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Chapter 251 – 252: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 251: Investigation

Kris and Mary arrived at the Academy of Six Major Schools very early in the morning the next day. And the moment they walked into the classroom, Kris sensed there was something wrong in the class. All the students are discussing something in groups of two or three.

And then, Tianba placed his arm on Kris’ shoulder and said mysteriously: “Kris, there is a piece of huge news in our school!”

“Oh? What is it?” Kris looked at Tianba curiously.

“Let me tell you. Qiang Xiang, the martial teacher of the twentieth class of Tian, is missing.”

“What?” Kris got a little bit nervous when he heard it because he didn’t expect his missing would be found out so soon.

“Damn! Am I going to be checked?” He thought to himself. But on the surface, he looked surprised and said: “No way when did it happen?”

“Only recently. At first, his students thought he took a few days off. But after many days, he still didn’t show up at his martial class, and that’s when the school paid attention to his missing. The school did some investigation, and he was probably murdered.”

“Murdered? No way!” Kris said.

“Who knows. But the man who killed Qiang Xiang is quite bold. He is in so much trouble now because the Six Major Schools are all connected. Our school will surely carry out a thorough investigation to find out the murder. Qiang Xiang is a lascivious person, and he doesn’t enjoy good fame among teachers and students, but still, he is the teacher of the Academy of Six Major Schools.”

Kris thought to himself: “Damn, a thorough investigation? What bad luck!” But then he remembered that Qiang Xiang’s body was already destroyed, and there was nothing they could find. So, he went through the first two classes with this thought in mind.

The third class was Lan Xia’s class. Lan Xia was dressed in a plain long dress, and her hair was tied up into a bun by a long hairpin. Her style was simple and elegant, and her charm was irresistible.

Behind her followed a muscular bald man, and everyone froze when he entered the room.

“Isn’t this Qiang Xiang? Why is he here?”

“Isn’t he missing?”

Everyone was in a state of confusion.

“Please be quiet everyone,” Lan Xia said: “This man is the martial teacher of the tenth class of Di. His name is Wu Xiang, and he is Qiang Xiang’s brother. He is here today to investigate the death of his brother, and I hope you can cooperate with him.” Then Lan Xia glanced at Kris unintentionally.

When Kris saw Wu Xiang, he almost screamed, and a chill was sent down his spine because Wu Xiang looks so much like Qiang Xiang.

“Now, everyone follow me,” Wu Xiang said. Then he walked out of the classroom. All the students stood up unwillingly and followed him.

Wu Xiang took them to a small room, and he investigated the students individually by asking them some questions, and the student would be allowed to leave if there was nothing wrong with his answers. Some girls walked out of the room with blushes and it was because Wu Xiang tried to take advantage of them, obviously.

Wu Xiang is so similar to Qiang Xiang. They even share the same hobbies.

Soon, it was Kris’s turn. Kris opened the door and walked in. There were only a table and two chairs in the room. The light was rather dim, which reminded Kris of an interrogation room.

“Why would he pick such a creepy place? Does he want to frighten people into talking the truth?” Kris thought to himself.

Wu Xiang asked Kris when he was seated: “You are Kris, right? Where were you five days ago?”

“I took a day off, and I was busy with my business,” Kris remembered he was having a conference at Huanyu Group.

“Do you know my brother?”

“Yes,” Kris nodded.

“Some students from the twentieth class told me you once quarreled with my brother, is that right?”

“Yes. About half a month earlier.” Kris nodded. He couldn’t lie because many people saw that.

“How dare you to publicly quarrel with your teacher at school. Now, tell me, where is my brother?”

“Mr. Xiang, how am I supposed to know where your brother is?” Kris spread his hands and said.

“You don’t admit?” Wu Xiang gave a short laugh and produced a picture. “Now tell me, are you the man in the picture?”

“Picture? What picture?” Kris laughed, but he was really getting nervous. He calmed himself down and took the picture. But when he saw the picture, he almost burst into laughter because the picture was nothing but a blur, and there was a black shadow in it.

Then Kris placed the picture in front of Wu Xiang and said: “I can see nothing in this picture, and how do you know I’m in it? You are truly funny.”


Wu Xiang was speechless. But Kris was currently the major suspect because he was the only one quarreled with his brother since the Academy of Six Major Schools was built.

“I will find the murderer out! Just wait.” Wu Xiang looked at Kris angrily and shouted towards the door: “Next one!”

“Then I wish you find him soon.” Kris walked out of the room, and his clothing was soaked by sweat. Now he was already suspected by Wu Xiang, and he had got to be more careful later on. He would be doomed if he said anything wrong.

Time went by, but the case was still not settled. And rumors began flying around. Some people say that members of a cult were hiding in the school to assassinate teachers, and others were saying that Qiang Xiang offended many people because he was too lascivious, and that’s why he was murdered.

In a word, everyone in the school was in a state of panic. Even the teachers were killed and who could protect the students. So about a third of the students asked to take some days off, which made the leaders very nervous, so they promised to find the murderer within three days and to double the guards of the school so that it wouldn’t be invaded easily even though there was really a cult to attack it. Then these students were half reassured, and they stayed at school.

Lan Xia asked Kris to go to her office after the second class in the afternoon.

“Shut the door!”

Kris nodded. He closed the door and then turned around, and Lan Xia slapped him across his face without giving any warning.

It was a painful slap.

“Damn it. What is wrong with this woman?” Kris thought to himself. Then he covered his face and smiled bitterly and said: “Ms. Xia, did I do something wrong?”

“Where have you been these days? Why don’t you come to the class? Are you trying to avoid me?” Lan Xia sat on the chair and said. Her expression was blank.

To be honest, she wanted to call Kris several times, but she was too proud to do so. And then she was kept waiting for five days.

Seeing Lan Xia was really angry with him, Kris shook his head and said: “Of course not. How can I avoid you? I was kept busy with some business in the company, and now everything is done, and I’m back here again.”

Lan Xia looked happier when she heard this and said: “Did you go back to divorce her?”

Kris thought to himself: “Damn, how am I supposed to answer this question? Divorce? I will never divorce!”

Lan Xia’s face darkened again when she saw Kris’ reaction. “So, you didn’t divorce her.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“If you find it hard to say, I can tell her for you.”

“No, no. Please don’t!” Kris said in a hurry. “Ms. Xia, you can not force love. I know I did something horrible, and I am in your debt. But I will do anything to compensate you, as long as I am capable of it…”

Before Kris finished, Lan Xia slapped him again. “What do you take me for? A whore?” Lan Xia said in her sternest voice.

“No, I didn’t… Ms. Xia, it’s not like what you thought…” Kris was in a very awkward situation.

“Then what?” Lan Xia gave a short laugh and said: “You men are all alike. You have to keep both your wife and your lovers.”

Kris wanted to talk back, but he didn’t know how to put it.

Is he too focused on one relationship? He didn’t even believe it himself. Is he disloyal? That wasn’t the case, either. Xiaorou Xu’s intentions were very clear, but he didn’t do anything about it.

“Am I right? That is the nature of man. You are all alike. Don’t you tell me you only want one relationship with one woman!” Lan Xia said.

“You are right, but I know I couldn’t. It will hurt Mary, and it will hurt you as well. It is fair to nobody.”

Kris smiled. “I am so lucky to win your affection. You are beautiful, and you are at such a high stage. I would be dishonest if I told you I don’t like you.”

“Enough. I just want to hear that. My plan remains the same. I’ll give you two months, and two months later, we will get married.”

“What? Did she even listen to what I have been saying? What is she thinking?” Kris thought to himself.

“Ms. Xia, can I have more time?” Kris smiled bitterly. He knew this woman too well. If he didn’t get divorced from Mary in two months, this mad woman would surely do something incomprehensible. And since he could not stop it, he would ask for more time for himself.

“You want more time? That’s not possible. Two months, and that’s my final answer,” Lan Xia said.

“This woman is a real tyrant! There was not even some room for negotiation,” Kris thought.

Seeing Kris was so angry, Lan Xia said: “What, you are not happy with my plan?”


But before Kris could say anything, he was pressed on the ground by a powerful energy.

Kris felt a pang of regret. He shouldn’t have given her the Pure Essence Pill so early. Now the woman was fully recovered, and she could use her energy against him at any time she wanted.

“Are you happy with it now?”

“I’m happy now. Ms. Xia, let me up!”

Chapter 252: Lan Xia, an aggressive woman

When Kris left Lan Xia’s office, the school was already over.

He went to pick up Mary, only to find she was stopped by Wu Xiang at the door of Tian’s twentieth class, and his anger flared up in an instant.

“Mr. Xiang, please let me go.” Mary’s brows furrowed. The school was over, and the hallway was crowded with students. It was highly inappropriate for Wu Xiang to block her way.

Wu Xiang smiled slyly. He eyeballed Mary and said: “Ms. Mary, are you free tonight? Do you want to have dinner with me tonight?”

Kris was currently the biggest suspect, and Mary would be the perfect person to start his investigation with if he wanted to find his brother because Mary is Kris’ wife.

Mary shook her head and said: “No. I’m going back home for dinner.” Wu Xiang smiled and grabbed Mary’s hand and said: “Don’t be nervous Ms. Mary. I just want to ask you something about my brother because he talked about you a lot when he was alive.”

Wu Xiang was telling the truth. Qiang Xiang, who was a lascivious person as we all know, always talked about the beautiful girls in his class to Wu Xiang, like Mary and Xiaorou Xu, which made Wu Xiang madly jealous because, in his class, there was not one single pretty girl.

Mary got nervous, and a burning blush rushed to her cheeks. She wanted to withdraw her hand, only to find her hand was grabbed by Wu Xiang tightly.

Tears brimmed in her eyes, and she said: “Mr. Xiang, let go of my hand…”

“So many students were walking around, and what will they think when they see this? Will they think I’m flirting with the teacher? If Kris heard about it, what would he think?” Mary thought to herself.

Kris’ anger boiled up when he saw this, and he was completely out of his senses.

“Let go of her hand!” Kris shouted and charged into Wu Xiang at full speed, and then, Kris struck him hard, and Wu Xiang was knocked on the ground and was sent rolling.

“Damn! You little bastard, how dare you to attack a teacher at school!” On the surface, he looked angry, but he was actually feeling very glad because Kris had fallen for his trick.

Wu Xiang stood up and stared at Kris in anger. He then sent out powerful energy and said: “The first and foremost important rule at our school is to respect your teachers, which you had obviously disobeyed. I didn’t teach you, but I’m still a teacher. Today, I’ll have to give you a lesson, or you will absolutely have the guts to kill people at school tomorrow.”

Many students stopped walking and looked towards them when they heard what Wu Xiang said.

Seeing more and more students had gathered around them, Wu Xiang gave a short laugh and said: “Look over here, everyone. Kris, a student from the twentieth class of Tian, attacked me just now. Today I will teach him a lesson and send him to the office of the principal!”

Mary got nervous when she heard it. She walked to Wu Xiang and said: “I’m sorry Mr. Xiang. Kris didn’t do it on purpose.” She was happy that Kris protected her, but she was also worried for him because the school had made it very clear that a student would absolutely be expelled if he fought a teacher, and this rule was also related to Qiang Xiang’s missing.

And then, these onlookers began talking about Kris.

“Isn’t he the live-in son-in-law?”

“Yes, he is. He has such a bad temper. He fought the teacher. What a reckless man.”

“Yeah. He is so doomed. He would surely be expelled.”

Wu Xiang gave a short laugh when he heard their conversation. He said: “Now, I can give you another chance if you kowtow to me, or you will have to meet the principal and be expelled.”

“You want me to kneel on the ground? Stop daydreaming! People like you do not deserve to be a teacher!” Kris said.

That was exactly how Wu Xiang wanted Kris to respond. He smiled unintentionally. Then he pretended to be angry. He stared at Kris and said: “I gave you a chance to apologize, but you didn’t value it. Now you will get what you deserve!”

Then he summoned up his energy and was about to attack Kris, and the other students were already picturing Kris being knocked on the ground.

“Wu Xiang! What are you doing?” At that moment, a woman’s voice was heard. Everyone looked back and gasped because it was Lan Xia, the headteacher of the twentieth class of Tian, who was known for her bad temper.

Lan Xia walked to them and looked at Wu Xiang in disgust. “How can you use force against a student?”

Lan Xia disliked Wu Xiang very much for his using of force against a student at school. And her dislike for him got more intense when she remembered that he is Qiang Xiang’s brother.

Wu Xiang was also feeling bitter when he saw Lan Xia. He thought: “Why does this dragon have to show up at this particular time!”

The students shook their heads in great disappointment because they were expecting the fight.

Wu Xiang took a deep breath and said: “Ms. Xia, our school does not tolerate a student who fights a teacher, and if that occurs, the student will be expelled immediately. This discipline has been especially emphasized, and you should be familiar with it.”

Then he pointed at Kris and said: “I wanted to ask Mary something about my brother, then all of a sudden, he knocked me on the ground. Many students saw, and they can all prove it for me. You can not be biased in favor of him because he is a black sheep, and he should be punished.

The students nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Ms. Xia. I can prove it.”

“Me too. Kris attacked the teacher just now.”

Lan Xia’s face darkened. She looked at Wu Xiang and said: “Kris is my student, and I will be biased in favor of him if I want to, and you have no right to lecture him!”

All the students were taken aback when they heard what Lan Xia said. They never expected Lan Xia to be so protective of her students.

Wu Xiang was so angry. It was obvious to him that Lan Xia didn’t care about his feelings at all.

“Ms. Xia, don’t you think that you are going against our school’s rules?” Wu Xiang suppressed his anger. He would start a fight with Lan Xia if he could beat her.

“If the rules are established to protect scum like you, I’d rather be expelled,” Kris said coldly.

“You are so disrespectful! I can no longer put up with your constant provocations.” Then Wu Xiang looked at Lan Xia and said: “Ms Xia, you obviously failed to take the responsibility to teach your students, and today I’ll give him a lesson on your behalf!”

So he summoned up his energy, raised his fist, and charged into Kris. He used a technique called Demon-Killing Fist, which is a technique that belonged to Shaolin. It was fierce enough to break a trunk the size of a human leg, to say nothing about the skinny body of Kris’s.

Everyone present opened their mouth in astonishment. They thought Kris was finally getting what he deserved for being so disrespectful. Now even Lan Xia could not protect him.

Wu Xiang gave a short laugh. If Kris fought back, he would be in violation of the rules of the school, and in that case, no one could protect Kris, not even Lan Xia. And when he got expelled, it would be much easier to deal with him.

But Kris didn’t show a sign of fear. Because Wu Xiang and his brother were all at the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage. He could kill Qiang Xiang, so he could also kill Wu Xiang.

“Kris…Just leave here…” Mary was getting very nervous. She didn’t want Kris to be expelled, and she didn’t believe Kris could win the fight.

“That’s enough! Quit this nonsense!” At that crucial moment, Lan Xia sent out an energy that is way beyond the innate-power stage. So powerful was the energy that all the students were sent moving backward, and the energy aimed at Wu Xiang and knocked him on the ground. Everyone was shocked. Students from the twentieth class gasped nonstop.

“Damn, can Ms. Xia be more aggressive? She even dares to fight the teacher.”

“Kris is such a lucky dog for having a teacher so protective.”

Students from other classes looked at Lan Xia with admiration. They all wanted to have a teacher like her.

“Lan Xia, how could you…” Wu Xiang raised his head up with great effort. He looked at her with resentment, thinking: “Can this woman be more violent? Is she completely out of her senses?”

He felt so humiliated.

“I told you. I am the only person to give my student lessons. If you are not happy with it, just go to the principle.” Lan Xia said. Then she looked at Kris and said: “Come with me.” And then she walked away in her high-heel shoes.

Kris laughed bitterly and thought: “Damn, I just got out of the hell, and now I’m going back again.”

Mary walked to Kris, held up his hand, and said: “Kris, is Ms. Xia….”

“It’s okay.” Kris patted Mary’s hand and said: “Don’t worry about me. Go back home now, and I’ll be back later.” Then he walked towards Lan Xia.

Wu Xiang stood up with great effort and shouted towards Lan Xia and Kris: “This is not over!! I will take my revenge!! Just wait!!”

Then he looked at Mary again and smiled lewdly.

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