Chapter 245 – 246: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 245: The Plan Of the Old Man

“Kris!” Tianba Li and the other two people he brought looked around. Their eyes were fierce, and their presence was commanding.

“Tianba!” Kris nodded towards Tianba.

“Kris! Do not expect to frighten us with your helpers. You said you are no longer in Chen Family’s debt, then how do you explain Sisi’s pregnancy?” Jie Liang didn’t find it difficult to summon up the courage to confront Kris because she had lots of people to protect him.

He then pointed at Sisi’s belly. Sisi was so humiliated. All the terrible memories rushed back to her, and she was overwhelmed by feelings of pain.

“What does that kid have anything to do with me?” Kris’s brows furrowed. “I say it for the last time. It is not my kid.”

Everyone looked at Kris with complete disdain.

“The evidence is clear. Don’t you take us as total idiots?”

“Keep quite, all of you.” The old man coughed. “Why is it so difficult for you to apologize for your mistakes? Do you want me to die in regrets?”

Then the old man coughed violently. “They are right. I will let go of the despicable acts of yours as long as you apologize to us and give the company back. For the sake of our special bond, let me die in peace!”

“Kris! No!” Tianba stopped him. It was obvious they wanted Kris to admit responsibility for the mistakes he never made.

Tianba knows Kris very well. The last time Tianba attacked Chen Family with his brothers, he found Kris’s parents were tortured out of shape. And he was furious. Kris was generous enough when he could come and visit the old man. But these people will never be satisfied. You give these people an inch, and they’ll take a mile. How could Kris put up with it?

“Tianba.” Kris looked at Tianba and smiled bitterly.

Tianba grabbed Kris’s arm and said: “Let’s get out of here. Every single person in Chen Family is rotten! Have you forgotten the way they treated your parents?”

“Tianba, don’t worry. I’m not that stupid.”

Kris’s heart was broken into pieces. If he did what his grandfather asked him to, he would spend the rest of his life feeling ashamed.

There was nothing Kris could do to repay his grandpa’s raising. He knelt on the ground and kowtowed to his grandpa respectfully. And said: “Grandpa, you once taught me to be a responsible man, and I swear to god that I didn’t do any of that. So, I don’t need to apologize for anything.”

Kris kowtowed to his grandpa. Tears were streaming down his face because he knew the last connection between him and Chen Family would be broken.

“Kris, you lousy bastard. You are the shame of the Chen Family. Grandpa is so nice to you, and you can’t even let him die in peace.” Quan Chen stood up and heaped insults on Kris.

“A bastard!!”

“Have you no shame?”

“What the hell?” Tianba’s anger flared up when he heard all the insults these people heaped on Kris. He rushed to Quan Chen and slapped him across his face, and a pink print was left on his face.

“You….” every single person of the Chen Family was greatly shocked, and their anger rose. But no one dared to move because they remembered how Tianba beat them up the last time vividly.

Quan Chen covered his face and looked at Tianba in confusion. “How dare you to slap me…”

Quan Chen was the heir of the Chen Family. And now he was slapped by Tianba in front of so many people. “How am I going to take charge of the family if I don’t fight my dignity back?” He thought to himself.

“You get what you deserve! Kris is a decent man, and I know it better than anyone else. I will tear your mouth open if you keep bullshitting!”

When he finished, the silence within the room was absolute.


Quan Chen was so angry that a burning blush rushed to his cheeks. He wanted to fight back but he didn’t have the guts. Quan Chen was at the later period of the acquired stage after a period of training, but his ability was hardly comparable to Tianba’s.

Jie Liang’s complexion also went pale. Tianba’s presence was so intimidating, and the two men standing behind her were also so muscular. Their arms were even stronger than her legs.

When he saw everyone was too scared to utter a word, Tianba sniffed: “What a bunch of losers. The only thing you are good at is to bully the weak! Chen Family is so going down within three years, and no one can save you, not even Jesus.”

Every single person in Chen’s Family got furious when he heard what Tianba said.

“He is so arrogant, so arrogant!!”

At that time, the old man sat up suddenly and stared at Tianba angrily. “Tianba Li! You really think we are afraid of you?”

The old man just wanted Kris to apologize for embezzling the fund of the family and for his unethical conduct, which was grievous sins so that Kris could be forgiven by him before he dies. But the result was so disappointing. And the old man was further irritated by Tianba Li because not only did Tianba stop Kris from doing what the old man wanted him to do, he also claimed Chen Family is going down within three years. The old man could not put up with this insult. He then shouted with all his strength: “Master Qingyuan! Please!”

And then, Master Qingyuan, who was looking rather pale, walked out of a room with a sword in her hand.

The old man found Master Qingyuan half an hour ago and asked her to do him a favor.

The old man knew he didn’t have much time left and his last wish was to make Kris apologize for his sins and return the property to the family. Then he would forgive Kris because, despite all his sins, Kris was still his favorite grandson. But since Kris refused to apologize, he had to kill him before he dies because he was aware of Kris’s ability, and no one in Chen’s Family is comparable to him. That’s why. He asked Master Qingyuan to kill Kris.

Master Qingyuan agreed without thinking too much because she was touched by the old man, and she believed Kris was very lucky to have such a wonderful grandpa. It was obvious that Kris would not apologize, so she was determined to kill him.

“Mr. Chen, let me help you to destroy this sinner!” Then she aimed her energy at Kris and thought: “I should have killed him during the Pharmacist Contest!”

Kris felt a chill was sent down his spine. “Damn! What’s the matter with this Master Qingyuan? Why is she always trying to kill me?” Kris thought to himself. Then he said with his brows furrowed: “Master Qingyuan, did I ever offend you?”

Master Qingyuan said in a stern voice: “Kris! Your grandpa knows that you have sinned, and he wanted to give you a chance to repent! But you don’t even feel grateful, and you refused to apologize for your sins, and that’s why I am going to kill you for Chen Family. Last time you escaped, but this time, you are so doomed.”

Then Master Qingyuan wielded her sword and charged into Kris.

Everyone in Chen’s Family felt excited when they saw this scene. “This bastard is finally going to be killed!” They thought.

Master Qingyuan is the leader of Emei School, and it is said that she was already in the fulfilled period of the innate-power state, only one step away from the return-to-nature stage. Tianba Li was powerful, but he was only at the fulfilled period of the acquired stage. There was a huge gap between them. But they didn’t know Tianba used the Obstacle-Breaking Pill, and he had already reached the innate-power stage.

“Die!! Bastard!! Die!!!

Tianba dragged Kris aside when he felt Master Qingyuan’s enormous power. They couldn’t beat Master Qingyuan, but they could dodge her attacks.

Master Qingyuan missed hitting Kris. She felt embarrassed and looked at Tiannba: “Do you know what is the consequence of offending Emei School?”

Tianba looked at Master Qingyuan fearlessly and said coldly: “You tried to kill Kris before you figured out the truth. What kind of School are you leading? They say that Kris defiled Sisi, then where is the evidence? Why should Kris apologize for something he didn’t do at all? You are the leader of Emei School, but that doesn’t give you the right to falsely accuse anyone.”

“What? He was falsely accused?” Master Qingyuan’s face darkened. “We don’t need evidence. Because Mr. Chen acknowledged it himself. He wouldn’t joke about it, would he? Because it would ruin Chen Family’s fame.”

Kris sighed. “I didn’t do it, and that is the truth. If you don’t believe me, we can do a DNA test.”

Quan Chen was greatly frightened when he heard this. Jie Liang’s face also changed due to fear. They thought to themselves: “What? DNA test?”

If a DNA test was carried out, not only would they lose all their fortune, they would absolutely be kicked out of the family. It was related to her future happiness, so Jie Liang would not allow that to happen. She then walked to Kris and said: “Kris! I know what your plan is. When the test is done, you need to wait at least two days for the result. And you will manage to change the result during the two days.”

Everyone in Chen’s Family nodded.

“Yeah! This Kris has got all kinds of evil plans, he would absolutely change the report!”

“Master, don’t you trust a single word of his!”

“Damn!” Tianba Li could no longer put up with it. He shouted: “Kris, let’s get out of here. I can no longer bear these people.”

Master Qingyuan’s anger flared up when she heard this. She said: “I don’t think my sword allows you to leave this place.” Then she held her sword up and charged into Kris at full speed.

Kris also got irritated. “This stupid woman! Why is she so arrogant when she is only at the fulfilled period of the innate-power state!” Kris thought to himself.

Then Kris waved his hand, and the dagger Kill Qin appeared in his hand. He held up the dagger and blocked Master Qingyuan’s violent attack.

“Master Qingyuan, you claimed to be the leader of a prestigious school. How can you use a sneak attack?”

Tianbai didn’t expect Master Qingyuan would attack without even giving a warning.

When he saw Kris blocked the attack, Tianbai sighed with relief. And then he also joined the battle.

Kris was already powerful enough to fight Master Qingyuan alone, and now with Tianba’s help, their fight was much easier.

Master Qingyuan was taken aback as she didn’t expect Kris and Tianba to be so powerful.

The room was too crowded, and she needed more space to use her other techniques.

“Get out of here! All of you!” Master Qingyuan shouted to the crowd.

The members of the Chen Family were already frightened to death. The fight unfolding in front of them is a fight between people at the innate-power stage, and people at the acquired stage like them should really stay away. So when they heard what Master Qingyuan said, they all rushed out of the room.

Chapter 246: Chen Family’s Disaster

“Kris! Die!” When the crowd was dispersed, Master Qingyuan transferred all her inner energy to the sword and charged into Kris at full speed. At that crucial moment, Kris heard a woman screamed behind him. He turned around and saw Sisi Mu was falling towards him, and Kris got hold of her in time. Master Qingyuan was still charging into Kris, and she didn’t have enough time nor distance to stop herself, and the next second, Sisi was pierced by the sword.

Sisi’s eyes rounded, and she fell into Kris’s arms.

“Sisi!” Lei Chen was shocked. He rushed to Sisi like a mad man, pushed Kris aside, and held Sisi in his arms.

Sisi was looking rather pale. Blood spurted out of her wound, and half of her body was soaked in blood.

“Lei Chen, you…you must save the kid!!” Sisi said. Then she lost consciousness.

“What is going on?” Master Qingyuan froze. “I wanted to kill Kris. Why did Sisi get hurt?”

“Sisi!!!” Lei Chen screamed. He was on the verge of breaking down.

People in the Chen Family were also shocked. Wasn’t Master Qingyuan aiming at Kris? Why it was Sisi who got wounded?

Lei Chen held Sisi tightly in his arms. Tears were streaming down his face. “Sisi, you will be fine. You must hold on!”

And then, Jie Liang said: “We must protect Lei Chen and Sisi because Sisi can provide the evidence for Kris’s crime, and Kris must want Sisi to die so that he can get away with his sins!”

What she said flared up everyone’s anger, which could be reflected in their eyes.

“So Kris pulled Sisi to him and used her as a shield!”

“What a crazy man! He wants Sisi to die!”

Then, everyone in Chen Family rushed inside the room and surrounded Lei Chen and Sisi.

Jie Liang smiled slyly when she saw this scene. Yes, it was Jie Liang who pushed Sisi towards Kris because she wanted to eliminate the possibility of a DNA test in the future. The evidence could only be destroyed by killing Sisi, and then Kris would be blamed for everything.

“Kris! Why would you do this!” Lei Chen’s face contorted with hatred, and he never expected Kris, his big brother, could be so vicious!

“Lei Chen, It’s not like… I didn’t…”

“Kris! Stop arguing! We all saw what happened!” Jie Liang stared at Kris and said: “You bastard! We won’t let you hurt them again unless we are all killed.”

“Yeah, unless we are all killed!”

Kris found it was impossible to explain himself. And then, all of a sudden, Master Qingyuan held up her sword again and charged into Kris. But the two bodyguards of Kris’s blocked Master Qingyuan and threw two heavy punches at her. So powerful were the punches that Master Qingyuan was sent flying. She bumped into the wall violently, and then she fell on the ground heavily.

It happened so fast. People didn’t even notice what was going on. Tianba also froze. Because he didn’t expect Kris’s body guards could be so powerful.

“How dare you to use a sneak attack against Master Chen.”

Yong Sheng and Weiwu Zhao didn’t intervene earlier because Master Qingyuan was not powerful enough to pose a threat to them, and they thought everything was under control. So they had always been relaxed as if they were there to enjoy a little show. But they were alarmed when they saw Sisi was wounded by Master Qingyuan because the one got pierced could have been Kris, and if Kris was killed, they would be doomed.

Blood came out of Master Qingyuan’s mouth, and she looked at the two people in astonishment and said: “Practitioners at the return-to-nature stage?”

“What? ” Everyone present was stunned. “These two big men are Practitioners at the return-to-nature stage? How is it possible? How could Kris get to know people at this stage?” Everyone was bewildered.

Master Qingyuan also looked at them in disbelief. “Why are they calling Kris their Master? Are they Kris’ bodyguards? How am I going to kill Kris if he is protected by them?” She thought to herself, then her body began to quiver nonstop.

And then Weiwu Zhao, who was looking rather murderous, looked at Master Qingyuan, who was still lying on the ground, and said: “You want to hurt Master Chen, and I have to kill you!” He didn’t even care that Master Qingyuan is a woman.

Then he summoned up his sturdy energy and was about to kill her. Master Qingyuan felt she was targeted by an energy that was dozens of times stronger than hers, and she thought she would be dead.

“Die!” Weiwu Zhao shouted.

But at that crucial moment, Kris shouted: “Stop!”

Master Qingyuan thought she would surely be killed, and she was surprised when Kris stopped Weiwu Zhao.

“But Master…” Before Weiwu finished, Kris said: “Just release her, and there is no reason.”

“Fine!” Weiwu then thought to himself: “Although this woman from Emei Mountain was spared of death, but she should still be punished.” Then he gave a short cold laugh, summoned up his sturdy energy, and knocked Master Qingyuan unconscious.

Kris’ face darkened when he saw Sisi, who was still unconscious. Master Qingyuan was aiming at Kris’ heart, but Sisi got in front of Kris at the last moment, and the sword pierced her lungs. She was in a critical condition, and she needed to be sent to the hospital.

Although Lei Chen hated him now, Sisi was always the victim, and she couldn’t die. So Kris said: “Lei Chen, let me see.”

“Let’s get together, everyone! We can’t let him get close to Sisi.” Jie Liang shouted. “Kris, we won’t let you hurt Sisi!”

“What a stupid woman! If Sisi doesn’t get the treatment now, she will die, to say nothing about the kid in her belly.” Kris thought to himself. Then he said: “Send her to the hospital, or it will be too late!”

Then Lei Chen recovered himself. He stood up, and Sisi, covered in blood, was in his arms. He stared at Kris with his bloodshot eyes and walked out of the room. And then a bunch of members of the Chen Family followed them, and Kris, Tianba, Yong Sheng, and Weiwu also followed behind.

Tianzong walked to the old man, who was still lying on the bed, and said: “Father, I’ll ask Quan Chen and Jie Liang to take care of you. I also need to go to the hospital.”

The old man nodded and said: “ Ask someone to take Master Qingyuan to the hospital as well.”

When Master Qingyuan was taken away by some people from Emei School, the old man’s face darkened because he saw clearly it was Jie Liang who pushed Sisi. He was confused about why would Jie Liang push Sisi and then blame everything on Kris. Then, he thought of a possibility.

“But, that can not be true. How is it even possible?” The old man didn’t want to keep thinking about it.

At that time, Quan Chen knocked and walked in, and he said: “Grandpa, We are here to take care of you.”

Jie Liang walked to the old man and said: “Grandpa, were you frightened? Now everything is fine. Kris and his helpers are gone.”

The old man nodded. “What about Sisi? How is she?”

“Don’t worry, grandpa. She is sent to the hospital. She will be fine because the medicine is now so advanced.”

The old man nodded and then looked at Jie Liang. Jie Liang was made very uncomfortable by the old man’s stare, and she asked: “Grandpa, why are you looking at me? Is there something on my face?”

Jie Laing touched her face and looked into a mirror, but she found nothing.

“Tell me. Did you push Sisi just now?”

Jie Liang was shocked when she heard it.

“Grandpa, what are you talking about? We all saw Kris pulled Sisi towards him and used her as a shield. How could it be, Jie Liang?”

“I am old, but I’m not blind.” The old man said. He has very rich experiences in life, and a little trick like Jie Liang’s would never fool him. He saw it clearly. Jie Liang pushed Sisi. Besides, when the old man finished himself, anxiety was written all over Jie Liang’s face, which further proved the old man was correct.

Jie Liang gave a short laugh. “Grandpa, you are so wrong. Why would I push Sisi? I always treat her as my sister.”

The old man ignored what she said. He asked: “Why did you say Kris pulled her? Do you want to frame him?”

Quan Chen panicked. “Grandpa, you can not even think straight now! Why would we frame him?” Quan Chen shouted at the old man.

“Yeah, grandpa, we want our family to be good.”

The old man is not to be fooled easily. The more they talked, the more suspicious the old man got. When the old man saw Jie Liang pushing Sisi, his suspicion got heightened.

“Why didn’t you approve of a DNA test?”

“Of course, I couldn’t approve of that, or the truth would be…” Before Quan Chen finished, Jie Liang slapped fiercely across his face. Now his whole head was swollen. But this slap proved to be useful because he soon realized his mistake, and he amended by saying: “No, grandpa, I mean it takes a long time to get the result, and anything can happen during this time.”

Now the old man finally figured out the fact, and he felt a sharp pang of regret.

“You jerk! You are the real criminal! You did everything!” The old man was so angry that he fell off his bed. He felt so regretful. Why didn’t he believe Kris? He brought Kris up himself, and how could he not trust Kris!

“Grandpa!” Quan Chen and Jie Liang tried to help the old man, but they have pushed away. “You vicious woman! It is Chen Family’s disaster to have a daughter-in-law like you!”

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