Chapter 244: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 244 Do it in my own way

Colin Ward felt exhausted and fainted.

On the other side, Fox Lee was knocked unconscious, his face swollen out of shape, and his stomach was kicked by Colin Ward several times as well; but fortunately, his life was not in danger.

Fox Lee woke up on the next morning in the hospital bed himself; the pain on his face and body reminded him of what happened yesterday.

Jason Brown knocked on the door.

Fox Lee’s eyes lit up when he saw the policeman. “Officer, it’s so nice of you to come!

Yesterday I was beaten by that dog, Colin Ward, as you saw, arrest him!”

Jason Brown frowned as he squinted at Colin Ward. “It was a very complicated story yesterday,” he said coldly. “First Mrs. Ward and Ms Liu were almost abducted by a gang, then Baker Lee was beaten up.”

Fox Lee wondered, “Why do you say this to me?”

“Because I suspect you’re the one behind it.”

Fox Lee was confused, “No, Sir, what has it to do with me? I don’t know anything.”

“No one would confess such crime until they have to,” said Jason Brown coldly and threateningly.

“You! Nonsense!” Fox Lee was getting anxious.

Jason Brown added: “I have no evidence now. So you don’t need to be so anxious. It would only make you more suspectable.”

“We would figure it out soon enough after we got a testimony of the victims.”

“In the meantime, I hope Mr. Lee will cooperate with our work.”

Fox Lee nodded his head.

Left alone, Fox Lee suddenly realized that he seemed to put himself in a deeper shit!

In the other room stood Nina White, Vanessa Liu, Flora Lewis, Jason Brown, and Gerd Ward, who had arrived in the morning. Colin Ward also woke up.

“What have you got?”

Asked Colin Ward.

“They were men of Black Carp, of unknown purpose,” said Gerd Ward.

“The man who saved them was Xu Lang.”

“Xu Lang?” Jason Brown didn’t know about him.

Without explaining, Colin Ward asked: “There is nothing that police could do about it without solid evidence,right?”

Jason Brown was silent for a moment. “Yes, but trust me, I’ll take care of it.”

Colin Ward nodded. “I believe you, but I can’t wait!”

Doris Lee was frightened and Baker Lee was injured.

And it also got Vanessa Liu involved; so he didn’t want to wait, not for one more second. He wanted to get this over with so they could be safe.

Colin Ward added: ‘You’ve got other cases to deal with, haven’t you?’

Jason Brown knew that he was being driven out, because Colin Ward was going to do the job by himself.

He was a little angry, but he can understand Colin Ward’s mood, so after a moment of dwelling, he finally shook his head helplessly, “Don’t go too far on this.”

After Jason Brown has left, Colin Ward leaned back on the bed and said softly, “Gerd Ward, call Bald Liu and invite the old Jiang of estern district over as well.”

Given the situation of Da Song now, Colin Ward did not have Gerd Ward come for him.

Nina White knew immediately what Colin Ward was up to!

After a moment of silence, Flora Lewis said, “You don’t want to kill anyone! Doris would not like that!”

Colin Ward looked up and said firmly, “I won’t!”

He had said to the glassed man once that he wouldn’t kill anyone, that he didn’t want blood; he had Doris, and maybe some day they would have children, and he wouldn’t want to be a husband, a dad who killed.

Flora Lewis was relieved.

But Vanessa Liu was still concerned. “Your health is getting worse and worse, and I don’t know when my aunt will come back. In the worst case, I suggest you take the antidote.”

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