Chapter 250: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 250 He’s Getting Married (1)
Kerry Ye watched them going far away. He saw that Hao Nangong tried to break away from the woman’s hand but that woman seemed to have said something and he gave in to it.

There is always one thing to conquer another, as people always say.

But who on earth was this woman? How come he remembered nothing about her?

“What are you looking at? You look so focused.” Tianye Mu came over and asked him.

Kerry then stopped watching and asked tentatively, “Is Hao getting married?”

“Yes he is, you don’t know about that?” Tianye was not surprised that Hao was getting married.

“Who is he marrying?”

“The Lady of Tianding Entertainment.”

Then Kerry started to remember who she was. In his memory, this Lady used to look very ordinary and liked to keep a low profile. Nobody would pay attention to her. But she had changed a lot since the last time he saw her a few years ago.

He was curious. This Lady must have grabbed some weak points of Hao, since he was marrying his classmate. He assumed.

But that’s great. At least Hao wouldn’t hassle Venus Mu, with his own wife around him all time time.

Em…hope so.

The next day after Venus’s surgery, Venus woke up. Because she had been in the dark for a month, the doctor put a thin slice of gauze around her head to cover her eyes to avoid the strong light.

Then the gauze was slowly unwrapped by a pair of graceful hands gently, and the light filtered in little by little. Venus opened her eyes and at first she saw a mass of white fog, then a pair of ocean-blue eyes, which was full of deep affection and emotion, came into her sight.

But she was still confused.

“Venus, can you see me?” Kerry asked nervously.

Yes, she knew the voice. This voice had been with her since she fell into the darkness.

“Venus, do you know me?”

Venus turned to the other side and saw someone she seemed to be familiar with for a long time.

“She looked at me! Does that mean she can see?” Tianye asked in surprise.

The doctor stuck out one finger, “Look at my finger.”

Venus did as he said and her head moved with the finger. The doctor checked her pupils and said with relief, “Her eyesight has recovered.”

“Brilliant!” Kerry said happily.

Seeing his sister was still in confusion, Tianye calmed down a bit. “Doctor, why does my sister seem a little dumb?”

The doctor laughed, “It takes time. Her mind was under pressure for a long time, besides she just had a surgery yesterday. It’s good her eyesight has recovered, though. As for her spirit and intelligence, you have to talk with her often. With our medication, she will recover completely I believe.”

“Okay doctor, than you very much.” Tianye said with respect.

The doctor said something else about her diets then left with the nurse.

At the moment, Venus’s head was wrapped with gauze and it looked so big. All her supporting devices were removed except for the one on her middle finger.

“Venus, I am your brother. Do you know me?” Tianye came close to her, “Just blink once if you do. Blink twice if you don’t.”

But Venus didn’t blink at all. Instead, she smiled. And the smile caused huge pain on her wound and the smiling face soon turned into a crying face.

“Alright, alright, don’t smile, or you will feel painful.” Tianye said with pity.

Seeing Venus in great pain, Kerry felt pains in the heart too. He scolded Tianye, “The doctor said that her IQ is offline. Why did you even ask!”

Tianye knew he did something wrong but in order to keep his pride, he stared at Kerry and said, “And you are talking to your elder brother like this?”

“Huh? You are trying to be the big brother here?” Kerry almost rolled his eyes. How tricky this guy was!

Tianye said with a smug smile, “Kerry, remember, no matter when it is, I am your senior. Talk to your senior with respect. Do you hear me?”

Kerry held his temper. He would very much like to throw him out of the room if he hadn’t been Venus’s big brother.

While they were talking, someone came to the door silently.

“What are you doing here?” Kerry stood in front of Venus to prevent him from seeing Venus.

Hao smiled, “You used to hate each other and even want to kill each other. Why are you so close like brothers now?”

“It’s none of your business!” Kerry looked at him coldly and asked again, “What are you doing here?”

Hao leaned his body over and saw Venus lying in bed, “I am here to see Venus.”

“She doesn’t want to see you. She would like you to leave.”

Tianye was just sitting by the bed and watched them argue. He could care less about their fights. As long as Venus was safe, they could even kill each other…

Eh, kill Kerry?

It’s not what Hao was capable of at the moment. After all, Kerry was such a freak.

Hao had always been shameless and persistent, “I am here to see Venus. If she tells me to leave in person, then I will.”

“Hao Nangong, did you forget what I said? Do you want your legs broken again?”

Hao looked a bit scared, but he really wanted to see Venus so that he wouldn’t have to worry about her any more.”

“Kerry, let me see her. Just one second and I’ll go.” His voice softened a lot.

“Her lying here like this is mainly because of you. Are you are so shameless now already?” Kerry turned angry as soon as he thought of what had happened in the past. “Off you go. I’ll tell her that you came when she wakes up.”

Hao remained silent with his hands hanging.

“Hao, look, Venus is in poor health condition now. I don’t want to get angry with you. You’d better not try to cross my bottom line, either.”

However, Hao had been around all kinds of gangs and mafias since he was little. He wouldn’t take Kerry’s threat seriously if Kerry had not been such a special person.

Hao gritted his teeth, “Kerry Ye, I know you have supernatural abilities. But you’d better not be too proud. One day I’ll tell people your secrets and bring you down!”

Kerry laughed, “You think I am supernatural. Hmm, that could be the nicest thing I’ve ever heard. Fine, I’ll wait. Don’t you let me down! Oh by the way, do notify me when you get married. Venus and I will prepare a big gift for you!”

“Thanks, that won’t be necessary.” Hao was a bit scared. He skipped as fast as he could.

And the room was back in peace.

Tianye seemed a bit disappointed. He was expecting the two to actually fight but they were just arguing.

“Go home now. Pingan is home. I am here in the day time. You can come over at night.”

Clearly Kerry had his own plan. “I’ll hire a senior caregiver. The caregiver can attend to her needs and you can talk about the funny things you used to do with Venus.”

Tianye thought for a while and agreed. After all, it’s not quite convenient for him to help Venus change clothes or go to the bathroom.

“Alright. You go hire a caregiver and I’ll be here with her.”

There’s information about all the caregivers in the nurse station and there’s a long introduction under each caregiver’s name. Kerry went through the files and picked an ordinary looking little girl and asked the nurse, “What about her?”

“She’s good, but she’s a bit talkative. She can make friends with everyone she sees right away.” The nurse said in a nice way.

Kerry gave up this one. He hated talkative person. Then he picked another one who seemed older, “And her?”

The nurse nodded, “She’s thoughtful and considerate. She knows when to shut her mouth and ears. She’s devoted to her work and she’s a reliable person.”

Kerry signed in relief, “Please ask her to come here. She can start her work right now.”

“Yes, sir.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 250 He’s Getting Married (2)
The new year was around the corner and there’s a lot of business stuff to attend to. Tianye Mu left the hospital as soon as the caregiver started to work.

As soon as returning to Sky City, Tianye stepped into the Mu’s Group directly, which made a lot of people dumbfounded. There was a rumor going around that their boss had died. After all, there’s no boss like him who hadn’t shown up in the company for the whole year.

Hearing that his nephew’s coming back, Changrui Mu came to the company to beg Tianye, in the hope that Tianye could forgive him. After all, they had the same blood running in their veins.

After hearing what Changrui had been through in the past year, Tianye thought for a while and finally gave him a small company.

“You hate your uncle, don’t you? Then why do you help him by giving him a company?” Mike asked in confusion.

Tianye signed and said, “A jerk as he is, he’s my grandfather’s son. I can’t bear to see him begging for food on the street. We Mu Family care about our reputation. And we Mu’s Group don’t want people to see us as cold-blooded. Besides, he wasn’t that bad. His sufferings in the past year already made up for his mistakes.”

He couldn’t cause trouble any more anyway. Tianye’s only merciful to him for the common family name they carried.

But in fact, the most important reason was the change of relationship between Venus Mu and Kerry Ye. Though she suffered a lot, she ended up being happy.

The Mu’s Group had had its profit doubled and even tripled since it took two big projects from the Yehuang Group, besides, the business went really smoothly.

Tianye went though the report sheet and was quite satisfied with the figure. He said to Mike who was sitting in front of him, “Thanks for everyone’s hard work. Please notify everyone that we will organize a New Year trip and they can choose wherever they want to go.”

“Yay!” Mike shouted in delight and then put his arm on the table and asked, “What about the bonus?”

“Don’t worry about it. As long as you get the last payment back, you will be surprised.”

“I like you being my boss! You are so generous!”

Tianye glanced at him and joked, “Mike, you’ve got the highest salary in this industry. And you still need money?”

“There’s never such thing as too much money. The pursuit of money is endless!”

“You’ve got the point.”

Compared to the Mu’s Group, the Yehuang Group had a tough year with their outgoings and revenues barely balancing out.

The earthquake happened first, then the Mu’s Group took the advantage and took away their projects. Many things such as the big investment of the amusement park all piled up together. It’s a huge miracle that the Yehuang Group could make both ends meet.

Kerry paid attention when he was listening to the reports of each department. He had expected the outcome, but he didn’t worry about it. The investment of the amusement park was totally completed and the next they would only have to wait for the profits to come in. Judged from the profit during the Golden-Week of the national holiday, the amusement park would be the money pit of the Yehuang Group.

Everyone looked at Kerry’s cold face and felt scared. To be honest, this year’s figure was embarrassing to watch, which had dropped to the lowest point in the past three years.

When the last department finished its report, everyone became silent and the atmosphere inside the meeting room was really oppressive. They were waiting for Kerry to scold them. However, half a minute later, Kerry said, “You’ve had a tough year. Thank you for your hard work. Victory and failure are common in business. And besides, we didn’t lose money.”

On hearing this, everyone was surprised. Kerry didn’t get angry!

“Too many unexpected things have happened this year. I know you have tried your best. Come on, cheer up, everyone! Sort out your work and welcome this New Year!”

Everyone looked up, wondering how come such a cold-blooded boss turned into a nice person.

“Why are you looking at me?” Kerry asked coldly.

The vice director said boldly, “Mr. Ye, you are having a good day huh?”

Kerry showed some smile, “How did you know?”

“We didn’t make any profits for out company and you didn’t scold us!”

Kerry said even more gently, “I’ve said it. There are many reasons why we couldn’t make profits. It’s normal. And I know you have all tried your best. Alright, quit guessing. Off you go. Go back to your work.”

“Yes, sir.”

Several senior managers were whisper while walking, “There must be something good. Mr. Ye is in a good mood today.”

“Hush! I heard that his wife is back!” One of them said cautiously.

“Really? That Venus Mu in the Design Department?” The others asked at the same time.

“Yes, yes! It’s her. But she is sick and in hospital.”

“Oh, but…” The person paused then said, “Then what about Yan Chu of MK Group? Our boss treats her quite well, doesn’t he?”

“Director Chen, watch your words!”

Director Chen laughed in embarrassment, “I am just curious!”

“Speaking of it, where is that Yan? And how come the MK Group handed over all its shares in the amusement park project?”

One who had always been mature said, “Alright guys, quit guessing. There must be something that Mr. Ye doesn’t want us to know. Didn’t you always hear from the movies- the more you know, the faster you die?”

“Ha ha ha! That’s the point! We should do our work well.”

Kerry came to the hospital as soon as he finished his work. In front of the senior patient room, Henry Zhang and Fang were guarding in person. Kerry opened the door and went in. Venus was at the moment drinking water, with a big mass of gauze wrapped around her head, which looked a bit funny.

Seeing him coming in, Venus smiled.

Kerry smiled back to her and asked the caregiver, “Any problems today?”

“No, sir, everything is normal.”

“Did she talk?”


“Did she eat supper?”

“Yes, she did.”

“Okay. You can go now.”

Kerry threw his coat casually on the sofa and sat by the bed. He held her warm little hands and said gently, “You look healthier today. How’s the lunch I ordered for you?”

Venus was chewing the straw and her eyes rolled a few circles. It seemed that she finally understood Kerry’s words and replied with great effort, “Yum…yummy.”

Kerry was overjoyed. “Eat as mush as you want, if you like it. But the taste of food in the restaurant is too heavy. I’ve already told Mrs Qin to bring you food everyday. You like her soup, don’t you? From tomorrow, you can drink her soup everyday!”

He said all these words and Venus only got a few of them, “Mrs Qin, yummy!”

Kerry laughed and pinched her round cheek. “Mrs Qin is not yummy! Her soup is!”

Venus laughed and her eyes were as bright as clear water, in which Kerry saw his face.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 250 He’s Getting Married (3)
Venus Mu thought of the little fellow who had clung to her in the dark and said, “Baby…baby..”

Kerry was stunned for a second and said, “The baby is at home. He is fine. You will see the baby when you are well.”

Venus didn’t understand what Kerry said. She shook Kerry’s hand and went on saying, “Baby, baby.” She looked like a poor little elk and Kerry was softhearted.

“Well, I’ll make a video call to let you see him.” Kerry said. Then Kerry took out his phone and made a video call to John.

“Sir Kerry.” John said.

“John, where is Pingan?” Kerry said.

“He is playing in his room.” John said. Then John focused the camera on the little figure sitting on the floor.

As soon as Venus saw Pingan, she happily pointed to the screen and showed it to Kerry.

“Yeah, I see that.” Kerry said. “What is he doing?” Kerry asked John.

“He is tearing apart the remote-controlled aircraft sent by Mr Mu.” John said. There was a note of helplessness in his voice. It’s obvious that he had tried to dissuade Pingan, but he failed.

After hearing what John said, Kerry was happy. “Why he wants to tear it down? Isn’t Pingan fond of Tianye Mu’s gift?” Kerry said.

“Maybe he do that to re-assemble it.” John said in a hesitated way, “Before you and Venus come back, he usually dismantles the remoter-controlled car and puts it back together again intact.

“Does he have that talent?” Kerry said in surprise.

Hard at dismantling, Pingan heard Kerry’s voice and looked up at the screen of the phone. As soon as he saw Venus, he threw all the parts in his hand and jumped up. “Mom.” Pingan shouted to the phone.

Without knowing why, Venus’s tears rolled down at that moment.

She laughed and cried as she looked at the little guy on the phone. “Baby, I want my baby.” Venus said.

Pingan said “mother” for a few times and then looked at Kerry next to Venus. Pingan stared at Kerry, as if convinced that Kerry had taken his mother and would not let them be reunited.

Kerry couldn’t stand the double blow and said, “Pingan, mother is ill. I brought her to the doctor. We will go home when she is well.”

Pingan is too young to know what “ill” means. He still looked at Kerry angrily.

Kerry was helpless. He looked around the large room and said, “Well, stop looking at me like that. John, pack some clothes for him and bring him here.”

“Sir Kerry, is it good for him to stay at the hospital?” John said.

“It doesn’t matter. The environment here is not bad. The point is he can relieve Venus’s boredom here. Lying alone in bed all the time is boring.” Kerry said.

“I see, Sir Kerry.” John said.

“By the way, bring me something for me to eat when you come. I haven’t eaten dinner.” Kerry said.

“OK.” John said.

After hanging up the phone, Kerry shaves Venus’s nose gently and said, “Are you happy now. Our baby will be here later.”

Venus understood the words and gave a heavy nod and a big smile.

During the month when Venus recuperated at home, Mrs Qin cooked nourishing soups and porridge every day. Venus didn’t know how to be moderate. After a month, her slender waist had become chubby and her pointed chin had rounded out. She looked soft and made others want to rub her.

Venus’s sweet breath lingering in the end of Kerry’s nose, which aroused his desire immediately. Looking at her rosy lips, Kerry couldn’t help kissing her.

Kerry only wanted a kiss, but he overestimated his composure. After months of not having intimacy with Venus, Kerry couldn’t control himself. He kept kissing her.

Venus didn’t know what Kerry meant, but she thought it’s a wonderful feeling…

Kerry was completely absorbed in his own desires…

When the desire was about to devour his reason, Kerry stopped kissing Venus. “Venus, I hope you a quick recovery. I really want to have sex with you.” Kerry said.

Venus’s eyes were blurred.

Kerry restrained himself and then kissed her lips gently again. “I am going to take a shower.” Kerry said.

Venus watched Kerry walk into the bathroom with blurred eyes. She didn’t know why Kerry wanted to take a shower and what Kerry wanted to do…

More than an hour later, Kerry was sitting on the bed trimming Venus’s nails when the door of the ward was pushed open without a knock. Kerry know Pingan had come, for no one dares come in without knocking, except for Pingan.

Sure enough, as the footsteps approached, Pingan’s voice came, “Mother, mother.”

Venus looked up in surprised. She smiled when she saw the cute little face. “Baby.” Venus said.

Pingan wriggled down from the arms of John and ran to Venus staggeringly. But the bed is too high for him to reach. He had to reach out his hands to Kerry and said arrogantly, “Hug me.”

Kerry put the nail clippers on the table and bent down to pick him up. “Oh, you are the first person who asks for help in such an arrogantly way.” Kerry said.

John, stood behind, smiled silently. It seems that there is one more person in the world who can dominate Kerry.

“Sir Kerry, here’s the supper. Eat it while it’s still warm.” John said.

“Just put it there. I’m not very hungry now.” Kerry said.

Pingan climbed up the wide bed and took his shoes off quickly. He looked at Venus curiously and suddenly found a fact. “Mom, are you well now?”

“No, mom hasn’t recovered yet.” Kerry explained.

Pingan then pointed to the eyes of Venus and said, “Eyes.”

Kerry was suddenly enlightened and said, “You mean the eyes. Yes, mother can see you now.”

Pingan clapped his fleshly hands happily.

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