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Chapter 25 – 26: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 25: Break his arms and legs!

Doris went to change her clothes, while Colin took out his mobile phone quickly and sent a text message to Nina, saying that he wanted another villa of Lanbo port, and she must send the key to him in half an hour.

After Nina received the text message, she was a little annoyed. The rich second generation knew how to find trouble and waste money!

But he was the chairman! Nina had to hurry to tell Ye Kui. After that, she sent a short message to tell Colin that Ye Kui had gone to deal with it.

At this time, Doris came out and wore a lady’s casual dress. With jeans, she looked like a college student, pure and lovely.

Colin smiled: “Let’s go!”

Doris still drove her Chang’an car. Colin asked, “why don’t you open the Maserati? Don’t you like it? “

“No, I like it very much.” Doris replied quickly, “it’s just that my parents drove the new car away.”

Colin: “…”

“I’ll give you another one tomorrow.” Colin said lightly.

Doris was a little surprised, and then said: “no. This is very good.”

She didn’t know where the money came from. But even if he had money, he can’t spend it like this!

Colin looked indifferent. “No, my wife should drive a luxury car and live in a villa.”

Doris felt happy but she still asked, “You bought a luxury car and a villa. You…”

Colin coughed: “actually I found a job recently.”

“Really? That it great! ” Doris was really happy for Colin. If he had a job, her parents would not say that Colin was a waste, right?

Colin smiled and nodded. He was relieved “Yes.”

Half an hour later, they arrived at the villa area of Lanbo port.

At the door, security guards stopped them.

“Who are you looking for, please?”

The reason why the villas of Lanbo port were expensive was also related to the security property. The security system here was the most comprehensive. Every resident who went in and out had a specific access card. If there was no access card, all of them would be inquired. After confirming their identity, the guards would let them in.

Colin took Doris and said, “did someone give you a key just now?”

“Are you Mr. Ward?” asked the security guard

“Yes.” Colin replied and took out his ID card.

After seeing the ID card, the security guard was dumbfounded. People who drove Chang’an car lived in the villa of Lanbo port? He didn’t understand the world of the rich.

Colin took the key from the security guard and took Doris in.

Doris asked suspiciously, “aren’t my parents here? Do you have another key for use? “

Colin smiled mysterious, “you will know later!”

Doris was puzzled to look at Colin and was pulled by Colin to go to the villa.

But this road was not the road before. Doris’s heart suddenly thumped. She had a guess, but this guess was too frightening!

In front of a strange villa, Colin said: “Doris, that villa was given to your parents, and today’s one is for you!” Then he handed Doris the key.

Doris was stunned with the key.

It was a long time before she said, “you…”

Colin said with a smile: “what’s the matter? Don’t you like it? “

Doris shook her head. She can hardly describe her present mood. Joy, shock, and doubt were together.

“Colin…” Doris’s voice trembled. For a moment, she thought of a lot.

She thought of the Maserati, the villa of Lanbo port and this villa!

These added up to at least 10 million dollars. Even if he went to work, how can he have so much money to buy these? Where did the money come from?

Steal? Rob? Or usury?

Colin was curious: “what’s the matter?”

“Tell me the truth, how did you get your money?” Doris stared at Colin.

Colin understood. He was moved and said with a smile “don’t worry! It’s all legal. “

“But you…” how could you have so much money all of a sudden?

Colin thought about it and said, “in fact, the place where I work is Marquis group. I am a manager. In addition, I made it a cooperation before, so I was rewarded.”

“How could that be possible?” Doris looked at Colin with disbelief.

Even if he got a cooperation and was a manager, it was reasonable to be rewarded a villa. It was impossible to get two villas and a Maserati car!

Colin paused for a moment. Well, it was a bit exaggerated.

“Well, because I told them to change the commission of this cooperation into a villa, so that’s it…”

It seemed reasonable, but she always felt strange.

Colin looked at her face and said: “well, your husband will not go to do improper things. You can rest assured! It’s not early today. You have to go to work tomorrow. Let’s go in and have a rest early. “

Doris had to nod.

Into the villa, they went directly to the master bedroom of the third floor. Colin wanted to follow Doris in, but was stopped by Doris, “you go next door.”

Colin touched the tip of his nose which was almost hit by the door. He felt helpless and thought that they could sleep in a bed tonight before!

In the early of the morning, it was time for nightlife.

In a bar, colorful lights flickered, and heavy metal music made people twist and shake.

In one of the boxes, Fox took a look at the scar face and said, “help me hit a person.”

“Who?” The scar face took a sip of wine.

Fox handed over a photo.

The scar face looked at it and asked: “How?”

“Disabled. Break his arms and legs!” Fox said maliciously.

The scar face didn’t show any expression. He took a sip of wine again, “how much does Mr. Lee plan to pay?”

“200000 dollars!”

The scar face smiled disdainfully, “Mr. Lee, this is not a small matter. If we made it wrong, we would be in prison!”

“Four hundred thousand!” Fox ground.

The scar face looked at Fox and didn’t speak.

Fox clapped at the table, “500000!”

“Good! Deal.” The scar face finished the last drink and put down the glass. “You just wait the good news.”

Fox smiled, “then I just wait.”

Fox never forgot everything Colin did to him. He was criticized by his grandfather again and again, and was humiliated. If he didn’t return it, he would not be named Lee!

The next morning, they went to work. Doris said that she wanted to give Colin a ride but Colin refused. He took a taxi to Marquis group.

“It’s really inconvenient! I’ll have to buy a car. No, two! “

One was for Doris and one was for him.

To the door of the company, he was ready to go in, but was stopped.


Colin turned around, “Belle?”

Belle and Colin were classmates in college. They were in the same class. Moreover, Belle was a school beauty and a goddess in Colin’s heart.

Belle was a little surprised, “is it really you?”

Colin laughed and replied, “well, what are you doing here?”

Belle looked at Colin clothes and immediately felt disgusted: “Well, I’m looking for the chairman of Marquis group to talk about cooperation. What are you doing here?”

Chapter 26: Colin might have no work!

“I work here.” Colin said.

Belle was a little surprised. “Do you work here?”

Those who can work in Marquis group were either having connections or capable!

However, in the view of Belle, Colin had no background nor ability. How can he work here? Hum! It was estimated that he was a humble clerk!

Colin shrugged. It didn’t matter whether she believed or not

But, “by the way, what kind of cooperation do you want to talk to the chairman?”

Belle waved her hand and said, “you don’t understand. I’m going to find the chairman. Goodbye.”

After that, Belle was about to go in, but she stopped and said, “by the way, would you come to the reunion this weekend?”

Colin thought that there would be nothing at that time, so he agreed.

After he went upstairs, Colin told Nina to serve Belle.

Half an hour later, Nina went into the office.

“Chairman, Miss Moore is here to ask for the investment.”

Colin said, “Let me see.”

Nina handed the information to Colin.

Colin looked at it carefully and then said: “OK! How much does she want?”

Nina was surprised for a moment and said, “one hundred million, but it has been rejected by me.”

Colin frowned, “call her! We can sign the contract, and give her 200 million. But I want 80% of the shares.”

Nina opened her eyes. “Chairman, this…”

Two hundred million! Were you sure you were not kidding?

Colin raised up his eyebrows to look at her, “What? Didn’t you hear that? “

Looking at Colin, Nina finally couldn’t help but say, “Chairman, two hundred million dollars is not a small number. It’s OK to invest Lee fruit company. Now the seamless steel pipe company is an enterprise that is going to go bankrupt. If you invest 200 million dollars in it, it’s like pushing Marquis group into the fire pit!”

“Is the chairman for the sake of that woman? But she is just a woman! Marquis group should not be defeated by a woman! Master asked me to help you develop Marquis group, and not end the game!”

Nina really can’t control herself. Before he spent one hundred million. It was two hundred million dollars now. No matter how rich Marquis group was, it was not enough for him to waste like this!

If it went on like this, Marquis group would be over sooner or later!

Colin was a little surprised. This was the first time that Nina has said so much to him, and her tone was so strong!

Colin leaned on the back of the chair, and said in a light way: “well, you are the chairman?”

Nina lowered her head immediately, “I’m sorry, chairman.”

She forgot her identity in a moment of excitement.

Colin looked at her, threw the data on the table and said, “do it quickly!”

“Yes.” Nina answered and turned out.

Colin, looking at the back of Nina, raised up his eyebrows. How can he ignore the whole company for women? Even if he was that kind of person, that woman must be Doris! There was no other woman!

There were other reasons why he chose to invest, but he didn’t have to explain to Nina.

It was weekend soon. Colin went to Jiuzhou hotel according to the address which Belle gave him.

It was said that Xiao Rongtao organized the gathering. Xiao Rongtao was a rich second generation. He had his own company. His relationship with Colin was not very good. It was very normal that he didn’t invite Colin.

Colin was not interested in this kind of Party and didn’t want to come. However, it reminded him of a person, his best friend in University, Wang Lou.

He didn’t contact him very often after graduation from University. He could see him at this classmate party, so he came.

After arriving at the hotel, he asked the waiter, “which box is the student party?”

“Second floor 216.” The waiter replied.

Colin went to the second floor directly. Outside the box, he already heard the voices of everyone.

“Wang Lou, are you still looking for a job?”

“No! He is just unemployed again! But you are right to say that! “

“Well, why don’t you go to work in Xiao Rongtao’s company! There must be a job for you! “

Xiao Rongtao said with a smile: “You can, but now the company only recruit cleaners. If you like, I will help you tomorrow, and then you can come directly to work.”

“Oh, cleaning is not very good, is it?”

“Why? The salary of a cleaner in the company is higher than that of an ordinary company! “

“Ha ha… Right.”

Wang Lou was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. There was no expression on his clean and honest face.

He always had a good temper. Even if these people were so sarcastic, Wang Lou showed no sign of being angry.

Colin come to see this scene. He just smiled, “sorry, I am late.”

When they saw Colin, they greeted.

Only Dean, with a black face, did not greet Colin.

Wang Lou saw that Colin came. He let Colin sit beside him.

After sitting down, Colin said with a smile, “Wang Lou, you are great! You don’t even tell us when you started your own company! “

The words falling, people were stunned.

Wang Lou was in a daze, “what are you talking about?”

Colin winked at Wang Lou, “It is a good thing to open an company. Why did you conceal it?”

Wang Lou saw the situation and understood the meaning, and then he laughed awkwardly.

People were quiet at this moment.

They looked down on Wang Lou just now. But as a result, he had his own company and he was the boss!

For a moment, the people who laughed at Wang Lou just now felt awkwardly.

Some girls began to chat with Wang, thinking that Wang Lou was a top student before!

Now that he opened a company, he must be capable and had many social connections. Naturally, those who didn’t live well wanted to have a good relationship with Wang Lou.

“how can Wang Lou be so bad?”

“He is really a top student! He is so capable! “


Colin glanced at these students. They have worked for two years. They knew what they should do.

But because of Colin’s several words, Xiao Rongtao was secretly criticized by other students. He was a little angry.

“I remembered I didn’t invite you, right? Colin. “

Belle who was sitting next to Xiao Rongtao said immediately, “Oh, I met him when I went to Marquis group to talk about cooperation with the chairman, so I told him to come.”

Everyone understood.

Xiao Rongtao sneered: “Well, this is the reason that Colin went into such a high-end hotel.”

Dean followed: “if it hadn’t been for the reunion, he would have never been here! He should say thanks to Xiao Rongtao.”

After Dean was humiliated by Colin, he went to find someone to watch Colin for a period of time. Colin didn’t drive that Maserati carat all!

This can only show that Colin was lying. It was estimated that he was buying a car for others, and he was windy.

He was not wrong. Colin really bought a car for others.

Hearing this, Belle said, “not really? I met him in the Marquis group. He said that he worked in Marquis group. “

“Are you kidding? Belle, do you mistake? How can Colin work in the Marquis group? ” Xiao Rongtao seemed to have heard a big joke.

Hearing this, Belle also looked at Colin with some doubts. She remembered that Colin was wearing a suit at that time, but now he wore the shabby clothes.

At this time, others sneered: “Colin might have no work!”

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