Chapter 247 – 248: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 247: Saving whom?

Mr. Chen, as the family head, understood everything clearly now. He has been a hero in the past life, but now he was tricked by his undutiful kids at his old age, he felt shame for this. He has two sons. One is Tianzong, the other Tianyao. He knew very well that Tianyao cannot make the family business more prosperous, but he still has the ability to keep the family running in the right path.

However, Tianzong used to be a playboy who has no talent and abilities, but why did he suddenly appear to be so capable and gentleman-like? It turned out that all his deeds and actions were just for succeeding him and assuming the family power.

Mr. Chen thought to himself that he was really getting stupid. During the 3 years of practice in a private room, his mind was not as sound as before when getting out.

He even conceived the idea of using family rules to punish his eldest son, which was so stupid as to nearly get his son and daughter-in-law killed, and he was guilty of this.

It also made his most beloved grandson bear the infamy of sullying his younger sister-in-law, he was really confused in mind. He ruined his eldest son’s family with his own hand. As it was he who caused this mistake, so let him end it.

“Your bastard, hurry up and rally the people together. I want to hold a family meeting!” Mr. Chen shouted at Quan Chen.

“Grandpa, since you know everything, then I won’t lie to you.” At this time, Quan’s wife Jie Liang, closed the door and looked at the old man with a sneer: “Yes, I set up Sisi Mu and Kris, but what can you do if you know the truth?”

“Jie, you…” shivered Quan Chen.

“Shut up, you trash!” Jie Liang glared at Quan Chen: “The old man was just fooling you, you told him everything?”

She said to Mr. Chen again: “Old man, you have only half your life, and you want to hold a family meeting? So what do you want? Want to vindicate Kris? Want to welcome him back? I tell you, you are daydreaming!”

“Poisonous woman, you poisonous woman…” The old man Mr. Chen was trembling with anger, with his face going pale.

“You dare to call me a poisonous woman? Then I will show you the poison today!” Jie Liang picked up the pillow from the bed and slashed it directly onto the old man’s face…

The old man was so fragile that he could barely stand any punch or hit, ten minutes later, the old man stopped breathing completely.

Jie Liang glanced at Quan Chen, who was sitting on the ground in fright, kicked him and shouted, “What are you doing while sitting here like a coward, take the old man to the bed.”

To be honest, Quan Chen was scared and shocked at this time.

He did not expect that Jie Liang would actually kill… to kill Grandpa, it was terrible!

“Come on, let me tell you if someone sees the old man lying on the ground, we are finished!” Jie Liang said coldly, “We would be put into prison for this, let alone inheriting the family property!”

After hearing Jie Liang’s words, Quan Chen quickly got up from the ground, and then the two lifted the old man onto the hospital bed, then arranged the sheets and bedding, pretending that nothing had happened.

“Jie, what should we do now?”

“You just follow my order, I will tell you to want to do next…”

But there was a person who had heard all of this, and she covered her mouth with shivering hand, trying to prevent herself from making any sound.

On the other side, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City. The doctors were trying their best to treat Sisi. Outside the ward, Lei Chen was walking to and fro anxiously.

The children of the Chen family stood beside him. It’s been three hours, and nobody didn’t know how the thing was going on. Everyone’s face was covered with mist, and the culprit of all of this was Kris. All of them looked at Kris with hatred.

Tianba Li comforted Kris and said, “Bro, don’t worry too much, it will be fine for sure.”

Kris nodded and could only pray that Sisi and the child in her womb would be safe. This matter was so strange, he would definitely investigate it as soon as he got out of the hospital.

Not only to prove his own innocence but also to give Sisi an explanation!

If something bad happens to her, this misunderstanding would never be solved in life.

Another hour passed, the red light outside the ICU turned green, and the doctor walked out with a tired face.

Lei Chen quickly got close to him: “Doctor, how is my wife?”

The doctor took a deep breath and said, “The injury is too serious. It wounded the lung lobe and the gallbladder. There are two options. One is to save your wife with a 30% success chance, but the child may not be saved… If saving both your wife and the baby, with only 10% survival chance.”

Lei Chen clutched the doctor’s hand tightly and said with tears: “Is there any other better way to save both of them?”

The doctor shook his head helplessly: “Sir, make your choice as soon as possible, you are running out of time.”

After speaking, the doctor left.

What to do?

How to choose?

Lei Chen grabbed his hair in pain, and if he could, he would die in place of Sisi.

“Lei, just save your wife…”

“Yeah, Lei, the kid is Kris’s seed, so just save your wife…”

As the words fell, all of the Chen family members began scolding Kris.

“Kris, you beast, all this was caused by you. Why do you have the face to stand here!”

“Out of our sight, we don’t want to see you!”

“Get out of here, you root of misfortunes.”

At this moment, even if two monks who had returned to the Primordial Realm stood behind Kris, they were not afraid.

Kris felt extremely guilty. If it weren’t for him, Sisi would not have been hit by the sword.

“Kris, get out of here!”

Lei Chen turned around and looked at Kris with scarlet eyes: “If something bad happens to Sisi, I will definitely not forgive you!”

Hearing Lei Chen’s words, Kris clenched his fists with nails sticking into the flesh.

This was the brother who trusts him the most, but now he had become an enemy.

His heart was hurt for this.

There must be a way to achieve both ends, and there must be one way out.


One kind of magic pill can save her, no, not one, but two kinds of pills!

Sisi’s sword-cut wound can be treated with Heaven-Mending Pill, which is a high-level pill that specifically treats this kind of sword cut.

As for saving the baby’s life, a fetus-protecting pill must be prepared.

Fetus-protecting pill is an intermediate level pill, and he happened to have the needed medicinal materials.

Thinking of this, Kris said to Yong Sheng and Weiwu Zhao: “You two stay here. I will come back as soon as possible.”

After speaking, he left in a hurry.

“Kris…where are you going.”

“Refining medicine…”


Fifteen minutes later, Kris came to Huanyu Group. He quickly took out the pottery pot for refining the pills and then poured the medicinal materials into it.

In order to speed up, Kris used Genuine Energy to catalyze the pill, and Kris finished it in one hour.

Kris opened the lid of the jar and saw two milky white pills lying quietly inside.

Taking out the fetus-protecting pill, Kris hurriedly left the office with the pills.

At this time, Yong Sheng and Weiwu Zhao almost fell to sleep waiting for Kris there, then they heard the sound of footsteps.

“Kris, you finally come!” Seeing Kris, Tianba hurriedly greeted him.

Kris nodded and walked straight to Lei Chen.

“What are you doing?”

At this time, the Chen family’s members blocked Kris’s way and stared at Kris one after another. If his eye contact could kill people, Kris was already battered to pieces at the moment.

“Get out of the way, I have something for Lei!”

“Begone, we don’t welcome you!”

Kris took a deep breath, for he did not have time to meddle with these people, so he just pushed away from the people in front of him.

The highest practice level of these Chen family disciples was only in the middle period of the acquired stage, and there was no possibility to stop Kris, who had reached the later period of the innate-power stage. And the people who wanted to block Kris were overthrown down to the ground at once.

At this time, Lei Chen stood up. He had an axe in his hand: “What do you want to do?”


Seeing Lei Chen’s resentful eyes, Kris sighed. He took out the Fetus-Protecting Pill and handed them to Lei Chen: “These two pills can protect the child. Give me a little more time. I won’t let Sisi have trouble.”

“You are so caring about your child, right, and you said that the evil seed is not yours!”

Kris looked at Lei Chen calmly: “Trust me, wait and see, the truth will come to light in the future, but before that, you have to accept these two pills.”

“I don’t want it, who knows if it is poison!” Lei Chen didn’t believe what Kris said at all now.

Kris shook his head helplessly and placed the pills wrapped in oil paper on the bench beside him: “Remember, before I come back, do not make any rash decisions.”

After finishing the talk, he walked Tianba’s side and said, “Tianba, I need a medicinal ingredient now. Can you help me find it?”

“No problem at all, bro,” Tianba patted Kris on the shoulder and said.

“I need thousand-year wild ginseng. Do you know who has it? I would like to buy it at a high price.”

Kris has other materials in this patch of heaven, the most important being the Thousand-Year Wild Ginseng. And it must be wild ginseng, not ordinary ones.

If the wild ginseng can grow to more than a hundred years, it is already very remarkable and can be regarded as a very precious elixir.

The Thousand-Year Wild Ginseng, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a peerless panacea.

Even if you have money, you may not have any chance to buy it, and the main medicine ingredient for refining this Heaven-mending Pill is Thousand-Year Wild Ginseng.

Yong Sheng and Weiwu Zhao on the side were also surprised. This thousand-year wild ginseng was not an ordinary elixir.

Only hairs of the ginseng could save the life of a dying person, which is extremely precious.

Tianba touched his chin and said, “Kris, do you remember the mysterious old man at the Dingding auction house two months ago?”

Did Kris nod? Yes, wasn’t that Yuhan and her grandfather?

“Did not they entrust the Thousand-Year Wild Ginseng to Dingding auction house for auction at that time?”

As Tianba had reminded him, Kris remembered the thing instantly. It seemed to be true. He wanted to buy it at that time, but because there were only three, which were too few, he gave up the bidding.

That being said, Yuhan probably has a complete thousand-year wild ginseng in hand.

“Kris, wait, I’ll call the person in charge of the Dingding auction to see if they have the contact information of the old man or not.”

“No, I have the contact info!” Kris stepped aside, took out the phone, and dialed Yanru Sima’s number.

Meantime, Yanru Sima was shopping with her best friends. All of the ladies are with slender legs and good looks. When they walk side by side in a row, the most beautiful scenery is in the pedestrian street.

They are all daughters of wealthy families, so they like shopping at spare times.

They buy what looks beautiful, and expensive items are their first choices, and they love wearing luxury clothing, using nice bags, and wearing valuable jewelry.

After shopping all afternoon, everyone was a little tired. Yanru Sima took them to the Pearl Tower in Westriver City.

The Pearl Tower is the tallest building in Westriver City. It is almost 300 meters high. On the top floor, there is a Michelin three-star western restaurant. This restaurant only accepts reservations and only serves member customers.

As a distinguished supreme member, Yanru Sima, of course, did not need to make a reservation, and she directly picked up one high-end private room.

She and the other pretty ladies were seated on the top floor of the 300-meter high tower, enjoying steak, tasting wine, and watching the heavy traffic in Westriver City, talking and laughing.


At this moment, Yanru Sima’s cell phone rang, she smiled at others and said, “Excuse me, I need to answer the phone.”

When she took out her phone and read the screen, her face suddenly became nervous.

Chapter 248: The requests

Kris promised to make medicine for Yanru Sima, but he disappeared halfway through the process, leaving Yanru to be ridiculed by her friends for a long time.

“He came to apologize to me? Should I accept his apology?” Yanru didn’t know whether to forgive him. At this time, Yuhan Qin, who was smiling on the side, came over, “Why don’t you answer the phone?”

Then she subconsciously took a glance. When she saw the caller’s name on her phone, her face instantly changed.

“It’s him again, hang up the phone,” said she, and she hung up the phone quickly.

The surrounding women looked at Yuhan curiously and asked her, “You don’t seem happy.”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?”

“Who just called you?”

Yuhan snorted, “It’s Kris who lied to Yanru. That day, he told Yanru that he could make medicine for her and then secretly escaped.”

“Oh, it’s him.”

“I told you he was unreliable.”

“I know that he’s not a good man at first glance.”

Listening to everyone’s discussions, Yanru was also very angry with Kris. Her impression of Kris instantly became bad, and the only trust for him was gone.

“It’s good that Yuhan hangs up his phone. I don’t need to talk to him.” She thought and was about to put the phone in her bag.

At this time, the phone rang again, and it was the call from Kris.

Yanru knitted her brows and was about to hang up the phone. Next to her, Yuhan snatched the phone over, “This guy wants to harass you. Let me scold him.”

“Yuhan… forget it…” Yanru shook her head and took the phone back, “There’s no need to argue with him.”

Yuhan shook her head and said, “How dare he harass you? You just answer the phone. I want to know what he will say.”

As she ended, their friends nodded in agreement, “Yes, we also want to know what he will say.”

“He must call to apologize to me.”

Hearing the words of her friends, Yanru planned to answer the phone. She also wanted to know what this untrustworthy man was trying to say.

Immediately she answered the phone and put on the speakerphone at the same time.

“What’s up?”

Kris was so anxious that when he saw the call come through, he said, “Thank God, you finally answer the phone.”

“What are you going to say?” Yanru asked.

“Miss Sima, may I ask if you have Yuhan’s phone number?”

Hearing these words, Yanru was stunned. The women on the side were also stunned.

This was not what they had guessed.

Yuhan was surprised when she heard this, and then she asked, “What do you want my number for? What are your intentions?”

Kris heard Yuhan’s voice and said with great joy, “Miss Sima, please give your phone to Miss Yuhan Qin, I have something to ask her.”

“Yanru, hang up the phone” Yuhan was now in a very complicated mood. She had thought that Kris was calling to apologize, but he ended up coming to find her.

“Why is he looking for me? Do you still want to give me a massage?”

She remembered Kris giving her a massage two days ago, and she was inexplicably throbbing. But she suddenly felt that he must have some intentions towards her. Yuhan was both shy and annoyed. She had been dreaming about Kris for the past few days.

“Don’t hang up the phone, Miss Sima. I’m looking for Yuhan for something urgent.” Kris was in a hurry. Every minute of delay now increased the danger for Sisi Mu.

“Urgent? What can you be in a hurry for?” Yuhan said.

Looking at Yuhan, Yanru said, “He sounds like he’s in a hurry.”

“I’m not answering it. I don’t want to talk to him,” said Yuhan and hung up the phone.

Kris dialed again, but he could not get through.

Kris was so angry that he wanted to smash the phone, “She’s got quite a temper on her. She dared to hang up on me and also turn off the phone.”

Kris scratched his hair and suddenly came up with an idea.

He dialed Lan Yu’s phone and spoke directly, “I’ll give you a number. You help me check her location. I’ll pay you with an Obstacle-Breaking Pill.”

When Lan Yu received Kris’s call, and she was thinking about why Kris would call her.

Immediately, Kris spoke out so many words that left her stunned, “You call me just for this?”

“I’m in a hurry, can you help me? I’m not doing anything bad; I just want to find someone.”

It was forbidden to privately look up and locate someone by phone number, but if it was Kris’s request and there was an Obstacle-Breaking Pill as payment, so Lan Yu agreed to help him.

Ten minutes later, Kris received a message from Lan Yu.

Twenty minutes later, Kris took a taxi to the Pearl Tower… This first building in Xichuan City had a three-star Michelin restaurant on the top floor, so he guessed that Yanru Sima should be here.

It was a 120-story building, and it took Kris almost ten minutes to reach the top floor by elevator. Kris was about to enter the restaurant when two waiters stopped him, “I’m sorry, sir, this place has been booked, and no outsiders are allowed.”

Kris frowned and asked, “I’m here to find people. If she’s not here, I’m leaving.”

“Sir, we can’t let you in.” The waiter shook his head. They only provided service for the customer and the first thing they needed to ensure was the customer’s privacy. They wouldn’t let Kris in.

“Fine, I won’t go in.” Kris took two steps backward, then took a deep breath and shouted loudly, ” Yanru Sima, are you there…”

At this time, Yanru Sima stood up abruptly.

“This voice sounds a bit familiar.”

“Yeah, I think I heard the voice somewhere.”

“Yanru, is he your boyfriend?” The girls teased.

Yuhan’s face instantly changed when she heard the voice, “How does Kris know we are here?”

“Yuhan, you mean it is Kris who called the phone just now?”

Yuhan nodded. She frowned and walked out. Those girls also followed her out.

As soon as Yuhan reached the door of the restaurant, the waiter greeted, “I’m sorry, Miss. I’ll let him leave now.”

“No, I’ll do it myself.” Yuhan walked to Kris quickly.

Then she slapped him in the face. The women who’d followed her froze.

“This woman is crazy? I haven’t even spoken yet, and she slapped me?” Kris thought. He was very angry and glared at her, “What are you doing?”

Kris had something to ask her for help, so he tried to control his anger.

“How did you know we were here? Are you following us?” Yuhan said in a cold voice,

At this time, Yanru also came over and looked at Kris with a serious gaze and said, “Kris, what do you want?”

Kris took a deep breath, looked at Yuhan, and said, “Miss Qin, There is something I want to ask you.”

“The most important thing right now is to get the wild ginseng. As long as I can save Sisi Mu, it’ll be worth the slap.” Kris thought.

“I won’t answer your question.” Yuhan looked at him with a face full of contempt and said, “Someone like you who doesn’t keep his word dares to come here? Please leave here immediately. Don’t make me kick you out.”

“Just because of making medicine?” Kris thought. He had made all the medicine that day in the manor’s pharmacy. When he was just about to put out the fire, Lean Monk grabbed him.

“It seems that those medicines should have been burned dry, so they misunderstood me.”

Thinking of this, Kris smiled bitterly, “Miss Qin, I know you don’t like me, but it’s really a matter of life and death here.”

Despite his misunderstanding with Yuhan Qin, he at least gave her a massage last time to prevent her paralysis. She should agree to help him.

“A matter of life and death?” Yuhan snickered, “You’re lying. You must be stalking us. What do you want to do to me?”

Kris suddenly didn’t know how to explain.

Seeing him standing there unmoving, Yuhan said impatiently, “If you don’t say anything, I’ll slap you until you say.”

Then she raised her hand again and was about to slap Kris.

Just as she was about to slap Kris’s face, Yanru came over to stop her.

She looked at Kris and said, “What exactly do you want?”

She didn’t want to care about Kris. But when she saw Kris being slapped, she was a bit unbearable. A man receiving a slap in front of so many people, it was quite hurtful to his pride.

Kris gave Yanru a grateful look, then took a step forward, “Miss Qin, do you still remember the thousand-year-old wild ginseng’s beard that you auctioned off at the Dingding Auction two months ago?”

Hearing this, these women were stunned and looked at Yuhan unknowingly.

Even Yanru was surprised and looked at Yuhan. What was this situation?

Usually, when people were lack of money, they may auction something. Was Yuhan very short of money?

At this instant, Yuhan’s face changed, “Why are you asking this? Are you trying to get the wild ginseng?”

“Yuhan Qin really does have the wild ginseng.” Kris thought. He was happy that Sisi Mu could be saved.

“Can you sell the wild ginseng to me?”

“Are you kidding me? What precious elixir it is. Do you think the wild ginseng is a carrot?” Yuhan sneered, “Can you afford it?”

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