Chapter 243 – 244: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 243: A deviation

Next day morning.

Kris Chen and Quan Mu were cuddling each other and sleeping nakedly.

Rubbing his fatigued eyes, Kris was dumb when he saw Quan with no piece of cloth on her.

Shit. “I have slept with the wife of the Bishop again.” Kris thought. And the memories made him recall that yesterday was a crazy night with her in the bed.

Just then, Quan, who pillowed on his hand, making a sound and then leisurely turned awake.

Seeing Kris awake, she kissed him with a smile and said, “You’re awake. Why don’t you get more sleep?”

Currently, Quan was very shy, and she blushed when the things happened last night crossing her mind.

“It was too crazy last night, was the cowgirl that on top of Kris’ body me myself?” Quan thought from her heart. But what done had been done!

For 30 years she had lived, finally, she had experienced the pleasure of being a woman. And for that moment, she got the saying thoroughly, “The shortest way to a woman’s heart is the vagina.”

He did it with no conscious last time, while this time, he was awake.

What had been done could not be undone, So, Kris wouldn’t avoid it anymore.

He upward his body and kissed Quan’s lips and spoke, “You’re as pretty as a picture, amazingly gorgeous.”

“You……You bad boy.” Quan blushed again.

As the Sun-Moon Holy Cult bishop’s wife, she had never served anyone before in her exalted position. But last night, she was extremely gentle and almost surrendered to this man.

It felt reassuring and good holding Kris, and it was like holding the whole world on her hand.

Just hugging quiet for a while, Quan felt the slight reaction of Kris, as a result, shaking of the sheets time again


It sustained for quite a long time. Quan felt as if she was floating, and that feeling up and down made her addicted.

Fortunately, the Bishop was in seclusion healing his wounds, and wouldn’t be able to come out for three or four days, so Quan didn’t worry about being caught. Besides, this place was only for both Bishop and the wife to rest so that no one would come to or no one would dare to come.

So, Kris and Quan almost spent all the time in the bed. By the end of the day, Quan’s voice had gone mute.


At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky with several clear stars and a full bright moon.

The brilliant moonlight is shining on the sea, and it was so beautiful that words couldn’t covey it enough.

Kris had once again arrived at the medicinal field where the Sun-Moon Holy Cult cultivation elixirs and the difference from last time were Kris came with a respected status.

All the followers who met Kris would call him Saint.

It felt fantastic!

After picking dozens of medical herbs, Kris returned to the wife’s boudoir with satisfaction.

After a night of calm, the next morning, Kris brought with him Yong Sheng, the Lord of Baihu Star, and Weiwu Zhao, the lord of Xuanwu Star; oh, no Lords, they were anymore but Kris’ bodyguards.

After a day of healing, both of them were almost well recovered.

Quan was afraid that Kris couldn’t take charge of them, so she purposely made them take a double dose of Living and Dying pill.

It was initially fine to take the antidote once a year, but following the double dose, it should be taken once every two months, or else the tendon and vessel would distort so that they would die of immense pain.

As for the antidote, Kris could prepare it.

Surely they had been told that the antidote would be given to Kris, and if they wanted to live, they must protect Kris properly.

Now that their lives were in Kris’ hand, so they had to do whatever Kris told them. With the protection of two persons whose Kung fu were in the later period of the return-to-nature stage, Quan was relieved.

Eventually, Quan let Kris leave only after she finished all the explanations, and when the boat left the dock, so did her heart.

Two hours later, Kris boarded the land and followed by his phone vibrating non-stop.

He had no choice because there was no connection on the Icy Fiery island, and only got connections when he boarded.

He was bombarded with notifications of missed calls and non-read messages when he checked his phone.

“Kris, are you there? Do you have time to come by the Treasure Court?” A text message from Xiaorou Xu.

“Kris, where have you been these days? Why don’t you come to class?” A text message from Tianba Li.

“Honey, where are you, and why don’t you reply to my messages?” A text message from Marry Su. The phone was ringing when Kris was about to make a call to Marry, and it was a call from Tianba.

Answering the phone, the anxious voice of Tianba was heard over the phone “Thank God, you’re finally answering the phone!”

“What’s up, Tianba?”

“Where have you been these two days, kid, not answering your phone or texting. I thought you’d been kidnapped by someone!”

Kris’ heart got warmed when he heard the words from Tianba, so he said with a smile, “No, I’ve been out of town for the last two days and just got back.

“Tell me your location, and I am gonna go pick you up.” Kris smiled, and he hung up the phone after he told his location to Tianba.

“By the way, if you are asked to introduce, you could reply that you are my bodyguards,” Kris said to Yong and Weiwu.

“Yes, Saint!”

“Besides, you can’t leak out my identity, and don’t call me Saint in public as well!” Said Kris; “You can call me Master Chen.” He continued.

“Yes, Master Chen.”


Twenty minutes later, Tianba arrived in a stretched Bentley, and when he saw Yong and Weiwu behind Kris, he couldn’t help asking, “Hey Kris, these two are…”

“They are my bodyguards,” Kris replied with a smile.

“Nice you.” Tianba gave Kris a thumb up. The 79 inches tall with mighty muscles and terror aura around, so there was no doubt that the two were experts in Kung fu.

When he got in the car, Kris asked, “Where are we going?”

“To my home, and I will let you Sister-in-law make delicious food for you.”

Since the fall of the Shen family, Tianba’s mood had been particularly good, and getting his revenge was as satisfied as drinking frozen Cocktails in dog days of summer.

After pouring a glass of Kweichow Moutai, which was the best wine in China, Tianba drank it all in one go and said, “There are no more other alcohol beverages than wine can satisfy me,”

“Hey, easy man.”

“Ha, Xuan, We got Kris here. What a happy thing, so let’s break the rule only for today.” Tianba said with a big smile.

“If you insist on it, I’ll go tell Grandpa.” Xuan threatened him with Grandpa Li.

Kris looked at Tianba curiously, with big confusion, wondering why Xuan would present Grandpa Li only because of drinking wine.

Tianba returned to Kris and whispered to him. Kris laughed out after hearing Tianba’s words.

Since Tianba and Xuan had been married for five years, there was no sign of pregnancy to Xuan.

Although Tianba was still young, Grandpa Li was getting older day by day, and the more he got old, the more he wanted to have a great-grandson, so Tianba was in the state of quitting drinking and smoking.


Tianba sighed, “I’ve been quite diligent these past few years, but why there is no any sign of pregnancy? I’ve done the tests, and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Looking at the sad expression on Tianba, Kris stopped smiling.

Tianba didn’t know that once he was in the Practitioner stage, the more level he was at, the less ability to reproduce he had.

After taking the Obstacle Breaker Pill, Tianba had stepped into the innate-power stage, and from a certain point of view, his life had been sublimated.

Xuan, on the other hand, was an average person, so it was difficult for them to have a baby. Suddenly, the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions crossed his mind, and there was one recipe that might help to solve this.

After a while, Kris said, “Tianba, maybe I can help you.”

“What? Really?” Tianba taking Kris’s hands, and his eyes were full of hope.

“Yes, it’s true.” Kris smiled. “I got a recipe, and it was called Childbirth soup. You and sis-in-law take it at the same time. There must be good news next month.

“So what are you waiting for? Come on, let’s prepare the soup,” Tianba said excitedly.

Kris was a pharmacist, remembering that he got a medal awarded by the Ancient Medical Association. He just played with it as a plaything in his hand.

He didn’t know the meaning of the word Seven carved on the medal at first, but he got it after Rou Wen explained it in the class.

It turned out that the “Seven” represented the level of the pharmacist, which meant that Kris was a seventh-level pharmacist.

“Take it easy. It won’t be late after finishing the meal,” Kris said with a funny look.

After they enjoyed the feast, Kris found a quiet bedroom to prepare medicine for Tianba.

He gained a lot of medicinal herbs at the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and among them were medical materials for the Childbirth soup.

As soon as he was about to prepare the medicine, his phone rang. Kris frowned, who was calling him again?

Kris took out his phone and had a look, he frowned even more.

“Why him?” Kris thought.

The caller was none other than Kris’s second-elder uncle, Tianzong Chen!

The Latest time visiting them, his parents were caught by the Chen family and treated with torture like needles to fingertips, clipping fingers with a thumbscrew, which of both belonged to the family rules. And he couldn’t forget that cruel scene for the rest of life.

Nothing good could hear from him, so Kris rejected the call directly.

After a while, there came the call again.


Kris pressed the Accept button and said impatiently, “What’s the matter with calling me?

Ever since when he had rescued his parents from the Chen family, he had completely broken up with the Chen family.

“Kris, don’t hang up the phone.” Tianzong’s deep voice could be heard over the phone, “Come back and take a look, it is the old man. He is dying!”


Hearing this, Kris’ was shocked as if a bomb bombed in front of him.

What was going on?

He was well last a few days, so how could he be at risk at present?

Although he was no longer a member of the Chen family, Grandpa Chen was raised up, so it was impossible for him without worrying about it.

“What the hell has happened?” Kris said with frowned eyebrows.

“You come to the Chen family. Grandpa Chen wants to see you one last time before he dies, after all, you are his most beloved grandson.”

After that, Tianzong hung up the phone. Meanwhile, Chen’s yard was full of people all over around.

Among those people, there were followers of the Chen family and the followers of prominent families in West City.

This morning, the news of the Grandpa Chen’s serious illness spread throughout West City in no time.

What a shock!

As known to all, Grandpa Chen was one of the most authorized people in West City.

Once the news spread, all the prominent families had dispatched people to visit him. But what surprised them was that the Grandpa Chen wasn’t seriously ill, but qigong deviation during the kung fu skill boosting.

As practitioners, they all knew how atrocious qigong deviation occurred during the kung fu skill boosting.

What a pity! It was said that the Grandpa Chen was already in the middle period of the innate-power stage, so how could he go off the deep end with such a strong strength?

Besides, the Grandpa Chen practiced martial art was subject to Wudang School, and all the people connecting to the underworld knew how profound and pure it was in Wudang school. Moreover, with Daoist spirits’ aid, no qigong deviation during a strength boosting was heard from a follower of Wudang school.

It was more surprising that the Grandpa Chen was practicing Taiji Kungfu, which was known for its health benefits, the Grandpa Chen, on the other hand, had gone off the deep end.

Chapter 244: Wash Away the Sins

At this time, Grandpa Chen was lying on a bed in his room at Chen Family’s manor.

Yesterday he practiced Taiji way too hard, and his body failed. He knew he didn’t have much time left. And his excessive practice brought about some chain reactions, which made his health condition even worse. Now his life was sustained by a ventilator and a drip.

His immediate family, headed by Quan Chen and Jie Liang, were standing beside his bed. And Tianzong Chen was downstairs, receiving guests who came to visit.

Everyone in the room was feeling worried because the old man is the family’s backbone, and they didn’t know what will become of Chen Family without him. An oppressive atmosphere pervaded the entire room.

The old man couldn’t be more regretful. People hardly practice Taiji Power to extremes, but the old man had been feeling insecure since Chen Family joined the Holy-Dragon Cult, and to improve himself had obsessed this old man since then. And what Kris and Tianba Li did at Chen Family that day further fueled his desire to reach higher levels.

But he forgot that haste makes waste. His excessive practice could only exert a tremendous amount of pressure both on his body and on his mind.

It was lucky that Taiji Power was relatively mild. If he was practicing something else, he would be dead by now.

The old man survived, but he was in a rather critical condition. His spirits sank when he thought of this. He had always been a real hero in his life. How could he be in such a pathetic situation at the end?

He then opened his mouth with great efforts and said: “Quan Chen, go and get Qingyuan Master.” Quan Chen nodded and said: “Grandpa, I’ll go now!”

At that time, a Bentley stopped at the gate of Chen Family’s manor. A young man got off the car quickly and hurried into the manor.

Who else could this man be but Kris?

Actually, Kris didn’t want to come when he got the call from Tianzong Chen. But he was brought up by the old man. Now the old man’s life was about to come to an end, so its better to put aside the past prejudice and enmity.

The manor was crowded by people coming to visit, and when Kris appeared, many of them shouted out.

“Kris? Why is this live-in son-in-law here?”

“How dare he!! He is not wanted here!!”

Many of them didn’t know the relationship between Kris and Chen Family, and only a few of them who participated in Kris’s wedding knew that Kris is actually the oldest son of the Chen Family.

Kris got onto the second floor directly without caring about what they were saying.

The hallway on the second floor was crowded by Chen Family members, and when Kris appeared, their faces darkened, and their eyes blazed with menace.

“Why is this bastard here?” “Didn’t he sever his relationship with Chen Family? What a shameless bastard.” “What is he doing here when grandpa is in bad condition?” People thought to themselves.

“Kris! Get the hell out of here! You are not welcomed here!”

“Get out yourself! Or we have to take you out!”

Kris passed them without even looking at them. The only thing these people were good at was to heap insults on the others. He then opened the door.

Quan Chen stood up in a flash when Kris appeared at the door, and he said: “Kris, why are you here?”

“Damn! Who invited you here? Get out!” Jie Liang stood up and blocked the door. And then Quan Chen shouted at Kris: “Didn’t you hear my wife? Get out! Do you want me to take you out by force?”

Everyone outside the door was feeling excited when they heard what Quan Chen said. And they really wanted to start a fight.

Kris suppressed his desire to kill him, and said coldly: “Your father asked me to be here.”

“My father?” Quan Chen froze. And then he said angrily: “Why would you listen to my father? Don’t you know grandpa is in a critical condition? Do you want to piss him off?”

Kris gave a short laugh, passed Jie Liang, and walked in. And at that time, Jie Liang leaned into Kris all of a sudden. Then she held her breast and screamed.

Her motion was very quick, and it seemed like Kris pushed her on her breast to the other people.

“Bastard! What are you doing!” Quan Chen held Jie Liang in his arms and asked: “My wife, are you alright? Where did he touch you?”

“He touched my…” Jie Liang bit her lips, as if she felt too shameful to say it.

“You bastard! You have already dishonored a sister of our family! And now you are doing it again!” Quan Chen was furious. “Do you still have an ounce of decency?”

When Quan Chen finished, Sisi Mu, who was also in the room, trembled non-stop as if she recalled that horrible night, when her hands clenched Kris’s hands firmly.

Lei Chen’s heart broke when he saw his wife in a state of fear. And Kris was the culprit!!

“Are you all blind? She pushed herself into me!” Kris said. His brows furrowed.

He knew they would give him a hard time before he came, but he didn’t expect this woman would be so despicable. He found her behavior disgusting.

“Stop bullshitting! We all saw what you did!”

“Stop reasoning with this bastard. Just tie him up and punish him according to the rules of our family!”

“That’s enough. Let him in.” The old man said. His voice was weak.

When they heard the old man, these angry people all froze like they were struck by lightning.

Kris hurried to the bed, and tears brimmed in his eyes when he saw his grandpa lying on the bed with a tube attached to his body and an oxygen mask covered on his face.

“Grandpa, I’m here,” he chocked.

The old man was lying on the bed, motionless. But his eyes reflected his happiness. He said: “That’s good. That’s good.”

And then, Jie Liang walked to them and shouted to Kris: “Hold back your fake tears! Why are you crying when grandpa is still alive? Are you cursing him?”

She wouldn’t have the guts to say so if the old man was fine. But now the old man was dying, and when he dies, she will be the leader of the family.

“If you don’t want to see me crying, you can get out. No one wants you to be here.”

“What did you say?” Jie Liang was so angry, and she wanted to quarrel with him, but Tianzong Chen walked to them and said: “Enough. I asked him to come.”

“Humph.” Jie Liang stopped talking. Her father-in-law was still the head of the family, and she needed to listen to him.

“Kris, you stay here with your grandpa. You are his favorite grandson, after all.” Tianzong was feeling terrible, but at this time, all the past enmity shout be put aside.

Kris nodded.

“Kris….” The old man looked at Kris and said: “Come over here.”


Kris held his grandpa’s hand tightly and said: “Grandpa, do you want to say something?”

“Tell me. Do you know you are wrong?”

Kris’s face was set in grim lines when he heard this. He didn’t know why he was wrong. The old man was in a critical condition, but Kris believed he wasn’t wrong about anything.

Kris shook his head and said: “Grandpa, I don’t think I have done anything wrong.”

“Kris, you siphoned our family’s money for private use. And you took Huanyu Group away when our family was going through its toughest time. And you still don’t realize your mistake?”

“The worst crime you committed was that you took advantage of your own sister-in-law.”

“What’s more, you made some people from Li Family to fight Chen Family, and many brothers in Chen Family were hurt because of that. Don’t you think that is wrong?”

“Yeah! Apologize!”

“Look at grandpa! You are so beyond help if you don’t apologize.”

“This is the so-called family. Can they be more skillful at lying?” Kris thought to himself. And then, Yun Chen said coldly: “Kris, we can give you a chance to wash away your sins. You just need to kowtow to grandpa for three times and then give the Huanyu Group back to Chen Family.”

“Kowtow? Washing away my sins,” Kris laughed coldly and said: “Jie Liang, you are so shameless. I spent five billion dollars on Huanyu Group, and why should I give it to Chen Family? How dare you.”

Then Kris stood up, looked around, and said: “Second Uncle is also here today. He gave me Huanyu Group himself, and there is no way I’m giving it back to you.”

Tianzong was so embarrassed when he heard this. “Why does he have to say it in front of so many people? He doesn’t care about my feelings at all, does he?” Tianzong thought to himself.

“That’s enough, Kris. Don’t you know where did you get your five billion dollars from? You used twenty million dollars that belonged to Chen Family and invested them. That’s how you earned your money. I tell you Kris that five billion dollars belong to the family.”

“Second Uncle, this is the last time I call you Second Uncle.” Kris looked at Tianzong, and his eyes reflected his anger. “I paid everything back, and now I owe Chen Family nothing! I also need to remind you that I have severed the relationship between Chen Family and me since you tortured my parents last time. So don’t talk to me like you are my elder. You disgust me!”

“ how dare you to..” Tianzong was angry. He never thought Kris would say something like this to him in front of so many people. He felt so embarrassed.

“Bastard! How can you talk like this to your elder? Where are your manners?”

“Apologize now!”

“Apologize! Or you will never walk out of here alive!”

“Is that so? I want to see who has the guts to touch my brother.” A cold voice was heard from outside. And then three people walked in. They were Tianba Li, Weiwu Zhao, and Yong Sheng.

Tianba Li was looking murderous, and the two people are standing behind him were also looking fierce. When they appeared, the whole place subsided into silence.

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