Chapter 244: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 244 You’re only Good at Bullying Women! (1)
“Just now, a group of foreign pirates rushed in. Without saying anything, they fired indiscriminately with machine guns. They yelled while turning the base upside down, trying to find what they wanted.They have taken away all the valuable things, including the antiques, jades, calligraphy works and paintings and the ammunition that you kept in the warehouse. They are all gone!”

When Gavin heard this, he almost vomited blood out of rage. All those items, which he had collected for a long time, were worth a lot of money, but now…

“Where are the pirates from? Who do they work for? How dare them ransack my place?” Gavin asked through his gritted teeth. He sounded like he was about to tear those pirates apart.

“I don’t know. They are like rabid dogs. They didn’t say a word and killed whoever they saw. There was no chance to talk at all.”

“What about you guys? Don’t you know how to fight back? What do I keep you for?” Gavin cursed.

“Boss, it’s not that we didn’t fight back. It’s just that there were too many of them. Besides, it was at night ,and we’ve just finished eating, so we were a bit mentally slack …”

“Shit! Shit!” Gavin’s anger was beyond description. All the people in the car dared not breathe deeply in fear that he would vent his anger on them. Those guys in the base were clearly not slacking off, but having fun in Gavin’s absence, and were probably drunk before getting attacked.

When Gavin finished scolding, the guy on the other end of the line added, “Boss, it’s not over yet.”

“There’s more?!” Gavin asked angrily. He felt his head was about to explode.

“When they left, they threw several grenades and blew up the base, and I had a hard time escaping…”

“Why don’t you fucking go to die!” After cursing this sentence, Gavin smashed the phone on the ground. The scattered pieces of the phone showed how angry Gavin was.

Heng Zhang and Alisa looked at each other quietly and saw the fear in each other’s eyes. They could vaguely guess what had happened from Gavin’s words.

However, none of them dared to ask, as they had never seen Gavin in such a rage before.

At that moment, in addition to the rattle of the van’s engine, the only sound they could hear was Gavin’s gasps.

It took several minutes for Gavin to come back to his senses.

His base was on a secluded island, hard to find by outsiders, so he would never believe that those pirates had broken in by mistake. If they knew where his collections and the arsenal were, there must be a mole in his group. When he was absent, the pirates and the mole cooperated to destroy his base.

Who was this mole?

As Gavin wondered, several people came to his mind— K and the two foreign mercenaries who were abandoned last time. Gavin thought, Kerry had let them go, but they bore a grudge against him, so they took revenge. All in all, they worked for money, not for friendship.

The atmosphere in the car was extremely depressing. Venus turned her head and looked out of the window, thinking back to the innocent man who was strangled to death by Heng Zhang two hours ago. She couldn’t help but shiver all over.

If she hadn’t been so kind and advised Kerry not to kill anyone, Kerry would have just killed Heng Zhang. If so, that honest and loyal man wouldn’t have died today.

At that time, she realized that not all people deserved forgiveness, and that some people who had done too much harm should have their life ended.

She vowed that she would never care about that many things again, since life and death are predestined and wealth and honor come down to luck.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of eyes staring at her from behind. She turned around and met a pair of wrathful and cruel eyes. They were Gavin’s.

She subconsciously shrunk her neck, feeling that Gavin was going to chop her up and eat her.

“Why are you looking at me like that? I did not mess with you.” Venus hugged her arms tightly and desired to leave this horrible place.

Gavin gave her a glance. He was just wondering if it had something to do with Kerry, but he didn’t think Kerry was that big of a man. After all, those vicious gangsters didn’t believe in anyone easily.

Now, the most urgent question he faced was whether to continue looking for the treasure which was nowhere near being found, or to go back immediately to reduce the loss. Because he had a strong intuition that if those pirates were seeking revenge on purpose, the other bases may also be their targets.

As he thought of this, Gavin said to Heng Zhang, “Get in touch with a few villas and ask if anything has happened.” He was so impulsive just now that his phone was smashed to pieces.

Heng Zhang immediately took out his cell phone to contact people in the island and the line was quickly connected, “This is Heng Zhang, is everything all right these days?”

“Yes, nothing has happened.”

“Good, keep guard over it and don’t slack off.”

Heng Zhang continued to make several more phone calls and got the same answer.

“Boss, everything is fine.” Heng Zhang plucked up the courage to ask, “Boss, what just happened?”

Gavin’s eyes were cold and he answered word by word, “The Moon Island has been attacked.”

“Huh?” Alisa and Heng Zhang were both shocked. Although Venus didn’t know what the Moon Island was for, judging from the reactions of the three of them, it should be a very important place.

“Who did this? How was the damage?” Heng Zhang couldn’t help but ask.

Gavin seemed to be trying to calm himself down and was silent for a long time before he said, “The island was ransacked and half of the people died.”

Heng Zhang felt his brain was going to explode. The island was ransacked?

The Moon Island was their home base, which contained guns and ammunition, as well as the boss’s priceless collections and a whole box of gold bullion, so 24-hour duty had been carried out every day. Moreover, the island couldn’t be found on the satellite and even in Gavin’s group, few people knew about it. All these years, the island had not undergone one incident, how could it be ransacked?

“Who did it?” Apparently Alisa couldn’t believe in what she heard either. She already forgot that the person she was asking was her inviolable boss.

“A group of pirates, they said.” Gavin said this through his gritted teeth.

Listening to their conversation quietly, Venus was overjoyed in spite of her seemingly indifferent look. She laughed to herself at the thought that Gavin was doing evil in the mainland, but someone took advantage of his absence to destroyed his base. This was exactly what people called karma.

“Then, should we go back?” Alisa asked apprehensively.

“Those pirates come and go without a trace, and we’re no match for them at sea. There’s no point in going back now.” Gavin made his decision a second ago, “We have to find the treasure as soon as possible, so that we can make up for all the losses.”

Alisa and Heng Zhang were speechless. They felt deep in their hearts that going back as soon as possible was the key, but because they were subordinates, they had to do what their boss told them.

Without the baby, the treasure hunting was able to speed up. Venus pretended to fall down from time to time to slow down the speed, but Alisa was fully aware of her intention.

“Venus, if you continue to deliberately stall time, I don’t mind letting our bodyguards stay with you, and let them relax on the way.” Alisa said this with a smile on her lips, but her tone chilled Venus.

“I can walk by myself.” She retorted, quickened her pace, and walked beside Mr. Cai. Among all the people, only Mr. Cai was neutral, or at least not hateful toward her.

The place they had come to today was the small county town where they had a fight with Kerry, and they returned because Mr. Cai deduced that the treasure was most likely hidden there.

As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is also the safest place. Kerry and Tianye Mu would not have thought that they would return.

The road uphill was very steep. When they reached a place where there was no path through the bushes, Gavin pushed Venus to the front without mercy and let her explore the road.

She was afraid of snakes, insects, mice, ants and so on since she was a child, so before she took every step, she would poke with a tree branch to remind the animals in the grass to get out of the way as soon as possible. Otherwise she would be scared to death if she stepped on something soft.

After walking for three or four meters, Venus’s calves and arms were all scratched by the bushes and branches, but Gavin was still urging her, “Walk faster.”

She got irritated, so she turned to shout at Gavin, “Put up or shut up! You are only good at bullying a women.”

“Cut the crap and keep moving.”

When they finally reached a broader area, Gavin said, “Let’s take a break.”

At this point, Venus’s clothes were all soaked with sweat. She came to a strange-looking rock, sat down and wiped her sweat with her sleeves. Suddenly she felt that the ground under her feet was soft, she subconsciously stepped on it two more times. But she quickly jumped off the stone with a scream and ran away.

Some people were startled by Venus’s behavior and looked at her with confusion on their faces.

“What the hell are you screaming about?” Alisa asked in disgust.

Venus was gasping and her face turned white. She said with a trembling voice, “The ground there …there is soft. I don’t know what is underneath.”

Hearing this, Alisa stepped back silently. She was also a woman after all.

Heng Zhang took out his dagger from his waist and gradually move toward where Venus was pointing. Whoosh! The dagger had glided through the air and was forcibly thrust into the earth. Its blade was buried underneath the earth and only the handle was visible.

Everyone stared at the dagger. Time seemed to stand still, and even the sound of the wind became weaker. After half a minute of silence, nothing had happened.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 244 You’re only Good at Bullying Women! (2)
What Venus Mu had expected didn’t happen. To check over the land, Heng Zhang picked up a branch and pushed around the grasses and weird white soils of the land were exposed. It was a such rare thing as white soil in the land of Southern China.

Heng picked up the dagger and treated heavily upon the land. Soft as it was, there was nothing special beneath it. Mr. Cai went ahead and said after a good observation, “The terrain here is relatively flat and combined with the rainy season in the south, soft ground will be formed when raindrops soaked into the soil. This phenomenon can be easily seen in coastal areas, I never expect we can meet here in mountainous areas.”

Venus gave a hallow smile and said, ”I see, in fact, that kind of softness made me feel that I’ve treat upon a snake!” Heng gave her a glare for her fuss about such a trivial thing. When Heng turned around for a drink, Venus couldn’t refrain from her curiosity and came to the big stone again.

“I think it is really a good entertainment to play on the soft gr……round.” Before she finished the word, the ground cracked into a big hole and sank her into it.

“Help! Please!” Screams of panic echoed in the mountains.

Gavin and his fellows rushed over, only to find a big hole about 1 meter of its diameter. The screams sounded in the deep hole and stunned them at once. What the hell happened here?

“Venus, where are you?” Cried Gavin. After a while, the screams of her died down and it was a dead silence in the hole. God damn it! Was she still safe after falling down? Would she be attacked by a predator therein?

Mr. Cai carefully checked the entrance of the cave and murmured, “So strange, we’ve never seen the hole since our arrival, and I wonder who will dig a deep hole in such a uncivilized place.”

Immediately, his word arose Gavin’s ardent attention. “Is this place the site of treasure? If so, the hole must be the entrance of the treasure site.” Gavin said.

A bold speculation as it was, it still occupied these adventurers’ mind. They had spent almost a month on a vain trip, would they got the treasure in such a coincidence?

Mr. Cai looked excited about Gavin’s speculation and said, ”I am not sure, but I think we’d better have a good search of it as usual.”

“You are right, we must have a good search of it.” Replied Gavin. However, a confusing thought engaged in his mind that what happened to Venus and did she met fatal dangers in the hole?

“Venus, are you alright?” cried Gavin again. A faint response sent back: ”Yes, I am still alive.” Her voice cheered them up.

“Then can you tell us what you saw in the hole?” asked Gavin.

Minutes later, she cried in a surprised tone, ”Treasure everywhere, gold and invaluable jade… ” Gavin’s eyes were radiated with craziness to her word as if piles of gold had been tucked into his pocket.

“How deep is the hole?” asked Mr. Cai.

“I don’t know, I found a pool here, so it is no big deal for me to fall down.” Replied Venus.

Gavin reposed his ecstasy and said, ”Who is game for the first try.”

“Let me do it!” One of his fellows cried. Perhaps this was a good chance for to show his loyalty to his boss. Gavin pated on his shoulder lightly as a praise and said, ”Good boy, gear up your equipments for emergency.”

“Yes, my boss.” Said the fellow. When he prepared himself up, Gavin cried to the hole, ”Venus, watch out, we are gonna send a man into the hole.”

“I will.” Replied Venus with her eyes were full of cunning luster. At the point when the fellow dropped down, a hard stone shot his head and knocked him out.

“Joy, my good boy, are you alright?” cries from the ground echoed. No answer. Venus pulled the poor guy to a dark corner and took out a flashlight from his backpack. The light ruminated the hole and a beautiful Chandelier cave came to her sight. Obviously, there was nothing like gold and invaluable jade here, which was no more than a smart lie to her enemy. Now with tools from the fellow, she could perhaps find her way out alone.

To rescue herself out of the Chandelier cave, she must track the flowing air and follow it all the way. Despite the concerning calls of Gavin and his men, Venus still held it tight that she should leave them as soon as possible. They were no more than a group of desperate bandits.

The deeper into the cave, the smaller of the track it was. The dead silence was chilling and it was a bumping and dangerous journey therein. Her shoulder and forehead were ripped by the sharp stones and wounds almost numbed her.

Minutes later, the profile of the cave became larger and crystals therein sent out beautiful shines. A blue diamond-shape gloss attract her attention at once. When she stepped ahead for a better sight of it, a strong heat from the water came to her feet. The water was hot, it must be a hot spring here! With the flashlight, she could see clearly that the blue gross was sent out from a sapphire, which was sealed upon a stone coffin. The coffin was beautifully decorated with imperial life patterns like the scene feudal nobles’ delicate dinner, dancing activities, beauty’s make-up process and so on. Concealed by the one-meter-width water way, the coffin was lay right at the central of the cave.

Was it the site of a royal mausoleum? Perhaps only high-rank nobles could afford such a complex yet delicate tomb site. With a traditional belief of the respect for the dead, Venus prayed sincerely: ”Sorry, I don’t mean to bother you, I will get out of here once I find an exit.” After that, she continued her journey. To her disappointment, there was no such a thing like an exit here, she had reach the end of this cave!

She rested herself beside the coffin and sighed for her bad luck. However, at this point, a cold flow went upon her hand and offered her a cheering speculation. There was another flow here, perhaps she could track the cold flow and find an exit. She rose up excitedly and followed the flow. However, the flow stopped at a hard cliff and water came across through little gaps on it. They were far smaller for a human being to go through.

Venus rested down helplessly for the grave fact. She didn’t have anything for almost six hours, now the hunger plagued her. To her surprise, the backpack from the fellow was tucked with all kinds of snacks. She took out a biscuit and a piece of jerky for a meal. Before she finished them, footsteps came close and she realized it were Gavin and his fucking fellows who followed her all the way.

That was really a bad new!

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 244 You’re only Good at Bullying Women! (3)
No way! She couldn’t tolerate being with these bandits, she had to find a shelter for herself. Fortunately, the cliff was cracked and there was a hole on it. Perhaps she could conceal herself in it. Small as it was, it could contain her figure in a unpleasant way. And the hole was in a good angle which could hide itself from light ahead. Seconds later, they came much closer and a voice echoed in the cave from Mr. Cai, who was thrilled to see such a natural wonder. In a secret peep, Venus found most of them got wounded by cliffs and they looked flustered about the unknown cave.

“Here I find a stone coffin.” Cried Alisa in a sharp tone.

“Let’s go for a look.” said Gavin. When they came nearer, someone gave out a groan and cried, ”Don’t touch the water, there is something weird in it.”

Mr. Cai bent down and had a careful check. After that, he said, “There are a large amount of lime and sulfur in the water as a way to scare away invaders. The master of this stone coffin must be of high rank.”

“Damn, the bitch lied to us, there is no treasure here but a fucking tomb.” Heng Zhang cursed.

Mr. Cai interrupted him and said, “Don’t be silly, man, I think the stone coffin is the invaluable treasure, do you see the sapphires and rubies on it, each of them is worth tens of millions.”

“Really? That perhaps be a compensation for us! ” said Heng and calmed down his anger.

Venus sighed quietly and she did feel sorry for the tomb owner for now these bandits were gonna unearth the dead and its belongs.

“The waterway is not wide enough to stop our way, ” said Gavin and gave a signal to one of his fellows, ”you, go across it and open the stone coffin for us.” After a while of hesitation, he went ahead and jumped across the hot waterway. When he moved ahead a little bit, his figure fell down and sank into a large canal.

“No!” A scream came from him and half a minute later, he was totally swallowed by the canal and the waterway turned back to a chilling silence.

What the hell was that beneath the shining surface of the canal? Venus was scared by what she saw just now.

“It’s mercury.” Said Mr. Cai seriously, “It is highly poisonous. To prevent the tomb from thefts, ancient designers for royal family often build mercury pools in the tombs, which is the reason why the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang is still under the earth. Unearthing such a tomb will definitely cost your life at this point. Now there is no doubt that the owner of the tomb enjoys a distinguished status in his life. “

A unpleasant silence spread among them. The invaluable treasure was over there, but they didn’t have any good way to take away it. Mr. Cai said with a sigh, ”Let’s go, I am sure that will cost our life.”

Heng was obviously reluctant to leave and cried, “No, we can’t go back without any spoil!”

“But as you saw, the mercury pool gets in our way and we can’t make sure our safety when we try to go across it. ” replied Mr. Cai.

“Wait!” Cried Alisa, who took a look around with her flashlight and asked, ”Where is Venus going?”

“Yes, what about that bitch? There seems to be no other exit here. Where did she go?” said Heng.

Mr. Cai fixed his eyes tightly at the seemingly calm mercury pool and said in a pitiful tone, “Perhaps she has fallen into the mercury pool like the fellow.”

Hiding in the dark hole, Venus was secretly pleased by what Mr. Cai had said. God Bless me! Now I could get out of their control if they took me as a dead person.

However, Gavin’s word woke up her daydream: “I don’t think so.”

“Why?” Asked Alisa.

“First, this canal is about 1.4 meters of its width, I don’t think she can jump across it.”

Could Venus do so? In view of herself, a beautiful lady with long and sexy legs like her could absolutely jump across the pool. Gavin continued, “Second, I know her well, she won’ t have any interest in the stone coffin.”

“What if she has interest in the precious sapphires on the coffin?” said Heng in a ironic tone.

“If you were her, getting out of here or getting the sapphires, which one will you choose?” asked Gavin. The rhetorical question was more convincing than any answer for Heng’s question. Gavin was right, the bitch would choose to get out of this fucking place first.

“As I know, there is an invaluable sapphire worth millions in Ye’s house, as the hostess of Ye’s house, she has no need to take chance. ” continued Gavin. His analysis was exactly the decision of Venus. Venus felt her heartbeat quicken as Alisa began to search around. However, Heng was still unwilling to give up the stone coffin and he said, ”But my boss, what about the stone coffin?”

“Forget that if you don’t have any way to reach it?” said Gavin.

Heng bowed his head and didn’t give any reply. Perhaps he’d better obey the order of his boss because even the expect like Mr. Cai had no good way to deal with the dangerous tomb!

“No one will know the secret of it except us. We can send more expects to take the coffin out when we leave this dangerous place. And now, the most important thing is to find Venus.”

“Yes, boss.” Said Heng.

Venus bit her lips firmly in fear that any sound she made would attract their attention. Despite this, she could still heard Alisa’s approaching footsteps. Woman is the creature who can make smart judgment through her accurate intuition. Venus closed her eyes and prayed quietly. The perfume of Alisa wafted in the air and after a while, she left for another direction and said, ”I wonder where can she shelter herself in such a limited room.”

Heng joined her searching job yet still failed to find their prey.

“Boss, what if she fell into the mercury pool and died therein?” asked Alisa in a confused tone. There was no exit and any place to hide here, perhaps she did die in the fatal pool. At this point, Mr. Cai seemed a little dizzy because of the limited oxygen in the cave and he said, “Can we get out of the cave first, I am almost suffocated.”

“Yes, let’s get out of here first.” Replied Gavin, who also felt a unease this place. Venus took a breath of relief about the decision he made. When she tried to crawl out from the hole, the flashlight dropped down from her backpack and made a clear noise. However, before she retreated back to the hole, a strong light met her and Heng’s scolds echoed in the cave: “Bitch, you did play a good joke on us! ”

At the sight of Venus’s embarrassed expression, Alisa gave her a ironic smile and said, “Good girl, finally we got you.”

Venus calmed herself down and held the backpack firmly on her shoulders. What could she do now? She didn’t want to go with them.

“Come on out, or I will give you a good lesson there.” Cried Heng, whose flashlight shot at her face directly and she couldn’t ever open her eyes.

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