Chapter 25 – 26: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 25: Who’s the man in the dream?

“I’ll eat, I will.” Without waiting for Kerry Ye to finish his words, Venus Mu stopped him, fearing that he would tell more details about their sezx in front of so many servants. She thought it was a shame, but he didn’t.

Blushing, Venus picked up the meat and put it in her mouth. She was so unwilling to do so. Sad… She hated eating fatty meat.

Seeing her eat it, Kerry was satisfied, but he said, “Continue!”

Biting her lips, Venus continued to serve him. This time she was obedient, not daring to pick up the food that everyone didn’t like, otherwise she would set a trap for herself.

“I don’t like fish. You eat!”


“The omelette is too oily. You eat!”


“The celery is too hard. You eat.”


In the end, whether Kerry was full or not, Venus didn’t know, but she was too full to continue. At the same time, she found out that this man was really picky, for he didn’t like many things. Venus hoped he could starve to death.

After dinner, she went back to her room, sitting in front of the desk with a round belly. She was staring at the blank design drawings.

Phew… it was really hard for her to re-construct and draw another design….

Especially she couldn’t use the idea she used before…

She was a little restless and fell asleep on the table thinking about it. She then had a dream that she got closer to that room with a bell hanging on the door once again.

She heard the bell ringing while once again seeing the man with purple pupils. He looked like Kerry. They had the same face…

The air around him was cold, near freezing. It was so cold that she could hardly stand, but he was… floating in the air!

That’s right. His feet were off the ground, floating like legless elves. He was looking at her, coldly.

Last time, she saw a flying teapot and teacup, but this time… he was flying?

Was he a man or a ghost?

How could a man fly?

If it was a ghost… Venus trembled in fear. Though she had always been an atheist, what was happening horrified her and just then, that man actually flew towards her—

“Ah!!!” Venus screamed loudly in fright and knocked her head on the table, waking up.

Rubbing her head that had been knocked and looking at the house, she went to turn on the lights. It was already night and it’s dark outside.

It was a dream… She had actually slept for so long. The dream was too real.

This fucking man with purple pupils… Venus took a deep breath and shook her head desperately, ordering herself not to think about it anymore. Then she looked down at the design drawings on the desk and thought about the dream she had just had. An excellent inspiration came to her.

Wind chimes… could fly….

Right. She could combine this with the theme of “fashion and soul”. Thinking of this, she was immediately buried in working and started to design with a pencil.

At night, Kerry was not at home and no one could restrain her. When Uncle Wang came over to call her for dinner, she was so inspired that she refused and then she kept on drawing until the early morning. She finally finished the design.

Staring at this design, she was so satisfied that she put it on the desk after finishing it. Only then was she so tired that she lay down on the bed and fell sleep.

This time, she didn’t dream of the man with the purple pupils again.

Chapter 26: Lonely in the empty room?

The next morning, Venus Mu went downstairs for breakfast after waking up early, and found that Kerry Ye hadn’t come back home for a whole night. But she was very happy for that, and her mood became better.

She finished breakfast while humming songs. When she went upstairs, she picked up Uncle Zhangrui Mu’s call.

“Hello, uncle.”

“Venus, I heard that Ye’s family had moved all your things there?” Zhangrui Mu asked.

“Yep.” Venus nodded. She wanted to go back and move them on her own at first, but Kerry Ye didn’t allow her to go out, so John arranged for the servants to move them.

“So when will you come back home(This is a special tradition in China, meaning the first visit of a bride to her parents)? Will you come back?”

“Come back home?” Venus was a little shocked. She hadn’t thought about this, and Kerry may not be glad to come back home with her. So she said, “May not…”

But before Venus finished speaking, Zhangrui Mu said, “ How can you not come back home? I just received your brother’ news, and want to tell you in person!”

“What? You got my brother’s news?” Venus was thrilled instantly, and said hastily, “ Uncle, please tell me where is my brother?”

It seemed that Zhangrui Mu was doing something. He kept silent for some seconds on purpose, and then uttered slowly, “It’s a little bit complicated, I should better tell you in person. And…Come back home with Kerry please. We’re family anyway. You guys come back home, and we have a meal together!”

While saying, without waiting for Venus’s reply, he added, “I have something to deal with. Do remember to bring Kerry home today.” Then hung up.

Venus watched her phone helplessly. Must take Kerry back home?

But…How could he agree that, according to his bad temper!

When Venus was thinking, a deep voice flew from behind, with coldness, “What are you doing up there?”

“Ah?” Venus looked back, and saw Kerry Ye. He just came back home, with a fatigued look.

“Nothing…” Venus said, and found that she was standing at the door of his room right now.

Damn, she meant to go back to her room, but why was she here?

“If nothing, then why are you at the door of my room?” Kerry Ye said, and approached Venus deliberately, and a hot breath flew to her neck, “ Is it because I haven’t been home for two nights, and you feel lonely in this big empty room?”

Venus blushed instantly, and she turned her head away hastily, “No, I just passed by…”

“Oh… passed by…then…” Kerry Ye said, and hooked up his mouth, reached his hand slowly and directly into Venus’s shirt, and touched her softly.

“Ah…” Venus was shocked, struggled and said, “ Please…Please don’t…”

“This is not what you expect?” Kerry said, and put her one arm around Venus’s waist, and used another hand to open the door. And dragged her into the room.

The door was directly closed. He crushed her upon the door, and his warm breath flew to her whole face.

Venus bit her lips, and was very nervous, “Please don’t do this. It’s still day time…”

Hearing that, Kerry Ye smiled happier, “Oh, you know it’s daytime. I thought woman like you, is thirsty for man no matter daytime or night!”

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