Chapter 248: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 248 Dear, Let’s Go Home (1)
Venus Mu cried out in grief, but no one paid attention to her. Then a name popped into her head. “Kerry, help me.” Venus said immediately.

Like grabbing a life-saving straw, Venus screamed at the top of her voice into the darkness of nothingness, “Kerry, help me. Kerry, help me.”

“It’s no use for shouting. You already my daughter-in-law.” Gawa’s mother said with a sneer.

Venus’s tears rolled down like pearls with broken thread. She beat Gawa’s head, which was against her body, with her hands, but she was not strong enough and it didn’t bring any pain to him.

“Kerry, help me”. Venus was still shouting. She didn’t know who Kerry is, but he is the only person she remembered.

“Stop shouting!” Gawa’s mother said harshly.

As soon as she said that, there was a loud bang at the gate and the door was kicked open from the outside.

Gawa’s father heard the bang and ran out. Then he saw a fierce man break in. “Who are you? What are you doing at my house?” Gawa’s father said.

Before Kerry could explain, he heard the heart-stopping cry coming from the inner room.

At that moment, Kerry’s tears almost rolled down. He pushed Gawa’s father away and strode in.

“Hey, who are you? Stop!” Gawa’s father said. Gawa’s father chased after Kerry, but he couldn’t keep up with Kerry.

Then Kerry kicked the door open again. Kerry’s heart stopped beating when he saw the scene inside.

The woman he loves so much and has been finding so long, was like a dying fish, struggling. Still, she kept calling out his name, ““Kerry, help me.”

She had a mentally disability and became blind, but she still remembered Kerry’s name.

“Who are you? Why are you here? Ah..” Gawa’s mother said. Before she could reach Kerry, Kerry pushed her aside and she fell to the ground.

Seeing the intruder, Gawa jumped out of bed in anger. Before Gawa punched, Kerry lifted his foot and kicked Gawa hard.

At that moment, Kerry was strong enough to defeat the devils and gods, not to mention the ordinary country folks.

Kerry quickly took off his clothes to cover Venus’s body and hugged her tightly in his arms.

“Don’t touch me.” Venus beat feebly and said.

Kerry was heart-broken. He kissed Venus on her forehead and said, “Venus, don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

The voice penetrated her eardrums and entered her heart. Oh, that’s the voice. She remembered the voice.

Like a wronged little girl, Venus buried her face in his arms and cried.

Silent tears welled up in Kerry’s eyes. “Just cry. As I am here, no one will hurt you.” Kerry whispered softly in her ear.

“Who the hell are you? If you don’t tell me, I’ll call the police.” Gawa’s father stood in the doorway, shouting.

Kerry looked up and gave the three men a murderous look. “I am her husband.” Kerry said slowly and firmly.

“Nonsense. She is the wife my son just married today.” Gawa’s father said.

Kerry stared at Gawa’s father with sharp eyes, saying, “Really? That depends on whether you can afford to marry her.”

“How can’t we afford that? We paid a 60000 yuan dowry.” Gawa’s mother said. She got up from the ground and stood in line with Gawa’s father to prevent Kerry from escaping.

Kerry sneered and said, “60000 yuan? Well, call the so-called cousin over here and show me what he looks like. I’ve been married to her so long and I never know she has a cousin.”

Seeing the ferocious look of Kerry, Gawa’s mother recalled the gossip she had heard at the wedding ceremony at noon. She prodded Gawa’s father and said, “Call Wang Li and ask him to come and explain.”

“OK.” Gawa’s father said.

Venus sobbed in Kerry’s arms, tears wet his short sleeves and his heart.

Kerry didn’t want to stay there for a moment, but Venus had no clothes to wear. The dazzling red gown was thrown to the ground at random, and Kerry wanted to set fire to it.

When Gawa’s father called, Kerry also took out his phone.

“I found Venus.” Kerry said to the phone.

Tianye Mu exclaimed and said, “Really? That’s good. How’s she doing? Is she all right?”

Kerry stroked Venus’s back and said lovingly, “She is good. Where are you now?”

“We’re about to get off the freeway. We’ re supposed to be there in an hour.” Tianye said.

“When you pass the women’s clothing store, buy some clothes for Venus.” Kerry said.

Tianye paused for a few seconds and seemed to understand the meaning of Kerry’s words. “OK. I see.” Tianye said somewhat angrily.

After hanging up the phone, Kerry wiped Venus’s tears with his hand. Then he felt there’s something wrong with her face. Lifting her chin up, Kerry saw that her left cheek was swollen, with a clear palm print on it.

Then Kerry’s anger that had been suppressed was ignited. He looked at the three men cruelly and said, “Who hit her?”

Gawa’s mother was afraid and she stepped back involuntarily. “I didn’t mean it.” She said guiltily.

Kerry gritted his teeth and clenched his hands.

He really wanted to hit someone.

When he was worried that there was no one for him to vent his anger, someone came up to him.

Gawa got up from the corner and rushed up to Kerry, pointing at his nose and saying, “Let her go. She is my wife.”

As Gawa spoke, Kerry could clearly feel Venus’s body begin to shake violently. Venus felt frightened. Thinking of what the guy had just done, Kerry grabbed his wrist and broke it off. Then came the sound of the cracking of bones and Gawa fell to the ground with a shrill cry. Kerry then kicked him fly.

Gawa, a fatty who is about 100 kg, couldn’t get up after falling to the ground.

“Son, how are you doing?” Gawa’s mother shouted. She tried to lift her son from the ground, but she had no strength.

After seeing there is a cabinet beside the wall, Kerry said to Venus in a low voice, “Let me help you find a dress.”

Venus’s calmed down. Kerry gave her a kiss on the forehead and wrapped the quilt around her. Then Kerry walked to the cabinet to open it. There are several quilts in it, and some men’s clothes. Kerry rummaged the clothes and found a brand new women’s wear, a pink shirt and black trousers.

After getting the clothes off the cabinet, Gawa and his mother were still crying in the room. Kerry walked up to Gawa and picked up Gawa’s arm to drag him out of the room. Gawa’s mother followed Kerry and said, “What are you doing? Let go of my son?”

Kerry threw Gawa down like throwing a pile of fat. Without saying a word, Kerry turned and went into the room, slamming the door.

Gawa’s mother paused for a moment and then banged loudly on the door, saying, “Come out of there. This is my house. Come out.”

Kerry paid no attention to her.

Kerry went over to Venus and wiped the tears from her face. “Shall I dress you? I’ll take you leave here as soon as you get dressed. Let’s go home. The baby is still waiting for you.” Kerry said softly.

Venus couldn’t see nor understand, but she felt Kerry is reliable, so she slowly let go of her hands clutching the quilt.

“John sends me the videos of our baby every day. He has put on some weight. He misses you so much and keeps calling you.” Kerry said as he dressed her.

Venus didn’t speak and just quietly let Kerry dress herself.

Kerry’s hand trembled slightly when he saw the bruises on her fair skin. He was so distressed. It took him several deep breaths to resist the urge to go out and beat the bastard.

After buttoning all the buttons one by one, Kerry added, “But he still doesn’t talk to me. When John chatted with me via video call and asked him to smile at me, he didn’t even look at me. Maybe what Tianye said is right. This little guy is here to get what I owe him.”

After putting on the shirt, Kerry put his jacket on her.

“Shall I help you with your trousers?” Kerry said. Kerry was afraid to frighten her and asked for her advice at first.

Kerry didn’t know if Venus understood what he said. Anyway, when Kerry help her put on her trousers, she didn’t resist.

At that moment, Kerry felt that Venus’s like his daughter. He was softhearted and wanted to hold her in the arms to take good care of.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 248 Dear, Let’s Go Home (2)
Kerry looked at the heavy makeup and lipstick on her face and said, “I’m going to get a towel and wipe your face.” he got up and was about to leave when she caught the corner of his shirt and her face showed fear.

Kerry was sad and comforted her. “I’m not leaving. I’m going to get you a towel.”

Venus still wouldn’t let him go, and Kerry had no choice but to carry her off the bed and say, “I’ll take you with me then.”

Kerry carried her straight out of the house, ignoring the people of Wang family. He found a towel and water and wiped her face clean.

Seeing that Venus was much calmer, Kerry hugged her and then took her to settle the score with the Wang Li.

“Where is that Wang Li? Hasn’t he come yet?” Kerry asked coldly.

Gawa’s father face showed embarrassment, “His phone is off. I can’t reach him.”

Kerry frowned, “I guess he took the money and ran away.”

The couple looked at each other. As much as they hated to admit that Venus knew him, they had figured out from her behavior that she knew him.

Gawa’s mother stepped forward and said, “I don’t care what relationship you have with her. Since my family paid for her, she is my daughter-in-law. She can’t go anywhere!”

“I must take her away. You can’t stop me.” Kerry said coldly, and then he looked at Gawa, his eyes dark in the extreme, “As for you, I don’t want to bother with a fool.”

Since Wang Li was nowhere to be found, Kerry was ready to leave. The big red letters plastered all over the place made him annoyed.

“You stop,” Gawa’s mother stood in front of them, “You can’t leave. Either you keep her, or you give us sixty thousand.”

Kerry laughed. “She’s my wife. Why should I give you money?”

“Who can prove that she is your wife?” Gawa’s mother questioned.

“I don’t need to prove this to you.” Kerry walked toward the door. But Gawa’s mother grabbed Venus by the arm and shouted loudly, “Someone is killing people.”

When Gawa’s father heard this, he immediately shouted for help, “Help, help, somebody is killing people.”

It was just before nine o’clock. Many of the villagers were watching TV. As soon as they heard the shouting they ran over.

Venus heard the noisy footsteps and hid in Kerry’s arms in shock.

“Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.” Kerry whispered in her ear.

“What’s going on?” The neighbor who came running asked nervously. “Who killed someone?”

Gawa’s mother saw that the townspeople were coming, pointed at Kerry and said, “He tries to take my daughter-in-law away. He also injured my son. My son’s hand was broken and one of his front teeth was knocked out.”

The townspeople looked over, and sure enough, Gawa was hiding behind his father, his face bruised and swollen, his one hand hanging down.

An older man stood out from the crowd and asked Kerry seriously, “Who are you? Why take her away?”

Kerry looked around the crowd with a casual glance. He said loudly, “She’s my wife. Of course I’m going to take her away.”

The words came as a shock to everyone.

“What proof do you have that she is your wife?” Gawa’s mother asked aloud.

“You say she is your wife, what proof do you have?” other people aslso asked

Kerry stared at them who asked the question with cold eyes. They did not dare to meet Kerry’s eyes.

“You want proof?” Kerry pulled out his cell phone and flipped out a wedding photo, “Take a good look at this picture.”

A few villagers came up to take a closer look. They saw Venus in a wedding dress in the picture.

The Wang couple was nervous. Gawa’s father spoke up uddenly, “Even if she’s your wife, what about our loss? We’re paying 60,000 for her.”

Kerry said coldly, “It’s simple. You give the money to whoever you want and you ask for it. It’s got nothing to do with me.”

“How can it have nothing to do with you?” Gawa’s mother said. “Now Wang ran away. I suspected you were in cahoots with him to cheat us out of money.”

“Let me remind you that buying and selling human beings is a criminal offense. If you don’t want to go to jail, get out of my way.” said Kerry.

“No, I won’t let you go unless you step over me,” Gawa’s mom said.

Kerry didn’t want to waste time with her. He pulled out his cell phone to call the police, “Hello, The police station? You guys hurry up and get over here. If you’re later, someone will die.”

“Where are you?” The police responder was busy asking.

Kerry bowed his head and asked the elder who had just been there, “What is this place?”

The elder gave an address and Kerry gave it to the policeman. “You have to be quick or a lot of people will die here.”

After hanging up the phone, Kerry smirked and looked at Gawa’s mom, “When the police get here, everything will be clear.”

Gawa’s mom was furious. She just wanted her money back and didn’t want the police to know about it.

Most of the dozen or so villagers were watching them for fun. Some of them were already jealous that Gawa had married such a beautiful woman. Now that something bad had happened, they were just happy to see it.

“You better let them go. Look at her looks and demeanor; she is not an ordinary person.” A man said to Gawa’s mother.

Gawa’s mother was still reluctant to part with the sixty thousand yuan, and said with a sad face, “If I let them go, what about my money?”

A few minutes later, a siren sounded in the village. Soon, flashing red and blue lights illuminated the yard. Thinking it was a murder case, four police officers came to the house.

When they saw so many people standing in the courtyard, they thought something had really happened.

“Who reported the case?” The police asked with a serious face.

“Me.” Kerry said.

“Didn’t you just say that someone had been killed?” the police asked.


Kerry smiled, “If you didn’t come, a lot of people would really die. I wouldn’t have to hurt them if you came.”

The police gave him a blank stare, “Tell me, what’s going on?”

Kerry pointed to the woman in his arms and said, “I’m Kerry, and this is my wife Venus. She was kidnapped here some time ago and sold to the family. Now I’m going to take her away, but this family won’t let us go.”

An older policeman looked at Venus. Then the policeman turned to Mr. and Mrs. Gawa and asked with a blank expression on his forehead, “Did you buy this girl?”

Gawa’s mother immediately retorted, “No, we didn’t know that the girl was kidnapped. Wang Li said she was his cousin. We thought he was telling the truth, so we gave him a bride price of 60,000 yuan. We didn’t know anything.”

“Wang Li?” The police recalled, “Is that Wang Li from the next village, who hangs around all day?”

“Yes, that’s him.”

“You call him and tell him to come,” The cop said.

“I just called him, but his phone was off.” Gawa’s father said.

The middle-aged policeman said to his colleagues who came with him, “You two go to Wang’s house. Bring him over if he’s at home.”


The policeman turned to Gawa’s mother, “You buy women, and this is a violation of law. If you are sentenced, you will do jail time.”

Gawa’s mother’s legs weakened at the word jail, “Sir, we didn’t know she was kidnapped. If I knew, I would never have bought her.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 248 Dear, Let’s Go Home (3)
The police looked at her coldly. “I know even if you knew she was trafficked, you would have bought her for your son.” He thought. But because of his work, he didn’t say anything.

A dozen or so villagers were still watching them for fun, and the police laughed, “Don’t you guys go to bed at night?”

“No, it is still early.” A young man said. “There is something I need to tell you.”

“When we attended the banquet at noon, we heard that this girl was not Wang Li’s cousin. He saved her from the river.” He continued.

“Who said that?” asked the police.

“When Wang Li was drunk, he told us. A lot of people heard it.”

As soon as the young man finished speaking, several people beside him echoed, “Yeah, I heard it too.”

The police nodded, and the matter became very clear.

In the middle of the conversation, there was the sound of a car outside. All the people in the courtyard turned their heads to look, and several men got down from the car, one of them coming straight here with hurried steps. He was Tianye Mu, and he looked anxious. He immediately saw Venus in Kerry’s arms, and then he ran to his sister, his voice trembling, “Venus.”

Venus turned her head to follow the voice, but she could see nothing. She just found the voice familiar.

“What’s wrong with Venus?” Tianye asked Kerry.

Kerry pretended to be calm and said, “She has a brain injury and she’s temporarily blind. Maybe she doesn’t recognize you now.”

“As long as she’s okay, that’s fine. I will find the best doctor to treat her, and she will get better.” Tianye’s eyes were full of pity, “Even if she can’t be cured, it doesn’t matter. My family will raise her for the rest of her life.”

Kerry laughed at his words, “Tianye Mu, don’t forget that she is my wife. I should be the one to take care of her for the rest of her life.”

“Kerry, don’t you forget that things have developed this way largely because of you.” Tianye said angrily.

“I know, so I will be doubly nice to her, and she only recognizes me as her husband now.” Kerry admitted frankly

Tianye gave him a blank stare, “So what? Your son even doesn’t like you.”

Kerry was speechless.

The middle-aged policeman recognized Tianye and said to him, “Aren’t you the guy who went for the DNA test last time?”

Tianye also recognized the police officer and said politely, “Yes, I remember you too.”

“Is she the sister you’re looking for?”

“It’s her. She’s my sister Venus, and my name is Tianye Mu. Do you need me to prove she’s my sister?”

“No need.” The police officer smiled. His colleague had just done a quick check on Kerry’s identity. There was a lot of news about Kerry and Venus on the internet, and things were pretty clear.

“So can we go now?” Tianye asked.

The police shook their heads, “Wait a minute. There is still one person who hasn’t been brought here.”

After saying that, the police’s cell phone rang, “There’s no one at Wang Li’s house. He should have run away by noon.”

“Okay, I got it.” Hanging up the phone, the police officer said to Kerry and Gawa’s family, “Wang Li has run away.”

Gawa’s mother sat down on the ground with her feet weak, then cried, “He cheated me out of 60,000 yuan.”

“I also spent much money on a banquet for Gawa and her wedding.” Gawa’s father said sadly.

“Think of it as taking money for a lesson. We will also arrest Wang Li and his wife as soon as possible.” The police said to them

It was late at night, and the police said to the onlookers, “You all can go back now.”

However, everyone had no intention of leaving.

“Can we go now?” Tianye asked again.

“Yes. We’ll let you know when we’ve caught Wang Li.”

As Kerry and his group headed out, Gawa suddenly ran out and shouted, “She’s my wife. She’s my wife.”

The villagers laughed and someone said, “Gawa, she’s not your wife. You don’t have a wife now.”

Gawa ran up, grabbed Venus by the arm, and shouted, “She is my wife. She can’t go.”

Kerry heard his words and became furious. He tried to hit him, but Tianye held his arm, “You take Venus out first.” He said to Kerry.

Tianye grabbed Gava’s arm and took him to the back room. “I’m going to introduce you to another wife, okay?”

Gawa’s kept staring at Venus and didn’t want to leave, but the force of Tianye’s hand was so strong that Gawa had to follow him into the house.

The police knew what he was going to do, and were busy coming forward to stop him, “Mr. Mu, we police are still here. Don’t get too lawless.”

Tianye smiled faintly and said, “Sir, I just want to chat with him.”

“I know exactly what you want. Your friend has already beaten him up. Why do you still want to bully a fool?”

The policeman’s last words reminded Tianye. His sister had been abducted, and it was normal for him to want to take revenge on that person, but that person was a fool. Finally, Tianye gave up trying to beat him up.

When he left the small village, Kerry and Venus came to Mr. Zhong’s house to thank him. If he hadn’t helped Kerry, Kerry wouldn’t have known when he would be able to find Venus.

Afterwards, Kerry and Tianye took the same night’s flight back to Sky City.


More than half a month later, Venus’ condition was still not improving. Her brain was hurt and the blood clots in her head influenced her visual nerves. It was too risky to operate on her, so she had to be treated conservatively.

She was still mentally retarded. She could understand what others said, but it was difficult to get her to say it.

The most she did every day after she was discharged from the hospital was to sit in a recliner with her child in the sun. No matter how a mother and child are separated, there will always be an invisible thread that connects them, so the moment the baby called out for her mother, Venus can’t help but reach out and take him in her arms.

But her baby’s animosity toward Kerry still ran deep. Kerry was helpless with his child. He was very angry with his son, but he couldn’t hit him.

One time he had no choice but to force him onto the couch and say, “What do you mean? Why are you ignoring me?”

His son took one look at him, still ignoring him, and then got off the couch and went to play with his mom. He had learned to walk in the time Venus had been gone.

Kerry watched him walk away without looking back.

It was the weekend and Kerry slept till break of day. He was furious when he found out that Venus was not by her side. His son had been with Venus every day since Venus returned. He did not allow Kerry to sleep with Venus at all.

In fact, Kerry wanted to cuddle with Venus. So last night, while Venus and the baby were asleep in their room, he took her to his room. He thought that he would be able to cuddle Venus while she slept, but within a few minutes there was a knock at the door, accompanied by the baby’s cry, “Mommy, Mommy, I want Mommy.”

Kerry sighed. He composed himself and then went to open the door, but his son came through the door and stood by the bed.

Kerry was taken aback. His son had inherited his powers. And his abilities seemed to have grown stronger.

“Baby, do you know what you just did?” Kerry asked worriedly. “You should never use this ability in front of outsiders, or you’ll be treated like a monster.”

His son, completely ignoring him, walked right up to Venus and touched his mother’s face with his little hand, “Mommy, Mommy.”

Venus was awakened and opened her eyes, though she still couldn’t see.

“Mommy, let’s go back to sleep.” He said, his chubby little hand taking hers and pulling her hard out of bed.

“Baby, will you sleep here at night too?” Kerry begged.

“No!” His son said very firmly. Then he left with Venus.

Kerry threw himself on the bed. He was really angry. So he got up to go find his wife and son.

As soon as he got to the door, Kerry heard the sound of laughing from inside. His anger instantly died down.

He pushed open the door and saw the two of them sitting on the thick carpet in front of a pile of toys. The baby was teaching Venus how to build blocks, “Mommy, this should go here.”

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