“Got it.”
Chuck smiled, he also felt surprised, the first time Susan came to the house, he caught her in the toilet, and last night in the room, he saw Susan’s what dance.
Chuck thought, subconscious eyes on Susan, Susan found out, annoyed, “Didn’t you see enough last night?”
Chuck blushed.
Susan was really complicated in her mind, she wanted to freak out!
“Where to?” Chuck asked.
“Your wife’s restaurant, I’m going to help design it,” Susan closed her eyes and simply went blind.
Chuck stopped looking and drove to the restaurant, Susan got out and Chuck asked, “Hey, how much do you owe?”
How to say last night Chuck was full of blessings.
“You want to help me return it?” Susan turned back.
“Lend it to you,” Chuck shook his head, a few looks would cost millions? That Chuck wasn’t that extravagant, first help her pay it back and let her rent it out, then Chuck could live with Yvette for two.

“No, I’ll figure it out myself, and don’t think that you’re buying me with money just because you’ve watched me undress and seen something, let me tell you, I’m not a chicken,” Susan said coldly, turning around and going inside the shop that hadn’t been decorated yet.
Chuck was helpless, he didn’t mean it, why would he use Susan as a chicken? It was just a matter of guilt for catching her last time and watching it yesterday, so Chuck said that.
Anyhow, she was also Yvette’s best friend now.
Chuck drove to find Logan, but at this time, his phone rang, it was Yolanda’s, and Chuck answered it.
“Chuck, are you free now? Come over to the square, I have something to tell you.” This was Yolanda’s voice.
Listening to her tone, it seemed like something had happened, of course Chuck said that he would be there right away, hanging up the phone, Chuck called Logan again.

“Hello, Chuck.” Logan was gentle.
“Aunt Logan, I’m going over to the square in the morning, something’s up.”
“En, you’re busy, I’m just going to take a nap.”
Chuck was a bit apologetic, again he didn’t let Logan go back, but in the end he didn’t have time to accompany Logan, Chuck sighed. “Auntie Logan, I’m sorry,”
“Saying sorry for what? It’s okay, Chuck, you’re busy.”
Hanging up the phone, Chuck drove to the square.

Here Logan put down the phone and laughed lightly, “Why is this kid so polite?”
She started to read, but her mind wondered where she was going to walk with Chuck in the afternoon.…


Yvette was busy in the company’s office, taking over the company again, busy with special things, the company’s business has improved, she was surprised, this way, every month the company can make about 100,000.
Yvette braced her chin. “It’s all because my husband helped me, I can’t let him down.”
At this time, someone knocked on the door, Yvette calmed down, “Please come in.”
The door opened, a man walked in, Yvette unexpectedly, hurriedly stood up to greet, the owner of this square, Wilbur actually came over, she Surprised, “Mr. Wilbur, please sit down.”
Wilbur sat down, yes, he was beaten by Zabrina in public yesterday, the humiliation made Wilbur go to the extreme, it was all because Chuck said it, so he was almost caught up to the Zabrina he liked, failed because Chuck was not committed to failing.
He also wanted to expose Chuck!
Let you also enjoy failure, but he was cautious, so he came over to Yvette alone.
He knew that Chuck’s background was deep, so how could he not have any plans?

“Miss. Yvette, I’m here today to talk to you about something.” Wilbur opened his mouth.
“Go ahead.” Yvette perked up, although he wasn’t a “Baller”, he was also a good friend of his husband Chuck, not to mention this one The owner of the square.
“But before you say anything, I want you to promise me something.”
“Don’t tell Chuck that I said these words.”
Yvette was confused, but the good times in her heart were also brought back, and she nodded, “Okay,”
“If you say th at, then Chuck will be killed by a car.” Wilbur continued.
Yvette’s eyebrows furrowed, “What do you mean, Mr. Wilbur?”
She’s a little annoyed. Why would he say that about her husband?
“You definitely want to know what I’m telling you, but I don’t want Chuck to know that I said it, so you have to give me your word, or I’ll I won’t say anything without a guarantee, and besides, you won’t tell Chuck that I said it, right?”
Yvette shook her head, “No, I don’t want to know about my husband’s affairs in this way.”

She was all directly furious, if it wasn’t for the fact that he was Chuck’s friend, she would have just asked Wilbur to leave the place.
What kind of words were these? Cursing your husband to be hit by a car?
Wilbur laughed, “Really? Oh, would you believe me if I told you that I’m not the owner of the square?”
Yvette’s beautiful eyes froze, “What do you mean?”
“Interested to know? I’ve told you, you absolutely want to know,” Wilbur smiled deeper, “I’ll tell you, before this square was indeed mine, my father’s, also It’s mine, but someone bought it some time ago, and you want to know who this person is?”
Yvette nodded subconsciously, “Who is this person?”.…


Chuck drove to the square and he went upstairs to Yolanda’s office, “Yolanda, what’s happening?”
Chuck came in and saw Yolanda’s eyes were red, what was going on? Chuck closed the door and sat over curiously, Yolanda is rarely in this situation ah, she is cheerful and optimistic, how could she be like this at this time?
“Chuck, I have to go back for a while, so I can’t do the planning for that side of the land, and I can’t do the square over here, I have to go back for a while,” Yolanda sad, she stayed up late last night planning and designing what she was going to do over there, but suddenly she received a call from her father.
Her family’s way of life has fallen, this Chuck just started to know.
“The company’s products have been sold for more than $500,000 and have been sold for $500,000.

Yolanda was anxious when she received the call, his own family used to have hundreds of millions of dollars, but the company’s poor management led to a sudden break in the capital chain, and the company dragged on for more than a year, and went bankrupt with a huge debt.
The company dragged on for more than a year and went bankrupt. Your father has been thinking of making a comeback, so he often does business, but also the more you lose, the more you lose, the more you can’t help it, this time actually lost more than five million, Yolanda himself doesn’t know what to do, his father was cheated.
She saved more than three hundred thousand in her hand, playing back is not enough ah, and besides, she played last night.
She had thought of asking Chuck for help, but she couldn’t open the mouth.

Chuck was surprised, Yolanda was doing well, why did he suddenly stop? “What’s going on. Talk to me, I’ll help you.”
Chuck was impressed with Yolanda’s strength, this woman was absolutely unlimited in the future, and Chuck thought of making her his right-hand man.
“I… “Yolanda shook her head, “Chuck, I’m not good at telling you, can I take a leave of absence? Half a month okay.”
Chuck this helpless, “Yolanda, just say something, it’s fine, say it, we’re also considered friends, right?”
Yolanda was touched, yeah, Chuck was his boss and his friend.
“My father has been cheated.” Yolanda was worried.
“Is the person okay?” Chuck asked if this was a money scam?
“The man is fine, but he was cheated out of a lot of money.”
“How much? …Say ah, it’s fine.” This Yolanda, the value that he would bring to himself later on was great, Chuck knew.
“Five, five million.” Yolanda’s speech was intermittent.
Chuck smiled, “Won’t you just take five million on the Square account?”
Chuck thought tens of millions, but five million was really a huge amount for Yolanda’s family.
Yolanda was touched, “Thank you, I will pay you back.”
Chuck smiled, “Plan that land well, the plaza is well managed, and at the end of the year I would be giving you more money.”

Chuck had intended to give Yolanda the end of the year, now sent in advance, it is also possible, after all, Chuck next has other plans, Yolanda will be very busy, stay up late will be great, besides, Chuck’s management is followed by Yolanda, after the establishment of the company, but also her management.
Yolanda was so moved that she didn’t know what to say, she just felt that she was with the right person.
“How far away is your home? I’ll drive you to settle this alright, and see if you have any projects over there by the way.” Chuck said.

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