Chapter 248: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 248 Did You Do It?

Old Jiang said to Colin with a smile, “I really can’t fight them.”

Fortunately, when Bald Liu was about to lose, a van quickly stopped by the side of the road.

After the van stop, a large group of people quickly surrounded them.

Seeing this, Black Carp was terrified.

He originally thought that it would take at least 30 minutes for Bald Liu and Old Jiang to call someone over. He didn’t expect that so many people would come only in a few minutes. Approximately, there were fifty to sixty people.

Seeing that his men were here, Bald Liu immediately returned to Colin’s side.

And Old Jiang didn’t look as terrified as just now anymore.

Bald Liu glanced at Old Jiang and snorted.

Old Jiang didn’t care and looked imposing instead, “Come on, guys! Beat all of them!”

As soon as Old Jiang’s men heard it, they rushed forward with sticks in their hands.

Bald Liu also refused to be inferior and asked his men to go.

A messed-up fight had begun.

Ten minutes later, Black Carp’s men were beaten up and lied on the floor, including Black Carp, who was also unable to get up anymore.

Wei sat on the ground with a bloody face. He was completely in a daze and was about to faint anytime.

Black Carp was held down by two of Bald Liu’s men.

“What are you doing? It’s not even my doing. Why do you beat us?”

Colin looked at him coldly as he was about to speak but the police siren was heard from afar.

Colin frowned upon hearing that.

Bald Liu reminded him upon hearing this, “Boss, the police is here. We have to go quickly!”

Soon, everyone drove their car in the opposite direction.

Black Carp breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing this. Fortunately, the police came otherwise, he would finish here today.

Wei didn’t think so. Colin must’ve afraid of being caught since he’s afraid to be here. Right, who would’ve voluntarily gone to jail? But he wouldn’t just let go of today’s matter!

After a while, the police car stopped.

Jason and several policemen got of the police car.

“Don’t move!”

This sentence was a bit ironic to those who were lying on the ground.

They were beaten up and unable to get up anymore. How could they move?

After Wei saw Jason, he immediately wailed, “Officer, luckily you come. If you don’t come, we’ll die!”

“That chairman of Marquis, Colin Ward, asked someone to beat me up since I won’t let him take a loan! Look at my face!”

Jason frowned. That person was Colin?

It was a bit far from his car just now so he couldn’t see the person clearly.

But he wouldn’t say much before there’s evidence. So, he pointed at Black Carp and the others then said, “Then, what’s with them?”

He knew Black Carp and also Wei Reed. One of them is a gangster while the other one is the chairman of Juding Bank. Both of them were together and beaten up. It didn’t quite make sense.

Wei was silent. He couldn’t explain this matter. If he explained this, he would be the one in jail.

Jason looked at Wei and waved, “Take all of them away!”

The policemen took all of them away.


Colin directly returned to Marquis Group and called Nina over.

“You immediately contact those company bosses that we invited for dinner last time. Ask them to withdraw their deposited funds in Juding Bank within three days!”

Soon, Jason called again.

“Did you do it?”

It was a straightforward question. He didn’t ask what happen and just ask if he did it.

If he didn’t, naturally he would just ask what did he do? And if he answered without asking anything, then no matter what he answered, he would’ve admitted his doing.

Colin replied, “No.”

And Jason didn’t say anything after learning about it and just hung up the phone.

At this time, Ramon brought some data and came in, “Boss, it’s all here.”

Colin took the documents. It was all the information that Ramon got after investigated Juding. There was also evidence of Juding embezzling public funds and made false accounts.

Seeing this, Colin sneered, “I won’t let you go free!”

Colin never planned to aim Wei in the first place. He’s the one who asked for it. Since Wei infuriated him, he wouldn’t just give in!


They actually couldn’t get anything after interrogating Black Carp and his men and Wei also didn’t tell anything. Jason had no choice so he could only consider them as a fight and locked them for a few days.

Since Wei had powerful support, he was quickly bailed out by someone.

The one who bailed Wei out was Hui Reed.

At first, Hui didn’t know what happened but in the afternoon, he suddenly received a continuous notification. The companies in Tianbei City withdrew their funds from Juding Bank one after another. He immediately noticed something went wrong.

Then, after he found Wei, he’s in a damn jail.

After they were inside the car, Hui let out his curses, “What the hell did you promise me? You’ll take care of it well? How will you do it? Huh? Do you know that more than ten companies have withdrawn their funds?”

“I asked you to apologize and you brushed it off, even completely offended him! Are you an idiot? Huh?”

“What’s the benefit of having you? You can’t even do anything right!”

“More than ten billion funds are gone!”

Hui glared at Wei furiously, “If it weren’t because of Juding’s reputation, I’ve let you go now!”

Wei panicked, “Mr. Reed, what should we do?”

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