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Kristen stayed in the car for a while, and she took out her mobile phone to make a call.
“It’s not allowed to look at the city square anymore, yes, I’m not going to buy it, and… look at the places near the city square, what projects can drive people…Yes, mainly the projects that drive people in the square You have to do it if you lose money. You don’t have to worry about the purpose of doing this. If you can’t do it, you will quit and leave!”

Hanging up the phone, Kristen looked at the direction that Chuck just left for a while, “You don’t want to give you anything, it’s normal, because you have more money than me…”
Kristen murmured before starting the car to leave.
In the morning, Chuck was going through the land formalities. Fortunately, Shane had a relationship, and he could do it without queuing. It was done in the morning.

Chuck transferred money to Shane. He lamented that he finally had a piece of land. What should he do? Shane was also relieved. He always wanted to develop this land, but there was a big problem with the funds, which caused his ideas to be put on hold temporarily.
Now it’s okay, cash out is also fine.

“Master Chuck, you can contact me for any follow-up questions.” Shane politely said.
Chuck nodded.
Chuck can’t wait to take Yolanda to see. Chuck still has more than 900 million in his hand, and he can still sit on a lot of things, but specifically, he has to let Yolanda make the budget and then make a decision.
Chuck said this, Yolanda nodded, “Well, I will come up with a plan in the next few days, rest assured.”
Chuck thought it’s time to fund Yolanda, how can she say that she works so hard.
Chuck said, Yolanda, chuckled, “Okay, I definitely like the processing capital.”
Chuck thinks that Yolanda has a long-term vision, this place still has to be responsible for Yolanda.
“So how much do you say?” Chuck listened to her.
“Now this project put me in charge, it is already raising my salary,” Yolanda said.
Chuck smiled, and she was indispensable for the year-end awards this year. Chuck was really satisfied with Yolanda. “Go back.”

“Okay, I’m going to start planning,” Yolanda couldn’t wait for it. She firmly followed Chuck and she would have great development.
The two sat in the car. When Chuck changed gears, he accidentally touched Yolanda ‘s long legs. Chuck was embarrassed and Yolanda was embarrassed.
The atmosphere in the car was even more awkward. How to say, Yolanda ’s standard uniform must have a lot of temptations. Chuck is not a good man. He admits that when he sees something good, his eyes will look. This is the basic reaction of men.

As Lara said before, when Chuck went to school, she really looked at her neckline. When she squatted down, Chuck looked at it.
This is a man’s reaction, and Chuck can’t control it, but he knows that Yolanda is his own employee, so this world cannot be surpassed.
“Well, I’m sorry,” Chuck was embarrassed, really not intentional.
“It’s okay,” Yolanda shook her head. She assuredly followed Chuck. Another reason was that Chuck didn’t have any thoughts about her, maybe other bosses would, Chuck didn’t, so he accidentally touched his leg just now…
The embarrassing atmosphere in the car spread out. Chuck drove Yolanda back, but Chuck’s eyes looked at her black silk legs, which was normal eyesight, but Yolanda was a little cautious, and Chuck knew he couldn’t watch it.

Yvette was too curious at this time. She just learned from Zelda’s mouth that the square owner was not Wilbur. She was really surprised, not Wilbur. Who is that?
At that time she asked, Zelda knew that she was leaking, so she concealed that she was wrong.
Yvette will be suspicious, but then it is not Wilbur’s, then who is it? Who has this ability to be the square boss?
Yvette felt that Zelda was wrong, but she was still a bit skeptical. She came out of the company and looked at the filming below. She felt that she had been thinking too much. Wilbur is not the boss, how can he chase Zabrina?

At this time, she watched it for a while and decided to go over to the restaurant. The design is almost the same. Tomorrow will be ready for decoration tomorrow. She has to take care of Chuck at night. Yvette wants to know if Chuck is injured.
She sighed, and now she has become a little woman. This is why she really likes Chuck, but an idea came to her mind.
What if Zelda didn’t make a mistake? Plaza boss is really not Wilbur, so who will be able to be the boss?
A person came out of Yvette’s mind, “Her husband, is it you?”
Yvette shook his head and thought about it for a long time. This square is not something that can be owned by tens of millions, at least several hundred million, and possibly 670-700 million. How can Chuck have so much money? Besides, do you need contacts to buy the square?

“Her husband, I thought about it, how could it be you? Zelda should have made a mistake.”
Yvette said that she was going downstairs, and as soon as she drove away, Chuck brought Yolanda back.
The two went upstairs to eat something. Yolanda went to the office to design. Chuck met Zelda. She said something she had just said wrongly. She was guilty and worried that Chuck would be angry.
Chuck was shocked. If Yvette knew that the square was her own, then she would know that she had a mother.
My mother is still observing Yvette, this really makes Chuck helpless, Yvette is so good, what else can you observe?

“It’s okay, you just have to explain, Yvette won’t doubt it,” Chuck shook his head. Even if Yvette was smart, she wouldn’t think that the square owner was him.
This is an unnecessary worry.
Zelda breathed a sigh of relief. Chuck saw that her store decoration was progressing well, and it might be able to open in more than ten days.
“It’s opened here. You come here every day for dinner,” Zelda said.
“Free?” Chuck was joking. It was not easy to do business. How could Chuck not give money? However, since they all want to eat, Chuck thinks it is better to take care of Zelda’s business.
“Well, for free, you can eat whatever you want, as long as you come over to eat,” Zelda smiled.
She is sincere.
Chuck smiled, “Sister Zelda, you are in my square, you pay me the rent, and I still eat yours for free, what should I do?”
“Chuck, is the square yours?” Chuck suddenly remembered a shocked voice behind him.
That’s right, Lara, she just came to Yolanda, she saw Chuck, and she thought about talking, how to say the last time she took the drug, she was still very embarrassed, worried that Chuck would send her fruit photos angry.
But she just heard Chuck say this, is my square… she was really shocked.

She also asked Charlotte before, who has money with Chuck and the owner of the square, and also bet with Chuck that they can soak up the owner of the square, but the owner of the square is actually Chuck?
Lara was at a loss and suddenly felt ashamed.
“Yes, the square is mine,” Chuck turned to see Lara, he was relieved, what is not easy to admit to Lara?
“You…” Lara blushed and thought of what she said last time, she wanted to find a hole in the ground.
“Last time, last time I said…”
“Oh, is it right to say that you can soak this square owner? I told you at the time. You can’t get it. Now I still say that you can’t make it,” Chuck said.
Lara’s face was hot, and she felt like she was being slapped by Chuck. Her milk tea shop is also Chuck’s landlord? She thought of it, when she opened the shop, she still showed off in front of Chuck…

Chuck came over with a smile, “Your milk tea shop is doing well, keep it up,”
This point, Chuck really thinks it is good. Anyway, she is very busy every day. It is estimated that the daily turnover is about 3,000. This is very good and has unique characteristics that can drive people.
“You, me, my milk tea shop, are you going to take it back when it expires, or increase the rent?” Lara worried, yes, her milk tea shop business is up and making money, after all, the rent is It’s free, and she is planning to open a branch.
However, if the policy of revenge expires and she will not rent it to her, what should she do?
“It depends on how you do it.” Chuck felt that if he did it well, then Chuck would definitely not move her. If he did not do well, then he must take it back.
“What do you want me to do?” Lara bit his lips nervously.
Chuck came together, “Run your milk tea shop, don’t think about it, I won’t move you, you know?”

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