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Chapter 249: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 249 Good Boy, Call Me Dad (1)
Sunshine came in through the window so that the man and the boy felt so warm, which was adorable feeling. And Kerry felt warm in heart.

This is the life he wanted all the time. It had little flaw, but it did not affect his love for her.

The baby found he was there so he looked up to him and went back to teach his mum to build blocks again.

“It’s time for breakfast.” Tianye said gently.

Venus gave him a bright smile when she heard it. Immediately all annoyances disappeared.

Kerry helped her up from the ground and said “Let’s take breakfast.”

Venus nodded “Good. Let’s have breakfast.”

The baby was not happy hearing this. He went forward and held Venus’s another hand and said “Mum, hug me.”

Kerry said before Venus opened her mouth “Mum is weak, let me hug you.”

“No.” The baby refused him directly.

Kerry was stiff as usual but changed a tougher way to communicate with the kid “Then follow us, you know how to walk.”

The baby curled his mouth but he was still holding Venus’s hand.

Kerry said seeing this “You grew up now and you gained weight. Mum would be tired of hugging you. I will give you two choices, follow us or I hold you. Make the choice.”

The baby hesitated because he did not know what shall he choose. And he was thinking the meaning of his words.

Kerry did not make concession this time. He thought he could not let him do whatever he wanted anymore. He thought he should talk it clearly with this little guy especially when he saw what happened last night.

Just he was only less than one year old, but could he understand what he said?

“Do you have an option?” Kerry asked seriously.

The baby glanced at him and stretched out his hands. He did not plan to become reconciled with him. He just felt it was tired to walk, he could not walk well now.

Kerry gave a smile, it seemed he was proud he won. The baby could be persuaded by force but not be cowed by reason.

Kerry bent his back to hold the baby with one arm. He touched his nose and said “Why you are so tough? It seemed I am your son.”

The baby turned to him with his mouth pursed. I just did not like you.

“Let’s go for breakfast.” Kerry held Venus’s hand happily and went to the dinning room.

Considering the safety of the baby, the baby’s room was the room with the best sunshine. Venus did not go ups and down living here. It’s convenient.

The breakfast was sumptuous. Mrs Qin cooked all kinds of soup for Venus.

“Come, open your mouth.” Kerry began to feed Venus first. “This is the glutinous rice congee Mrs Qin cooked for you. She put dates and peanuts inside. It’s good for Qixue and beauty.”

The baby sitting beside finished his milk and he was having the congee Mrs Qin fed him.

John the Butler came in a hurry and said after a bow “Young master Tianye is here.”

Kerry curled his mouth “Why?”

“I come to see my sister and nephew. Why? Do I need your approval?” Tianye came in with a long gray dust coat, he had a gift in his hand.

Kerry looked at him, then he fed Venus a Tofu. Tianye sat beside the baby and said to John the Butler “Give me a bowl of congee, please.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Get it by yourself. Why you order my staff?” Kerry said.

John the Butler laughed and he went inside the kitchen because he knew Kerry was kidding.

Tianye did not say anything but putting the remote plane in front of the baby “Baby, call me uncle.”

The baby took over the plane happily and called sweetly “Uncle.”

“Good nephew.” Tianye touched his head.

Kerry was jealous seeing this. The baby was nice to everyone but he did not call him dad.

John the Butler put the congee in front of Tianye then he left. Tianye began to take it immediately.

“There is no breakfast in your family? Why do you come here for breakfast?” Kerry asked unhappily.

Tianye seemed reasonable, he said “I’ve come to give my nephew a gift.”

“You can go now, for he got your gift.”

“Kerry, I found you are so mean now. It’s your house here, it’s also my nephew’s house, right? If you say no, I will leave now.”

“Get out of here, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Hey, your temper is getting bigger. Baby, come, uncle will take you back home. We don’t stay here.”

“Don’t touch him, he is my son.” Kerry was furious.

Tianye said again “Really? Why I did not hear he call you dad?”

Kerry almost lost his temper hearing this. He put down the bowl in his hand and said angrily “Tianye, you came here to quarrel with me?”

“You flattered yourself. My time is so precious why I waste it on you?” Tianye said calmly.

“Get out of here if you have nothing serious to do.”

“You think I want to come if my sister and nephew are not here? I will not come even if you invite me.”

“I will invite Venus, not you. I’m not interested in man.”

They cursed one after another. But John and Mrs Qin who was feeding the baby knew that they would not fight.

One year ago, they were like enemies and they wanted to kill each other. But they did not expect that one day they would have breakfast together.

What no one dared to think really had happened, because of Venus and the baby.

Finally they began to talk business after cursing with each other.

“Do you have news of Gavin?” Tianye asked after breakfast, he held the baby after wiping his mouth.

Kerry took out a piece of tissue and wiped the mouth for Venus. “Nighthawk, search for him with full force. We do not know how he is look like. So the possibility is slim. How about you?”

“The same with you.”

“We took off his base and ruined his career. He would revenge if he knew we did it.”

Tianye nodded seriously hearing this and replied “Yes, I think so. That’s why we need to strengthening defending. We shall focus on Venus and baby. We can’t let him hurt them.”

“Don’t worry, no one dare to hurt them at my place as long as they do not go out of the villa.”

“Then it’s the best.”

Kerry and Tianye discussed that expect for necessary exams, Venus would leave in the villa for rest until she could get recovery and see things again.

As for the baby, he was still young. Kerry did not want him to expose in front of others so early. His eyes for sure would arouse people’s attention.

“In addition, the doctor Xiran invited would arrive in a city tomorrow afternoon. Then you take Venus to the hospital directly, we will meet each other there. Three in the afternoon, don’t forget it.”

Kerry looked at him with disdain. “How could I forget this kind of important thing?”

“Who knows.” Tianye said then he went out with the baby in his arms. “Baby, uncle will teach you how to play this plane.”

Kerry looked at their back jealously and sighed.

Tianye stopped when he went to the door. “By the way, did you decide the name of the baby? You keep calling him baby. He is a boy. It’s not good.”

“I thought few names, I supposed to wait for Venus…” Kerry did not say the unfinished words, he wanted to name him with Venus, but she was sick now.

Tianye’s eyes turned to Venus who was in the sunshine of morning with gentle eyes “As you like, I suddenly feel baby is a good name.”


Kerry finished his breakfast simply and he held Venus’s hand to walk around. Tianye played with baby on the lawn. The remote plane suddenly came down and suddenly went up, baby cheered up every time when it changed a direction.

Kerry was not happy seeing that so he told Venus that. “Tianye loves kids so much why don’t he have another baby with Xiran but playing with my son.”

Venus did not reply but she smiled all the time. She looked pretty, like a simple girl that everyone wanted to protect her.

At noon, Kerry stared at Tianye who was still at his home “You are so idle today? No need to go to Xiran?”

Tianye played with his phone on the phone it was like he was at home. Baby came to sleep in Tianye’s arms when he got tired. The man and the baby were alike when they were lying down.

“She went back to S city.” Tianye said briefly.

Kerry suddenly realized that Tianye was boring so that he came here. Kerry asked thinking last time Mu’s Group grabbed his business “I don’t understand two things.”


Kerry asked with confusion “I made a deal with the leaders in the city regarding the two programs related to temporay dwelling and city afforest. How did you grab them?”

Tianye sneered hearing this, his eyes did not move away from his phone, then he said “You have your relation in the city, I have it in the province. We get business by our talents.”

Kerry really wanted to know the leader Tianye mentioned, but he knew it was not proper to ask that, so he did not open his mouth at last.

The relation between Tianye and him was eased now, all of this was because of Venus and the baby. Even brothers had to tell apart in business let alone them.

Tianye stayed in the Ye Family for a whole day. The Baby learned everything fast and now he could play the plane well.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 249 Good Boy, Call Me Dad (2)
When Tianye Mu saw the baby’s unique eyes, he asked Kerry in a low voice, “Is the baby also able to move instantly or fly around? Why else would he have one purple eye?”

Kerry rubbed his aching brow, “You’ve guessed it. He’s already shown signs of such powers.”

“What?” Tianye Mu was shocked.

“It’s true. Don’t you think he’s growing up faster than other kids his age? Last night, he suddenly walked through the door, and his eyes didn’t change. And he himself didn’t seem to realize that there was anything wrong with it.”

Tianye Mu’s mouth grew even wider, “Oh my God! If he suddenly disappears and reappears when he goes to kindergarten, it will scare the teachers and children to death.”

Kerry brows were furrowed, “I’m worried about that too. I want to talk to him, but he’s too young to speak on his own, how can he understand what I say?”

“Then we’ll wait until he’s older. Anyway he doesn’t go out much now.” Tianye Mu paused, “It’s just that he should have kids his own age to play with. He will lose much fun hanging out with us adults.”

“Then you hurry up and have a child to play with him.”

Tianye Mu grabbed the pillow next to him and threw it at Kerry, “Damn it, do I give birth to a child just to play with your son? Besides, even if I started preparing now, it would take almost a year to have a kid at the earliest, and by then your little son might grow unexpectedly powerful.”

Kerry was silent for a long time, and then said in a slow and deep voice, “Actually, I would prefer him to be an ordinary child, to grow up simply and live out his life peacefully and smoothly.”

When Tianye Mu heard this, he was also silent.

When parents do not have a child, they always hope that their child can grow up to be an all-around talent. However, when they do have one, they value his health and happiness more than anything else.

“Then give him a nickname of Pingan,” suggested Tianye Mu. After looking at Kerry with some contempt, he added, “It’s better than ‘baby’.”

Kerry expressed no objection.

Tianye Mu reached out his hand to greet the little fella, “Baby, come here.”

The little fella wiggled his chubby buttocks and wobbled over to his uncle, smiling innocently and looking up to Tianye Mu.

“I’ll call you Pingan from now on, okay? Repeat after uncle, Ping-An…”

The little fella stared at his mouth and repeated childishly, “Pingan.”

“Gosh, awesome! From now on, remember, when uncle calls for Pingan, I’m calling for you, okay?”

The little fella nodded his head in confusion.

Kerry, who was sitting on the other side of the room, was extremely frustrated, wondering why his son had learned everything so fast except “daddy”.

“Pingan, come over here to daddy.”

The little fella didn’t respond and was still in front of Tianye Mu.

“Pingan.” Kerry called out again.

Tianye Mu poked Pingan’s little belly and said, “Your dad called for Pingan, did you hear it?”

The little fella turned around slowly and looked nonchalantly at Kerry.

“Come here, Pingan.”

He came to Kerry with a disgusted face and looked up at him, as if to say, “Why are you calling me?”

Kerry said very lovingly, “Call daddy.”

The little fella behaved exactly the same as before. He cast a bored look to Kerry, wiggled his butt and walked away.

“Hahahaha…” Tianye Mu burst out laughing.

Kerry’s face turned black. He should not have humiliated himself at this time, especially in front of Tianye Mu.


At three o’clock in the afternoon, Kerry and Venus appeared at the hospital on time. This was one of the best private hospitals in Sky City, both in terms of medical staff and equipment.

The American doctor, David, was unusually young and handsome. If Tianye Mu hadn’t introduced him, Kerry would have thought he was a student fresh from college.

Like most Chinese people, Kerry asked Tianye Mu in Chinese, “How come he is so young? Can we trust him?”

The American doctor laughed and replied in fluent Chinese, “Mr. Kerry, please don’t question my skills based on my young look.”

Kerry was embarrassed. He didn’t expect David’s Chinese to be this good.

“Uh, well, sorry, when should we start?”

“Now. I have an important meeting tomorrow, so I have to leave tonight.”

After exchanging the usual pleasantries, David gave a detailed examination to Venus. Tianye Mu had already told him how Venus was injured before, so he didn’t ask again.

After the examination, David said seriously, “I suggest surgery. This the fastest way to recover.”

“Is it risky?” Kerry was a little hesitant. Last time when they were in the hospital, the doctor also said Venus needed surgery, but it was very risky, so Kerry didn’t agree.

David looked at the various films of Venus’s under the light and explained every operation had risks and even the best doctor can’t be 100% sure of the success of every operation. When saying these words, David used a Chinese word to describe the best doctor. Kerry was a little surprised that this foreigner could say such a native word.

“Then how sure are you?”

“90%, and the remaining 10% depends on this beautiful lady.”

Kerry became more surprised, “90%? Are you sure?”

David was a little unhappy about Kerry’s skeptical attitude. He looked at Kerry indifferently with his hands clasped in front of his chest, “Mr. Kerry, you can question my character, but you can’t question my skills.”

Kerry had never seen such a confident person, but it was Venus’s life at stake, so he could not be careless.

“I’ll think about it.”

“Okay, I’ll give you ten minutes. My time is precious.”

Kerry and Tianye Mu stood in the smoking section smoking. Neither of them spoke, and when they finished a cigarette, they said in unison, “Do it.”

After a brief exchange of glances, they both saw the determination and worry in each other’s eyes.

As David said, every surgery had risks, but they couldn’t let Venus suffer from dementia for the rest of her life. This kind of life was unfair to her. She was only 25 and she got many dreams that were waiting for her to realize.

They had to trust David and Venus.

David seemed to had predicted their decision. He had already booked the operating room while they were discussing.

Venus was sitting quietly beside the bed like an innocent kitten. Kerry squatted down to hold her hands and said, “Let’s do the surgery right away. Don’t be afraid. I will always be here by your side.”

When Venus heard his voice, she gave a silent smirk. Kerry was saddened. He knew she didn’t understand what he meant.

Before the surgery, two nurses came to shave Venus’s hair.

“Does she have to be shaved?” Kerry asked.

One nurse smiled and said, “Of course, the surgery involves cutting open her head and shaving her hair will help her recover after the surgery, making it less likely to get infected.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 249 Good Boy, Call Me Dad (3)
Another nurse looked at Kerry’s distressed face, and said while shaving Venus’s hair, “Hair can still grow back. Life is most important.”

Kerry was distressed because Venus cherished her hair very much. He was distressed for her.

“My wife would probably go crazy if she opened her eyes and saw that she had become a little nun.” Kerry said with a gentle smile.

When strangers approached, Venus could not help but start to feel nervous. Kerry held her hands and kept comforting her, “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid. I’m here.”

The nurses began their work. Before long, Venus’s long, straight and ebony and hair fell onto the ground. When the nurses shaved Venus’s scalp, she tensed up and gripped Kerry’s hands tightly.

“Don’t be afraid. It will be over soon. In fact, you are also very cute in short hair, but it’s a pity you can’t see it yourself …” Kerry let Venus grip his hands very tightly, even though he felt his fingers were about to be broken.

Tianye Mu was standing in the doorway, watching this scene silently. He felt that Kerry really loved Venus very much, even more than he loved Xiran Xiao.

A few minutes later, Venus’s scalp was scraped clean, and she really became a beautiful nun.

Kerry thought to himself, “Fortunately, she was not born in ancient times, otherwise who knows how many male pilgrims will be attracted to her.”

It was the first time the two nurses saw a husband who accompanied his wife throughout the whole process, and this man was Kerry, a famous figure in Sky City. He had now become the most perfect husband in the hearts of those girls.

Considering Venus’s unique situation, Kerry was allowed to enter the operating room in scrubs. But after the anesthetic took effect, he was kicked out.

The scene was so bloody that the doctors were afraid he would lose control.

One hour had passed, and then two hours, three hours… Kerry got agitated, and began smoking nonstop. Tianye Mu was no better than him. They just brought Venus for a checkup. How come she was receiving the surgery so soon?

The lights in the operating room went out.

Kerry quickly threw down his cigarette and stomped it out, and raced over.

When David came out of the operating room, Tianye Mu asked, “How’s it going?”

David took off his light blue mask and said, “I have finished my task. The remaining 10% of the success depends on her.”

Kerry and Tianye Mu gasped at the same time. What David said meant that the operation was successful.

“Where is Venus?”

“She’s been pushed to the monitoring ward.”

Kerry immediately run away and quickly disappeared. David grabbed Tianye Mu who was also about to run, “Tianye, I need to go to the airport immediately. Find me a car.”

“No problem. My driver is down there. You go downstairs, and I’ll tell him to wait for you in front of the hospital.”


In the monitoring ward, Venus was sleeping peacefully on the hospital bed. With various tubes inserted into her body and head, she looked very scary at first glance.

Kerry was looking at her through the glass, his heart filled with all kinds of emotions. Ever since they got married, the two of them seemed to be tightly bound to the hospital. They went to hospital from time to time but more often it was her.

He blamed himself for being blinded by hatred and kept hurting her. He regretted many things he had done, but the only thing he didn’t regret was marrying her.

“Kerry?” A familiar voice came from behind.

Kerry turned around, and Hao Nangong, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, was standing under the white light, holding a thermos box in his hand, with a surprise on his face.

“Why are you here?” Kerry couldn’t help but ask. He had blocked the news of Venus’s return and no one in Sky City knew.

“My father was hospitalized. I came to see him.” Hao Nangong said indifferently. When he saw the person in the monitoring ward, his eyelids jumped. He strode forward, “The person inside is Venus?”

“What does that have to do with you?” Kerry’s tone was freezing cold.

Hao Nangong revealed a complicated expression, “I… now that I saw her, I have one less thing to worry about.”

“It’s my wife. I don’t need you to worry about her. Also,” Kerry stared at him coldly, “If you really want her to be good, don’t go near her.”

Hao Nangong was not to be undone, “Kerry, if you had been a little more lenient with her, I wouldn’t have had a chance, and Xinyu Qiao wouldn’t have had a chance either. You should take full responsibility for what had happened.”

“I admit it was my fault,” Kerry said frankly, “so I will spend decades making it up to her and loving her with all my heart. But I won’t allow you to appear in front of her again.”

“Hmph! You don’t allow? Sky city is not yours…”

Before Hao Nangong finished his sentence, a slender and graceful woman came over, “Hao, what are you doing here? I’m still looking for you everywhere.”

There was a hint of boredom on Hao Nangong’s face, but it quickly disappeared. He indifferently said to her, “I met an acquaintance. We’ve talked for a while.”

The woman looked at Kerry and her eyes lit up, “Kerry? What are the odds of running into you here?”

Kerry glanced at her but couldn’t recall who she was.

“Don’t you remember? We went to junior high school together. I sat in front of you in the second year of junior high. I went abroad in high school and came back some time ago.” The woman said excitedly.

Kerry searched his mind, but still couldn’t remember her name. To be exact, he couldn’t even remember his deskmate at junior high school, let alone the student sitting in front of him.

“By the way, what are you doing in the hospital?” The woman asked enthusiastically.

Kerry responded coldly, “My wife is in the hospital.”

“You’re married?” The woman was surprised, and then laughed, “I hope she can recover soon. I want to see what kind of woman can win your heart.”

At the mention of Venus, Kerry smiled, “Just a very ordinary girl.”

The woman knew that Kerry was just being polite, but she did not ask anymore. She took Hao Nangong’s arm and said, “Hao and I will soon get married, at the end of the year. I hope you and your wife can come to our wedding. I remember at school, you and Hao were best friends.”

Kerry was really shocked, Hao Nangong, the playboy will also get married one day?

“My pleasure. As long as Hao Nangong invites me, I’ll be there.” Kerry laughed insidiously.

Hao Nangong gave him a resentful look. To be honest, he didn’t want to see this guy and the woman he once loved at his wedding at all.

Yes, Venus was the women he once loved.

“Of course. I will deliver the wedding invitation to your house in person. Anyway, excuse us for leaving first. Uncle Nangong is still waiting for us.”

“Be my guest.”

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