Chapter 245: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 245 Game on!

“I won’t take it. I don’t want the both of us to forget our past.”

Colin Ward knew the antidote would have done damage to the brain and caused memory loss and mental decline; he did not care about becoming a six year old again; what he treasured was the memory he had with Doris Lee.

He didn’t want to forget it.

Vanessa Liu did not know what to say.

Colin Ward sat in his car in the hospital parking lot, waiting for Gerd Ward.

A few moments later, Gerd Ward, carrying a man in black on his shoulder, walked towards him; the man’s mouth was clogged with rag, uttering muffled whining.

Behind Gerd Ward was Bald Liu and his men.

Colin Ward felt a bit speechless at such scene.He remembered vividly that he said to invite him over.

Getting out of the car, Colin Ward said, “You are very special in inviting people.”

“Yup.”Gerd Ward did not deny it.

Bald Liu was also standing before them.

“Boss.” Bald Liu walked up to Colin Ward and smiled gallantly. “I’m all yours to bid.”

Gerd Ward threw the man on the ground.

The man struggled loose the ropes and got the rag out of his mouth, barking: “Good heavens!

Who the fuck are you? Do you know who I am? How dare you kidnap me?”

Bald Liu gave the old Jiang a nasty kick. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Bald Liu! You kidnapped me?!” He recognized Bald Liu and snapped at him.

“Stop talking shit!” Bald Liu swore.” Be quiet!”

The old Jiang scrambled to his feet and said angrily, “Bald Liu, you are quite bold! Are you sure you wanna fuck up with me?”

“That’s enough!”

Colin Ward did not want to hear them cursing and swearing at each other any more.

Bald Liu saw Colin Ward irritated and laughed obsequiously. “Boss, whatever you say.”

Old Jiang took a glance at Colin Ward and said with contempt: “Boss? Or young bastard! Bald Liu, you are shameless!”

Bald Liu did not answer him.

“Twenty million!” said Colin Ward expressionlessly.

Old Jiang’s eyes widened as he looked at Colin Ward as if to make sure if he had heard it wrong.

Bald Liu mocked. “That’s shameless!”

Compared with the 1 billion Collin Ward had offered to find someone not long ago, twenty million was nothing.

Old Jiang echoed in disbelief, “20 million?”

“I’ll give you 20 million, and you’ll do something for me.” Said Colin Ward.

Old Jiang was dumbfounded, “20 million for one thing?”

Twenty million! How fucking rich he must be! No wonder even Bald Liu called him the boss!

Colin Ward added: “Accept or…?”

Old Jiang nodded as he repeatedly answered: “Accept! Accept!”

Emperor Casino was the home court of Black Carp.

Well, each district had its own characteristics.

Bald Liu on the north side was a bold and skillful in fight.

Old Jiang in the Eastern District could be called an old pimp, with brothels everywhere in his place.

The Black Carp on the West was greedy for money. This Casino had brought him a steady stream of money.

As for the Da Song of the Southern District, he had grandiose aims but puny abilities.

Black Carp was now sitting in the president’s office at Emperor Casino, playing a game on his mobile phone.

His men were standing in the room guarding his safety.

“Boss, you could rest assured that those little gangsters won’t say a word about you.”

The Black Carp, without looking up, nodded and asked again, “Where is that girl now?”

“As far as we know, she is now in the Lanbo Port villa area, it is a place that is not so easy to…”

The Black Carp frowned. “Is she so rich? A villa in Lanbo Port?”

“What’s wrong with Wei Reed? Is he being serious to mess up with a woman like that?”

The man dared not answer.

After a while, the game on the mobile phone deemed to be over. Black Carp put down the phone, looked up, and said to his men thoughtfully, “Find a way to lure her out!”

His men nodded and added: “It won’t be as easy as last time; the head of the Marquis must have taken precaution.”

“Afraid?” The Black Carp stared at him. “Damn you!”

“No matter what, he is but a useless businessman; does he dare to mess up with us?”

“Yeah, sir, you are right…” His men nodded in approval.

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