Chapter 249 – 250: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 249: Three billion dollars

Yuhan Qin sneered and said, “Do you want my thousand-year wild ginseng? Do you know how much it costs to get it?”

At that time, only three wild ginsengs were auctioned at a price of 30 million US dollars. A whole plant of wild ginseng costs at least two billion US dollars, and people may not find a place to buy it at this price.

Kris thought for a while and said, “I can buy it for two billion dollars.”

“Two billion dollars?” The girls around suddenly laughed when they heard Kris’s words.

“It’s so ridiculous. Did you have two billion dollars?”

“I’ve seen people bragging, but I’ve never seen people bragging shamelessly like you. You don’t wear more than a hundred dollars in total, and you dare to say you have two billion dollars?”

Yuhan Qin looked at Kris contemptuously and said, “You are a live-in son-in-law of a small family. Can you get so much money? It’s not worth so much if you sell the whole family.”

Now, the girls around were all laughing.

Kris didn’t care about their ridicule. Two billion dollars was not much for him.

He looked at Yuhan and said, “Miss Qin, I’m not kidding. If two billion dollars is not enough, then I’ll pay you three billion dollars, what do you think?”

It was dark now, and he didn’t know Sisi Mu’s condition. If Lei Chen didn’t listen to his words, it would be bad. Therefore, he must get the wild ginseng as soon as possible and then make the Heaven-Mending Pill

“Go away, or Yuhan will slap you again.”

“It’s three billion dollars. I don’t think you have three hundred dollars.”

Yuhan was also angry that Kris was really unreasonable.

Only Yanru Sima frowned and looked at Kris up and down.

“From his anxious look, it seems that he didn’t tell lies. A person can make lies, but people’s eyes can’t.” Yanru Sima thought

“Kris, can you tell me who you want to save with thousand-year wild ginseng?”

“Sisi Mu,” Kris replied.

“Sisi Mu? It’s a woman’s name. His wife? Isn’t his wife Mary Su?” Yanru Sima thought.

“What is your relationship with her?” Yanru asked.

“She is my brother’s wife,” Kris said truthfully.

Yanru nodded, then turned to look at Yuhan and said, “Maybe you can sell him the wild ginseng. Although it is precious, people’s life is more valuable than it, right?”

Kris was overjoyed and wanted to thank Yanru for what she said for him. At this moment, Yuhan suddenly came over and sneered, “What are you happy about? Do I promise to sell it to you?”

What Yuhan said had poured cold water on Kris.

“Miss Qin, please sell it to me, I really need it.” Kris said with the pleading expression on his face.

Hearing Kris’s pleading, Yuhan was full of pride.

“Okay. I can sell it to you, but you should give me three billion dollars immediately.”

“No problem, you give me your account. I’ll transfer the money immediately.”

As soon as his words finished, all the girls around focused on Kris. Their eyes were full of sarcasm and mockery. He was so ridiculous. They want to see if he had so much money. They just laughed at him when he had no money to transfer.

Even Yanru was speechless. She didn’t believe Kris could get so much money. Originally, she wanted to persuade Yuhan to let her give Kris the wild ginseng. Now she felt unnecessary. At this moment, her impression of Kris was so bad that she didn’t want to talk to him from now on.

“Here is my bank card.” Yuhan took out a gold card from his bag and threw it to Kris. She wanted to see how he would pretend to transfer the money.

After receiving the card, Kris started to transfer the money. Two minutes later, Yuhan’s mobile phone received a text message of the transfer.

She took out her mobile phone and saw that the text message and it showed a string of zeros. She was dumbfounded in an instant.

At this time, the girls around them also changed their faces when they heard the ringing of text message, and they gathered around. When they saw the message, they were all stunned. They looked carefully at the series of zeros. It was three billion dollars.

At this time, even Yanru’s face changed drastically. She looked at Kris in disbelief, “This… how is this possible?”

“How could he get so much money?” Countless questions popped up in Yanru’s mind.

Yanru was curious about Kris from their first dinner to donation, and then the Ancient Medical Association sent him the Medal of Pharmacist. Now he bought the wild ginseng for 3 billion dollars without hesitation.

“This man seems like a fascination. Who is he? The son-in-law of the Su family? But all the assets of the Su family don’t have so much money. He is so rich, why is he willing to be a live-in son-in-law without dignity?” Yanru thought.

Kris completely subverted her previous view of him. It also made her more curious about him. She wanted to see the true face of this man.

“After he finished the medicine that night, something happened, so he left without telling us?” Yanru suddenly thought of this.

Yanru decided to find time to ask Kris about that night.

Kris was a VIP of the bank, so there was no limit on the amount of money he can transfer.

After transferring the money, Kris anxiously said to Yuhan, “Now you can give me the wild ginseng?”

He thought Yuhan would give him the wild ginseng after receiving the money, but she shook his head and said to Kris, “I can’t give it to you now.”

“Why?” Kris asked.

Kris suppressed his anger and said, “I know why you don’t want to give it to me. Actually, I didn’t slip away that night. I made Tiger Bone Soup for the soup. It’s just that there was something wrong, so I left.”

Kris said, “If you don’t believe me, you can go back and open the medicine cauldron. The Tiger Bone Soup inside should be boiled into plasters. Although it cannot be taken internally, it is also good for external application to treat injuries.”

“What? He really made the Tiger Bone Soup?”

These women looked at each other with incredible expressions on their faces. This shocked them more than Kris had 3 billion dollars. But now they all understood why he was so rich. He was a pharmacist. Only a pharmacist can have so much money.

At this time, Yanru suddenly thought that after Kris had left that day, she opened the medicine cauldron to look at it.

At that time, she found that the medicine inside had become thick and dark, and she thought it was burnt. It turned out that the medicine had already become plasters.

At this moment, she knew that she didn’t guess wrong, Kris left without saying goodbye in an emergency.

“This Kris is really a pharmacist. I must bring such a person into the Sima family. It’s just that he is so rich and he doesn’t need to join our family. How can I convince him?” she thought.

At this time, she saw Yuhan on the side and suddenly had an idea. She said to Yuhan, “Kris did not lie. The Tiger Bone Soup was indeed made into the plaster. Give him the wild ginseng.”

“Yuhan, now that he has cleared up the misunderstanding, just give it to him.”

“You just slapped him and scolded him. He also paid for the wild ginseng.”

At this time, Yanru’s best friends also persuaded her to give the wild ginseng to Kris.

Kris was the waste in their eyes at first, but now they want to curry favor with him. Now in their eyes, even though he wore cheap clothes, they saw it as a sign of his low profile. They all yearn to have a boyfriend like Kris.

“He is married,” A woman interjected.

“I don’t mind. It’s just a small family, so he can get a divorce.”

Women in a prestigious family knew what kind of life they wanted, so they didn’t mind marrying a married man.

Kris saw all this in his eyes. These women were really realistic. Men who have no money or ability were nothing in their eyes.

Yuhan shook his head and said, “Do you think I am angry because of this?”

“Or what?” Kris frowned.

“Do you remember how Yanru asked you to help me make medicine?” Yuhan said with a smile, “That makes me very unhappy, so you just think how to beg me.”

“She is too narrowed-minded,” Kris thought. But for Sisi Mu, Kris said to Yuhan, “Miss Qin, I beg you to give me the wild ginseng.”

“No, you are not sincere.”

“What do you think I should do to be sincere?” Kris asked.

“As long as you kneel down and beg me, I will give you the wild ginseng.”

“What?” Kris’s face changed suddenly.

Hearing this, these girls next to him were stunned.

Yanru’s look also changed. She took Yuhan’s hand and said softly, “Your request is a bit unreasonable.”

“He didn’t feel guilty when he was mean to me,” Yuhan said, “My Grandpa gave me the wild ginseng to make medicine. If he knows that I sell the whole wild ginseng to others, he would definitely scold me.”

Yanru just shut her mouth. Yuhan’s grandfather was one of the four great envoys of The Holy Dragon Cult.

He loved Yuhan most. If she was bullied by others, he would definitely revenge on the people who bullied her.

Seeing Kris stunned in place, Yuhan said, “If you don’t want to do so, and then forget it. I will refund you 3 billion dollars, and I will not give you that thousand-year wild ginseng.” Then she took out her phone, preparing to refund money to Kris..

Chapter 250: Feeling guilty

“Please don’t… I am kneeling before you..”

Kris clenched his fists, his body trembled uncontrollably.

It is a shame for a man to kneel before others, one would only kneel before God and parents. Today, he was so humiliated by a little girl.

If it hadn’t been to save Sisi Mu’s life and vindicate himself, Kris would have left this place at once.

“Oh you are a wise man!” Yuhan Qin snorted coldly, “Kneel down and beg for my mercy!”

Then he was on his knees right before Yuhan.

He swore that he must repay today’s shame someday.


It’s already ten o’clock in the evening, and the Heaven-mending Pill was finally made ready.

At this moment, Kris’s internal energy was exhausted, and his body was weak. This was a result of overusing his inner energy to refine pills.

High-level pill like Heaven-mending Pill requires the body’s inner energy, which consumes both internal energy and physical strength.

Without a second for rest, Kris got up and headed straight to the hospital with the Pill.

At 10:30 in the evening, Kris came to the Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City. He prayed in his heart that Sisi Mu would be safe, otherwise, everything he had done would fall short.

“Kris, you’re finally here…” Tianba hurriedly greeted him. To be frank, he was almost asleep there for the long time waiting.

“Tianba…Thanks for your kind help.”

“Not at all, we are brothers!” Tianba gently patted Kris’s chest and said so. Kris gratefully patted Tianbaon the shoulder, then walked straight to Lei Chen.

After several hours of mental suffering, Lei Chen became haggard, and what made Kris more distressed was that Lei Chen’s hair turned half gray overnight.

The younger brother who used to follow him wherever he went had become like this, and Kris felt very uncomfortable.

“Lei, has Sisi taken the fetus-protecting pill?” Kris asked with pains in the heart.

Lei Chen nodded silently without speaking a word.

At this time, he was the only one guarding Sisi in the hospital, and all the other Chen family members had left.

Seeing Lei Chen nodded, Kris breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Lei Chen did not make a wrong choice.

He took the Heaven Mending Pill and handed it to Lei Chen: “This is Heaven Mending Pill, which can save your wife.”

Lei Chen was indifferent. Kris sighed, seeing this, and put the pill beside Lei.

Lei Chen loves Sisi so much that he will not disregard her life for hatred against Kris Chen.

Just after Kris had turned around, Lei Chen’s words were heard from behind: “Kris, don’t think that I will forgive you. One day, I will repay you a thousand times… .”

Hearing this, Kris stopped and was silent for a second, and then he left the hospital with Tianba and his bodyguards.

Too many things had happened today, and Kris felt really exhausted both physically and mentally.

After leaving the hospital, Kris booked a presidential suite at a five-star hotel in Westriver City for his bodyguards: Weiwu Zhao and Yong Sheng, asking them to live in it temporarily.

Thanks to these two guards for today, otherwise Kris would be annoyed to death by Qingyuan.

It feels really cool to have top bodyguards.

On the way back, Tianba kept asking how Kris hired these two bodyguards. The two guards are really top ones, it must be very costly to hire them.

Kris said, “Not too much money, only that I accidentally saved these two guys. In order to show their gratitude for me, they agreed to be my bodyguards.”

In fact, Kris didn’t lie. If it weren’t for him, these two guys would have been chopped up by the leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult and be thrown into the sea to feed fish.

Hearing this, Tianba’s face was filled with unspeakable envy, thinking that if he had two such great guards who had reached the return-to-nature stage in practice, he would be sure to achieve more in Westriver City.

No matter how powerful Hu Li and Lin Li is, it was impossible for them to be an opponent for the person who had reached the return-to-nature stage in practice.

Fifteen minutes later, a Bentley pulled off at the gate of Tianmeng Garden, and Kris and Tianba walked into the residential area after saying goodbye.

When he got home, the light in Mary’s room was still on.

It was strange, it’s already twelve o’clock, why did she not sleep?

Kris tiptoed close and pushed open the door, seeing that Mary was lying on the bed and kept wiping tears.

Seeing this scene, Kris’s heart was broken… what’s wrong, why did Mary cry at night?

Thinking of this, Kris immediately opened the door and walked in: “My sweet one… I’m back…”

When the door was pushed open, Mary was taken aback. When she saw Kris, who opened the door, her face was instantly surprised: “Darling, you are back.”

With an exclamation, she jumped up from the bed and brought herself into Kris’s arms: “Woo…my husband, where have you been in the past two days? I can’t get you through nor receive text messages from you… I thought you abandoned me…”

In the past few days, without a word from Kris, Mary was very flustered. When her longingness for Kris accumulated to a certain level, she could no longer hold back her tears.

When she picked up the phone, she realized that she didn’t even have a photo of Kris.

A couple who had been married for almost three years didn’t even have a group photo!

“Sorry honey, I am so sorry…” Kris hugged Mary tightly, feeling guilty in his heart.

In fact, he didn’t know how to face Mary, especially Lan Xia, he couldn’t tell it to her. And Quan Mu, all of this was his love debts to Mary.

Looking at Mary’s red and swollen eyes, Kris was heartbroken. “Honey, it is my fault, don’t cry, I’m feeling heartbreaking seeing you like this.” Kris held Mary’s face and kissed the tears from the corners of the eyes drip by drip.

Yes, it tasted very bitter.

“Honey, do not leave me alone, please?” Mary looked up at Kris, with a trace of nostalgia in her eyes.

Gosh, she really cares about this man, that she was begging Kris not leaving her.

“Silly girl, how could I leave you!” Kris picked Mary up and placed her on the bed, looking at her tenderly.

He had never seen Mary so soft, so sentimental, and so loving.

When did she become like this?

Probably from the moment she said she loved Kris!

Probably because she was afraid of Kris’s leaving, Mary hugged Kris tightly without letting go of him for a second.

Kris could feel her anxiety, her dependence on him.

But the more Mary being like this, the heavier the guilt he would feel in his heart.

Probably she was really tired, and after a while, Mary fell asleep in Kris’s arms, watching the person in his arms with crystal clear eyes. Kris sighed and murmured: “How can I live without you.” After speaking, he embraced Mary and entered his dream.


Early the next morning, the news of Mr. Chen’s death spread all over Westriver City. Hearing the bad news, many people were shocked.

Why? Yesterday, I went to visit Mr. Chen. How could I…

As a result, people from big families in Westriver City began going to Chen’s family to show condolences.

Tianzong knelt in front of the old man’s coffin, and the entire Chen family was in great grief.

All the children of the Chen family knelt on the ground and wept.

A disciple from Mount Emei was sitting cross-legged and chanting sutras.

The death of the Chen family’s old man was a huge loss for the entire family. Now that the old man had passed away, Tianzong had no idea what the future Chen family will become.

As the old man died, the line with Holy Dragon Cult was broken, but he had no friendship with the monk Zhen Yuan.

So in just one night, Tianzong’s hair became gray. In the eyes of others, Tianzong was over-sorrowful.

People came here was paying homage to the body of the old man, and they gathered around comforting Tianzong.

Tianzong thanked them again and again. At this time, somebody in the crowd shouted: “Tianzong, the old man has been well yesterday? Why did he pass away so suddenly…”

“Yes, I also visited the old man yesterday. Although he could’t walk on his own, he was still in good spirit…”

Tianzong sighed and said, “This is a long story. Let my son tell you.”

With that, he said to Quan Chen, who was kneeling by the side: “Quan, tell everyone, how did your Grandpa pass away…”

Everyone in the hall fixed their gaze on Quan Chen. Being watched by so many people, Quan Chen felt a little guilty and nervous.

He didn’t sleep all night last night, and when he closed his eyes, it was the scene of his Grandpa coming to him for his life. He was so frightened that he was depressed and didn’t know what to say.

“This good-for-thing guy!”

His wife Jie Liang, who was kneeling beside him, cursed him in the heart, and immediately she sobbed: “Dad, Grandpa was angered to death by Kris. Yesterday Kris took Tianba and two bodyguards making a big fuss. In the end, Grandpa… was angered dead by scum like Kris…”

While talking, Jie Liang lay by the side of the coffin and wept aloud.

All people present were getting sadder hearing Jie’s wailing, and all of them were all angry toward Kris, deeming that Kris was really a beast.

His Grandpa was seriously ill, but Kris took other people to make trouble in the Chen family. The most damned thing was that he even used Sisi to threaten his Grandpa.

Seeing Jie’s acting, Quan Chen was surprised, thinking, “With such a talented wife, I’m sure to take over the Chen family.”

At this time, Master Qingyuan, who was chanting sutras to save the soul of the dead, smashed the wooden fish violently.

Yesterday, not only did she fail to destroy Kris, but she was knocked out by someone from the other side. This was a shame on her.

“This scum has angered Mr. Chen to death. What a beast I, Qingyuan, swear to the Buddha that if I failed to destroy Kris in this life, I would rather fall into the bottom of the hell.”


Hearing Master Qingyuan’s serious oath, everyone present took a deep breath.

Few people would swear such an oath in public, especially the ones who are from high social class. If Master Qingyuan failed to fulfill her oath, she would be despised by others in the future.

Once a serious oath is sworn, it is the kind of thing that would never be given up until the goal is attained.

The revenge was not only for herself but also for Mr. Chen, the dead. After all, she promised Mr. Chen to help the Chen family get rid of any scum of the family.

Thinking of this, she said to Tianzong: “Mr. Chen, don’t worry, Kris has many good hands to help him, but we Emei school is not afraid of him. After a few days, I will call on my disciples to discuss the plan to kill Kris, the beast. When the time comes, I will bind him and bring him to your father’s tomb and order him to confess his grave sins.”

Hearing this, Tianzong couldn’t be grateful, and he repeatedly gave thanks to Qingyuan: “Everything is up to you, my master.”

Qingyuan nodded, and she had already conceived a secret plan in her heart.

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