Chapter 246: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 246 Easy prey!

“Go, get the woman, we need the money!”

On his command, several men headed for the villa where Vanessa Liu lived.

Back at the Lanbo Port’s villa, Vanessa Liu and Flora Lewis stayed with Doris Lee, telling her not to think too much.

Like any other children, Doris Lee had almost forgot about it and was smiling again.

While Doris Lee was watching cartoon in the living room, the two sat down in the small garden behind the villa.

Vanessa Liu’s phone suddenly rang.


The caller spoke in a cold machine voice,

“We have Colin Ward. If you want to see him alive. Get to the place we sent you in two hours.”

Then he hung up.

Vanessa Liu was stunned for a moment.

“Colin Ward has been kidnapped?!”

“What?” Sitting next to her, Flora Lewis exclaimed in surprise, “What’s going on?”

Vanessa Liu was a little flustered and said: “Just now, he called me and said if we wanted Colin Ward to be alive. I have to go to the address he appointed immediately.”

Then a message came through.

The address he gave was somewhere at suburb of the West Side, with nothing but empty streets.

“What shall I do?

Vanessa Liu and Colin Ward had been tied up once before, and with what happened yesterday, she didn’t have the slightest suspicion.

They were both nervous.

Vanessa Liu stood up and said: “Let’s call police.”

“Wait!” Flora Lewis stopped her. “If you call the police, will they kill him?”

“What else can I do?” asked Vanessa Liu.

“Why don’t we call the police quietly and ask the police to follow us? We can go to the place as he demands?”

Vanessa Liu nodded.

But before she dialed the emergency number, a question popped up to her mind, “Wait!”

“What’s the matter?” Flora Lewis asked.

Vanessa Liu had recovered and calmed down a lot from when she just got the call.

“How did Colin Ward get kidnapped?”

Flora Lewis was stunned, then calmed down. “You mean they were lying and tried to lure you out?”

Vanessa Liu nodded, “It could be! But let’s call Colin Ward first to make sure. ‘

With that, Vanessa Liu picked up her phone again.

“Hello? What’s up?”

That, of course, was Colin Ward himself.

To the relief of both Vanessa Liu and Flora Lewis, Vanessa Liu asked: “Are you all right? Someone just called me and said they have you and told me to go somewhere they want me to go.”

Colin Ward was intrigued, “What’s the address? Send it to me.”

Colin Ward and Bald Liu were racking their brains in locating Black Carp, and they had given them the address to get to him.

Colin Ward knew their target was Vanessa Liu; that’s why they lied to her and tried to lure her out.

Luckily, Vanessa Liu reacted quickly and didn’t really rush out……

“Boss, we have informed her, she would come here very soon.”

Black Carp looked complacently and bid his man, saying, “Go call Mr. Reed that we have got the woman, tell him the bring the rest of the commission.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Soon, Mr. Reed was informed.

In the office of Juding Bank, Wei Reed’s face broke into laughter when he heard the news. He was excited at the thought of seeing the pretty soon.

Leaving everything behind, Wei Reed drove off to the appointed place.

It was an empty, abandoned place at the in the suburbs.

Except for some plastic bags and bottles left by the passers-by, there was nothing, nobody.

Black Carp and his men had been waiting while Wei Reed arrived.

Wei Reed got out of the car and looked around. “Where is she? Didn’t you say you have got her?

Where is she?”

Black Carp smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, Mr. Reed. She is on her way here.”

“If she truly worries about Colin Ward, she would come here very soon.”

Wei Reed nodded his head and calmed down waiting with them.

“But for how much longer?

“She should be here in ten minutes or so.”

After the phone call, the Black Carp had his man watching at the gate of Lanbo Port villas; and as reported, Vanessa Liu was in the taxi heading here.

After a moment of silence, Black Carp said, “Mr. Reed, once you got the lady, I will got the money, right?”

Wei Reed can’t wait to see Vanessa Liu. “Don’t worry, I’ll transfer the money to you as soon as I see her,” he said.

“Mr. Reed is indeed a man of his word, what a pleasant cooperation.”

“All right, I’ll go wait in the car.”

“Go ahead. You would be the first one to know when she arrives.” The Black Carp laughed obsequiously.

Wei Reed’s lust was burning him at the thought of Vanessa Liu.

“Hang in there, hang in there.” Wei Reed consoled himself.

After twenty minutes of waiting, a car pulled over in front of them.

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