Chapter 251: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 251 Pingan Is A Naughty Boy (1)
It was bedtime. Pingan clung on to Venus and wouldn’t leave. Kerry said: “Come on, Pingan. You need to sleep with me tonight.”

Pingan was displeased. He grabbed Venus’s arm tightly and ignored Kerry.

Kerry said in a soft voice: “Pingan, mom’s wound is still not healed. She needs to be left alone. Come with daddy. You are the best baby in the world.”

Another reason why Kerry didn’t want Pingan to sleep with Venus was because Venus had been using various medicines recently which could affect the baby’s health adversely.

A few minutes later, Pingan kissed on Venus’s forehead and said: “Mom, please get well soon.”

Venus nodded, as if she was also a baby.

Kerry bent over and kissed Venus on her forehead and said: “Go to sleep now. Call me if you are not feeling well.”


Kerry then held Pingan up and took him to the guest room. There was only a small bed but it was enough for him and the baby.

“Okay, now, we need to sleep.” Kerry put Pingan on bed.

Pingan pouted his mouth. He didn’t want to sleep with Kerry. Kerry looked into his eyes and asked seriously: “Pingan, why don’t you like daddy?”

Pingan’s eyes were sparkling. Of course he couldn’t understand Kerry’ s question. He was less than one year old.

“Forget it. Just sleep.”

Pingan covered himself under a quilt.

Kerry removed his shoes and laid beside the baby. The baby looks so small. And Kerry was worrying that he may injure the baby when he was deep in sleep.

Kerry and the baby could hardly be alone together, and Kerry thought he should take the chance and bond with the baby. But he didn’t know how.

Pingan’s eyes were still wide open. Obviously he also couldn’t sleep.

Kerry took out his phone and searched: How to bond with the baby before sleep.

He found many answers. Some people suggest that he should play games with the baby, but Kerry was afraid that Pingan would get too excited. Some people say that he should tell a bedtime story, and Kerry found this suggestion feasible. Because he watched a lot of movies, and in the movies, the parents always tell their baby bedtime story before the baby goes to sleep.

Kerry then looked at the baby and stroked his hair gently. He said: “You and I have known each other for a long time but this is the first time we sleep together. Do you want a bedtime story?”

Pingan looked at him with confusion and said: “Story?” Pingan obviously had no idea what story is.

Kerry felt sorry for him. No one had ever told him a story before. But that also means he could be the first one to tell him a story.

“Okay, I am going to tell you a story about a man called Pangu. Pangu is the one who opened the universe. It was a long long time ago, and there was nothing in the universe. It was just a black void. And then……”

Kerry’ s voice was very deep, and before the story was over, Kerry found the baby was deep in sleep. His eyes were closed. His eyelashes are so long, like two little brushes. And he smells very sweet, like milk.

Kerry stared at the baby unblinkingly. It is such a joy to simply look at the baby. Kerry thought. He wished that moment could last forever.

Kerry then kissed the baby on his forehead and turned off the light. Kerry was worried that the baby may roll off the bed, so he didn’t fall asleep deeply, and he checked from time to time to see whether the baby was still there.

It was three o’clock in the morning. Kerry woke up again to check on the baby. But the moment he opened his eyes, he was wide awake. Because the baby was no longer on the bed.

He turned on the light and checked everywhere but the baby was nowhere to be seen. Kerry broke out into a cold sweat. He left the room and went into Venus’ ward, and then, he was shocked to the core by what he saw.

He saw the baby was floating above Venus’s bed, and he was still deep in sleep. Other people would freak out if they saw this scene, but Kerry was not afraid, because similar things happened to him before.

Kerry sighed with relief. He walked to Pingan and held the baby in his arms. He touched the baby’s forehead, and found his body temperature was just fine. He knew he couldn’t let anyone know about Pingan’s superpower, or other people would judge Pingan and even distance themselves from Pingan. And he couldn’t let that happen. Besides, he could feel that the baby’s superpower is much stronger than his.

Kerry then went back to the guest room. To prevent the baby from floating away again, he grabbed the baby’s hand tightly. He was too worried so he didn’t sleep very well.

It was in the morning. Kerry felt someone was rubbing his face. He opened his eyes and found the baby was staring at him angrily.

“What’s the matter?” Kerry ask. “Did I do anything wrong?”


“Oh! I’m sorry. I forgot.” Kerry said. He held Pingan up and rushed into the bathroom.

Pingan peed. Kerry then tried to wash Pingan’s face. He had never done that before and he seemed very clumsy. He was rubbing the baby’s face with the towel way too hard as if he was rubbing his own face. The baby felt painful but he didn’t know how to tell Kerry to be gentle.

After washing his face, Kerry then tried to dress the baby. John the Butler saw them and said: “Sir, do you need any help?”

“No. I can handle it. What’s so difficult about dressing the baby.” Kerry said.

But turned out, dressing the baby was much more difficult than he expected. He and the baby both suffered a lot before the baby was finally dressed. Beads of sweat appeared on Kerry’s forehead.

Kerry then took Pingan into Venus’s ward. A nurse was cleaning there. Venus smiled brightly when she saw Kerry and the baby.

After breakfast, Kerry said to Pingan: “Daddy will go to work later. When I am away, you must behave yourself. Don’t make your mother angry. Is that a deal?”

Pingan only winked his sparkling eyes.

Kerry then specially told Henry to keep an eye on Pingan. And Henry said: “Sure. Don’t worry sir. Pingan is a very sweet boy. He will be good.”

“I hope so.” Kerry said. “Oh, I almost forgot. If Hao Nangong comes, don’t let him get into the ward.”

“Sure.” Henry said seriously. He knew how much trouble Hao had caused for Kerry and Venus.

It was eight o’clock. A doctor and a nurse came to Venus’ ward to check on her. They all exclaimed in delight when they saw Pingan. They found Pingan exceptionally cute. And the doctor said: “The baby looks so much like his father.” He then looked at Venus and said: “How was your sleep last night? How do you feel?”

Venus didn’t say anything. Kerry walked closer to her and said in a soft voice: “Did you sleep well last night?”

Venus nodded. “Yes. Yes.”

Kerry smiled at her. He then looked at the doctor with a serious expression and said: “She went to sleep at nine o’clock last night. And she didn’t say she was in any kind of discomfort.”

“That’s good. Now she needs to be put on a new drip.”

“Is that still necessary?”

The doctor shot him a sideways glance and said: “Of course it is necessary. Don’t worry. We know what’s the best for her.”

Kerry knows nothing about medicine. So he could only listen to the doctor.

After everyone left, Kerry said to Venus: “I’ll go to work. You stay here and do what the doctors tell you to do.”

Venus smiled at him. She then went to play with Pingan.

Kerry looked at them. He realized now he has a bigger responsibility. He needs to take care the both of them. But he doesn’t feel stressed. He feels very happy.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 251 Pingan Is A Naughty Boy (2)
Just like Kerry expected, Pingan went wild after Kerry left. He ran around the ward excitedly. Henry couldn’t catch him, so he could only follow him closely.

Pingan then rushed out of the ward Venus was in and went into another ward. The doctors, nursers, and patients all looked at the baby. Pingan wasn’t afraid of them at all. He would look back every time he found someone was looking at him. He didn’t stop. He visited the nurse station, the doctors’ office, and the wards. And what Henry could do was only to apologize. He said to so many people: “I’m so sorry. The kid runs too fast. Please forgive us.”

Pingan then wanted to get into the ward at the end of the hall, and at that time, Henry finally grabbed his arm and said: “Now, we need to go back.”

But Pingan wanted to go to that ward so very much. And he tried to drag Henry there. Henry didn’t know what to do. Because he knew Hao Nangong’s father was in that ward. Ye Family and Nangong Family never get along. What if they try to hurt the baby?

“Young master, let’s go back. Your mother is waiting for you.”

Pingan stopped when he heard this. And he reached his hands out and asked Henry to pick him up.

Henry was surprised. “So you are also afraid of your mother. Right? Just like your father.”

On the way back, they bumped into Hao Nangong. Hao recognized Henry. But Henry ignored him and walked directly pass him. And Hao said: “Wait a second.”

But Henry only walked even faster.

Hao caught up with him and stopped him. “Why are you trying to avoid me? We are not enemies.”

Henry held the baby tightly in his arms and said: “Hello, Mr Nangong.”

Hao looked at the baby. He asked: “Whose kid is this?”

Henry looked at him and said firmly: “It’s none of your business.”

“Why are you so nervous?” Hao laughed. He stared at the baby and said: “I think this is Kerry’s son. Am I right?”

“Sorry, Mr Nangong. I have something to deal with. I must go.” Henry said.

But before Henry walked away, Hao reached his hand out and grabbed Pingan’s arm.

“What are you doing?” Henry’s anger flared up in an instant.

Hao didn’t answer him. He only stared at the baby’s eyes. He will never forget this pair of eyes because of their uniqueness.

Hao suddenly remembered Kerry’ s eyes are sometimes also of different colors. So the baby inherited his father’s……

“Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.” Hao mumbled. “Now I have met two people with super powers.”

Pingan smiled at Hao. And Hao found the baby’s smile looks so much like Venus’ smile. And in an instant, his dislike of the baby vanished.

“What’s his name?” Hao asked.

Henry didn’t answer him.

Hao shot him a sideways glance and asked the baby directly: “Hey, little one. What’s your name?”

“Big brother.” Pingan said. He learned these two words recently.

Hao froze. “Big brother? Is that your name?”

Pingan smiled even more brightly. “Big brother.”

“Hello, big brother.” Hao said.

Henry burst into laughter. And Hao suddenly realized the baby was calling him big brother. And he said: “You can’t call me big brother. I’m so much older than you. You should call me uncle.”

Pingan looked at him confusedly. Hao thought he didn’t hear it clearly. So he said: “Baby, call me uncle.”

Uncle. The sound of this word stirred up Pingan’s memories. And Pingan could remember a long time ago, a man wearing a mask always asked him to call him uncle. He also remembered that man’s name is Dudu. Dudu would buy him lots of candies and lots of toys. And he realized he hadn’t seen Dudu for a very long time. Where is he?

Hao gave up. He said with contempt: “Kerry’s son is not that smart.”

Henry ignored him and walked away with Pingan. But for the rest of the day, Pingan seemed to be in a very bad mood. He was not smiling and he was not talking to anyone.

“What happened? Why is he so unhappy?” John asked.

Henry said: “I don’t know. He had been like this since we met Hao this morning. But Hao didn’t do anything. He only asked Pingan to call him uncle.”

“Is he frightened?” John said.

“This kid is not afraid of anybody.” Henry said.

Tinaye paid a visit that afternoon. He brought Venus some dietary supplements and he bought Pingan a little tank toy. But Pingan was still not cheered up. He had been thinking about Dudu, and he wants to know where Dudu is.

Kerry came back that night. He was very surprised to see Pingan in such a low spirit. And Henry told him what happened that day.

Kerry held Pingan in his arms and said: “What’s the matter? Why are you so unhappy?”

Pingan looked at Kerry with his teary eyes and said: “Dudu.”

Kerry was confused. “Dudu? What is Dudu?”

“Dudu is missing.” Pingan finally said a whole sentence.

Kerry was even more confused. “But who is Dudu?”

Pingan didn’t know how to explain. He said again: “Dudu is missing.”

Kerry became impatient. But on the outside, he was still smiling. He said: “Don’t worry. Dudu will come back.”

Kerry wouldn’t believe what he said that day would one day become the truth.

Pingan’s eyes were alight with excitement. He was finally happy and he became active again.

It was bedtime. Kerry was reading Venus and the baby bedtime stories. He bought a story book when he came back from work. But suddenly, his phone rang. It was Nighthawk.

Kerry put the book down and said: “Let’s take a break. I need to pick it up.”

He left the ward, closed the door gently and answered the phone.

“Sir, it’s me.”

“I know. Have you found Gavin?” Kerry took out a cigarette, but he suddenly remembered he was trying to quit it, so he didn’t light it.

“No. But we found another person.” Nighthawk sounded very excited.


“Xuan Chu.”

Kerry laughed coldly. “That’s good. I almost forgot about that guy. Where did you find him?”

“On an island. He is dressed like local people. I think he is also looking for someone.”

“He is probably looking for Gavin. Just follow him. Maybe he can lead us to Gavin!”

“Yes, sir.”

Kerry hung up the phone. He suddenly felt sorry for Xuan. Because Xuan had sacrificed so much for Gavin, but Gavin still doesn’t have any feeling for him. He is still trying to find Gavin even though Gavin is so cold and indifferent to him.

Kerry is very liberal and he does not discriminate against homosexual people. And he believes Xuan’s love for Gavin is deep and real. At the same time, he admits that Xuan’s love for Gavin is very humble and extreme.

He went back into the ward. Venus was reading the story. Her reading was completely devoid of emotions, but Kerry liked her reading very much. Because that means she was recovering.

Kerry sat on a chair. He just looked at the way Venus read the book and the way his baby clung on to Venus. His heart was filled with joy and he hoped that moment could last longer and longer.

Venus was recovering, thanks to the amazing treatment. She could now say a complete sentence, instead of one or two words.


In the ward at the end of the hall, Hao was peeling an apple for his father. He seemed absent-minded. His father said: “Stop thinking about that woman. You will get married soon.”

Hao said in a displeased voice: “I’m not thinking about her.”

His father said: “I’m your father. I know everything you are thinking. When I first moved into this ward, you only visited me once every two days. But since that woman also moved into this hospital, you come to this place so frequently. You are obviously coming for her.”

“That’s not true.” Hao said. But he knew his father was right. He came to this hospital mainly because he wanted to see Venus. He loved her so much and how could he possibly forget about her? But he is not a silly man. He knows that he will never try to get her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 251 Pingan Is A Naughty Boy (3)
So much had happened that year. And the most important lesson Hao learned is that he can not force love. Because of his extreme love, Gong Family was pushed into a very dangerous situation, and his father was so angry that he had a heart attack. His love for Venus even made Venus suffer. So he knew he must stop. He just wanted to see Venus for one last time. And then, he would put an end to this love.

His father heaved a sigh. He said in a hoarse voice: “My son, I was once also a young man and I know how you feel. But that’s just life. You must move on. Axuan is a very good girl. She obviously loves you a lot. Why don’t you just give it a try?”

Hao resumed peeling the apple. He said in a choked voice: “I know, father. I know.”


One afternoon, Venus got off bed and did some simple exercise. Because she had been on bed for too long and she felt sore and tired. Suddenly, she heard people were arguing outside the ward.

Pingan was sleeping, and Venus didn’t want him to be waken up, so she opened the door to see what happened.

She found a man was trying to get into her ward but Henry stopped him and wouldn’t let him in.

“What happened?” Venus asked.

Henry looked at her and said nervously: “Nothing. Please go back.”

“Oh. Please be quiet. The baby is sleeping.” Venus said and was about to shut the door.

“Venus!” The man shouted suddenly. He looked at Venus. There were so much emotions in his eyes. There was surprise. There was shock. And there was love.

Venus looked at him confusedly, as if she was waiting for him to say something.

Hao had so much to say. But he didn’t know where to start. So he only said: “Hi, how are you.”

Venus nodded. “I’m fine.”

All the memories came flooding back to him. Tears brimmed his eyes. He said: “That’s good. That’s good.”

Venus didn’t know what he was talking about. She smiled at him and walked back into the room.

Hao stood there motionlessly. He found the way Venus looked at him was so strange, yet so pure, as if it was a pair of eyes belonged to an infant, and as if she didn’t know him at all. What happened? Was that really Venus?

Hao asked Henry: “What happened to Venus?”

Henry clenched his fists. He looked at Hao with hatred and he said: “You must leave here! Mr Nangong!”

“You tell me what happened to her, and then I’ll leave.” Hao said.

Henry wanted to punch Hao, but he knew he couldn’t. Suddenly, Hao heard a familiar voice saying: “I’ll tell you what happened to her.”

Hao turned around and found it was Kerry. Kerry looked at him coldly.

“Follow me.” Kerry went downstairs and Hao followed him without hesitation.

It was overcast. The rain was imminent. Kerry and Hao stood under a tree. It had been a long time since they talked to each other face to face.

“Hao, your stupid love almost ruined Venus. If you still don’t want to give up, I will make you suffer the consequences.” Kerry said. And then he went back to the hospital.

That afternoon, Hao stood under the tree for a very long time. And since that day, Henry had never met Hao again in the hospital.

Pingan had been staying in the hospital for four days and he became very familiar with many people. Wherever he went, people always gave him fruits and snacks. So he put on some weight.

Kerry poked at his belly and said: “You must not take food from strangers. You know?”

Pingan responded with a burp.

“Pingan! I am very serious here! If you take food from strangers again, I’ll lock you in a black room!” Kerry said seriously.

Pingan was a little bit frightened. He nodded constantly.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open. Kerry looked at that way angrily, and found it was Tianye and Xiran. They were holding each other’s hand. And they look very lovely together.

“Why don’t you knock first.” Kerry frowned.

Xiran smiled. “Are you doing something secret here.”

Kerry was speechless.

Xiran then walked directly to Venus’s bed. She said: “Venus, do you still remember me?”

Venus looked at her. Obviously she had no idea who the woman standing in front of her is.

Xiran was a little bit disappointed. She acted to be angry and said: “At first you told me that you are Yan Chu. And now you pretend that you don’t know me! Just wait. I will take revenge.”

Venus only smiled at her.

“Why are you smiling? I am ser…..” Before she finished, she noticed Venus was wearing a hat. She asked Kerry: “Is her hair cut?”

“Yes. She is going to have a surgery on her head.”

Xiran said: “She is lucky that she doesn’t know what is going on. She will go mad if she knows that she is bald.”

A week later, Venus left the hospital.

So many people came to say goodbye. There were medical staff, and there were also patients. Of course, the major reason why they came was because they want to say goodbye to Pingan.

Pingan was like a super star. He waved goodbye to the crowd. “Goodbye. Goodbye.” He said.

Tianye and Xiran, who were in another car, all laughed when they saw Pingan is so popular.

Xiran said: “Pingan reminds me of Weijie. (one of the four most handsome men in China’s history) He is going to be so popular when he grows up.”

Tianye was surprised. He looked at her and said: “Do you know Weijie?”

Xiran said: “Of course I do. I know a lot about Chinese history, even though I grew up in another country.”

Tianye smiled. He whispered to her: “Don’t worry. Our baby will also be beautiful.”

“Why are you so sure.”

Tianye said: “I know I don’t look good. But you are so very beautiful. And if our baby looks a little bit like you, he will be a beautiful baby.”

Xiran kissed on his lips and her eyes were smiling. She said: “You are so sweet.”

“Do you want to taste a little more?” Tianye said. He then kissed Xiran on her lips hungrily, even though the driver was still in the car. The driver blushed with embarrassment. He wished he could be anywhere else in the world.

Kerry, Venus and Pingan finally went back home. Pingan was so happy to be back home. He played on the lawn, and Xiran and Venus also joined him. Kerry and Tianye looked at them, smiling.

“Nighthawk found Xuan Chu. Xuan is probably also looking for Gavin.”

Tianye asked: “Did Xuan ever see Gavin’s face? Does he know what does Gavin look like?”

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