everything the baby needs. But Mrs. Qin is reliable since she has experience in bringing up the young master and the second young master. Besides, Ms. Xiao has her own business to deal with. You can’t ask her to take care of the baby, right? ”

Tianye didn’t retort. Henry was right, there was not even a maid in his villa. It would be too troublesome to hire a maid to take care of the baby. It was also not a good idea to ask Xiran to take care of the baby, she had no obligation to do so. Another important reason was that the baby was surnamed Ye. Tianye had realized that his sister had fallen in love wit Kerry from the way she looked at him. There was no need for him to intervene and force them to separate.

“What do you think?” Tianye asked Xiran.

Xiran nodded, “Henry is right, this is Kerry’s son. Living in the Ye family is a matter of course. But I won’t stay at the Ye family. If I miss the baby, I’ll go see him.”

Tianye agreed. He also didn’t want his woman to live in Kerry’s house, which was awkward to think about.

Then, without Kerry, the three of them reached an agreement. But Henry was sure that Kerry would be fully agreed to the arrangement.

At four o’clock in the morning, the lights of the operating room went out and the door was pushed open.

Henry and Fang immediately woke up from drowsiness. They went up to the doctor and asked, “Is everything OK? Where’s our boss?”

“He is so lucky, the bullet had passed less than two centimeters from his heart, a little closer, he would have been dead. He has been transferred to the ICU on the fifth floor, his family can go there.” The doctor replied, looking exhausted.

“Thank you so much, doctor.” Henry couldn’t wait to go to the fifth floor to check how’s Kerry going. Seeing that Tianye opened his eyes, he said to Tianye in a low a voice, “Mr. Mu, the boss’s surgery was successful. You and Ms. Xiao can go to bed to take a break. It’s almost dawn.”

“Don’t worry about me, go do your own work.” Tianye said.

“OK, if you need anything, just call me.”

Henry left with several people. Tianye looked down at the woman sleeping on his shoulder; his nervous countenance finally softened a bit.

The baby, wrapped in some adult clothes, was sleeping in the chair to his right.

Tianye thought to himself worriedly. “How’s Venus going? Is she OK?”

After leaving the hotel, Venus had been in a coma. In the car, Alisa briefly treated her wound and stopped her from bleeding.

Gavin was decisive whiling thrusting the dagger. He was confident in himself. The thrust seemed vicious as the blood gushed out like a fountain, but he had avoided all the vulnerable areas and didn’t hurt any vital main artery.

The car drove for a long time. There was no sign of Kerry’s men following them, but Gavin did not feel relieved. How did Kerry find them? He kept thinking about this, but couldn’t figure it out.

“Is it because……”

Suddenly, Kerry’s superpower crossed Gavin’s mind. “Is it possible that Kerry could sense Venus’s location via telepathy?”

“No. That doesn’t make sense. If he really has that ability, why would he install GPS devices on Venus’s shoulder in the beginning? It is most likely that Venus has revealed her whereabouts, but how could she do that? She is always guarded by our men. I have to investigate into this, otherwise Kerry will track us down wherever we go.”

It was getting light, they had arrived in a small town. Gavin rubbed his eyes and said to Alisa, “When we get to town and settle, go buy some women’s clothes and anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Though it was autumn now, the temperature was still high, so the wounds were easy to get infected, which would be difficult to handle with.

Alisa also looked tired and pale, “Boss, should we stop here and have a rest?”

Gavin glanced out the window and agreed. “OK, let’s take a break first.”

Now that Kerry and Venus were both injured, even if they did have the special telepathy, they should be out of contact with each other now. So they needn’t worry about being caught at present.

People’s Hospital.

When the sun rose, the baby rubbed his little eyes, slowly waking up.

“Who are these two people? Where’s Mummy?” The baby thought.

He rolled his big eyes, looking around to seek for his mom, “Ah? Where’s Mom?

The baby was lifted up gently by Tianye. He stared straight at Tianye, who looked like his mother, but didn’t smell as good as her.

He didn’t like the smell of Tianye.

The baby looked at Tianye with a disgusted face. Tianye couldn’t help laughing. The baby’s expression was exactly like his father.

“Wow, he’s so pretty. Look at his beautiful eyes!” Xiran exclaimed in wonder.

“I feel like he’s about to cry. Is he hungry? Or is he sick? What happened?” Tianye was overwhelmed and panicked by the baby’s cry.

“You’re making him uncomfortable with the wrong gesture. Let me hold him.” Xiran took the baby from Tianye’s hands and held the baby in a more pleasant manner, which seemed to be a natural skill of woman.

The baby seemed not to have received her affection, but struggled to stand up, crying out, “Mama, Mama.”

Tianye and Xiran were both startled. The baby knew how to call for his mom at such a young age?

“Mama, Mama ……” The baby kept calling, trying to bring his mother out. But this time he was disappointed. Tears instantly filled his eyes as his nose twitched.

“Ah, what should we do? He’s crying.” Xiran suddenly tensed up. She had no idea of how to calm down the baby since she had never coaxed any child before.

Tianye was also anxious, trying to comfort the baby instantly, “Baby, don’t cry! I am your uncle. Mommy will be back soon.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 242 Save the Baby First (3)
The baby didn’t care who Tianye Mu was. He could only recognize his mother and Dudu.

Xiran Xiao laughed in embarrassment, “How can he understand what you are talking about? He’s too young.”

“What else can we do? Is he hungry? We don’t have milk powder either.” Tianye had never been in such an awkward situation before. He was a complete idiot while dealing with the baby.

A brilliant idea flashed through Xiran’s mind. “Come on, I know a good place to go.”

“Where?” Tianye got up, following her.

“Come with me, you’ll see soon enough.”

Ten minutes later, the baby was surrounded by the nurses of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“Wow, he’s so cute! How could he be so adorable?”

“That’s right. He’s so pretty.”

Xiran smiled at Tianye and said to those nurses, “The baby’s father is hospitalized on the fifth floor. I’m the baby’s aunt, I am inexperienced and don’t know how to take care of him. Would you please……”

“Just come to us, we will take care of him,” One of the nurses volunteered, “I’ll go get some food for him.”

“Right, we also have diapers in the office, let’s change him nappy now.”

“I’ll get a wipe to clean the baby’s face.”

Xiran pushed her way out of the nurses, chuckling. “Your little nephew is a real honey. I believe he’ll attract a lot of women when he grows up.”

Tianye leaned forward and whispered in her ear, smiling softly, “Our child will be very adorable and engaging too.”

Xiran blushed at his words, but didn’t get angry. Instead, she confessed, “I didn’t like children before. I found them so annoying and troublesome. But the moment I saw him yesterday, my whole heart melted. Well, then I thought, it’s nice to have a baby.”

Tianye’s heart overflowed with tenderness, “Let’s get married and have a baby when we get Venus back.”

“Huh,” Xiran joked, “You haven’t proposed but expect me to accept your offer of marriage?”

Tianye also made fun of her deliberately. “Is proposal a necessity?”

“Well, it doesn’t have to be.” Xiran chuckled, “But I may have children with other men.”

Tianye grabbed Xiran’s waist and whispered in her ear. “You must marry me. Other men who covet you, I’ll kill them all!”

Xiran tilted her head, looking at him, “Humph, I’ll think it over seriously.”

The nurses had fed the baby and changed him a new outfit. Xiran bade farewell to all the nurses with the baby. And when she was about to leave, those nurses kept telling her to bring the baby to them if she had any problem.

Xiran couldn’t help shaking her head. Good looks is a blessing in today’s society.

In the monitoring ward, Kerry was still in a coma, but his wound was healing rapidly in invisible places under the covers.

The baby was still immunocompromised, so Xiran only stood in front of the glass window of Kerry’s ward for a short while, carrying the baby in her arms. The baby seemed very serious, staring at the man lying on the bed; he felt like he had seen this man before.

At around eight o’clock, Kerry was awakened by the pain of his wound, he opened his eyes and saw Tianye sitting on the chair beside the bed, he immediately asked, “Where is the baby?”.

Tianye lifted his eyes from the phone, looking cold. “He was stolen by others after you passed out.”

Kerry sat bolt upright in bed. The oxygen tube on his nose fell on the blanket. “What did you say? Who took the baby?”

Tianye continued lying with serious face as if he was telling the truth, “The man with the mask, remember?”

“How is that possible?” Kerry covered the wound in his chest with one hand. “Didn’t they leave before us?”

Tianye was just about to make up the rest of the story when Henry Zhang came in, “Young Master, you finally woke up. Why are you sitting? Lie down! Don’t move. Otherwise, wound dehiscence may occur.”

Kerry asked anxiously to Henry, “What happened? Why would the baby be taken away?”

Henry was puzzled, “Baby? The baby is with us, Ms. Xiao is holding him now.”

Kerry was stunned, then immediately realized Tianye was teasing him. He turned his head to glare at Tianye, who was sneering at him, and said angrily, “Tianye, what’s your problem? How could you be so childish? Is it fun?”

Tianye sat with his legs crossed, “Well, it’s fun to me.”

“Idiot!” Kerry cursed, slowly laying back on the bed, only then did he realize that every time he breathed, his heart was like being pierced. It was so painful that he couldn’t help trembling all over.

Henry noticed Kerry’s face paled, he remembered what the doctor had warned him before. “Young Master, the doctor said it will be very painful when the effects of the anesthetics disappear. Endure the pain with all your will!”

“You’re talking nonsense. What else can I do but grit my teeth against the pain?”

Kerry took a long time to recover; he said to Henry. “Bring the baby to me, I want to see him.”

“No way.” Tianye refused without hesitation.

Kerry turned his head and rolled his eyes at him. He couldn’t wait to get up to give Tianye a punch.

Tianye grinned. “There are too many germs in this ward. The baby is still too weak to protect himself from being infected.”

Henry was afraid that Kerry would get angry again, so he echoed. “Mr. Mu is right. That’s what the doctor said.”

Hearing this, Kerry’s anger finally dissipated a bit.

“Speaking of the baby, I have something to inform you.” Tianye said insistently, which made Kerry want to refuse whatever he said.

“Why did he make the decision about my son without discussing with me?” Kerry thought.

However, upon hearing the decision Tianye told him, Kerry agreed without hesitation. “I agree, let Xiran bring the baby back to the Ye family. Mrs Qin will take good care of him.”

“The tickets have been booked. The plane will take off at 1 p.m. this afternoon.”

“Well …… then at least let me take a look at the baby, I haven’t had a good look at him.” Kerry sounded upset, which was a rare emotion for him.

Tianye almost laughed out, but forced himself to put on a serious face, “I’ll ask Xiran to bring him over before we leave. The most important thing for you now is to recover as soon as possible.”

“I will.” Kerry said in a bad mood. He was more anxious and eager than anyone. “How I wish I can be discharged from the hospital this afternoon so that I can go get her back.” He thought to himself.

Taking a deep breath, Kerry endured the pain and asked. “Who is assigned to follow Venus?”

“Don’t mention it, those bastards has shaken us off.” Tianye answered irritably.

Staring at the ceiling in depression, the scene of Venus getting injured rose before Kerry’s eyes. He was ruing his decision. If he wasn’t curious to find out what that bastard looked like; if he had used his superpower to save Venus decisively; if he had pay more heed to Heng Zhang; if ……

However, it was impossible to turn back time. He had to face reality.

Before they left, Xiran carried the baby into the ward. To her delight, though the baby wasn’t in a good mood today, he didn’t cry, and even smiled at her occasionally.

Kerry struggled to sit up. His eyes moisten as he saw the baby.

The baby was sitting on the edge of the bed and stared at Kerry for a few seconds. Suddenly, he cried out as if Kerry had reminded him of something bad. He turned around and crawled into Xiran’s arms.

Kerry’s fatherly smile froze. He thought. “Why does the baby dislike me so much? I remember he treated me the same way last time.”

Tianye was very happy to see this, gloating, “Kerry Ye, how does this make you feel?”

Xiran was also stunned, hugging the baby to comfort him and said. “It’s so strange, baby has been hugged by so many people today but has never cried. Why is he crying when you approach?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Now Kerry was feeling painful both physically and mentally.

Tianye snorted. “During Venus’s early pregnancy, you threw me into the sea. At that time, Venus hated you so much that the baby in her womb also felt her resentment, so he has been detesting you before he was born. It’s normal to cry upon seeing you.”

Tianye was just joking. Xiran didn’t take it seriously, laughing it off. After all, the baby was just a little ball of flesh back then. How’s it possible for him to have his own thought. But Kerry believed in Tianye’s explanation. He instantly turned depressed, staring fixedly at the baby’s chubby face out of his washed-out eyes.

Tianye successfully depressed Kerry. Feeling very pleasant, he hugged Xiran and was about to leave. “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the airport. Nighthawk is waiting there, he will protect you all the way back home.”

Seeing that baby was about to leave, Kerry decided to try again. “Wait, bring him to me. Let me take a last look at him.”

Xiran was kind. She stopped and tried to get the baby to turn his head to face his father, but he wouldn’t turn his head however she tried. He kept his little head resting on her shoulder, teary-eyed, having his back to Kerry.

“Okay, forget it. Take him away. I see. This little guy was born to be my creditor. I owe him.” Kerry waved his hand and quit.

Tianye agreed. “You can’t do anything about it. After all, half of his genes were inherited from the Mu family.”

On the way to the airport, while playing with the baby, Xiran said to Tianye. “You are driving Kerry crazy today.”

“Huh! Venus has already forgiven Kerry, but I haven’t. Fortunately, my little nephew has backbone and has adhered to moral principles of the Mu family.”

Xiran shook her head and laughed, feeling hilarious. “I find that you show a childlike combativeness in wrangling with Kerry over trifles.”

“Do I?” Tianye questioned, frowning tightly.

“Yes, you do!” Xiran responded decidedly.

Tianye thought back to the past few days with Kerry, curling his lips. “Well, that’s probably because I can’t fight with him. However, I detest him on sight. I can’t resist the urge to bicker with him.”

“I understand. I’d like to beat him up sometimes.”

“Yeah, I know. I told you, it’s not my fault. He asked for it .”

“You’re right.”

They looked at each other and laughed, coming to an agreement on their thought of Kerry.

The baby, not knowing what they were laughing at, also giggled with them.

Meeting Nighthawk at the airport, Tianye repeatedly warned him. “Take care of them! Make sure they get home safe and sound!”

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