Chapter 253: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 253 This Must Be An Intentional Murder!

In the evening, a piece of hot news was released.

The chairman of Juding Bank, Wei Reed, died because of suffocation after falling asleep inside the sauna.

As soon as the news came out, all the company bosses were agitated.

There was needlessly to explain about Wei’s identity. Because he’s dead, it means that the Juding Bank would also be affected.

Previously, the chairman of Marquis asked those companies to quickly withdraw their funds. Some of them agreed verbally, but they still wait and see and didn’t withdraw the funds along with the others.

Ironically, Wei died and their funds would be definitely affected.

Hui Reed was the one that was shocked the most.

Hui was indeed irritated that Wei didn’t take care of the matter well. But anyhow, they were still fellows from the same hometown and had come to this point together, even their way wasn’t easy.

He still had a sense of fellowship towards Wei. Moreover, there should be a way to solve this matter. Who knows that Wei eventually died!

Hui didn’t dare to believe when he heard of this information and when he saw Wei’s corpse…..

Outside the sauna room, Hui looked at Jason, “Officer, this… this must be an intentional murder!”

Hui thought that this incident must have something to do with Colin Ward. Recently, Wei had just offended Colin. Moreover, it’s not like he had never been in the sauna before. How could he be suffocated to death after falling asleep there?

Jason led a group of policemen to seal the scene and looking for clues everywhere. He replied after listening to Hui, “Mr. Reed, whether this matter is a murder or an accidental death will need evidence to prove it and we can’t make such an unreasonable decision.”

“Why is it not a murder?” Hui was surprised, “Officer, he was healthy and well before. Isn’t it strange that he was suffocated to death from falling asleep in the sauna?”

“Moreover, I seriously suspected that the murderer is Colin Ward, the chairman of the Marquis Group!”

“Recently, Marquis was targeting Juding and asked the companies in Tianbei City to withdraw their funds from Juding. You can see that Colin has a motive towards Wei. He must’ve killed Wei!”

Hui analyzed it clearly and logically. It could be considered that he’s so close to the truth.

After listening to Hui, Jason frowned, “Mr. Reed, no matter what the case is, there has to be evidence. It’s not just based on your words. My colleagues are still looking for evidence. As for the specific situation, we will tell you the situation according to the facts.”

Hui wasn’t appeased, “Believe me, Officer. It must be Colin Ward! Aside from him, nobody….”

“Enough, we are handling it as policemen. Please don’t disturb us.” Jason’s expression looked really bad.

Hui was choked but still unwilling. Later, he snorted and left the scene.

After he left, a policeman came over with a surveillance record, “Captain, this is the surveillance.”

After receiving it, Jason held it tightly. Should he watch the record? What if it’s really Colin?

After the corpse was taken away, the private room had been checked, Jason waited for the others to return to the police station.

Jason hesitated for a long time before clicking on record to watch it alone.


After watching the record, Jason was very furious, “Damn it, Wei!”

Right, Jason thought that Wei deserved to die.

After kidnapping Vanessa and Doris, he still thought of raping them. If it weren’t because Colin arrived in time, he could imagine the ending!

Jason saw Colin left after watching until the end. Wei fainted to the ground. Later, there was a jam in the surveillance and the recording stopped. After the surveillance worked again, Wei was still in that position.

Jason knew that the recording must’ve been tampered with by someone. Then, it’s clear that Wei’s death was because of a murder.

Later, an autopsy report came from the forensic.

Wei was indeed suffocated to death. But previously, the temperature inside the sauna room seemed to have adjusted to 50 degrees. Wei had been staying at a high temperature. Moreover, the steam filled the entire room. The oxygen became lesser which caused Wei to suffocate to death.

After reading it, Jason had already thought of the criminal process. Someone first tampered with the surveillance, then adjusted the temperature in Wei’s private room to 50 degrees. After a while and ensuring that Wei was dead, he adjusted the temperature back.

The strangest thing was that there were two handprints on Wei’s face but no fingerprints were found.

Jason became serious because he had known who the murderer is.

At the same time, his feelings became slightly complicated.


Vanessa only learned about the news the next morning.

“Wei Reed is dead?”

Such a scumbag deserves to die indeed!

Doris didn’t know about this and now she’s still recuperating at home. Flora and Vanessa both stayed with her.

Colin also let Gerd protect Doris anytime and anywhere.

Wei is dead but there’s no guarantee that nobody would find Doris anymore.

Colin was at Marquis now and he made a phone call to Bald Liu and Old Jiang.

“Destroy all the entertainment clubs that belong to Black Carp.”

Bald Liu and Old Jiang agreed. It’s such a good opportunity to defeat Black Carp and earn money. It’s only once in a lifetime.

So after the morning passed, another piece of news was released again.

At Black Carp’s base in the western district, all the entertainment clubs were destroyed to pieces in the morning.

After it was done, Bald Liu and Old Jiang met in Emperor Casino.

Black Carp got down immediately after hearing the news. When he saw Bald Liu and Old Jiang, he was immediately furious, “You joined hands to mess with me! Damn it! Do you think I’m so easy to handle?”

“Brothers, move!”

The people of the three districts started to have a brawl.

The result was obvious.

Black Carp and his men were pounded to the ground by Bald Liu and Old Jiang. Not only that, but they also destroyed the Emperor Casino.

After destroying it, Old Jiang’s eyes flashed, “Old Liu, do you think we need to use this chance to finish him off? And divide the western district to half?”

Black Carp lied on the ground while reaching for the last gasp, “You….you dare to….kill people…. Break the law…..”

Old Jiang and Bald Liu ignored Black Carp.

Bald Liu said lightly, “I only did what the boss instructed me to do.”

After speaking, Bald Liu left without looking back.

Old Jiang shrugged, “Forget it, let’s go!”

Black Carp found out now that they didn’t intend to join hands and mess up with him. It was Colin that messed up with him.

Colin’s anger wasn’t only towards Wei Reed but also towards Black Carp and his men.

One of Black Carp’s men was the one that used the stick.

If Black Carp didn’t cooperate with Wei, Colin wouldn’t have touched him. But Black Carp didn’t think deeply and cooperated with Wei.

Moreover, if Black Carp didn’t cooperate with Wei after all, then Wei couldn’t kidnap Vanessa and Doris, and all of these wouldn’t have happened.

Black Carp regretted it now. Colin is really someone who can’t be offended.

“Damn it, Wei!”

“You deserve to die!”

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