Chapter 250: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 250 I’ll Do You and This Little Beauty!

The next day, in the morning people came to see Colin one after another. They were pleading for Wei.

Colin refused all of them.

Wei, who was hiding at home, swore furiously when he knew it, “Colin Ward! You have to fucking force me to death, right? Okay! I’ll fight you!”


Lanbo Port villa

With the previous experience, Vanessa didn’t dare to take Doris out anymore.

However, it also wasn’t that safe to stay in the villa.

Vanessa and Doris were chatting and watching TV in the living room. They didn’t know that someone was outside the villa.

At this time, the villa was surrounded by several men in the property management uniform. One of them was in front of the door and pressed the doorbell. The others stayed close to the wall to avoid being seen from the door.

Both Vanessa and Doris heard the doorbell and looked over the door.

“Who is it?” Vanessa got up. Her voice was indifferent but she was already on her guard.

However, after Vanessa asked, there was no answer from the door.

Seeing this, Vanessa knew that it wasn’t someone ordinary and she was wondering whether she should call Colin or not?

And when she hesitated, the person outside the door grew impatient and broke their way in.

The door was kicked with a slam.


Vanessa and Doris screamed in shock.

Normally, the security measures in Lanbo Port villa were very good. But no matter how good they were, they still couldn’t stop the person that forced their way in. Two strong men kicked at the same time and their power wasn’t ordinary.

After the door was opened, all the people that stayed at the wall emerged and quickly caught Doris and Vanessa.

Before Vanessa and Doris had a chance to resist, they were knocked out.

Some of them carried Doris and Vanessa on their shoulder towards the van, quickly drove out, and disappeared from the Lanbo Port villa area.

Ten minutes later, Colin received Ye Kui’s phone call.

“Chairman Ward, it’s bad. Something happened!”

There were surveillance cameras in Lanbo Port villa. The incident where several people dressed up in the property uniform and took Doris and Vanessa away was being recorded in the surveillance and it just happened that the security happened to go to the bathroom. So, he didn’t see everything. He only saw both of them being taken away and he quickly replayed the recording to watch it.

It was unbelievable so he notified Ye Kui immediately.

Colin stood up when he heard that. At the same time, his vision turned dark since he was too agitated and was about to faint.

After barely holding on, Colin quickly notified Gerd.

Gerd was instructed to do something in secret before. So he didn’t stay with Doris. And, it also happened at the same time!

“Wait for me outside Marquis!”

Colin left in a hurry. When he just got into the car, he received a phone call. It was Wei Reed.

“Colin! I think you’ve known that your wife and Vanessa were kidnapped by someone!”

“I admit that I did it!”

Wei had become hopeless and acted recklessly.

“Let me tell you. if you want them to be fine, now do as I say!”

Colin squeezed his phone tightly, “Where are they?”

“I’m not stupid. You have to do it immediately. Otherwise, hehe…..” Wei chuckled kinkily, “I’ll do both of them. I’m envious of you that you have such a beautiful wife!”

“I dare you!” Colin suppressed his anger.

Wei snorted, “They are in my hands now. Let’s see if I dare or not!”

Colin took a deep breath upon hearing that and trying to calm himself, “What should I do?”

“You have to notify those companies and ask them to put their deposit back! You shouldn’t mess up with Juding anymore! Moreover, I have to hear it personally from you.” Wei replied.

“Okay, I’ll do it now.”

After speaking, Colin returned to Marquis and asked for Nina while speaking on speaker.

He said to Nina while writing on a piece of paper, “Go ahead and notify those companies to put their deposit back.”

Nina looked at Colin in surprise and saw the words on the paper at the same time. Then, she replied immediately, “Okay, Chairman.”

When Nina left, Colin said, “I’ve done what you instructed.”

Wei knew that Nina is Colin’s assistant. Since Colin had instructed her, he was relieved now, “You’re considerate but I have to see the real result. Otherwise, don’t even think of knowing their whereabouts!”

After speaking, Wei hung up the phone.

Colin got up and left Marquis.

At the same time, Gerd had already arrived. He had found the opponent’s position.

Gerd didn’t speak, drove directly, and rushed out.

After the previous incident, Colin had asked Gerd to put a location tracker on Doris. So he actually didn’t need to ask Wei about their whereabouts. He was just buying some time while seeing what Wei wanted to do.


Inside a certain sauna room, Wei was enjoying the sauna and there was also a glass of wine beside him.

It was a private room. Wei wasn’t inside. Inside the private room, there were Vanessa and Doris who was knocked out.

Just after hanging up the phone, Wei was very arrogant, “You’re still inexperience to fight with me!”

But when he thought of Vanessa and Doris, Wei’s heart was tickled. After all, they were already in his hands. So what if he played with them a bit?

Wei stood up and went inside.

Vanessa and Doris were just awake and saw Wei in a glance.

“Wei Reed! What are you doing?” Vanessa glared at him.

Wei was wearing a white bathrobe and smiled, “Of course, I’m doing you! Oh, right, there is also this little beauty!”

After speaking, Wei went towards them and jumped on them.

Vanessa pushed Doris aside upon seeing this and touched the pillow on the sofa, then smashed it hard on him.

A muffled sound was heard above Wei’s head.

“Fuck!” Wei yelled, “You fucking dare to hit me!”

It didn’t hurt to be hit with a pillow but since it was hit on his head, he was in a slight daze.

Vanessa held the pillow in front of her, “You old tramp! If you dare to do something, I’ll kill you!”

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