Chapter 245: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 245 The Treasure Map Is Fake (1)
“Let me go!” Venus Mu struggled and said. But Heng Zhang’s strength was too great that she felt the pain from his grip.

“Behave yourself!” Heng said. With a shake of his hand, Heng hurtled Venus to the stone wall hard, either intentionally or out of anger.

Before Venus had time to cry out of pain, she heard a bang behind her. The thin wall of stone caved in and another hole appeared.

Heng and Mr. Cai also returned to the cave when the two were manhandling. At that moment, they were shocked by what they saw. It turned out that here is an altogether different world.

“Boss, shall we go in and have a look?” Heng said very excitedly. He completely forgot that he had lost one of his men more than ten minutes earlier, and that he was arguing with Venus a few seconds earlier.

gavin’s eyes moved from the cave to Venus. “Of course we should go in. You lead the way.” gavin said to Venus.

Venus shook off Heng’s hand. With a snort, Venus turned and went into the cave.

Venus knew something about gavin. She knew he wouldn’t kill herself, but he would do anything he could to upset her.

The newly discovered cave is much larger. The further they went in, the more slippery the stone became. Then Venus thought she heard a loud noise of water.

Is there a river ahead?

Venus’s eyelid twitched. She thought it’s her chance to escape.

A little further in, the sound of water became more pronounced. In addition, Venus also found there was light ahead.

Is it really an exit? Thinking of this, Venus was full of strength and she walked faster. Heng seemed to know that she would like to escape and he has been closely following her.

The light was getting better and better. With cool vapor in the air, and such a loud sound, there seemed to be a waterfall ahead.

Venus was right. When the waterfall appeared in its entirely, they were all attracted by its majestic beauty.

Just as the poem reads, the waters cascade down from three thousand chi above, like the heaven’s silver river dropping from the top.

At that moment, the poem exactly voices the feeling of Venus. Moreover, as they were behind the waterfall, the visually striking of it was stronger.

Venus approached the edge of it and looked down and then a sense of dizziness came over her. She could see nothing but the white waves below. If she jumps down from here, would she hit a reef or a hidden rock?

But if she doesn’t jump, she would always be imprisoned by gavin. It’s hard to predict what would happen next.

“What should I do? Should I jump or not?” Venus thought.

When Venus was thinking, a figure leaned toward her. Venus snapped back and took a step back. Then she stared at gavin and said, “What do you want to do.”

gavin looked at Venus sarcastically and said, “What do you want to do? Do you want to jump down?”

Venus felt a chill in her heart. She didn’t know why gavin could always see through her own intentions. As she moved toward the edge of the wall, she pointed to gavin and said, “Stand still, or I’ll jump down.”

“Hum! You are too timid to jump down.” gavin said. Although gavin said that, he was nervous. Venus looks weak, but she is very tough. Then he said with a softened tone, “Venus, I told you that I will let you go when I find the treasure. I won’t go back in my word.”

Venus saw Heng behind her out of the corners of her eyes. She sneered and said, “gavin, what if you can’t find the treasure forever?”

“As long as it exits, I will find it.” gavin said resolutely.

Venus had made up her mind. As gavin is so crazy about the treasure, he would never let her go if he knows the truth. Besides, there were still Heng and Alisha who wanted to kill her.

“gavin, what if there is no treasure?” Venus said.

“What do you mean?” gavin said with cold eyes.

Venus shrugged and smiled, saying frankly, “I don’t want to lie to you at this late hour. The treasure map is fake. Even if you turn all these mountains over, you won’t find the treasure.”

“Nonsense!” gavin said emotionally. The expression on the faces of the three people standing behind him were different, one was surprised, one was angry and one was understanding.

“Why should I lie to you? The treasure map you had at first is true, but the one I gave you is fake. Because Kerry doesn’t have no incomplete ones at all. His father only gave him half of the treasure map. In order to save our child, he had no other choice but to forge one. We didn’t expect that you would believe it’s true so easily.” Venus said.

gavin looked very surprised. Then he became very angry. “Venus, are you telling the truth?” gavin asked through gritted teeth.

“Of course. Believe it or not.” Venus shrugged and said. As she spoke, she secretly got down the bag on her shoulder.

“It’s impossible! How could here be no treasure?” gavin said incredibly, “I have asked many people, and they say that here was a kingdom, but it disappeared, so the treasure was buried under the ground…”

“gavin, you are too stupid.” Venus smiled helplessly and said, “If the treasure is really here, how can you find it after so many years? It might have been found by others long ago. Otherwise, why didn’t the people find it a few decades ago even if they had cut-throat fight?”

“I don’t believe it.” Gavin shook his head repeatedly in disbelief and said. Then he looked at Venus greedy with eyes and said, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You said that because you want me to let you go.”

Venus rolled her eyes and said, “gavin, believe it or not, that’s the truth.”

“Then why you told me that? Are you not afraid that I will kill you?” gavin said.

“Yes, of course I am, so,” Venus paused for a while and flung the bag out of her hand suddenly and said, “I don’t want to play with you anymore.”

Before they knew it, Venus jumped into the waterfall and then disappeared.

Venus really jumped into the waterfall.

She was so desperate and determined, even if she might die.

There was a long silence at the entrance to the cave. No one spoke and no one shouted. In addition to the scene that Venus jumped down the cliff, what in their mind were Venus’s words. She said here’s no treasure at all.

As the goal that they had been pursuing for a long time disappeared in an instant, gavin and others were all depressed and a little dispirited.


Kerry was eating noodles at a noodle shop in the town. His heart suddenly seemed to have been grabbed by others so hard that he could hardly hold the chopsticks in his hand.

“What’s wrong with you?” Tianye Mu, who sat opposite him asked.

Kerry gasped in pain and said, “Nothing. I just have a sudden pain in my heart.”

Tianye picked up some noodles with chopsticks and blew them, saying, “Maybe your wound hasn’t healed up yet.”

“Maybe.” Kerry said.

After resting for a while, Kerry restarted to eat noodles.

Henry was sitting at a nearby table. After he answered a phone, he threw his chopsticks immediately and said to Kerry and Tianye, “Boss, Mr. Mu, our men found the van at a tollbooth with the same license plate and the same type of vehicle as the police said. One of our men said the driver is Heng.”

“Where are they?” Kerry and Tianye asked at the same time.

“They are probably within fifty kilometers of us. They seem to be going to the airport and they are driving very fast.” Henry said.

“They finally show up. But if they want to get out of here, they will have to see if we say yes.” Kerry said coldly.

Then they drove to the airport. “Why they choose to leave suddenly? Don’t they want to look for the treasure?” Tianye said somewhat confusedly.

“In the morning, I torn his den down. In the afternoon, I burnt down several of his villas. Do you think he can still keep his equanimity?” Kerry said with a smirk.

Tianye was suddenly enlightened. It turned out that Kerry did so many things without telling him. But he always felt that something might have happened.

More than an hour later, Kerry saw the van in front of him, full of people.

There was no much traffic on the way to the airport, and the people on the van seemed to have seen Kerry. The van accelerated.

“They found us.” Tianye looked at the van and said.

“In that case, there’s no need to hide. Henry, run after it.” Kerry said excitedly.

“OK, boss.” Henry said.

There were three cars chasing the van at the same time. No matter how fast Heng drove the van, it’s far inferior than the off-road vehicles.

Within minutes, the van was sandwiched by the jeeps and off-road vehicle.

Kerry stared at the people in the van. He felt there was someone missing. With the twitching of the eyelid, Kerry pushed the door of the car open and walked straight to van with a gun in his hand.

“Get off the car!” Kerry shouted.

The one who drove the car is Heng. Just as the saying goes, when two foes meet, their eyes flash fire.

“Get off the car!” Kerry shouted again.

Tianye quietly walked to the side of the van and took a look inside. When he saw there was only a middle-aged man and a woman sitting inside, and there was no sign of the man with the mask and Venus, he was surprised.

“Kerry, Venus isn’t in the van.” Tianye said.

After being stunned for two seconds, Kerry walked to the van and looked inside. He found the man with the mask and Venus were really not in the van.

“Get off, or I will shoot.” Kerry said. With bloodshot eyes, Kerry looked ferocious.

Heng and Alisha were prepared to be killed, so they got off the car calmly.

“Where is Venus?” Kerry asked.

“She is dead.” Heng said with a cruel smile.

Kerry and Tianye were all surprised. Tianye lifted Heng up by the collar and said, “What did you say?”

“I said she is dead.” Heng said with emphasis on the word of “dead”.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 245 The Treasure Map Is Fake (2)
Tianye Mu felt like his world had ended, and Kerry Ye didn’t seem to believe Heng Zhang at all. Kerry went straight to Mr. Cai and put a gun to his head, saying fiercely, “Tell me where Venus is.”

Mr. Cai looked at Kerry calmly and said, “She did die.”

“Say it again!” Kerry said.

Mr. Cai was still very calm. He is a man of letters, but he is impressive in bearing. “Mr. Ye, I am a scholar. I don’t have to lie to you. Venus is dead. Just an hour ago, she jumped off a waterfall tens of meters high.”

Kerry’s legs went limp and he almost collapsed to the ground. An hour ago, his heart gave a sharp pain, could it be because…

No, that’s impossible. Venus won’t die.

Tianye threw Heng down and strode over to Mr. Cai. “Even if she jumped down, she might not die.” Tianye said anxiously.

“I understand how you feel. But the cave is really high, and the average person has little chance of surviving the jump.” Mr. Cai said.

“Why did she jump off the cliff?” Tianye asked.

Mr. Cai didn’t speak. “I’d like to know, why Mr. Ye try to trick us with a fake treasure map?” Ailisha said with a sneer.

Kerry stared at her with his cold and blue eyes, saying, “That belongs to me. You took it out of my hand by despicable means, and how you dare resent me for giving you a fake one? Lady, is you brainless?”

Ailisha was taken aback by Kerry’s frightening manner. She looked into Kerry’s eyes with a timid look, because she didn’t know when he’s gonna blow up.

After Tianye calmed down, he finally remembered someone who wasn’t there. “Where is your boss?” Tianye asked.

Heng burst into laughing. “Our boss? Yeah, where is our boss? Of course he went the other way. He’s so smart and how can you get him?” Heng said.

Tianye temporarily suppressed his anger. “You take the men to search the airport, the docks and the stations. Everywhere must be checked. Get that guy at all costs.” Tianye said to Henry calmly.

“Yes, Mr. Mu.” Henry said.

“Ha, ha, ha” Heng laughed with mockery. “Don’t waste your time. Will he still wear the mask as he knows you are looking for him? So, you’ll never find him.” Heng said.

Everyone froze where they were. What Heng said is true. As long as the guy takes off his mask, he looks like a different man. How can they find him without even knowing his name?

“Mr. Mu, should….” Henry asked perplexedly. He didn’t know whether he should go to find him and how to find him.

Tianye took a deep breath and said, “No, leave him alone first. Even if he goes back now, he has no foothold. Someone will give him a lesson to him for us.”

Heng know what Tianye meant immediately. Heng became angry and scolded, “So you tore our den down and burned our villas.”

Tianye nodded and said, “Yes, we also killed your men. We did all this.”

Heng was almost mad with anger. Heng pounced on Tianye to hit him, but he was knocked down by Tianye immediately. He vomited blood and fainted.

Tianye clapped his hands and said to Kerry, “Just calm down. Mr. Cai just said Venus jumped off the cliff and no one knows she is dead or not. I don’t believe my sister died like that. So the priority now is to find her. We must find her, dead or alive.”

Kerry’s suddenly enlightened by what Tianye said. “You are right. Venus is blessed with good fortune and she is so kind, so god won’t let her die. Maybe she’s waiting for us to rescue her right now.”

“Yes.” Tianye said. Then Tianye looked at Mr. Cai and said, “Can you show us the way? Just lead us to the place where she jumped off.”

Mr. Cai sighed and said, “Do I have other choice?”

“Of course.” Tianye said with a sneer.

“What’s that?” Mr. Cai asked somewhat ignorantly.

Tianye pointed to Heng, lying on the ground fainted and said, “You can accompany him.” Then Tianye pointed to Ailisha and added, “And her. All there of you can die together.”

Tianye’s tone was very indifferent, but it made Mr. Cai get a chill shiver. “I’ll show you the way.” Mr. Cai said immediately.

“That’s good. You are a smart guy.” Tianye said. Then he looked at Ailisha and said, “As for you, we’re not really interested in taking you with us. You’re troublesome. What do you think we should do to you?”

Ailisha cast her eyes over the handsome man in front of her. After snorting, she said, “Don’t talk so much if you want to kill me…”

Before she finished what she wanted to speak, Tianye hit her on her neck. Then she fell to the ground limply.

That’s the result of asking Tianye not to speak so much.

“Xiaofang, tie them two up and throw them straight into the sea. Remember to throw them a little further.” Tianye ordered emotionlessly.

Xiaofang took a look at Kerry, who still looked not quite himself, and said, “OK, Mr Mu.”

Mr Cai was scared and said with trembling lips, “You guys are so lawless. How dare you kill people openly?”

Tianye looked at him mockingly and said, “People? Do they deserve to be called human beings? Ask the owner of this van if her agrees with you. Do you know how many innocent lives they’ve killed? Do you believe there will be innocent people die tomorrow if I let them go now? So, I am just enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven.”

Mr Cai was struck dumb by what Tianye said. This all the way with Heng and others, Mr Cai really saw the cruelty and affectionlessness of them.

“Xiaofang, don’t stand still. Just go to do that quickly.” Tianye said. Heng and Ailisha are both foreign nationals and no one would report to the police even if they disappear.

“Yes.” Xiaofang said.

After seeing Kerry was still a little stunned, Tianye slapped him on the head. “Can you fucking sober up? I told you Venus wouldn’t die. What are you thinking about?” Tianye said.

Kerry turned to stare at Tianye angrily. Since childhood, no one has ever hit him on the head.

“What are you looking at?” Tianye shouted at him, “If Venus dies, I’ll be the first one to give you a lesson. Get in the car!”

In the face of Tianye’s anger, Kerry could only suffer it in silence, because Tianye is Venus’s brother. In addition, Kerry could see that Tianye’s just using this irritable mood to hide the fear in his heart.

Instead of taking them into the cave, Mr Cai took then directly to the foot of the waterfall. On the way to the waterfall, Mr Cai told them what happened all the way under the threat of Tianye. Mr Cai told them the man with mask is gavin. Whether the name is real or not, Mr Cai had no idea.

On the car, Mr Cai couldn’t help but ask Kerry, “Is your treasure map real or fake?”

Kerry was utterly confused and had no mood of answering his question. “I drew it casually. Do you think it’s real?” Kerry said impatiently.

Mr Cai looked very disappointed. His ultimate wish is to find the lost treasure. He doesn’t do that for money. It’s his hobby. So when gavin found him, he just though about for a while and said yes.

He didn’t expect the treasure map is fake.

It seems that his wish will not come true.

The car bypassed the hill where the sarcophagus stood, and after a little while it could not get in. Then they got out the car. After walking for about half an hour, they heard the sound of rushing water.

Kerry and Tianye rushed forward in a hurry. Mr Cai is old, and he had walked so much in the morning that he was overdrawn. So after a few steps, he took a break to catch his breath.

After seeing Mr Cai walk so slowly and hinder them, Kerry said to Henry, “Let’s pick him up.”

Therefore, the short Mr Cai was carried in the middle by two big men and walked with his feet off the ground.

As the sound of the water grew louder, the road became harder to walk on. When they finally saw the full extent of the waterfall, they could only hear the noise of the water. Kerry and Tianye was shocked.

Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, the waterfall is at least twenty meters high. The water poured down from the top, like a white silk, stirring up huge spray.

It’s such a magnificent waterfall. What if Venus jumped down from there…

Mr Cai bent over and gasped. He pointed halfway up the waterfall and shouted, “See, there’s a hole, and there’s where Venus jumped off.”

Kerry felt he was putting to death by dismembering the body. All the way he dared not think of the worst result. He preferred to believe what Tianye said. He kept telling himself that Venus’s alive. But when he saw the waterfall, the little hope he had was shattered.

With such a height, the chance of being alive is really small.

But Kerry couldn’t believe that Venus’s dead.

With that thought in mind, Kerry took off his coat and threw it on the ground. He just wore a black T-shirt. Tianye grabbed his arm and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’ll go down and have a look.” Kerry said with a firm look. If she’s dead, at least there’s her body.

“You can’t go.” Tianye said with a stern look.

Kerry shook off Tianye’s hand and said, “I must go down and see for myself. Even if she died, I’ll pull her out.”

Tianye stepped forward to block in front of him and said, “You can’t go. I will go.”

Kerry gritted his teeth and clenched his hands into fists. His blue eyes were full of anger. “Get out of the way. Venus is my wife. I must go and find her.” Kerry said.

“She’s my sister and I’ll look for her.” Tianye said. Seeing Kerry want to retort, Tianye said, “You can’t go in the water because of your injuries. I will go to find her.”

After hearing what Tianye said, Henry walked up to Kerry and said, “Sir Kerry, Mr Mu is right. You are not well enough to go in the water.”

“Do you want me to wait here?” Kerry roared at them excitedly, “She is Venus. She is my wife. How can I just stand here and wait?”

“I understand how you feel. Do you think I feel good in my heart? But you have to wait here.” Tianye tried his best to say that kindly, “You have an injury in your chest. What if it gets infected in the water? Should we take care of you or go to find Venus by then?”

“I’ll be fine…” Kerry said.

“That not depends on you. You said you could bring Venus out last time, but what happened in the end?” Tianye said to stimulate him, “Kerry, you can’t be overconfident in your own abilities sometimes.”

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