Chapter 25: So Decisive – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

F*ck, There was nothing to talk to such a pile of rubbish!

All clothes on him were so cheap, which was disgraceful. How could one stay with him?

Jane Tang was stunned! What’s the matter?

She hesitated for a moment, subconsciously nodded, stood up, and gave up her seat. Then she went mechanically to sit in the back.

At this time, Mary Su couldn’t help looking at Kris Chen.

The thought that Kris was useless springs up from inside Mary, and she considered that to marry him was the most unfortunate thing in her life. But when Xiaorou Xu asked to sit next to him, she felt an ineffable uncomfortable!

Woman’s intuition told Mary that it must be intrigued that Xiaorou actively sits next to Kris.

At this time, Kris was surrounded by three superb beauties. Xiaorou, Mary, and Yu Su!

All the people present couldn’t help glancing at them.

What else could one do? The three women were really beautiful. Sitting at a table, all of them had their own charm. People could not decide which one was the best. They were pretty nice.

Xiaorou tucked her hair behind the ear and asked softly, “Hello, my name is Xiaorou Xu …”

As soon as the words came to her mouth, she swallowed them. She found that Kris didn’t even look at her!

This made Xiaorou a little angry. She actively fronted to start a conversation. The man did not even glance at her. Was she ugly?

That was impossible! Folks in Westriver City definitely knew that girls of the Xu family were more beautiful than Xi Shi(an ancient beauty)!

Xiaorou was an obstinate girl. You ignored me, right? Then I was going to talk to you persistently!

She was just about to continue talking to Kris, Mrs. Su went to Mary with a glass of wine.

The old lady came to toast. All the people at this table stopped eating and prepared to pay back. But, it was not the case.

Mrs. Su waved her hand and said, “keep eating. I have something to speak to Mary.”

Hearing the words, other people started eating once again. But this time, all of them slowed down their movements jointly, and with their ears up. They were obviously wondering what the old lady wanted to say.

“Mary, I would like to tell you something,” the old lady said.

“Grandma, say it please!” Mary replied.

Mrs. Su sighed and said: “Today is my birthday, and I have no wish but that Su family can develop stronger! Can you promise me to go to Huanyu Group again? If you do it, Huanyu Group will surely give Rui Liu to us for packaging. By then, We Su family will be able to make lots of money! “


Mary hesitated!

Grandma said to her in front of everyone. If she disagreed, wouldn’t she be filial?

But she also remembered that grandma had attributed all the merit of cooperation with Huanyu Group to Hai Su in front of the whole family, which made her unacceptable!

Mary now felt extremely embarrassed in his heart, then she looked at Kris unconsciously!

He had told her that she could not promise grandma to go to Huanyu Group again…

Kris and Mary looked at each other for a moment, and Kris shook his head gently!

Sure enough, he still did not let her do it!

If I listened to him and refused in public, which was disgraceful for grandma. Now, it was really difficult for her to make the decision!

“Mom, There is no problem. It’s Mary’s task. I’m sure she will finish it well.” Jane stood out from behind.

“Good!” The old lady smiled.

Seeing that request was about to accept, Kris who was sitting aside suddenly stood up.

“No way.”

Refused firmly and such decisively!

“How could you ask for that!” Kris said coldly: “Mary had gone to Huanyu Group to talk about cooperation, and she made it, then all the credit was stolen by Hai! Now, Huanyu Group doesn’t recognize Hai, you leave it to my wife again. Is it bullying?”

“You… You bastard…” the old lady pointed to Kris. She was so angry that her hands were shaking.

At this time, the people of the Su family looked at Kris as if he was a fool!

What status did he have in the Su family? He had already known it, hadn’t he?

An uxorilocal son-in-law who even was a freeloader. How could he speak such boldly?

Saying directly, he was not even as important as a dog of the Su family!

“Shit, you are just so rude to grandma. Do you want to die?” Hai roared loudly, jumped out from the side, and said. “Who do you think you are? Just a dog of the Su family. How can you shout at the master? If you do it again, then I will break your mouth?”

As talk finished, Hai rose his fist to smash Kris immediately!

The punch used Hai’s power.

Hai had been overindulged by Mrs. Su since he was a child, which led to Hai’s bad temper. When he was a student, he often hanged out with gangs and fought. He was famous for making trouble.

After growing up, being a rich man in the business, he also gathered a group of people and met some leaders of the underworld!

“Don’t watch it. Kris will be finished today. Get ready to call an ambulance!”

“Alas, it is stupid to irritate Hai. Everyone knows that he is the most obedient!”

“That’s the end of bullshit. No one will help him from being beaten.”

Everyone shook their heads. It seemed that the fist could kill a cow.

If it hit Kris, it would kill him half!

Kris’s pupils were shrinking. He looked at the coming fist with no expression and stood still!


The fist hit Kris firmly.

“Are you stupid? Why don’t you move?” Mary was so angry and stomped. Why should she take care of this waste? Let him be killed.

“Dear, I’m fine, he did not hurt me.” seeing Mary’s concern and worry, Kris’ heart was warming now.

“Do it harder. You just fight with others like this?” Kris said with scorn, this kind rude way of street fighting would not hurt him anymore.

According to the ancestral training of the Chen family, their children should always exercise from the age of 6!

When Kris was 6 years old, he began to learn Baji Fist and his teacher, who was the 10th generation of Baji Fist!

He was not confident that he could against ten men, but two or three strong men couldn’t get close to him.

Hai saw that his fist did not make Kris tumble to the ground and plead but laugh at him. He felt so shameful, he suddenly roared and lifted a leg to kick Kris.

Kris had been on guard for a long time. When Hai just moved, Kris raised his foot and kicked him on the knee.


Hai shouted with his knee in his arms!

He felt that as if his foot was no longer his own. It was painful and numb, which made him unable to exert a little strength.

“My foot, my foot is broken, my foot is broken!”

Hai fell to the ground and howled.

What was the matter?

Why did Hai suddenly fall down on the ground and started crying?

All of them are stunned. They didn’t even see Chen Yang’s movements. Was this the freeloader Kris? It was unbelievable that he could fight expertly!

“Kris, you dare to fight back. You are dead!” Hai was so painful now that his face turned deformed. At this time, he had only one thought in his mind, which was to kill Kris.

He took out his mobile phone and called someone. Yelled at the phone: “brother, please takes two cars of people to Su’s house. Remember it’s Su’s manor. Let brothers take weapons!”

After hanging up the phone, Hai yelled at the frightened men by the side, “Are you blind, come to help me!”

Servants helped him up quickly.

Hai looked at Kris and chomped with his teeth: “Just wait. If I don’t kill you today, my name will write in reverse!”

Everyone looked at Kris compassionately. Rather to trifle with everyone, than Hai

Everyone knew that he was the one who would avenge for everything. if annoyed him, you would not have a good life.

It was not relevant to them. They just needed to be indifference onlookers.

“Haha…” Kris sneered and didn’t pay attention to him. He turned to the old lady. “Grandma, I still think like that. It’s too unfair for Mary. You’d better invite someone else to negotiate with Huanyu Group this time!”

“You…Who do you think you are?” The old lady trembled angrily, “How can you decide for Mary! “

Kris said loudly: ” Just because I am her husband! “

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