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Chapter 247: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 247 Come and Save Me (1)
Venus went to bed that night before nine o’clock. She fell deep in sleep very quickly. Suddenly, she felt a pair of rough hands were on her body, and she was wide awake.

She kicked helplessly and screamed: “Help!!” She hadn’t talked for a very long time so her voice was hoarse.

“I thought you were dumb!” The man said. He then covered Venus’s mouth with his hand. But Venus bit his hand and slapped his face very hard.

The man’s anger flared up. He shouted: “You fucking bitch! How dare you to slap me!”

“Help!” Venus screamed. She struggled very hard, but since she couldn’t see and her brain wasn’t working properly, the man finally got control of her and tore her clothes away.

“Damn! So beautiful! But you will be married to Gawa! What a shame!” The man said.

Venus flew into a rage. She summoned all her strength and pushed him off the bed.

“Damn!” The man fell on the ground and when he stood up again and was about to beat Venus, the door was pushed open. And his wife appeared at the door. Her eyes were blazing with fury.

“You bloody asshole! How dare you!” His wife grabbed a broom and hit him very hard. “This woman is retarded! How can you do this to a fool? Do you still have an ounce of integrity? Don’t you know we need to sell her?”

The man escaped. He covered his head with his hands and said: “Stop beating me! She seduced me!”

The woman was even more angry after hearing what he said. “Bullshit! She can’t even see! You think I’m stupid?” She said. Then, the broom fell on the man’s back, and the man screamed in pain.

“Stop. Stop.” The man knelt in front of his wife and begged. His wife pointed the broom at him and said: “Don’t do this again! Or I’ll beat the shit out of you!!”

“No, I won’t. I won’t.” The man said. He then noticed his wife was less angry, so he grabbed her arm and said: “I was wrong. I’m so sorry. Please don’t be angry with me.”

“Don’t you touch me!” His wife pushed him away and said: “Now go away! You are disgusting me.”

The man then escaped the room.

Venus was sitting in a corner. She rolled herself into a ball and she shuddered nonstop.

The woman looked at her and she felt sorry for her. She said in a soft tone of voice: “Don’t be afraid. He is gone.”

Venus was too shocked to say anything. Her clothes were all torn. So the woman found a t-shirt for her from another room. She said: “Put this on.”

Venus didn’t move. She stared at a direction unblinkingly even though she couldn’t see anything.

The woman heaved a sigh. “This is the only shirt we have. Put this on. The day after tomorrow, Gawa will send you some new clothes.”

Then the woman tried to help Venus to dress. But Venus was frightened. She held the quilt even more tightly.

“What’s the matter with you? Why don’t you put it on? Fine. It’s your choice.” The woman threw the shirt in front of her, left the room, and locked the door.

It was the next day. The woman went back to Venus’s room. But she found shockingly that Venus was still in that position. She didn’t move at all. But she already put the shirt on. She looked at the door when she heard the crack.

“You are up so early. Get off the bed. I’ll help you to wash your face.”

Venus calmed down a lot. She let the woman help her to brush her hair and wash her face. But when she heard the man’s voice, she was still frightened, and she moved closer to the woman for protection.

The woman felt sympathetic. But that doesn’t mean she changed her mind about selling Venus to Gawa. After all, she could make sixty thousand by selling her.

“Just stay away! She is terrified of you!” The woman said to her husband.

The man was not in a good mood because he didn’t get what he wants last night. He said: “Why are you so nice to her?”

“Just go to work!” The woman shouted. She knew what was on her husband’s mind, and she had to make him stay away from Venus.

The man walked away while saying: “Make some boiled meat this afternoon. I haven’t eaten boiled meat for a very long time.”


That afternoon, Gawa came to the woman’s place with a box of gifts. Many people came with Gawa because they were very curious about Venus.

The woman felt very nervous when she saw so many people coming. After all, Venus isn’t her husband’s cousin and she lied about it. She didn’t let these people get into the house and she said: “Just go back! All of you! You will see her tomorrow because tomorrow is the wedding day.”

She didn’t want Gawa to hold a wedding. She wanted him to keep a low-profile. But Gawa’s parents disagree. They insisted on holding a great wedding ceremony. After all, this is a very big occasion for their son.The woman had no choice but to agree.

Gawa and his parents had already decorated their home. Gawa is 180 cm tall and he is very well-built. He looks just like everyone else but he is a little bit retarded. And people could notice it from the way he talks.

Gawa knew he would soon be a bridegroom and he was filled with joy. When people saw him, they always say: “Gawa, you will have a wife tomorrow. Congratulations.” And Gawa would say: “Wife…wife…” And they would say: “What a fool.”

That afternoon, Mr Zhong went to Gawa’s place to prepare the things that would be needed for tomorrow’s wedding. Two women were picking the vegetables in the garden, and they talked vigorously about the wedding.

“People say Gawa’s wife is very beautiful. She looks like someone from the big cities.”

“Really? Gawa is so lucky.”

“But the girl is blind and retarded. I don’t think Gawa is lucky.”

“You are worrying too much. All she needs to do is to give birth to children, so that his family’s bloodline can keep going.”

“Yeah. I guess you are right. Where is she from?”

“She is from another village. Her family doesn’t want her anymore because she is retarded, so they asked her cousin to find a husband for her.”

Mr Zhong listened to their conversation while he was making the sauce. And he learned something about this wedding.

The next day, before the sun was up, Venus was dragged out of her bed and washed and brushed. The woman dressed her in a traditional wedding dress on which a dragon and a phoenix were embroidered. She then put powder on her face and used lipstick on her lips.

The makeup was actually unnecessary. Venus is beautiful with or without the makeup. And she looked stunningly beautiful in that red wedding dress.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 247 Come and Save Me (2)
The woman was shocked by Venus’ beauty. She had never seen anyone who is even more beautiful than her.

“You are absolutely stunning!” The woman exclaimed. “I should have asked for more money.”

Venus couldn’t see. She could only sit there quietly and let them put powder on her face. She wouldn’t like her makeup if she could see.

The man walked into the room and said: “Is the bride ready? The car is……”

He stopped talking when he saw how beautiful Venus is. He only stared at her pretty face unblinkingly.

The woman slapped on the back of his head and said: “When will the lesson be learned? Where is the groom’s car?”

The man recovered himself and said, while staring at Venus: “The car will soon be here.”

“Stop staring! Get out! Don’t let them take her away before we get the money.”

“Sure. Sure.”

Ten minutes later, the groom arrived.

Gawa jumped off the car. He was also dressed in traditional wedding dress and he couldn’t wait to see his wife. But the woman stopped him and said: “Where is the money?”

Gawa knew nothing about the money. He ignored her and rushed into the room.

The woman then asked Gawa’s cousin: “Where is the money?”

His cousin took out a pile of money and gave it to her. He said: “Here. Count it.”

The woman took the money and smiled. “That’s not necessary. I trust you.” She said. “Now you can take her away.”

He and a few young men then rushed into the room. When they saw Venus, they were all numb with shock.

Gawa was staring at Venus unblinkingly. The other men all gasped and they all felt a pang of jealousy. Because they couldn’t find anyone who is as beautiful as the bride in the whole village, or even in the whole town.

The woman couldn’t hear any sound from the room. She was confused and she went back into the room to see what happened. And she found everyone was staring at Venus with their jaws dropped. She laughed and said to Gawa: “What are you waiting for? She is your wife. Take her home.”

Gawa finally recovered himself. He nodded and tried to take Venus’s hand. But Venus moved away from him. Gawa didn’t know what to do.

The woman then said to Venus: “Why are you so shy? He is your husband. Go home with him.”

Venus shook her head and said: “No. He is not my husband.” Her brain was not functioning very well but she faintly remembered that she has a husband, and her husband is so very different from the one standing in front of her.

The woman’s face dropped. She said: “You will have to go with him. It’s not up to you.”

Tears brimmed Venus’s eyes.

Gawa felt heartbroken when he saw her tears. He shouted at the woman: “Why do you have to make her cry!”

The woman shook her head helplessly. She said: “Fine! Just do whatever you want.”

Gawa summoned up his courage again and tried to take Venus’s hand. But Venus drew her hand back again.

These young men who were present all laughed. Gawa’s cousin said to Venus: “Hey, we have lots of delicious food and beautiful clothes at our home. Do you want to come with us?”

Venus was not in her right mind, and her expression softened when she heard the word ‘food”. Gawa’s cousin nudged at Gawa and said: “What are you waiting for?”

Gawa then tried to take her hand again and this time, Venus didn’t resist.

A giant smiled appeared on Gawa’s face. He took the bride out of the room. There are actually many rituals to go through before the groom could take the bride back home. But since they are all retarded, they skipped all the rituals.

Gawa finally took Venus back home. And since then, he had never walked away from her. He stared at her unblinkingly as if she would run away if he looked away.

“Are you hungry? I’ll bring you some food.” Gawa said.

Gawa’s mother walked into the room and found Gawa was so nice to Venus. She felt relieved. But then, she heard Gawa saying: “Hey, do you want to go to bed? Let’s go to bed! I will hold you in my arms.”

Gawa’s mother grabbed his arm and said: “What do you mean you are going to bed. It’s noon! Go out and meet our relatives!”

Gawa said no. “I don’t want to. I only want to be with my wife.”

“Your wife will always be here!”

“No! I don’t wanna go! I want to stay here with my wife!”

His mother finally gave up. She poked his head and left.

Many people in the village attended this wedding. They ate abundantly and drank heartily. The man and the woman who found Venus and sold her to Gawa’s family also came. They are the most important guests because everyone believes the man is the bride’s cousin.

“Wang Li, I can’t believe you have such a beautiful cousin. You don’t look like each other at all.” A person said.

Wang Li (the man’s name) was at that moment very drunk. He patted his chest and said proudly: “Of course she is not my cousin. I don’t know who she is. I saw she fell into a river a few days ago and I saved her and took her back home.”

Everyone was numb with shock when they heard what he said. His wife was furious. She pinched his hand under the table very hard and hoped he could be sober. But he slapped her hand away and said: “What are you doing! You know she is not my cousin!”

The table was in uproar. A man asked: “Where did you find her? I mean, which river did she fall into?”

“Right behind……” Before he could finish, his wife covered his mouth and said: “Don’t listen to him! He is too drunk and he doesn’t know what he is talking about. The bride is his cousin.”

Wang was still struggling. His wife had to drag him home before he could say anything else.

After they left, the villagers talked about what he just said. And soon, everyone there was talking about it.

“Wang Li said the bride is not his cousin. He found her in a river!”

“Are you serious?”

“Sure. After what he said, his wife dragged him away. Why was she so nervous? Besides, look at how beautiful the bride is! Does she look like someone who is related to Wang Li?”

“You are right. But did she jump into a river? What happened?”


Mr Zhong heard their conversation. He suddenly remembered a few days ago, the group of people who stayed in his house were looking for a girl. So is the bride the girl they were looking for?

Mr Zhong remembered how nervous and uneasy Kerry was that day. And he determined to ask them to come back and see the bride. Maybe it is really her. He couldn’t allow Gawa to ruin the girl’s life.

He finished cooking the last two dishes and said to a man: “I must go home now. You serve the dishes.”

“Mr Zhong. Why are you in such a hurry?”

Mr Zhong wore a serious expression. He left without saying another word. These people had left for three days. He didn’t even have their phone number. How could he get contact with them?

Mrs Zhong was picking the vegetables when Mr Zhong came back. She said: “Why are you back so soon? Is the wedding ceremony over?”

“Something big happened!” Mr Zhong said seriously.

Mrs Zhong stood up and asked: “What happened?”

Mr Zhong then told her everything that had happened, and Mrs Zhong said: “Then the bride is must the girl! Wang Li and his wife must sold the girl to Gawa’a family! What a bunch of greedy people! They did similar things before.”

“I know. That’s why I come back. But we don’t have these people’s number. How should we contact them?”

Mrs Zhong paced back and forth nervously. She suddenly remembered something and said: “Did one of them go to the police station and have a DNA test? Maybe they have his number.”

“Right! I’ll call the police station.” Mr Zhong then made the phone call and told the police what happened. The police told him that he should contact Tianye Mu, and gave him his number. Tianye gave the police his phone number a few days ago and asked them to contact him if something new came up.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 247 Come and Save Me (3)
It was noon. Tianye and Kerry were having lunch in a small restaurant. They didn’t get any message for the past few days and they were in no mood to talk to one another.

Suddenly, Tianye’s phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number and he thought it was a scam phone call, so he didn’t pick it up.

But a few minutes later, his phone rang again and it was still the same number. Tianye put his chopsticks down and picked it up. He said impatiently: “Who is it?”

He heard a hoarse voice saying: “Hello. Are you the person who went to the police station three days ago and did a DNA test?”

Tianye became nervous. He said: “Yes. I am.”

“A friend of yours stayed at my home that day. And is he with you? Can I talk to him?”

Tianye passed the phone to Kerry and said: “He wants to talk to you.”

Kerry was surprised. “Why doesn’t he just call me?”

Kerry took the phone and said: “Hello, this is Kerry.”

Mr Zhong sighed with relief. “Finally! I’m Mr Zhong. Remember? Three days ago you lived in my house.”

“Oh, sure. I remember you. Mr Zhong. What’s the matter?” Kerry had a sense of foreboding.

Mr Zhong said: “That day I told you about a retarded man living in the village next to ours, and I told you that he will get married today.”

Kerry thought about it and said: “Yes. Mrs Zhong said that man should never get married.”

“Yeah! That’s him. I went to his wedding ceremony to cook earlier today. And I heard about something and I think you should know about it.”

Kerry was feeling rather nervous. He said: “What is it? Mr Zhong.”

Mr Zhong said: “At first, people say that Gawa’s bride is Wang Li’s cousin. But Wang drank too much and he got very drunk and he said the bride is not his cousin at all. He said he found her in a river and took her back home.”

“What!” Kerry stood up in an instant. The other people all looked at him.

Mr Zhong continued: “I think if he is not lying, the bride is probably the woman you are looking for. I saw her this morning, and she is tall and beautiful. She doesn’t look like someone from the village.”

Kerry felt his heart was pounding violently. He said: “Mr Zhong, do you know her name?”

“Nobody knows. She was taken directly to Gawa’s home. She seems a little bit retarded and she doesn’t talk a lot. She can’t even see.”

Kerry felt his heart was pierced by what he said. He couldn’t imagine what Venus had must gone through if the bride is really her.

“I am not one hundred percent sure about it. But I think you should come and check it. What if she is.”

“Thank you. Thank you so very much, Mr Zhong. We will go back immediately. Thank you.” Kerry said in a shaking voice.

“No problem. You must be quick. Gawa is a retarded person. I’m afraid if you are late…….”

“I know. Mr Zhong. Thank you very much.” Kerry knew what Mr Zhong was worried about. He hung up the phone and said to Henry: “Pay the bill. We will go to the house where we stayed three days ago.”

Kerry was pretty sure that bride is none other than Venus.

“Venus. I’m coming for you. Wait for me.” Kerry said to himself.

They got into the car. Kerry told Tianye what Mr Zhong just said. Tianye’s eyes were alight with excitement. He said: “We will know pretty soon.”

“It is must her. I know it.” Kerry said. He buried his face in his hands and said in a chocked tone: “It is her.”

At that moment, Henry said: “Sir, that village is now pretty far from us. We can’t possibly get there within half a day.”

Kerry and Tianye froze. They didn’t even think of that.

“Besides, the road is rather bumpy. So it may take some time.”

Kerry thought about it and said: “Henry, you keep driving. I’ll think of a way.”


The sun was setting. People left Gawa’s home when the ceremony was over. And Gawa was about to go to sleep when it was about eight o’clock.

Venus sat on the bed. She felt hungry and her stomach rumbled. Gawa heard it and said: “You are must hungry. I’ll bring some food for you.”

He then rushed out of the room and then came back with a bowl of rice and a fried dish. Gawa picked a piece of meat with chopsticks and moved it in front of Venus’s mouth. Venus opened her mouth when she smelled the food. But the moment her tongue touched the meat, she turned her head and didn’t eat the meat. It was too spicy for her.

Gawa thought she doesn’t eat meat. So he picked a piece of fried pepper and wanted her to eat it. And of course, Venus reacted more strongly, and she moved away from him.

Gawa became anxious. He wanted to force Venus to eat something, and Venus resisted strongly. They went back and forth and the bowl accidentally fell on the ground and shattered.

Gawa’s mother was right outside the room. She heard it and walked into the room. She pointed at Venus and shouted: “What the hell are you doing! My son is feeding you and you’d better eat it!”

Gawa is a very spoiled man and his mother is very protective of him. So she couldn’t allow anyone to make her son unhappy.

“You must remember that you come to this family to give birth to babies! Not to give orders to anyone!” She shouted. She then looked at Gawa and said: “Remove her clothes! And go to sleep!”

Gawa was very happy. He tried to take off her clothes, but when he touched her shoulder, Venus screamed and ran away.

“Stop shouting! I paid so much money for you! My son can’t even touch you?” Gawa’s mother then joined in and tried to take off Venus’s clothes. Venus was frightened. She pushed her onto the ground.

Gawa’s mother stood up and delivered a hard slap across Venus’s face. “Damn you!!” She shouted. “Gawa! What are you waiting for? Do you want to sleep with her?”

Gawa didn’t want to hurt Venus. But he didn’t dare to disobey his mother. So he grabbed Venus tightly so that his mother could take off her clothes.

Venus couldn’t see and she wasn’t strong enough to break away from them. Her coat was removed. And she only had a red shirt on. Her neck was so white and slender.

Gawa’s eyes widened. His desire was now burning.

“No!!” Venus covered her chest and screamed. Tears were pouring down her face. Her makeup was washed off.

Gawa’s mother shouted: “Just shut up!” She then removed her belt and her trousers. Venus’s long legs were exposed.

“Her legs are rather straight. She is in a good shape.” Gawa’s mother said. She then said to Gawa: “You must give me a grandson!”

Gawa laughed. He could no longer wait, and his breath was heavy.

“Don’t touch me!!” Venus shouted.

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