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Chuck was so embarrassed.
“Chuck, it’s okay, just take off your jacket, I think you have been kicked in the chest for a few feet, don’t hurt the internal organs.” Logan came over, worried in the eyes.
Chuck did it, took off his shirt, and indeed saw the red footprints on his body. Those people’s feet were too strong. Chuck was going to be knocked out just now.

“Chuck, lie on the sofa, be good.” Logan said, going to the room to get things, she would carry some self-help things with her.
Chuck lay down and saw Logan coming over with some medicine. First, he pierced his skin with a dagger, put blood on it, and then rubbed it with medicine. It looked simple, but this is not what the average person can do.
“Apply the medicine, bear with it,” Logan rubbed the medicine gently, and Chuck felt the pain was extreme. What kind of medicine is this?
Fortunately, after tingling, Chuck felt numb. However, when Logan lowered her head to apply the medicine, she didn’t expose at all. Screen.

So beautiful.
“Chuck, you will sleep here today,” Logan said. It wouldn’t be possible to go back so late. You must lie down after the injury is treated.
“Well, Aunt Logan, I listen to you,” Chuck didn’t dare to look around. If Aunt Logan discovered it, that would be bad.
“Sleep well, can you tell me anything?” Logan gently touched Chuck’s hair.
Chuck nodded, but Logan’s arm was also red. This was just left by the steel pipe. Chuck hurriedly sat up and took Logan’s hand, which was really delicate, “Aunt Logan, your arm ,”
“It’s okay, I went into the room myself.” Logan’s injury was nothing to her, it was just a bit painful.
“Aunt Logan, I learned how you handled it just now, and I will deal with it for you,” Chuck felt guilty and distressed. If it weren’t for her own hindsight, how could she be hurt with Aunt Logan’s strength?
Logan smiled, “Okay.”

Chuck painted the gourd in the same way, and also stabbed Logan’s arm with a dagger. For the first time, his hand was light, and the thorn could not be broken. Chuck did not dare to stab, because this is a sharp dagger.
Seeing Chuck being so careful, Logan smiled softly, “It’s alright.”
Chuck nodded, and then dared to prick gently, and the black blood bleed out. Chuck was busy covering it, and his hands and feet were busy. Logan laughed softer. This child was too simple.

After bandaging Logan, Chuck was relieved, “Aunt Logan, all right.”
“Well, thank you, Chuck, you go to bed early, call me if you have anything,” Logan was satisfied, the dressing was very strange, but this was Chuck’s efforts to dress up, she just wanted to laugh just now, but hold back, she didn’t want to Dispel Chuck’s enthusiasm.
She stood up and went to the room. Chuck was lying on the sofa with the picture in Logan’s neckline. Chuck felt that she could not sleep tonight, but she might feel too tired and fell asleep unconsciously.
In the room, Logan heard Chuck’s snoring sound because she was too tired. She chuckled. “Was the child still snoring?”

Logan was relieved and she took out her mobile phone to call and connected.
“Give me all the monitoring of the Hong family. I will not allow anyone in his family to be under my supervision.”
Logan finished talking and hung up the phone, her eyes were cold…
Yvette worried that it was already twelve in the evening, why did Chuck not go home yet? Did not call? Yvette lost her hug on the sofa and didn’t hug Chuck. She couldn’t sleep. “Her husband, where are you?”…
When Chuck woke up in the morning, he felt much better and his body didn’t hurt anymore. The way Logan handled it was really magical. Chuck put on his clothes. Fortunately, he didn’t hurt his face. Otherwise, Yvette would be worried when he saw it. of.

He took out his mobile phone and saw the information that he had arrived at the account. Sure enough, his mother gave 7.5 billion to his card last night. Chuck was surprised. He could buy the land today, but there is still a mother.
A message
Chuck, I have recently prepared, I will start teaching you to fight.
Chuck is even more pleasantly surprised. His mother, Logan, and Betty are all masters of fighting. Chuck also wants to be that kind of person.
Chuck suppresses the excitement in his heart, but how does the mother prepare to teach herself? Or go to any dangerous place to experience? Such as military camp? Or is it an underground fighting place? This can only be said by my mother.

Chuck called Yolanda and asked her to prepare. She was going to a place today, that is, buying the land.
Dealing with this, Chuck knocked on the door, “Aunt Logan, Aunt Logan…”
But there was no sound in it, Chuck was in a hurry. Aunt Logan went back to Beijing to deal with that Hong family overnight?
At this time, the door opened, it was Aunt Logan who came back and brought up the food. Had she came from the vegetable market?
“Aunt Logan, you scared me to death, I thought you went back,” Chuck sighed with relief.
Logan smiled slightly, “I’ll tell you when I will go back, I’ll go shopping and cook for you.”
“Aunt Logan, when will you go back?” Chuck was worried.
“You don’t want me to go back?” Logan asked gently.
“No,” Chuck knew that Logan was in the capital. She came to relax and play. “Aunt Logan, I want you to stay a few days longer. There are still many places to go.”
“Okay, if you say let me stay for a few days, I will stay for a few days, sit first, and I will make breakfast for you.” Logan went to the kitchen.…
Chuck was relieved.

Logan made a good breakfast, Chuck thought it was delicious, everything was finished, Chuck saw Logan hurt, of course, he wanted Logan to have a good rest.
“Okay, listen to you. I won’t go anywhere today and just sleep at home.” Logan smiled.
Chuck felt relieved and went downstairs to see his car. Chuck sighed. It seems that he still bought it again. Chuck didn’t know how to drive it back.
Chuck didn’t think about what car to buy again. Today, he still bought the land first.
Chuck was ready to go out to take the bus, but at this time, Zelda came down from the upstairs and saw Chuck’s car look like this. Zelda was surprised and asked what happened to Chuck with concern? Chuck didn’t want to worry about Zelda, he said he was in a car accident.
“Be careful when driving.” Zelda cared. “Where did it hurt?”
Chuck was touched by Zelda’s hand, and he remembered the picture of Logan’s neckline last night, so…

Zelda stunned and whispered, “What are you thinking about again? Come, I’ll take you to the square.”
Chuck was embarrassed and got into Zelda’s car. Zelda turned his head to look at Chuck. “Say uncomfortable, and don’t worry anyway,”
Chuck shook his head, Chuck didn’t want to be sorry for Yvette anymore.
Zelda didn’t say much, driving Chuck to the square, Yolanda was already waiting in the parking lot, Zelda wondered where Chuck went? After all, Yolanda is holding a bag, and it is a work bag. What project are you going to see?
Chuck smiled mysteriously and told you when it was time.
Zelda was curious, “Say, what the hell are you doing?”
“Buy something.” Chuck opened the car door with a smile, Zelda was helpless and also got off the car.
Chuck took out the key of the sports car and got on the car with Yolanda. Chuck told Yolanda to buy a piece of land in the morning. Yolanda was not surprised. In the morning, she had not prepared for breakfast for two hours and prepared the documents. Chuck looked at it and felt satisfied.

“The land you mentioned is worth about 600 million yuan. In terms of geographic location, you can build a business center or a hotel…” Yolanda said of her plan.
Chuck was satisfied with what he heard, and what he did specifically, he would wait until he bought it today.
He drove Yolanda to Shane’s company.
Zelda watched Chuck drive away curiously, she was going to see the restaurant decorated in the square above, but at this time, Yvette drove over, Zelda levied, waiting for Yvette to stop, She came over and Chuck didn’t go home last night. She was very worried. She had to ask if Chuck was at Zelda’s house.
“I want to ask, where was Chuck last night? Was he at your home?” Yvette asked with a sigh.
Zelda shook his head, “No, I have nothing to do with him, he was at his house yesterday,”
“But he didn’t came back yesterday.” Yvette was lost. She didn’t fall asleep last night. She was too worried. Did Chuck hate Sun Shangxue at home, so he didn’t want to go home?
“He had a car accident yesterday,” Zelda said.

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