Chapter 249: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 249 No Way Out Anymore…

“How can I know what to do?” Hui roared, “Don’t you know what to do since you’re so clever?”

Wei was at loss and his hands were trembling.


After returning home, Wei didn’t know what to do. Colin already knew that he did it and he would definitely mess with him. He has Bald Liu and Old Jiang behind him, also that abnormal man. If it weren’t because the police arrived quickly, he probably couldn’t go home in peace now.

At the same time, more than ten billion funds were withdrawn from Juding Bank. Hui would also dispose of him. He seemed to have no way out anymore.

What to do?

After thinking for a while, Wei suddenly looked vicious, “Colin Ward! Since you don’t give me any way out, let’s just fight desperately, then!”


After Jason finished his reports, he also retrieved the surveillance on the road at that time. It was a remote place but there was still CCTV.

He didn’t watch the surveillance because if he watched it, then Colin’s criminal charge would be confirmed.

He was still waiting for Colin to resolve the matter.

After his work was finally done, Colin rushed to the hospital.

Inside Baker’s ward, Eva wasn’t there and the one actually there was Lenard.

When Lenard saw Colin, he stood up and greeted him.

Colin looked at Baker and greeted, “Dad”

Baker nodded and said that he was okay.

Actually, Baker’s injury wouldn’t heal so fast. Especially his head injury, there was a slight concussion. Since it’s been a day, it was a bit better.

The doctor also recommended a check-up after several days, especially his head, just in case.

Colin was slightly worried upon seeing this, “I will take care of Doris well.”

“I know” Baker replied, then looked at the hesitant Lenard before speaking, “I’m a bit tired.”

Colin nodded, “Then, I won’t bother you anymore, Dad.”

Immediately, both of them were in the corridor as Lenard called Colin.

“Anything wrong?” Colin asked.

“You should’ve known about Ellie’s identity, right?”

Colin looked down as he hummed. Actually, he had suspected it before. It’s just that he didn’t have the precise information. After listening to Lenard today, it was confirmed that Ellie is a member of the Ye family.


Lenard patted Colin’s shoulder, “The Ye family wants to possess Marquis.”

“I know”

From the beginning, Ellie approached Colin on purpose. Colin knew that Ellie wasn’t easy. Later, the matter with Fox and Walson, both pointed out that Ellie’s target is Marquis.

Lenard was stunned and said again, “Since you’ve known about it, why do you still go against Juding? The Ye family is very big. They are not anyone that we could confront. For Marquis, losing a partnership with Juding isn’t worth it.”

“So you come today, to persuade me to stop?” Colin asked lightly.

Lenard looked serious and said, “Colin, I want you to calm down. This is not a small matter after all. You can mess with Wei, but you must give further thought.”

Colin was indifferent, “Since you are my friend, so I won’t say much. You have said what you want to say, so you can go.”

“You!” Lenard could only shake his head helplessly. Then, he suddenly thought of something, “Do you know? Jason beat up Xiao Rongtao and Walson for you.”

Colin was slightly startled. He really didn’t know about this.


Colin was outside Baker’s ward and just stood there quietly.

When he was about to leave, Ellie arrived.

Colin looked at the fruit basket in her hand and asked, “I remember that my father-in-law isn’t quite relation with you.”

Ellie smiled, “But I’m related to you! I also helped you at the previous auction, Mr. Ward!”

Colin replied faintly, “I can also resolve it completely without you.”

“What are we talking about?” Ellie thought for a while. She still likes Colin after all so she didn’t bother about it, “This is my…..”

“Just talk to the point. There’s no need to go roundabout ways.” Colin interrupted her.

Ellie was silent for a moment, “Okay. I’ll just talk to the point. I’m here to make a deal with you today. I’ll give you the land in the southern suburbs and you let go of Wei and Juding.”

“I’m not interested.”

Colin directly refused it.

Without the four pieces of land before, the land in the southern suburbs was important to Marquis. But they already acquired those four pieces of land, the land in the southern suburbs didn’t seem important anymore. Instead, those four pieces of land are important.

As for letting go of Wei and Juding?

It’s impossible!

Wei’s thought of Vanessa and also injured his father-in-law, he couldn’t just forget about his debts!

Ellie was puzzled, “Colin, the land in the southern suburbs is very important to Marquis and you don’t want it? Moreover, Juding has partnerships with many companies. If you mess up with Juding this way, those companies won’t let it go.”

“I don’t care,” Colin said lightly.

Ellie glared at Colin. She was speechless, then finally snorted before leaving.

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