Chapter 251: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 251 Should I Start With You or Her?

Vanessa’s words didn’t let Wei felt any threat, “Hahaha….kill me? What are you joking about?”

There were only sex toys inside the private room. Aside from that, there was only a pillow that Vanessa held in her hands. Wouldn’t it just a joke if she wants to kill him?

Doris was pushed aside by Vanessa just now and fell into the other side of the sofa. She was a bit far from Wei but seeing Wei that looked so annoying, she wanted to protect Vanessa.

Wei looked at Doris and smiled, “You say, should I start with you, or her?”

Vanessa was disgusted and said, “Don’t dream. Otherwise, Colin won’t let you go!”

As soon as Colin was mentioned, Wei became angry again, “He didn’t even know your whereabouts. Is it possible to count on him to save you? Hmph! Even if he finds out, it will be too late!”

After speaking, Wei also didn’t want to talk nonsense anymore so he charged towards Vanessa.

But at this moment, Doris was holding Wei’s glass in her hand and she smashed it abruptly at him.

The wine glass happened to hit Wei’s forehead and the wine was spilled all way down along Wei’s cheek.

And Wei was hit by the tip of the glass and was in pain for a moment. Moreover, a few drops of the wine were spilled inside his eyes which caused him to rub his eyes immediately.

Upon seeing this, Vanessa grabbed Doris immediately and ran towards the door.


Wei responded and endured the pain in his eyes. He planned to catch them but Vanessa and Doris had run out of the room.

“Stop them!” Wei yelled.

The men who were guarding outside rushed inside instantly and surrounded Vanessa and Doris.

Wei walked up to Vanessa and said, “It’s a blessing since I think highly of you. You only need to be obedient, otherwise….”

“I’ll fuck you in front of Colin!”

Vanessa was helpless now. Is she going to be tarnished now? Won’t anyone come to rescue them? How could it turn out this way? She didn’t want to be tarnished!

After thinking about this, Vanessa was determined. If Wei is going to be stubborn, she would immediately kill herself!

However, at this moment, Doris who was being caught suddenly yelled as she broke free and rushed towards Wei, “I won’t let you bully my sister!”

Wei didn’t notice that Doris was so strong that she knocked Wei to the ground instantly.

“Fuck!” Wei sat on the ground as he felt a sharp pain.

At the same time, after Doris rushed over she was immediately caught by the men behind and was held tightly.

After Wei stood up, he walked over and slapped Doris.


First, Doris smashed him with a wine glass, then she struck on him, and he was very furious with Doris, “Fuck! I have to deal with you today!”

After that, Wei held Doris’s chin and slapped her twice.

Doris couldn’t help but cry and whimper.

Wei suddenly paused as he raised his hand.

Doris was already so beautiful and after being slapped twice, there were red marks on both her cheeks. Moreover, Doris’s eyes were reddened, with a few drops of tears from the corner of her eyes. This pitiful appearance looked like an abusive beauty.

This kind of beauty could make someone became more excited and crazy.

Wei’s gaze at Doris had changed, became more wretched and lusty.

He couldn’t hold himself back to get Doris anymore, “Knock her down!”

Upon hearing this sentence, Black Carp’s men nodded. One of the men handed the stick in his hand to the person that grabbed Doris.

That person received the stick and hit Doris at the back of her neck.

At the same time, the door of the private room was smashed. Colin and Gerd came inside.


The man’s hand was quick as he hit Doris in an instant. Doris immediately fainted and fell to the ground.

And Colin watched Doris being knocked down with a stick and fell to the ground. At that moment, he felt like doomsday.

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