Chapter 253: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 253 Venus Lost Her Memories (1)
Kerry’ s eyes searched the crowd but Venus was not among them. He asked many people but none of them saw her. It is a big mall and there are many stores. There was no way Kerry could check the stores one by one. And also, Venus was probably not staying at the same place, which made it more difficult to find her.

Kerry walked around the fifth floor, and he ran into a parent who was helping him to look for Venus. But that parent didn’t find her either. The parent didn’t understand why was Kerry so worried. She asked: “Mr Ye, doesn’t your wife have a phone?”

“No, she doesn’t.” Kerry said. His face crumbled. “Her brain had an injury some time earlier, and she is still recovering.”

The parent knew what he meant. She comforted him by saying: “Don’t worry. Maybe you can check the security footage.”

Kerry patted his forehead and said: “Of course! Why didn’t I think of it? Thank you. I’ll go right now.”

Kerry was about to go checking the footage, but suddenly, his phone rang. It was Henry.

“Sir, we found Venus.” Henry said.

“Where she is?”

“She is in a tea milk store on the seventh floor.”

Kerry sighed with relief. He said: “I’ll be right there.”

“Is she found?” The parent asked.

Kerry’s expression softened. He said: “Yes. She is on the seventh floor.”

“I see. There are many restaurants on the seventh floor. She is must hungry.”

“Thank you so much for your help. Please tell the other parents that we have found her. And do remember to come to my home tomorrow. I owe all of you a great debt of gratitude.”

“I’ll let them know.”

Kerry nodded at her and rushed upstairs with Pingan in his arms.

He was on the seventh floor. Delicious smells were wafting through the air. And then, he heard Henry shouting at him: “Sir, this way!”

Kerry squeezed his way through the crowd, and he found Venus was sipping a cup of milk tea. She smiled brightly when she saw him. Obviously she had no idea how much trouble she just caused.

But Kerry was not angry at all. All his negative feelings vanished the moment he saw her. Kerry walked into the store and took a seat opposite her. Venus passed him the milk tea and asked him to taste it. “It’s so very good.” She said.

Kerry took a sip. The tea is warm and soft. And he felt his nerves were calmed in an instant. He said: “Yes, it’s very good.” And Venus smiled brilliantly and took back her milk tea.

Pingan’s curiosity was aroused. He also wanted to take a sip. Venus agreed, but Kerry said: “No. He is too little and this is bad for his health.”

“Oh.” Venus said, and resumed drinking the tea.

“You can not act alone. You understand? I was so worried about you. I thought you were lost.” Kerry said and grabbed Venus’s hand tightly.

Venus looked at him. She felt Kerry’s hand was shaking. And she nodded seriously.

Turned out, Venus felt rather bored when Kerry was talking with the parents. Suddenly, she noticed a girl was drinking a cup of milk tea, and she also wanted one. So she walked to the girl and pointed at her milk tea. The girl told her that she can buy it on the seventh floor. So she went upstairs directly. At that time, Henry and his people were playing with Pingan, so they didn’t notice Venus was missing.

Kerry and Venus had dinner on the seventh floor. On the way back home, Kerry said to Henry seriously: “Your wages will be docked! If this happens again, all of you will be fired!”

Henry’s head drooped. He felt rather guilty and he said: “Yes, sir. I won’t let it happen again.”

They were at home. Kerry told John the Butler that they would have guests tomorrow, and he asked him to do some preparations.

Pingan felt exhausted. He went to bed and fell asleep very fast. Kerry was very glad that Pingan was asleep. He picked him up and put him in the cradle, and covered him in a quilt.

Venus came out from the shower. Her hair was plastered to her head. Kerry took out a hair dryer and said to her: “Come. Sit here.”

Her hair was short. So it only took a minute to dry her hair. Venus went to bed and said to him: “Let’s sleep.”

How could Kerry possibly fall asleep. He got onto bed and kissed Venus hungrily. Venus didn’t resist. She kissed back. And Kerry’ s desire was aroused. They hadn’t had sex for a long time because of Venus’s injury and Pingan’s existence. So Kerry had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“Tell me you also want it.” Kerry said. He was breathing heavily.

Venus had no idea what he was talking about.

Kerry kissed on her lips again and said: “Say you want it.”

“I want it.” Venus obeyed. Her voice was shaking. And now Kerry’ s desire was burning. He could no longer hold it.

“I don’t feel good.” Venus frowned.

“What’s the problem?”

“I don’t know. I just…”

“Okay, I’ll make you feel good.” Kerry said. Then they kissed hungrily and made love to each other passionately. After a long time, both of them were exhausted, and Kerry held Venus in his arms and fell asleep.


The weather was ideal. They could not ask for a more perfect day for a party. Pingan’s friends arrived with their parents. And every guest exclaimed when they saw how grand Kerry’ s house is. John knew there would be many small guests, so he bought lots of snacks for the children.

Pingan was very excited. He took out his toys and shared them with his friends. His smile was brilliant. He had never been this happy before. Kerry now realized that this is the kind of life Pingan wants. Pingan needs to be with his friends. Pingan needs to hang out with a group of children at his age. He realized he was overprotective, and he had underestimated Pingan’s adaptability.

It was ten o’clock. Kerry thought Venus should be awake. So he went upstairs to check on her.

Venus was awake. But she was still in bed. Kerry said: “It’s time to get up. It’s ten o’clock.”

Kerry then reached his hand out to touch her face. But Venus moved away from him all of a sudden as if she was frightened. She looked at Kerry with horror, as if she had never seen him before.

Kerry was also frightened. He said nervously: “Venus, what’s the matter?”

Venus covered herself in the quilt in an instant and moved further away from Kerry. She said coldly: “Who are you?”

Kerry’s mind went blank. “What do you mean? I’m your husband. Venus, don’t you remember me?”

Venus looked at him suspiciously. “Nonsense. I’m only eighteen. I don’t have a husband.”

“What?” Kerry shouted. “You are twenty-five this year. Have you lost your memories?”

“How is that possible?” Venus said in disbelief. “I remember I had my 18th birthday yesterday.”

“Seriously. Venus. Please stop doing this. You are twenty-five years old. You are married to me. And we also have a son. His name is Pingan. Remember?”

Venus’s face darkened. She swallowed nervously and said: “I have a son?”

“Yes. You do.”

Venus pinched her arm very hard to see whether she was dreaming. Then she said: “This is not a dream! What happened? Did I just travel through time? I don’t want to be twenty-five!”

Kerry seemed calm and peaceful. But he felt his world was just rocked.

“She really lost her memories?” He thought to himself.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 253 Venus Lost Her Memories (2)
Kerry thought things like that can only happen in movies. He couldn’t understand why do so many strange things happen to him.

“What year this is?”

Kerry managed to remain calm. He said: “It will be 2017 two days later.”

“2017?” Venus’s eyes widened in disbelief. “That’s impossible! Did I just lose seven years of my life?”

Kerry showed her a piece of news to prove that he was not lying. Venus looked at it and she felt so shocked. She said: “Is Dada the new president?” (Dada is a nickname the people have for their president.)

Kerry looked at her suspiciously. He said: “Yes. We have a new president. What did you just call him?”

“Dada.” Venus said. But the moment she finished, she realized she wasn’t supposed to know the president’s nickname back in 2010. So she covered her mouth immediately.

But it was too late. Her lie was exposed. Kerry pressed her under his body and said: “How dare you to lie to me! I was so worried. But you should really be more careful if you want to tell a lie successfully.”

Venus didn’t give up. “I wasn’t lying to you. I lost my memories!”

“Then how do you know that our president’s nickname is Dada? Don’t tell me that you are a prophet.”

“Eh, I…I….” Venus racked her brains, trying to come up with an excuse, but she failed. She finally gave up and said: “You are so annoying! I have been planing this prank for a long time!And now you ruined it!”

Kerry felt relieved. He kissed on her lips and said in a sorrowful voice: “Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?”

Venus was still under Kerry’s body. She patted on his shoulder and said: “Get off me. You are so heavy.”

“I won’t. This is what you deserve for playing this prank on me.” Kerry said.

Venus rolled her eyes and said: “I’m having a headache. Please get off me.”

After hearing what she said, Kerry rolled off her immediately. He asked nervously: “What kind of headache are you having? Is it bad?” However, Venus only laughed.

Kerry knew he was tricked again. And he looked at Venus with resentment.

“Are you angry? Come on. I was only joking. Give me a smile.” Venus said and tried to make his lips curve in a smile with her fingers. But Kerry opened his mouth and bite her finger. Venus didn’t feel any pain. Kerry will never hurt Venus.

The next thing she knew, Kerry kissed her on her lips. But this time, his kiss was very gentle and soft. Venus pushed him away a little bit and said: “Come on. We have guests today.”

“I don’t care.” Kerry said.

“Pingan’s friends are here. We are hosts. We can’t just stay here.” Venus said.

“Fine. I’ll stop.” Kerry said reluctantly.

Actually, the guests felt much more relaxed when Kerry was absent. Because Kerry’s presence was always commanding and they always feel nervous when Kerry is around.

Venus began dressing herself. She noticed she was obviously fatter than before. And when she saw the size of her shirt, she exclaimed: “What! Why am I wearing such a big shirt? How much weight did I put on!”

Kerry knew Venus would react strongly to her weight. He said: “It’s okay. I love the way you look.”

“But I don’t! I am a cloth designer! How can I wear such a big and ugly shirt! And also, what’s with my hair? What the hell happened when I was not in my right mind?” Venus said. She then blamed Kerry for everything. “Why did you make me eat so much!”

Kerry said helplessly: “You were a patient. You need lots of food to recover. Besides, you don’t look fat at all. You look just fine. Don’t worry.”

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Venus said angrily. She glared at the extra fat on her belly as if she wanted to cut it off.

Kerry then held her from behind and said: “You are always the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Venus said: “That is a very nice thing to say. But it doesn’t change the fact that I am fat! I will have to lose weight. I don’t even dare to look into a mirror.”

“Is it really that serious? I think you are perfectly good-looking.” Kerry said. He doesn’t know why Venus has to attach so much importance to her body shape.

“I don’t want myself to be like this. You don’t understand. But a woman must be strict with herself, especially her body.” Venus took a deep breath and sucked in her belly.

Kerry thinks the reason why women are so crazy about their body shape is only because they want to be able to dress beautiful clothes and please men. But he is so wrong. Women want to keep a good shape only because they want to be responsible for themselves.

Venus’s hair was too short. So she put on a hat. Kerry then took her downstairs. Kerry asked: “Why are you recovered so suddenly?”

“I don’t know. This morning I woke up, and I found I can think properly.”

Kerry said: “Maybe what we did last night helped you to recover.”

Venus was confused. “What did we do last night?”

Kerry whispered to her: “Last night you begged me to…..”

Venus could feel his hot breath in her ear. She shuddered and glared at him. She said: “Kerry! This isn’t over!”

“Fine. We can continue it tonight.”

The two of them arrived at the living room. The guests lapsed into silence. They all looked at Venus curiously.

Venus smiled at them and said: “Thank you so very much for coming. It’s our honor to have you at our home.”

The guests looked at each other confusedly. Because they were told the hostess’s brain is not working properly. But she looked completely fine to them.

Venus then said to a servant in a gentle voice: “Make some coffee for our guests.”

The servant bowed slightly to Venus. He looked calm but his heart was actually pounding violently. He couldn’t believe Venus recovered so suddenly. And he was going to tell the news to all the other people.

Venus noticed the guests were not at ease. Everyone was sitting upright in her chair, stiff as a poker. So Venus said to the ladies: “We have a greenhouse and there are many flowers in bloom. Let’s go see the flowers.”

“That sounds fun. Let’s go.” The ladies said. They then followed Venus. And only a few men were left in the living room.

The ladies got familiar with each other very quickly, and they developed a fondness for Venus. At first they thought Venus was an arrogant and rich lady. But turned out, Venus is just a girl who is young and energetic.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon. The party ended. It was a very successful party and the guests enjoyed themselves a lot. Venus and Kerry sent the guests away. And after everyone left, Venus held Pingan up and said to him: “My little one. Mom is back.”

Pingan was of course very confused. He didn’t know what his mom meant by that.


Tianye and Xiran were in a barbershop. Xiran wanted to dye her hair. At that time, Kerry called Tianye.

“What did you just say?” Tianye’s face changed when he heard what Kerry said.

“Just come to my place and check it out!” Kerry said.

“Fine. I’ll be there in a minute!” Tianye said and hung up the phone. His face darkened.

“What happened?” Xiran asked.

“I’ll tell you on the way there.”

“You don’t need to wait for me if it’s urgent.”

“It’s okay. I’ll wait for you.” Tianye said. But he was actually feeling very anxious and he paced back and forth in the shop.

“It’s done.” The barber said. And then, Tianye grabbed Xiran’s hand and rushed out of the shop and into his car.

Tianye was driving at full speed. And Xiran fastened the belt nervously.

“What happened?” She asked

“Kerry just called. He told me Venus recovered.”

“Isn’t that a nice thing?” Xiran was confused.

“But she lost her memories. She doesn’t remember anything happened after she was 18 years old.”

“What? You are kidding, right? Things like that can only happen in movies.”

“That’s what Kerry told me.” Tianye said nervously. “If Kerry was telling the truth, Venus would have to be told that our parents passed away. And she would have to suffer the pain all over again.”

They arrived at Kerry’ s villa. Venus and Kerry were both waiting for them, and they both wore an angry expression.

Venus was very excited when she saw Tianye. She rushed into Tianye’s arms excitedly and said: “My big brother, you are finally here.”

Tianye looked at Kerry confusedly, and Kerry only shook his head helplessly.

Tianye patted on Venus’s back and said: “Yes, I’m here. I’m here to see you.”

Venus acted to be sorrowful. She pointed at Kerry and said: “This man said he is my husband. I’m only 18 years old. How can I get married? Please tell me he is lying to me.”

Tianye looked into her sparkling eyes and said: “He is your husband. You are married.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 253 Venus Lost Her Memories (3)
“That’s impossible! I will never fall in love with a man like him. He is so aloof. I will marry someone who is kind and gentle.” Venus said.

Kerry’s face contorted. Now he was regretting that he agreed to cooperate with Venus and put on this silly show.

Xiran burst into laughter. “You are absolutely right, Venus. You should marry someone who is kind and gentle.” She said.

“Who is this one? She looks so beautiful!” Venus said when she saw Xiran.

Tianye said: “This is my girlfriend. Her name is Xiran Xiao.”

Venus then hugged Xiran tightly. “I like this big sister so much.”

“She is so enthusiastic when she doesn’t remember anything.” Xiran thought to herself.

“Venus, you really don’t remember what happened in the past few years?” Tianye looked at her in disbelief.

Venus soon put on a sad face and said: “All I remember is that yesterday is my 18th birthday. And this morning when I woke up, people tell me I am already 25! I am seven years older all of a sudden.”

“Did they tell you that you also have a son?” Xiran said.

“Yes, they did! I don’t want this! I want to be 18 years old! Take me home, please!”

Kerry then grabbed her arm and said: “You are my wife and you are not going anywhere!”

Venus tried to break away from him but he just grabbed her even more tightly. He winked at her and wished she could stop this show.

Venus gave him a sly smile. She then said to Tianye: “Tianye, help me. Take me home!”

Tianye heaved a deep sigh. He said: “Kerry, release her. Let’s talk about it.”

Kerry released his grip. Venus then ran away and stood behind Tianye, and then even made a face at Kerry.

“Maybe I should take her back.”

“That’s not gonna happen.”


Tianye had no idea what to do. Suddenly, Pingan appeared. He grabbed Tianye’s leg and said: “Uncle, uncle.”

Tianye bent down and held Pingan up. He then looked at Kerry and asked: “What did you do to her? How can she possibly lose her memories?”

Kerry said helplessly: “I did nothing. She just took a nap this afternoon, and when she woke up, all her memories are gone.”

However, the moment Kerry finished, Pingan interrupted and said: “Mom no sleeping.”

Kerry’s and Venus’s faces changed. Pingan ruined their prank.

Xiran smiled and asked Pingan: “Your mom didn’t sleep this afternoon?”

Pingan pointed at Venus and said: “Mom no sleeping. Mom playing.”

Venus knew this little show is over. Before Kerry said anything, she pointed at Kerry and said: “Kerry asked me to do this! It has nothing to do with me!”

Kerry took a step backward and said: “This is her idea! You can’t blame me for this!”

“I see.” Tianye smiled slyly. “Kerry, don’t move. Just stay where you are.” The moment he finished, he stood up and charged towards Kerry. And Xiran also began chasing Venus. The whole villa was rendered chaotic.

“Help me! Kerry!” Venus was out of breath.

“I can’t even save myself!” Kerry was running away from Tianye.

A few minutes later, Venus was dragged by the ear into the living room by Xiran, and Kerry was pushed back into the living room by Tianye. Pingan was excited. He laughed heartily.

“You know what! You are absolutely the best actress I have ever known. You should be a professional actress.” Xiran said to Venus jokingly, while twisting her ear gently.

Venus begged: “I’m sorry. I know I was wrong.”

“Now you know you are wrong. I was dying my hair when you guys called. I was so worried about you, and my hair wasn’t even done.”

Venus said: “I’m so sorry. Tomorrow I’ll take you to a barbershop. That barber can make your hair look one hundred times more beautiful.”

“So you are saying my hair doesn’t look good.” Xiran said jokingly.

“No, that’s not what I mean. You look amazing now. But you can always be more beautiful. You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Xiran laughed. She released Venus’s ear. “You silly girl. You made us worry so much.”

Venus pointed at Kerry and said: “It was his idea.”

Tianye punched Kerry on his chest jokingly and said: “How dare you.”

Kerry pushed Tianye away and said: “Venus played this prank on me. And I think it’s only fair to make you experience this. Since we are a family.”

“We are not your family.” Tianye and Xiran said in unison.

Kerry then looked at Venus and said: “Do you see? Now you are married to me, and you are no longer their family.”

“Just knock it off.” Tianye said. He then looked at Venus and said: “Venus, come here.”

Venus walked to Tianye timidly. She smiled and asked nervously: “What’s the matter? Big brother.”

Tianye gave her a playful poke and said: “I wanted you to leave this place. Why do you have to come back? And there are so many wonderful men in the world. Why do you have to be with this man?”

“What’s wrong with me? Why am I not a wonderful man?” Kerry said angrily.

“Shut up.” Tianye and Venus said in unison.

Kerry’ s confidence was weakened. He sat back in a chair with his head drooped. And Xiran was at that time playing with Pingan.

Venus grabbed Tianye’s arm and said in a soft voice: “My dear brother, please stop being angry. Look how cute Pingan is.”

“Don’t change the subject. I exerted maximum effort to make you leave Kerry. But in the end, you still come back to him. All my efforts are in vain.” Tianye said.

“Please don’t say that, my dear brother. At first, I really wanted to leave Kerry. But later on, I changed my mind. Because he saved me so many times and he apologized sincerely. He even asked me to beat him if that could make me feel less angry. I will always remember what you did for me. Your efforts are not in vain.” Venus said sincerely. She noticed from the corner of her eye that Kerry stood up and wanted to say something, and she waved her hand and motioned to him to sit down.

Venus knows her brother very well. She knows that Tianye will never be angry with her. But with Kerry, he won’t be that kind. After all, Kerry and Tianye were once enemies.

Tianye only tapped her gently on her head and said: “I can give you as much money as you want. You don’t need to depend on anyone. I don’t understand why do you have to cling on to this man. He is not a loyal man and maybe he will cheat on you.”

Kerry wanted to interrupt again. But Venus said quickly: “Don’t worry. If he has the guts to do so, I will break his leg, and then I will take Pingan with me and we will travel around the world.”

Kerry was now seriously angry. He stood up and said: “Hey, I am right here! Can you imagine how do I feel right now?”

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