Chapter 247: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 247 Vanessa is in my Hands Now!

Black Carp immediately knocked on the car door, “Mr. Reed, they’re here.”

Wei who was inside the car, cast his phone aside excitedly then jumped out of the car, “Where are they?”

After he spoke, the car happened to stop in front of them.

The car door was opened and four people got off.

They are Colin, Gerd, Bald Liu, and the old Jiang.

Black Carp and all of his men, as well as Wei, widened their eyes and were frozen on their spot.

Wei became more outrageous and exclaimed, “Colin Ward!”

Black Carp had never met Colin. He’s just wondered why Bald Liu and Old Jiang also came with him. As he heard Colin’s name, he immediately realized that the young guy with extraordinary qualities in front of him is indeed the chairman of the Marquis Group, Colin Ward!

Now he knew that things had gone wrong. He glanced at Wei, then looked at Gerd, Bald Liu, and Old Jiang, and he suddenly had an urge to escape.

After Colin saw Wei, he wasn’t even surprised. He had roughly guessed it when he’s trying to grasp what happened. Moreover, the other party especially wanted to kidnap Vanessa. Aside from Wei, he couldn’t think of anyone that wanted Vanessa.

“You’re so idle, that you come to such a remote place, Mr. Reed?” Colin’s cold voice was heard.

Wei finally returned to his sense, “Aren’t you idle as well, that you come to such a remote place?”

At this moment, Wei had not suspected that Colin had known the truth since he hadn’t known what happened yesterday yet. Moreover, there were also Bald Liu and Old Jiang, so he subconsciously thought that he’s here to find Black Carp to deal with the gangster.

After thinking up to this point, Wei was still terrified. From this point of view, it means that Colin was hideous that he could get involved with the gangsters.

Colin sneered, “Don’t you know my purpose for being here, Mr. Reed?”

Wei snorted, “You have something to resolve. What does it have to do with me? I’m only here to take something that belongs to me.”

Just in time, Vanessa would come later and he would let him see, how he made her his woman!

“So, it turns out that the chairman of Marquis is such a hideous person, and also involved with the gangsters. Tsk, tsk, if this is leaked out, I’m curious how the response will be?”

Colin didn’t care and didn’t reply, but looked at Black Carp, “Your men have beaten up my father-in-law.”

That sentence made Black Carp’s heart flinched. But since he’s a boss for so long, it didn’t show, “I don’t know.”

As long as he denied it, what could he do?

Bald Liu snorted, “Don’t you fucking know? Don’t pretend to be stupid!”

Old Jiang also nodded, “That’s right. We have investigated it. Don’t you fucking deny it!”

“What do you mean? Are you ganging up to go against me?” Black Carp deliberately diverted the topic.

Bald Liu was too lazy to speak much, “Idiot!”

After speaking, he didn’t give a chance for Black Carp to curse, and just said to Colin, “Boss, should we just act?”

Colin was about to nod but Wei spoke beside them, “What are you doing, Colin? Are starting a gang fight? Believe it or not, I’ll call the police now!”

Although Black Carp and he only were only partners, as long as Colin acted up, he might be dragged in. so, he definitely couldn’t let Colin start.

However, Wei suddenly thought of Vanessa and began to threaten him, “Think carefully, Colin. Vanessa is in my hands now. If you dare to act up, I’ll immediately ask someone to do something to Vanessa!”

Black Carp glanced at Wei in a doubt. Didn’t he know that they were trapped? Or, did Colin really come here to avenge his father-in-law?

At this moment, Black Carp hesitated. If Colin is really here to avenge his father-in-law, then he doesn’t have anything to fear. There are a dozen of his men here, while there are only four of them.

One of his men that didn’t know the situation, also spoke, upon hearing what Wei said.

“Right, Vanessa is in our hands. You had better not acted recklessly!”

Colin’s gaze was gloomy and he sneered, “Aren’t you still waiting for her?”

When he finished speaking, everyone was stunned.

Wei couldn’t react for a moment and subconsciously asked, “How do you know?”

After asking, he shut his mouth but it was too late. He had indirectly admitted that Vanessa wasn’t in their hands.

Black Carp’s heart pounded. Colin knew it!

It means that his people that kept watching in Lanbo Port were being deceived!

Right, after getting in the car, Colin called and told Vanessa to act panic when she got out. A car would be there to fetch her at the door.

After the car left, there were a lot of cars on the main road. They used two identical cars to confuse their sights. The car that Black Carp’s men saw was the car that Colin and the others took.

Colin had no patience anymore. He originally thought that it would be hard to resolve. But he thought too much. It’s not difficult to deal with these people. He could just hit them.

“Bring them here,” Colin said lightly.

Black Carp reacted quickly when he heard those words, “What are you doing? Are you bringing anyone?”

“Hmph! Isn’t it too late to ask for someone now?” Black Carp saw them made a phone call to get someone and he wasn’t so frightened anymore, “This is the suburbs. So what if you ask someone to come here? It would take 30 minutes to reach here!”

“30 minutes. I have more than a dozen people here to take care of you. it’s more than enough!”

Wei was much relieved when he heard it and even looked smug, “Colin, I have sent you present before and invited you for dinner. But you fucking refused me?”

“Where does your pride come from? Do you still think that your Marquis is so great? Can it even be compared to our Juding Bank? If it weren’t because Chairman Reed asks me to act better, I won’t even fucking glance at you!”

“Just wait! You’re considered big now. If you’re considerate, when you return later, you’d better let those companies behave well. Don’t pull any lousy idea like withdrawing the funds!”

“And also, you can take a loan but you have to exchange it with Vanessa! Otherwise, I won’t let you take a loan!”

Colin glared at Wei firmly as he couldn’t tolerate it anymore.

“Beat him up, Gerd!”

Gerd, who had been so quiet stepped forward and raised his hand.

Wei was stunned. He planned to hide behind Black Carp but Gerd was fast. He caught Wei with one hand and at the same time landed a slap on Wei’s face.


It was a clear sound.


Wei yelled. Since he’s used to having good old days, also didn’t exercise much. How could he stand Gerd’s slap?

Black Carp was short and small. He was only about 170cm. When he saw Gerd, who was 190cm, he felt intimidated by his height letting him feel uneasy and restless.

But as he remembered his partnership with Wei, he immediately let his men acted, “Beat them up!”

More than a dozen of his men emerged.

Bald Liu is a martial artist and he joined them upon seeing this.

Old Jiang who was living as a playboy didn’t have that ability and just stood well beside Colin.

Colin instructed Gerd to beat Wei, he naturally wouldn’t care about the others. So, Bald Liu faced more than a dozen of people alone.

Of course, Gerd wasn’t solely hitting Wei. Since there were also idiots that came for Gerd, he just kicked them directly and they immediately flew out, then lied on the ground and groaned.

Black Carp was dumbfounded upon seeing this scene.

Isn’t it abnormal to kick people flying?

After two or three victims, nobody dared to fight Gerd anymore and fought against Bald Liu.

Bald Liu was suddenly under pressure. He had the base indeed but he isn’t as abnormal as Gerd!

“Old Jiang, why are you standing there? Quickly come and help me!” Bald Liu yelled.

Old Jiang stayed still and shook his head fiercely, “No, no. I can’t fight them.”

Bald Liu was almost furious. Is this what a district boss should say?

Colin who was beside Old Jiang also glanced at him curiously. He looked at his body, he should be able to fight, right?

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