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Chapter 252: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 252 Young Lady Is Missing (1)
Kerry Ye thought about it, and said uncertainly, “Maybe he has seen him before, or else he wouldn’t be so loyal to N. If you were Xuan Chu, would you love him if you didn’t know what he looks like?”

Tianye Mu stared at him, “I’m straight.”

“Of course I know. I mean if, why are you get so excited?” Kerry ridiculed him.

“Nonsense, why don’t you take yourself for example?”

Kerry lightly laughed, “I’m not fucking stupid.”

Tianye raised his foot to kick him, but Kerry dodged it, “What? Remember, I’m your brother.”

Kerry laughed without saying a word.

After resting for several months, Dr. Han was called by John, who was asked to come to Ye’ s villa.

“John, who’s again?” Dr. Han got out of the car and asked about it carefully.

John smiled kindly, “Young lady.”

Dr. Han didn’t respond, “Which one?”

John stared at him, “Who else? Of course it’s Venus Mu.”

“Huh? Is she back?” Dr. Han asked in surprise.

John nodded happily, “Yes, she is. And our young master.”

“What about…” Dr. Han was gossipy and leaned to John, asking, “How about Yan Chu from Hong Kong?”

John waved his hand, “There is no Yan Chu and there is only one young lady of our Ye family, and that is Venus.”

Dr. Han thought that John didn’t want him to know this for fear that Venus would be embarrassed and angry when she found out, so he nodded smugly and said, “Yes, yes, there is only Venus. What happened to her? Why call me?”

John sighed, “She has a head injury and was just released from the hospital after operation a few days ago, so you will be in charge of changing her medication for the next few days. Remember, don’t ask anything.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve been working for Ye family for a quite long time and I know the rules.”

John took him up to the second floor and knocked on the door of Kerry’s room.

“Young master, Dr. Han is here.”

“Oh, come in.” Kerry was dressed casually, with a cotton gray shirt, a pair of dark slacks, and a pair of slippers.

Dr. Han were instantly attracted by the milk bottle in Kerry’s hand, not expecting that a man who was so fierce and ruthless would be particularly soft when the gun in his hand turned into a milk bottle.

The room was no longer in order, for there were children’s toys everywhere, such as teddy bears, small tanks and small planes.

“Pingan, it’s time to drink milk.” Kerry’s voice was soft, like the winter sunshine.

Dr. Han got goose bumps when he saw this different Kerry. God, was the man he used to know? Pingan? Was his son?

He quickly searched the room and found a little guy sitting on the thick carpet with his head down, fiddling with a car in his hands, with lots of small parts in a box in front of him.

When his slightly curled and furry head lifted for a moment, Dr. Han froze there.

He was a well-educated man, but at this point, he didn’t know how to describe the child. Pretty? Cute? Delicate? Or all of them? The most special part was his eyes. How could they be in different colors?

He had been a doctor for so many years, but he never met a child with eyes in different colors. And from genetics, he should not have purple eyes.

Pingan took the milk bottle Kerry passed to him and without saying anything, he kept focusing on his toy car.

“Don’t let Tianye see it. It’s a limited edition and it has taken him a long time to get it.” Kerry rubbed his little head and turned back to Dr. Han, who was in a dazed state, and said, “This is my son.”

Though he just said four words, Dr. Han sensed his pride.

“Well, I know he is. He looks like you.” Dr. Han replied truthfully.

Kerry led him toward the balcony, where a woman with a pink hat sat in the sunlight, as quiet as a painting.

It was Venus. Dr. Han remembered her back.

Mixed feelings filled him as he saw her again. In just one year, her life had changed dramatically. No one could compare to her in this way.

On the table next to the recliner chair was a medical kit with all the medicines that Venus needed in these days.

“Venus, it’s time to change the medicine.”

Venus raised her head, frowning. It’s painful for her to suffer this, so naturally, she resisted.

“Don’t be afraid. Dr. Han will be very gentle.” Kerry read her mind and comforted her.

When Venus found the strange man standing behind him, she did not greet him as Dr. Han imagined, but looked at him with unfamiliar eyes and turned her head away unhappily.

Out of a doctor’s professional sensitivity, Dr. Han quickly noticed that something was wrong with Venus.

She used to be very polite to him, even if she was in a bad mood. She never treated like this.

“What’s going on, Mr. Ye?” Dr. Han asked Kerry.

Kerry said calmly, though the pain inside had completely overwhelmed him, “She suffered a head injury, and at first she couldn’t see, but a few days ago she received a surgery, so now she could see things. However, as for her intelligence, we are trying.”

So that’s the thing.

“The medicine here is brought back from the hospital and here is the medicinal gauze. The doctor instructed to change every morning.”

Dr. Han carefully looked at each medicine, part of which was about wound healing, and the rest for mental healing.

“I see. I’ll take care of her.” Dr. Han said.

Kerry smiled, “I’m afraid not. She’s very afraid of pain now. If I don’t stay with her, I don’t think you’ll be able to do that.”

Dr. Han shrugged, “Okay.”

Kerry took off her pink hat, her bald head revealed, with a piece of gauze stuck to her left head.

“Okay, here you go.”

Kerry made some room for him. he then kneeled down, holding Venus’s hand and talked to her in order to distract her, “Tianye told me he wanted to propose to Xiran Xiao. Do you think she’ll say yes?”

Venus got interested in this, “Proposal?”

“Yes, they well match each other It’s better to let them be together, so as not to harm others.” Kerry said in a serious manner.

Venus was amused by what he said and burst into laughter.

“But don’t worry that you won’t be able to see it. Tianye said that he will do that until you are fully recovered. Do you want this?” In fact, Kerry knew that Tianye didn’t want to disappoint his sister.

In this world, besides Pingan, Tianye was her only family, so they both cherished each other.

“Well, I do.” Venus said with a smile.

Kerry lowered his head and kissed the back of her hand, “If you want to see this, get well soon, otherwise how can Tianye marry her?”

Venus smile, “OK.” After saying that, however, her scalp hurt, so she subconsciously shrank her head for a moment.

Kerry held her face and said like coaxing a child, “Okay, okay, hold on one more see. Venus is the best.”

Venus’s bright and clean eyes were instantly filled with tears. The medicine irritated the wound, making her tremble.

Kerry didn’t want to see her suffer, so he urged Dr. Han, “Hurry up.”

“One minute.” Dr. Han said briefly. He was doing the final step, fixing the gauze with medical tape to completely cover the horrible ugly scar.

“Done.” After all this, Dr. Han took a long breath. It’s over.

Kerry kissed her on her check, “Awesome.” Then he puts the hat back on her.

Watching Kerry’s every move, Dr. Han felt weird inside.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t have believed that Kerry still could be so gentle.

He knew that Kerry must have seen that scar before. He was a doctor, and it was normal to see a scar like that, but Kerry was not, who showed no discomfort or disgust, which Dr. Han was somewhat impressed by.

Dr. Han packed up the medical kit and couldn’t help but ask Kerry, “Actually, it’s very simple to change the medicine. You can absolutely do it by yourself.”

Kerry had a look at him, and his tone instantly turned cold, “Then why do I need you?”

“Well, no offense.” Dr. Han was wrong. Kerry did not change and all his changes were only for Venus and his son.

Kerry sent him out and asked, “As you see, when do you think she will be back to normal?”

Dr. Han was not sure, for he was not an expert in brain.

“I don’t know.” Dr. Han was serious at the moment, “The nerves are complicated and subjects about it are hard to study. Mrs. Ye’ s current situation is like a creek meeting a rock in the way. Maybe one day, the creek suddenly breaks through the rock. Then she will be good on that day.”

After hearing this, Kerry only said on word, “Nonsense.”

Dr. Han was dumbfounded. What did he say wrong? What he said was the truth.

“Isn’t there a better way? Just wait?” Kerry was very upset.

In order to show that he was professional, Dr. Han thought about it and said, “Well… After the wound heals, you can take her to do everything she like. You know, the patient’s mood plays a very important role in the recovery. If she stays at home every day, she will easily get depressed, and she is also very prone to depression.”

Kerry listened carefully and did not make any comments. But he was planning what to do.

What did she like to do? Kerry only knew that she likes designing clothes, but he didn’t know anything else about her hobbies.

How about giving her a piece of paper and a pencil?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 252 Young Lady Is Missing (2)
Thinking of this, Kerry Ye went to the room where Venus Mu used to live and took out the design book from the drawer, which Kerry saw in her apartment when she was still Yan Chu.

She put the thick design book in front of Venus, whose eyes immediately lit up.

“This is the clothes you used to design. See, do you remember?” Kerry sat down next to her. It was the weekend, so he had plenty of time to spend with her. As for his son, he could enjoy himself, and his presence would seem meaningless.

Venus opened the book, the first page of which was a lady’s dress, with smooth lines and creative embellishments. Everything was so familiar, yet so new.

“What’s this?” Venus asked in puzzlement.

Kerry held her waist and let her lean on him, “This is the dress you designed.”

“Me?” Venus couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, it’s you. You’re a great designer.”

With a delighted smile on her face, Venus turned the pages one by one. The last pages were many children’s clothes drawn on it, so she pointed to Pingan, who was immersed in his own world, and said, “It’s for him.”

Kerry nodded his head, “Well, it is.”

Venus smiled proudly, “I drew it.”

Kerry saw that she was really cute, so he leaned forward and kissed her, “Yes, it’s you.”

Venus was happy to see all this, with her fingers gently touching the lines above, but suddenly something ran across her mind, which she wanted to grab but failed.

Kerry sat next to her. At first, he was basking in the sun, but the smell of Venus was so sweet that it tempted his every cell, attracting his attention to her beautiful back, with his hands getting into her clothes.

Venus felt this, whose attention finally shifted from the design to his face, and Kerry fondled her skin, satisfying.

They were looking at each other, for a quite long time.

After a few seconds, Venus kissed him…

Kerry didn’t realize that her IQ had gone down, but she was bolder. It was the first time that she kissed him, which was a great reward for Kerry.

He held her lips, tenderly licking, who was telling her how much he loved her.

It should a polite kiss, but Kerry’s hot breath turned it into a tongue kiss.

Gradually, Kerry was no longer satisfied with this kiss, but wanted more.

“Mom,” Pingan’ s young and surprised voice reached them.

Kerry suddenly realized that he had forgotten this little guy. Soon he felt the woman’s body stiffen, then she got up hurriedly, blushing.

“Why did you bite mommy?” Pingan’ s big eyes were filled with anger.

Kerry raised his hand to fondle his forehead. How’s he gonna to answer this question?

“Well, Pingan, I didn’t bite her. I did it because I love her.”

However, he didn’t believe him at all, “Liar.”

“I mean it.”

“I’ll go ask Grandpa.” Grandpa was John.

Pingan ran toward the door, shocking Kerry, so he got up to stop him, lecturing him, “Don’t ask or tell others about such things.”

Pingan was confused, “Why?”

“Because…because…” Kerry really didn’t know how to explain at the moment, “You’ll know when you grow up. Anyway, you can’t ask anyone else, so let’s keep it a secret between us and you, okay?”

Pingan hesitated for a moment and finally nodded, “Secret? Interesting.

Kerry was actually mad at his little boy. It’s not easy to do this Venus, but this little guy interrupted him, making him wonder whether he would be lucky in the future.

It seemed that he had to send him out first when he wanted to do something with Venus.

Otherwise, he would be depressed.

New Year was coming, so the streets are brimmed with the happiness of the New Year.

The wound on Venus’s head had fully recovered and her hair had grown out, but it’s still short and felt a little prickly to touch.

The child was the purest creature in the world, and he knew who was really good to him, so Kerry has won him a lot of goodwill after his hard work during these days. When he couldn’t fall asleep, he would pester Kerry to tell him bedtime stories. Now, Kerry had told him a lot, from Ave and Adam to Captain of America.

Pingan’ s bedroom had also moved from the first floor to Kerry’s room on the second floor.

Kerry was mixed with sadness and joy.

In the evening, the three of them were watching TV on the couch, and the news reported the new year’s activities in various shopping malls and tourist attractions.

Since Venus and Pingan had returned, apart from the hospital, they spent most of their times in Ye’ s villa, partly because Venus had not recovered, but also due to Pingan. So, watching TV became a window for them to know the outside world.

When Kerry saw the excitement on their faces, he couldn’t help but wonder if it’s like what Tianye Mu said, that he was protected them so well that they were detached from the real world.

He couldn’t protect them like this forever.

“Do you wanna go out?” Kerry asked.

Venus turned her head to look at him, not knowing his meaning.

Kerry pinched her round face, “Tomorrow, I’ll take you out.”

“Go out?” Venus was first confused, then surprised, for she understood what he meant.

“Yes, go out and buy you some nice clothes.”

“Uh-huh.” Venus nodded with joy.

Pingan climbed into Kerry’s arms and said excitedly, “I’ll go with you.”

Kerry gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Of course I’ll take you there, but don’t run away.”

After Pingan cheered, he wiped away the kiss Kerry had just left with his clothes.

The next day, after making sure they had dressed enough clothes, he brought them into the car. Along the way, the two of them were staring at the window in the same way, and when they saw something interesting, they would chatter to each other, although they couldn’t communicate at all, but it didn’t hinder their enthusiasm.

They were like two kids. Kerry thought.

Sometimes, when he saw such a Venus, he thought to himself, “Why not just let her go on like this, simply like a child, forgetting all her worries.”

However, this was unfair. Her dream was to become a good designer, not a person like this. Although this kind of life made her happier, this was not the real Venus.

The car parked outside the city’s largest mall.

Kerry put a cap and a scarf on Pingan to hide his “awesome face,” and if Pingan hadn’t protested, Kerry would have wanted to put a mask on him.

Like most men, Kerry stepped into the mall with a cute baby in one hand and his wife in the other. The difference was that he was followed by four plainclothes bodyguards.

Everything was new to the two. In the center of the mall, there was a huge Christmas tree that had not been removed yet, with all kinds of small toys and colored balls hanging on it, extremely beautiful.

Pingan was attracted by this. You know, children loved this kind of shiny things.

Though now Venus was not right, she was still picky. After getting into the women’s clothing stores, she left Kerry along and began to enjoy herself.

“Miss, what kind of clothes do you want to buy?” The shopping assistant warmly welcomed her.

Venus was a little panicked, so she turned back to Kerry.

“Thank you. Let her choose by herself.” Kerry said to her.


Venus saw a beautiful tweed coat, so Kerry said, “Go in and try it on.”

“May I?”

“Sure.” Kerry gave her an affirmative answer, and then asked the assistant to come, “Give her a bigger size, please.”

Venus was no longer that slim, Kerry wondered whether she would be heartbroken if she knew the bad news.

Kerry and Pingan sat on the sofa, the former waiting patiently, while the latter looking around curiously.

When Venus came out, father and son looked over and shook their heads at the same time.

The color didn’t suit her.

Venus looked herself in the mirror. Well, they were right.

Then then kept shopping in other stores.

It was very warm in the mall, and after a while, Pingan was hot and sweaty, trying to take off the scarf.

“What’s going on?” Kerry noticed his irritation.

Pingan nodded, “It’s hot.”

“Okay.” Kerry helped him take off his scarf and gave it to Henry behind him. The little guy was soon relived.

But that didn’t seem to be enough. He pointed to the hat and said, “Take it off.”

Kerry seriously shook his head, “If you don’t want to be focused, be good and wear it.”

He didn’t know why he would be focused, but when he saw Kerry’s cold face, he chose to keep wearing it.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 252 Young Lady Is Missing (3)
Venus Mu had bought several clothes. Then they headed towards the fifth floor, which was about children’s stuff. But when they reached fourth floor, Pingan stopped.

It was because the fourth floor was a children’s playground. He hadn’t seen so many children of his age since he was born, not to mention the slide and colorful balls.

Children’s laughter filled the whole floor. Pingan, however, was eager to join those kids, so he held Kerry’s neck and pleaded, “I want to play.”

He gazed at Kerry, like a kitten waiting to be fed.

Kerry turned his head to look at the crowded playground, but he hesitated.

Seeing that Kerry was unwilling to let him go, Pingan played his trump card. He made himself cry, with tears in his eyes, as if he was wronged.

Kerry couldn’t bear to see two people cry, one was Venus and the other was him. As soon as they cried, he would say yes to everything they asked for.

Never mind, Pingan had to face it. Maybe now was the right time.

“Alright, alright, don’t cry, go and have fun.”

Pingan immediately withdrew her tears and showed him a smile.

Kerry nudged his little nose and smiled helplessly, “You, don’t cry from now on. You’re a boy and you can always use your tears.”

Pingan laughed, but inside he retorted, “I’m not crying. I just want to scare you.”

Taking off his heavy coat and his hat, Pingan found his hair got a little sweaty. Kerry bought him a ticket and sent him in.

Pingan’ s wish finally came true, rolling in those balls.

Kerry, with worries, and Henry, fixed their eyes on him. After seeing him smiling at the other kids and playing with them hand in hand, Kerry relaxed a little bit.

He had underestimated his son’s charm, thinking that other children would discriminate against him because of his different eyes, but now it seemed that children were much purer than adults.

Venus was down on a soft chair nearby, but she couldn’t get her eyes from the various toys inside. She also wanted to go in and have some fun.

Kerry held her hand, said with a smile, “I’ll take you to our playground when it’s warm.”

“Is it fun?” Venus asked excitedly.

“Of course.” Kerry wiped the sweat from her forehead, “There are also many delicious foods. I bet you will like there.”

“Mmhmm, when?” Venus showed great interest.

Kerry thought about it and said, “Let’s wait until it turns warm. It’s too cold and foggy these days and it’s easy to catch a cold.”

“OK.” Venus responded, then put her head on his shoulder to watch her son.

Probably because he had never experienced this these, and there were many friends, Pingan was very interested in everything. If he didn’t know how to play, he would first watch others, and after he learned, he immediately went up, very smart.

After almost three hours, Pingan came out exhaustedly, with several children behind him.

Pingan introduced them to Kerry and Venus with great pride, “They are Ranran, Xiaomei, Erduo and Taotao.”

Kerry was surprised to see him make friends in such a short time.

“Hello, guys.” Kerry greeted. “Hello.”

At this time, their parents also came over, and were stunned for a few seconds at the sight of Pingan, then all were impressed by his soft, adorable and delicate smile.

“Pingan, why not come to my house?” The little girl in the pink sweater came to him and took his hand, very adorable with blushing face. Kerry remembered that her name was Xiaomei.

Pingan didn’t answer her while Taotao took his other hand, “Let’s go to my house. My house is big and I have many toys.”

Pingan didn’t know which one to choose. He liked Xiaomei, but he also wanted the toys, so he looked up and asked Kerry for permission.

“How about this? Tomorrow you all come over to our house to, okay?” Kerry suggested a perfect choice. He was very happy to see Pingan enjoy making friends.

Pingan immediately nodded, “Yeah, yeah, come to my house. You all come, OK?”

“Sure, yes.”

The parents standing beside laughed. They just wondered why their children didn’t ask them for permission before making a decision.

But someone quickly recognized the handsome young father. Wasn’t he the president of Yehuang Group, Kerry Ye? Someone met him on the eve of the Fourth of July at the ribbon cutting ceremony at the amusement park.

“You must be Mr. Ye.” A woman came up and asked.

Kerry was polite, “Yes, I am.”

“Is this your son? He’s adorable.”

Kerry answered, “Well, a lot of people say that. Thank you.”

“This is my daughter,” the woman said, pointing to her daughter.

Kerry tried to be accessible and said in a very polite manner, “Hello, my son doesn’t have many friends, and I’m glad to see him enjoy himself. Why not be my guest with your daughter tomorrow?”

“Of course.” The woman agreed, “I heard that Ye’ s villa is only accessible to noble people in Sky City.”

The parents exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet at the villa at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.

They were probably the most common people Kerry had invited.

“Young master, young lady is missing.” Henry shouted, stopping the harmonious conversation between the parents.

Kerry was shocked. He turned his head to look at the soft chair where Venus was sitting on, but no one was there.

“How?” He began to worry.

“She was just here…”

“Why don’t you go and look for her?” Kerry yelled. What the hell were his bodyguards doing?

Henry and others quickly turned around to look for her.

Kerry picked Pingan up and quickly dressed him. He could see that his father’s hands were shivering and his breathing was becoming faster.

The parents asked out of kindness, “Mr. Ye, we can help you look for Mrs. Ye. What is she wearing?”

Kerry instinctively wanted to refuse, but the mall was too large to find her. More people would help.

Then he took out his phone and found a recent photo of Venus and showed it to them, “It’s Venus and she’s wearing a silvery gray down jacket, jeans, and a furry white hat today.”

After they carefully looked at it, they said, “We’ll split up to look for her. And we’ll call you once we find her.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome.” They scattered with their children and began to search for the little fool who had wandered off in the crowd.

Kerry was running around the mall with Pingan in his arms, whose heart ached. If it was Venus herself who got lost, Kerry wouldn’t be so worried. But what if it’s someone took her away? For example, N who disappeared.

That guy was like a ticking time bomb, who could take away Venus and his boy at any time. He could easily destroy his life.

“Venus, Venus, what did you see? Where are you? How can you get lost so easily?”

Pingan also noticed that her mother was missing, with his little head resting on Kerry shoulder. He also began to worry.

After searching all the corners of the fourth floor, they didn’t find Venus.

Kerry went upstairs. Perhaps she went to buy clothes for Pingan on the fifth floor?

The escalator was very slow, and Kerry couldn’t stand the speed at all, so he ran up the stairs holding Pingan tightly in his arms, so people on the escalator all make room for him.

There were many people on the fifth floor, most of whom were parents with their children.

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