Chapter 252: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 252 Accidental Death

Wei was a bit confused.

When he first saw Colin and Gerd entered this room, he was very confused. How could they find this place?

Then, he saw Colin fainted and felt strange. Did he faint because he saw his wife fainted?

Gerd caught Colin and called for an ambulance. Then, he put Colin aside before glanced at everyone in the room.

Wei still remembered the time when he was beaten by Gerd and his face felt painful when he saw him. His fat body trembled involuntarily, “You… What do you want to do?”

Black Carp’s men didn’t take part in the last incident, so they didn’t know Gerd’s abnormality. When they saw Wei acted this way, they thought if they protected the boss, he would definitely pay them more. So, they stood up.

“Where did you come from? Say your name!”

But the reply that he got was being kicked flying by Gerd and hit the wall with a smash.

The other men were dumbfounded.

What did they just see?

However, without letting them think much, Gerd kicked each of them and quickly dealt with the people in front of him.

There was a continuous scream before it calmed down.

It was only Wei left now.

“Brother, let’s discuss it slowly…..” Wei stepped back in fear until he reached the wall and stopped.

Gerd didn’t say anything as he raised his hand and knocked Wei unconscious.

Vanessa breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing this. She quickly ran towards Doris and checked her condition. When she noticed nothing serious, she quickly rushed towards Colin.

Colin fainted this time because he was too agitated. When he woke up later, perhaps, he would be weaker than ever.

Soon, the ambulance arrived. Gerd let Vanessa go with Doris and Colin would continue staying here.

Gerd knew that after Colin woke up later, he would definitely deal with Wei because this time Wei had completely angered Colin. This time he wasn’t only touched his nerve, but also tore his nerve down. One could imagine what the consequences would be.

Vanessa also knew Colin’s temperament, so she didn’t say much and went with the ambulance.

An hour later, Colin woke up.


Colin sat up and noticed that apart from Wei who was on the ground, only he and Gerd were there.

“Where’s Doris?” Colin asked.

Gerd replied, “She has been sent to the hospital. There’s nothing serious. She was just knocked out.”

Colin was much at ease upon hearing that but when his mind recalled the time when Doris was knocked out, his heart was pounding. It was desperation that made him almost die.

Colin took a deep breath and slowly calmed down. He stood up then walked towards Wei.

Wei was lying on the ground with a white bathrobe. There was a red wine stain on his bathrobe and his forehead was red.

Colin wasn’t a fool. He already knew what Wei had planned to do. If he didn’t come in time, Doris and Vanessa would’ve been raped by this old tramp.

When he thought of Vanessa and Doris who was about to be tarnished by someone and how much shadow would it bring them? Especially, Doris, she was just a child now. If she experienced this, what a trauma would it be for her!

Wei Reed must die!

Gerd stood behind Colin without a word.

After a long time, Colin mumbled, “Accidentally dies while falling asleep in the sauna is pretty normal, right?”

Gerd was slightly startled and immediately understood what Colin meant, “Yeah”

Colin added, “The CCTV”

Gerd understood and left.

After Gerd left, Colin kicked Wei fiercely and hit him. Then, he left the private room.

There was no surveillance inside the sauna room but there was one outside the room.

In the surveillance, everything that happened outside the private room was recorded. Colin beat Wei until the end before leaving.


Colin gave a phone call to Vanessa and rushed to the hospital.

Doris was fine but she hadn’t awakened yet. So, Vanessa had

been guarding inside the ward.

When Colin arrived, he saw Doris lying on the bed and was anxious.


Vanessa stood up to make room for Doris.

Colin approached and wanted to take a good look at Doris. Then, he noticed that there were handprints on Doris’s face. He immediately thought it was Wei’s doing and anger was surging in his eyes, “He even dares to hit you!”

“Colin!” Vanessa held tightly on Colin who was about to faint, “Calm down. Doris is fine.”

But she was indeed beaten by Wei.

Colin took a few deep breaths and looked at Gerd.

Gerd nodded and went out.

Vanessa didn’t care why Gerd left, she only persuaded, “Doris should’ve been able to wake up in a while. You have to pay attention to your body. You can’t faint anymore.”

Colin could clearly feel that after fainted this time, he was weaker than before and his body was indeed dying.

Upon seeing this, Vanessa didn’t say much and stepped aside silently.

Colin didn’t inform Eva. Since Baker was still hospitalized and what happened to Doris would only worry them. Fortunately, Doris only fainted this time and nothing was serious. Otherwise, he might not be able to hide it.

Two hours later, Doris woke up.

“You’re awake, Doris. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Colin asked anxiously.

Doris looked at Colin, blinked, and shook her head lightly, “No”

Doris was still in a daze now. They were just kidnapped by the bad guys just now. She was also beaten up. Then she didn’t remember anything anymore. But it didn’t matter. With her uncle here, she wasn’t afraid of anything.

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