Chapter 243: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 242 Hospitalization

Colin Ward smiled wryly;

Thankfully, Doris Lee was fine; but Baker Lee…

After a while, old Master Lee also arrived at the hospital.

When Eva Gray got the call, she left in such a hurry that she didn’t even notify him.

Old Master Lee had overheard her talk on the phone and called Webb Lee to take him to the hospital after Eva Gray had left.

Webb Lee had been wondering why old Master Lee was staying at the Lanbo Port villa as well.

But old Master Lee did not mention anything, and Webb Lee did not dare to ask, either. He learned that Baker Lee had been beaten and hospitalized after getting old Master Lee to the hospital.

Two hours later, the operating room lights dimmed and the doctor came out.

“How’s it going, doctor?”


When they saw the doctor, they gathered around.

The doctor looked rather uneventful. “He had a number of dull weapon injuries, the most serious one was on the head, maybe that one had caused him a concussion, but nothing serious in other places.”

After listening to the doctor’s words, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the doctor said: “Take care of him, the concussion could be serious as well; we will transfer the patient to the general ward; but do not bother the patient, wait for him to wake up.”

Then, everyone followed the nurse to the ward and guarded at the door.

Webb Lee excused himself and left.

Eva Gray glared at Colin Ward and continued her complaint. “You’re not only bringing Doris into trouble, you’re also bringing your father-in-law into trouble. Will I be next?”

“Mom…” Colin Ward looked at her, feeling helpless.

Vanessa Liu and Flora Lewis looked at each other silently. After all, they were outsiders and couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

Old Master Lee opened his mouth and defended Colin Ward, saying, “Eva, it’s not his fault. After all, no one could have imagined such a thing would happen.”

Eva Gray, who was respectful of Old Master Lee, gave a last glare at Colin Ward and dropped the topic.

Doris Lee, who had been crying in fear, was asleep in a another room.

Colin Ward said to Eva Gray: “Mum, you could go back and get some rest, I’ll stay here watching over them.”

“I won’t go back, if you want, you could go back!”Snorted Eva Gray.

Colin Ward motioned Vanessa Liu and said, “Come with me.”

Vanessa Liu nodded and followed the lead of Colin Ward.

“Tell me the ins and outs of the accident.”

Colin Ward looked at Vanessa Liu with a blank expression.

Vanessa Liu was remorseful: “We were strolling and window shopping in the commercial street when a van pulled over beside us; five guys jumped off the van and tried to grab me inside; Doris tried to stop them; so they were to take her along, till Mr. Lee rushed up and wrestled with them…, but…”

“Luckily, there was a man in black suit came to our rescue and knocked down all five of them…”

Colin Ward frowned. “Coming after you? Then their target should be me.”

Colin Ward then called Jason Brown, who had also come to the hospital and was now interrogating the five wounded hired thugs.

After hanging up the phone, Colin Ward called Gerd Ward and asked him to check the whole accident out.

Around 7 p.m., Baker Lee woke up.

Eva Gray held the arm of old master and walked into the room.

Baker Lee opened his eyes slightly to see Eva Gray, Mr. Li, Flora Lewis, Colin Ward and Vanessa Liu in the room, but not Doris Lee.

“Doris…” Baker Lee’s voice was weak.

Eva Gray stepped forward. “Doris’s okay. She’s sleeping in the next room.”

Reassuringly, Baker Lee relaxed down again.

At this, Eva Gray turned around and said to the people in the room, “Thank you for being here, but I could take care of the rest; you should go home.”

She knew Baker Lee needed rest.

Colin Ward exchanged eye contacts with Baker Lee before walking out without saying anything.

Flora Lewis and Vanessa Liu followed him.

Old Master didn’t intend to leave until Eva Gray said, “Dad, it’s getting late. You go home first.”

“No, I’ll stay.” Master Lee insisted.

Eva Gray continued: “You should get more rest as well.”

“I am all right. I’ll stay here.”

Eva Gray knew there was no way to persuade him out of this; so she did not say more.

Old Master Lee felt that he owed a lot to his son.

He made a mistake when he was young, but because of the fame of the family, he ignored Baker Lee deliberately, even the family had grew rapidly.

But now, old and without real power, the ones who really cared about him were Baker Lee and his family.

Eva Gray, in particular, who had been harsh in her bark, was actually protecting the family in her own way.

Seeing Baker Lee lying in bed, Master Lee felt even worse; if he had treated them better, things would have been different.

Eva Gray got up and went to get Baker Lee some hot water.

Baker Lee, looking at the old man by the bed, said gently, “Dad…Go home…”

Tears welled up to the old master’s eyes. “It should have been my obligation to take care of you.”

Baker Lee knew what he meant; mixed feelings that were suppressed in his heart over the past years were fermenting.

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