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What Chuck was thinking was that the land over there had been bought, and it must be the result as soon as possible, then Yolanda’s side still couldn’t rest, so it was best to settle this afternoon and continue planning tomorrow.
This is why Chuck proposed to ask how far is Yolanda’s house.
Yolanda hesitated and said, “It’s not too far, but the road is not too good.”

Chuck’s BMW 7 series had been crashed and scrapped and hadn’t been dealt with yet, then there was only one sports car, with a low chassis, not quite suitable for the not-so-good road, so Chuck simply decided to accompany Yolanda in the car to go back.
It was cheated, Chuck was not too relieved, Yolanda a person to go back to deal with.
There was care for more than one person, and besides, it wasn’t too far, and if it went well, he could return tonight.

“It’s fine, then I won’t drive, you pack your things, let’s go now!” Chuck said.
“En.” Yolanda was already ready, she and Chuck walked out, Yolanda went below to make arrangements for today’s events, and soon after, by the side of the square road, The bus stop got on the bus.
The bus was crowded, it was rush hour, so it was crowded, Chuck pulled on the handrail strap, and when he saw that Yolanda was crowded, he pulled her over to stay by her side, he couldn’t let her be taken advantage of by some people, could he?
There were a lot of people, crowding around, and it was inevitable that Chuck and Yolanda’s bodies would make contact, and Yolanda awkwardly stepped back, but the crowding didn’t allow her to do that.
She just leaned on Chuck to get to the station.…

Yvette recovered from her shock, “You mean, the owner of the square is my husband?”
Just now, when she learned about this from Wilbur, she was incredulous, it seemed impossible to her.
When Zelda had let her mouth slip the day before yesterday, had she thought at the time that her husband, Chuck, could be the plaza owner?
She had dismissed the idea herself when it popped into her head, how could it be?
Chuck had bought a sports car, a BMW, and a house which was her own, and he had also rented a shop, that was tens of millions of dollars, but this was still a huge difference compared to a plaza.
After all, a plaza was six or seven hundred million!
How could your own husband have that much money?
But, now Wilbur has said that it was her own husband who took over the plaza, and her own husband is now the plaza owner!

She really couldn’t believe it, but she slowly convinced herself when she thought about the series of Chuck’s, how could she spend more than ten million in a month or so without hundreds of millions of dollars?
Also, every time Chuck was in the square, he was in Yolanda’s office, it wasn’t part-time work, he was managing, as the boss managing the whole square ah!
But where did Chuck get the money to take over such a large plaza?
Yvette was dazed and confused.
“Good! This square is the one that was next by Chuck, why didn’t he really tell you?” Wilbur laughed, the reason why he had told Yvette, from his knowledge of women, he felt that Yvette was not gold-worshipping.
So by telling her, he was letting her know how much Chuck had hidden from her!
Yvette might get angry, then she might break up with Chuck… a man hiding so much from you, that’s insincere ah!
Yvette sat on the sofa, “No, my husband didn’t tell me.”
Yvette suddenly understood, the original he was able to renew the contract, “Baller” to do, moreover, this square boss personally did.
However, where did Chuck get the money? Chuck is a rich second generation? No, Yvette was clear that Chuck’s parents had abandoned Chuck since he was a child and left at birth when Chuck’s grandfather’s claim was that Chuck The parents fled, so how could Chuck be rich?
Yvette was too confused.

“That’s strange, why didn’t he tell you?” Wilbur laughed.
“I don’t know.” Yvette was confused.
“I’ll tell you what, Chuck knows a big figure in the capital, surnamed Tang, named Logan, and all this could be from Logan to Chuck,” Wilbur said, after all, his own dad had said that he had received a call from Logan at the time, and that was why he sold the plaza to Chuck, that wasn’t Logan gave it to him?
Logan? Yvette hadn’t been at that level, she hadn’t heard of it, and she just felt for a moment that Chuck was really too mysterious.
“I also told you that the film that Zabrina is filming now is also invested by him behind the scenes, why didn’t he tell you this as well?” Wilbur went on to add.
Yvette shook her head, she had nothing else to think about but shock, invest in the movie? This wasn’t something ordinary people could do, no wonder her husband, Chuck, knew Zabrina.

Seeing Yvette’s complicated confusion, Wilbur knew that he had achieved his goal and smiled, “Alright, I’ve told you what happened, you If I tell Chuck that I told you, then he’ll get hit by a car when he goes out.”
Yvette came back to his senses, his eyebrows furrowed, “Why did you tell me?”
“Because I wanted to tell, remember ha, if you say it, Chuck will get hit by a car.” Wilbur laughed and walked out, he thought of something, “Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, the reason why Zelda’s restaurant was able to open in You know, Chuck is the owner of the square, he can let anyone in.”
Yvette was annoyed, “Are you trying to shady my husband?”
“What am I shading him for? I’m not capable of that. That Logan behind him is too powerful. You can’t imagine. I wouldn’t mess with someone like that. That’s why I made you promise me that if I say it, he’ll get hit by a car.” Wilbur said walking out.
Yvette sat paralyzed on the couch, the shock continued once again as she muttered, “Honey, what else are you hiding from me?”
After a while, she went downstairs to Yolanda’s office, at this point, Chuck should be coming to the square since he was the boss.
But when she got to the door, she found that the office door was closed, where was this going? Yvette took out his cell phone to call Chuck.
It took a long time to answer.

“Hello, wife,”
Yvette heard a very noisy voice and she asked, “Honey, where are you?”
“The bus.”
“What are you doing on the bus, honey?” Yvette asked.
“That BMW was crashed, and I can’t drive the sports car, and I’m going to a place with bad roads, so I’m going to take the bus.”
“Well, honey, are you coming back tonight?”
“Yeah, back.”
“Okay, her husband you be careful on the road, I have something to ask you tonight.”
Hanging up the phone, Yvette’s beautiful eyes swept around, this square is actually her husband’s.…

Chuck this side hung up the phone, together with crowded bus people despise looking at Chuck, what BMW was hit? You can’t drive the car? Is that why you came to take the bus? That’s not classy!
These people disdain the eyes.
Chuck didn’t bother to pay attention to them, ah, to get off at the station, go to the station to transfer, half an hour, to the home of Yolanda, this road is under construction, is indeed not easy to walk ah, if you drive a sports car over, really can’t walk.
“Chuck, my house is over there.” Yolanda pointed the way, Chuck looked over and followed Yolanda home.
But knocking on the door, no one opened it, Yolanda could only call, asking where her mother was, and soon Yolanda hung up the phone.
“My mom went to my aunt, my aunt has money, my mom wants to borrow it.” Yolanda sighed, lost, she felt useless, making her mom go borrow money with her face down.

“Where is that?” Chuck asked.
“It’s not too far, you can walk there,” Yolanda said, and Chuck nodded and said to go take a look.
Soon Chuck followed Yolanda to her sister-in-law’s house, this one was also a neighborhood now, and was considered rich.
The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.
The one who opened the door was a charming young woman, who was Yolanda’s aunt.
“Auntie, let me introduce, this is my old… “Yolanda introduced, but her aunt looked at Chuck with a squinty glance, “No need to introduce! It seems.”
Yolanda sighed, “I’m sorry.”
Chuck shook his head, it’s nothing, it’s not like he hasn’t been looked at before, and they came in.
Yolanda saw her mother, she walked over, “Mom.”
“Daughter…” her mother shed tears, she came over to ask, but Yolanda’s aunt wouldn’t lend, five million was not a small amount, she didn’t believe that Yolanda could afford to pay it back, so she didn’t lend.

“Yolanda, I’ll tell you the truth, your father is done with that, it’s not as simple as owing five million, you don’t want to come over from today onwards My family now.” Aunt Yolanda said coldly.
Just now she had wanted to chase Yolanda’s mother away, but now Yolanda had actually come over and brought a boy with her? What’s this? Yvonne’s boyfriend? She shook her head. What kind of boyfriend would she have if she didn’t work hard? And with a boyfriend like that?

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