Chapter 243: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 243 We Are Connected (1)
Nighthawk nodded, “Mr. Mu, don’t worry. John and Mrs. Qin are waiting at the airport, so there won’t be any problems.”

“OK, that’s good.”

Nighthawk knew that Tianye Mu was going to say goodbye to Xiran Xiao, so he reached out to hug the cute baby, leaving private space for them.

“Go back and have a good rest and don’t worry about me. I’ll be back as soon as I find Venus Mu.” Tianye looked at Xiran’ s bright eyes with deep affection, with his fingers rubbing her face.

Xiran, however, was sentimental, for she knew what he was going to face, “Take care of yourself. Don’t get hurt, okay? Be safe!”

“Well, I promise you. I’ll return to you safe and sound.” Tianye sighed and hugged her tightly into his arms, “I don’t want you to go.” But he didn’t want her to run any risk.

She also hugged him tightly, “I don’t want you to go, too.”

The broadcast was sounded again, and it was time for Xiran to go. He left a kiss on her forehead, “Go, now. I’ll be back soon.”

“Bye.” She tried to squeeze out a bright smile, and then walked towards the security checkpoint. Until to the registration tunnel, she didn’t look back, for she was afraid that if she looked back, she would be reluctant to leave. Also, she didn’t want to see Tianye hold back his tears.

Sitting in the comfortable first class, Xiran sighed inwardly, “Why was I so sad this time? There have been so many good-byes at the airports, which I should already get used to this…But this time…”

A cute white hand reached out to wipe her tears, making Xiran laugh out. She was no longer sentimental and fondled the baby’ s face, “Why are you so cute? You’re not like your parents at all.”

The baby grinned, showing several his young teeth. He could understand the compliments.

Many girls would fall for him, definitely.

In the humble little hotel, Venus woke up because of the pain in her shoulder.

When she opened her eyes, Alisa was changing the medicine for her.

“You’re quite lucky, right? You’re still alive after bleeding so much.” Alisa said in a weird tone.

Venus didn’t want to argue with her. Recalling what had happened at the hotel, she felt like a dream. Her brother was truly alive and it was not her imagination. Her brother was with her.

When she thought of this, she subconsciously smiled, even forgetting the wound in her shoulder.

Alisa was surprised to see her smile, then mocked, “I don’t think you have a shoulder injury. You have some problems with your brain. How can you actually laugh right now?”

Venus rolled her eyes. Someone like Alisa would never understand her.

After the medicine changing, Alisa put on her sleeve rudely. At this moment, thinking about her brother couldn’t help her.

“Be gentle, please. It hurts.” Venus gasped, whose face turned pale. After she got dressed, she found it was no longer her pajamas, but a very old-fashioned long-sleeved shirt.

“You can’t feel the pain, can you? Shut up.” Alisa teased while sorting out the desk.

Venus took a long breath, saying in a dumb voice, “I still can feel.”

Alisa gave a few pills to her, “Take this.”

“What is it?” Venus was cautious.

“Anti-inflammatory. It won’t kill you.” Alisa, impatiently, shoved the pills into her hand, and poured some water into the bottle. Seeing that she didn’t eat it, she asked, “What? Do you think what I gave to you is poison?”

Venus sneered, “You’ve watched too many TV shows. Poison? I was just wondering why you guys were being so nice to me.”

“You think too much. We just don’t want you to die, for if you die, how can we hold Kerry back?”

Venus threw a few pills into her mouth and took a gulp of water before saying weakly, “I really can’t understand why you have to drag me into this. You can just go and look for the treasure. Kerry has said he wouldn’t bother you, so why do you take me with you?”

Alisa was stunned for a few seconds, and to be honest, she couldn’t understand her boss, either. It would have been easier to leave her behind, who could help nothing at all. With her with them, Kerry would never stop chasing.

Thinking of Kerry, Alisa got curious and and her attitude became much better, “Venus, what’s special about Kerry?”

Venus stared at her coldly, thinking that Kerry was afraid to hear such words, so that he kept his secret carefully.

She didn’t want to say anything to Alisa. Venus pulled the blanket and said, “I’m tired. Please go.”

“Venus, I’m talking about Kerry, not you.” Alisa said with a sneer, “Half human, half demon, right?”

“Nonsense!” Venus excitedly defended, but she tugged her would, painful.

Alisa kept saying, “I see, no wonder your child has one blue eye and one purple eye. He inherits the gene from Kerry.

Venus was almost pissed off by Alisa, “Alisa, stop imaging, OK? Why don’t you try to write some fictions?”

“So, what do you think Kerry is? Why did he suddenly disappear? Is he a human being or not?”

Venus laughed instead of getting mad. She suddenly pitied the woman in front of her, who didn’t know too much about the world, “Alisa, you don’t have to provoke me. I don’t know anything. Since you want to know the truth so much, why don’t you ask Kerry yourself? Don’t talk nonsense here.”

Alisa stared at her coldly for a moment, and said something that made Venus creep out, “If that little baby was there, I’d really like to study it.”

“I’m afraid that you’ll never get the chance.”

Instead of leaving, Alisa sat on the other bed, putting her arms around her chest and said with a threat, “Venus, do you think that if we spread the secret of Kerry, will he become the attraction of scientists?”

Venus was indifferent, “Alisa, do you think anyone would believe such nonsense? Do you have the evidence?”

“Well, it’s true that there’s no evidence, but I think that Kerry will make a mistake again, so won’t there be evidence then?”

“Fine, as long as you guys don’t get scared to death when he gets there,” Venus deliberately intimidated her.

Sure enough, Alisa’s eyes were glowing, “Really?”

Venus didn’t want to bother with mad woman anymore, so she closed her eyes to refresh herself.

The right thing she had done yesterday was to send the baby out, otherwise she couldn’t imagine what these crazy nuts would do to him.

Now she had to think about how to escape.

When Alisa saw that she had stopped talking, she left the room in a bad mood, locking the door from the outside. Alisa had such a habit since she had escaped once.

“Venus is awake, but she tells me nothing.” Alisa said to Gavin.

Gavin looked gloomy. Of course, she wouldn’t say anything. It’s her husband.

“Boss, what are we going to do next?” Heng Zhang asked.

Gavin said coldly, “Go into the mountains with Mr. Cai tomorrow first.”

“Should we take Venus with us then?”

Gavin shook his head, “No, you stay here and watch her. We’re just going to check the mountain tomorrow. Kerry has been seriously injured, so I don’t think he’ll have time to come and look for trouble for a while.”

Heng Zhang and Alisa looked at each other, knowing that the boss was in a bad mood, so they didn’t dare to disturb and silently went out.

Gavin’s bad mood was mainly because of the baby.

The baby came to him on the third day of his life, and at first, he didn’t have any special feelings for the little guy, so he just kept him as a hostage.

The baby was so cute that he grinned at him every time he saw him. He smiled at him so often that he warmed his heart. As time went by, the child became his blessing. No matter what a mess he was in, he would recover as soon as he saw his smile.

Last time, in order to threaten Venus to get the treasure map as soon as possible, Gavin deliberately threw the baby into the bath, which took him a long time to make a such decision. After taking the baby out of the water, he was choked by the water and looked at him with timid eyes. That moment, Gavin really felt sorry for him.

Since then, Gavin had never hurt him again, and as for the photos sent to Venus, it was just a substitution.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 243 We Are Connected (2)
One reason why he took the baby with him was to hold back Kerry, and on the other hand, he didn’t feel comfortable letting the baby out of his sight.

After being together for more than half a year, Gavin seemed to have treated the baby as his own. He witnessed his teeth growth for the first time…He witnessed his grow-up.

Human beings were sometimes strange. Though he knew it was Kerry’s son and he also knew that one day there was going to be a fight between them, he couldn’t help but be nice to the little guy.

And now the baby had gone and Gavin felt empty inside. Nothing could cure him.

He was wondering whether he would cry when he woke up without Venus, or if he would remember that there was a masked man who was very nice to him.

After lying in the hospital for three days, Kerry had lost his patience completely. Although Tianye and his men were looking for Venus, he was so anxious that he couldn’t just sleep here without doing anything.

The doctor had never seen anyone recover so fast before, and at Kerry’s repeated request, he did one last thorough examination and found that the wound on his chest had almost recovered, so he allowed his discharge request.

Tianye, with a group of his man, was searching for the two cars. As soon as Kerry got into the car, he asked Henry, “How is the child today?”

This was a question Kerry asked several times a day.

Henry gave him his phone, “John sent over a video this morning. He has a lot of fun. He’s a good boy.”

Kerry watched the video, from which came the baby’s laughter. He saw John was fiddling with a remote-control plane and he also wanted that.

Two days ago, Kerry was worried that the baby would be sad when he returned to Sky City. It turned out that he was wrong. His baby adapted to a new environment quickly and John told him that within half a day, he had gotten out of sadness.

In order to help the baby get used to the new home, John carried him to visit all the rooms. In Venus’s room, he saw the pictures on the table and was so excited as he pointed to the one on them and shouted “Mama, Mama”.

Perhaps this was the reason why the baby soon made Ye’ s villa his new home and he especially loved his own baby room.

Kerry was both happy and sad when he knew this. Being sad was because it was obvious to him that the baby only rejected him. Even just a glance at him could make him burst into tears.

It seemed that Tianye was right. The baby came to punish him for his mother.

After watching the video, Kerry gave the phone back to Henry, “Tell John, don’t reveal any information about the baby before we go back.”

“Young master, don’t worry. I’ve already spoken to John, and he knows what to do.”

“Also, let Dr. Han do a detailed examination for the baby to see what kind of formula is suitable for the baby and what things we can use. We need to be careful.”

Henry helplessly smiled, “Young master, you’ve told me to do this yesterday. Dr. Han has already done that. He is very healthy and everything we buy is the best.”

Kerry was a little awkward, “Really? Did I?”

Henry nodded, “Yes, I’m afraid you did.”


“By the way, young master, Nighthawk has found the place and also the men who can offer help, so when do we start?”

“Wait for windfalls.”

Henry smiled, “OK, young master.”

“Tell Nighthawk to be careful. And don’t expose himself. It’s not the right time.” “Yes, boss.”

Kerry gave out a sinister laughter. Bastard, tit for tat.

Henry was also very excited. He has been led by them for so long that he had already been pissed off. Now the time finally came.

Half an hour later, Kerry’s phone rang and it was from Tianye.

“What’s up?”

“I’ve found those two cars. Come here.”

Kerry was so happy that he straightened his back and asked, “Where?”

“I’ll send you the address.”

A hundred miles away, Tianye leaned back on the car, smoking. He gazed at the two cars burned to ashes, as well as the bodies burned to skeletons inside.

He had already called the police after informing Kerry. He didn’t want to get involved in such a mess. Besides, the police would find those bastards.

It was remote, and the police and Kerry almost arrived at the same time.

“When did you find this?” A detective came to ask questions.

Tianye threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stomped it out, “More than an hour ago, when I called the police.”

“You didn’t find any strange ones on your way?”

“No, no one at all.”

“Okay, thank you. how about leaving your phone number? And we’ll probably contact you if we need.”

Tianye didn’t refuse, and wrote down his phone number in the logbook. Giving the pen to back to the detective, he said, “I have something else to say. I don’t know if you’re interested?”

He was surprised, “What, excuse me? You can tell us.”

Tianye looked at Kerry and saw that he didn’t object, so he said, “Call your police captain. I’ll talk to him.”

The detective was a little unhappy, “You can talk to me first. I want to what the thing is.”

He said coldly, “I know the owner of the cars.”

The detective stared at him unexpectedly and called out a man not far away, “Captain Chen, he wants to tell you something. It’s urgent.”

A middle-aged man with a cold face came over, whose eyes were mysterious, like a puddle of stagnant water, and no thought could be read from it. The nasolabial folds were very deep, showing his experience of being a skilled detective for years.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 243 We Are Connected (3)
He glanced at Tianye and Kerry before asking in a hoarse voice. “What’s the clue?”

Tianye paused, “I know the two cars, because we’ve been looking for them.”

This made the detective got interested, “What do you mean?”

“The owner of these two cars is a Chinese oversea who kidnapped my sister, his wife. We negotiated with them face to face but they fled. That’s why I know these two cars.” Tianye stated briefly.

The detective raised his eyebrows a little, “Kidnap? Why?”

Kerry laughed, “Because they thought I had a treasure map, so they wanted me to exchange it for my wife.”

“Really?” Even a detective like him was shocked by his words. Treasure map? Wasn’t this something that could only be seen in movies?

Kerry sprawled his hand, “You don’t believe it, right? But they do and insist that I give them the treasure map. I had no choice but to draw a one. Unexpectedly, they’ve changed their mind and told me they would release my wife after finding the treasure.”

The old detective was doubtful about what Kerry was saying. He had been a detective for so many years, but he had never heard such a ridiculous story, just like movie plot.

“Then, then why didn’t you call the police?”

Kerry kept saying, “I did, but it’s not your jurisdiction. That’s why you never heard about it.”

The old detective frowned, for it was possible.

“Then do you know anything about them? What do they look like?”

“The person in charge was wearing a silver mask, so I couldn’t see his face.”

Hearing this, the old detective seemed to think about something, “Oh, I see. A few days earlier Captain Bai told us to keep an eye on the area. He also asked us to report once we see a man with a silver mask. Are they the same one?”

“Yes, exactly.”

The old detective began to ponder, “I didn’t realize it was still related case. All right, continue.”

Tianye looked at the burned vehicles and said, “According to my deduction, they know we will track them based on the vehicles, so they just chose to abandon the vehicles.”

“Then what does this body have to do with them?” The detective asked.

“If they were to escape, it would not be possible on foot, and since they burned their car, they would have to find another one. This man may have had a car, which was robbed by them.”

The old detective was silent for a moment while considering, “It’s your speculation, without any basis. We need evidence, you know that. Please wait a moment. I’m going to survey the scene. Maybe I’ll find something.”

A few minutes later, he got something.

Two cars had been burned for no more than two hours ago, and there were still traces of a fight, as well as ruts of a third vehicle, which, judging from the marks, was a van.

“We will keep collecting evidence and solve the case as soon as possible, and if you have any new findings, please inform us as soon as possible.”

Tianye and Kerry nodded at the same time.

In fact, just over an hour ago, Kerry passed the van on his way to the scene. In the car, Venus was covered with her mouth and watched the luxury car drive by.

Kerry, Kerry, she was there, but why couldn’t you feel anything?

When the car drove a hundred miles away, Alisa released Venus, “I’m so disappointed. I thought Kerry was so powerful that he could communicate with you through thoughts.”

Venus leaned against the carriage indifferently, rolling her eyes and said, “Alisa, I’ve noticed that you’ve been talking more and more like a psycho these days. What exactly are you thinking about?”

Alisa was not angry. If this could enrage her, then there would be countless fights between the two in the past three days, “Nothing. I only know Kerry is a monster. I’m just too interested.”

Venus snorted. She no longer described Kerry as a half-man, but a monster.

“But he is really lucky. Heng Zhang’ s shot is always very accurate and that shot obviously hit his heart, but he survived and recovered so quickly. He’s definitely not a human.”

Venus was annoyed with her and said coldly, “Alisa, will you shut up? If you’re so interested in him, why didn’t you just jump out of the car and stop him to ask him?”


Venus interrupted her, “You’re the one who’s been muttering. Can’t you just shut up and go back to your noble and cool queen self?”

Alisa couldn’t hit back, so she stared at her. No more talking.

Everyone was in the car. Mr. Cai sat across from Venus, who just looked at her with curiosity but didn’t ask any questions, because he knew that even if he asked, Venus wouldn’t say anything.

Gavin was still intangible. At this moment, a loud ring broke the silence.

When he saw the screen, Gavin felt something happened and as soon as he picked it up, he heard an anxious voice, “Boss, something happened. Our base has been destroyed.”

“What did you say?” Gavin’ s voice was loud with shock and anger in it, “What’s going on?”

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