Yolanda sighed, when the family used to be rich, Auntie came over to borrow money, millions were borrowed, and didn’t let it be returned, now Auntie actually said so, Yolanda’s heart was cold.
“Mom, let’s go back.” Yolanda pulled his own mother.
This attitude of her own aunt, you can imagine how much white eyes and grievances her mother suffered when she didn’t come just now.
Her mother shook her head, her eyes red, she was panicking, if her own sister didn’t help, she didn’t know who to go to at all.
Her own family had fallen on hard times, she didn’t have any friends anymore, she had absolutely no other choice right if she didn’t ask her own sister, then who should she ask?

She plunged to her knees, “Sister, just help me this sister, for the last time, you lent me 20 million before I didn’t even look for you. Give it back, just think of it as returning five million to me, okay?”
“No. You were the one who said you didn’t want me to pay back the twenty million, and now you want to go back on your word?” Auntie shook her head indifferently, “Don’t you ever come back, I won’t lend you any money, not one cent.”
“Sister.” Yolanda’s mom cried.
Yolanda was busy helping her own mother up, “Mom, don’t be like this, I already have five million.”
She really felt useless, her own mother actually had to kneel to someone, she couldn’t think of who she should go to if Chuck didn’t help her this time.
“Daughter, really?” Yolanda’s mother cried tears of joy.
“Really.” Yolanda nodded.
“Really? That’s rich, so get out of here, why are you still here?” Auntie sneered, five million is a lot of money, who else can lend it to your family? Lol, right?
“Auntie, you’ve really gone too far.” Yolanda was angry.

“Excessive? That’s the way it is now, my family has money, your family doesn’t, you should know that, it’s a gap, a gap you can’t afford. Don’t come to my house, you’re cheeky yourself, don’t talk about me, this is my house, get out of my house!” Auntie snorted, her face full of disdain.
She still had to go out for dinner with her friends, she didn’t have time to waste time with these poor relatives here.
“Auntie, we are at least relatives, you really don’t have to be like this, you forget that our family used to treat you so well and now you treat me like this Mom, how could you do that?” Yolanda rarely got angry, but she couldn’t help it today.
“What so? What was so good to me before? What did you do to me, that I begged you to do to me? No, you’re the ones who put yourselves together to be nice to me, and what you give out now is mine. You still want to go back? No way! Get out of my house!” Auntie snorted.
“Ugh.” Yolanda’s mother sighed, despairing that she couldn’t find anyone to help her daughter, and had just said that because she didn’t want to be too in the Embarrassed in front of my aunt.
“Daughter, let’s go.” Yolanda’s mother knew it was useless to kneel down again, people wouldn’t even lend money.
“Mom.” Yolanda’s eyes were moist, she suddenly felt that her mother was only in her forties, and her hair was so white from all the hard work in it Her own mother’s heart ached.
“Let’s go.” Yolanda’s mother sighed, tears flowing out of her eyes without a fight.

She didn’t want to stay here, humiliated, and still no results at all.
Yolanda saw her own mom so sad, she was heartbroken and wanted to comfort her mom. “En, mom we’re going back.”
“Hurry up and go, I still have to go shopping with my friend, delay me for so long, next time I’ll blast you out.” Auntie said coldly, staring at the dirty floor showing disgust, “You, never seen a high-end carpet, right? Don’t you know the rules? Who asked you to come here? Look at the mess you made on my carpet! It’s dirty!”

Auntie snapped in annoyance, but this wool carpet had cost her more than ten thousand, and now she was heartbroken to be stepped on like this.
Chuck looked down at his own feet, it wasn’t very dirty, it was normal for wool carpets to have footprints.
Yolanda helped her own mother out and looked back at her aunt.
“What else are you looking at? Look what you’ve done to my carpet, especially your boyfriend, who looks so poor. Don’t come here if you haven’t seen a fancy carpet. ! Crouch out there. Is this where you can come in? Poor bastards! Don’t go yet, or I’ll make you pay for it, hmm, you don’t look like you can pay for it either, get out!” Auntie stared at Chuck, her face all disgusted.
What kind of person is that? Even if you didn’t invite yourself, you still soiled such an expensive wool rug.
Yolanda was angry, but his own mother was also angry, probably hadn’t slept well for a few days and was so angry that she passed out,

“Mom, Mom…”
“Yolanda, let’s take Auntie to the hospital.” Chuck saw that it was serious, her mother was too worked up and was so disliked by her own sister, so she fainted.
“Good.” Yolanda was also anxious, and felt even more sorry for her mom since the family had no money, her mom really worked hard to the extreme, you know she Mom was a rich wife back then, she hadn’t done anything.
Chuck carried his aunt down, and Yolanda hurriedly followed.
Auntie closed the door in disgust, her phone rang, she answered, “Hey, I’ll be right there, oops, never mind, just now came a few poor relatives to borrow money, annoying, of course, I don’t borrow ah, on their family like that, can’t turn over a new leaf for the rest of my life,……don’t talk about them ha, I’ll be right there…….”
Chuck carried his aunt downstairs, but after shaking, she woke up, Yolanda was worried, “Mom, I’ll take you to the hospital.”
“Don’t, I’m fine, it costs money to go to the hospital.” She shook her head, her heart sore and bitter.
Yolanda cried, “Mom,…”
“Auntie, go to the hospital’s and get a good checkup.” Concerned, seeing her like this, Chuck remembered the time when he couldn’t afford to buy medicine when he had a cold. Neither did Yvette, who had just started a business and owed money to others.
“No, don’t waste your money, daughter, just go buy me a bottle of water,” said the aunt.

Yolanda knew her mother’s personality, she said she wouldn’t go, then she was really not going, Yolanda was anxious to go to the roadside to buy water.
Chuck helped the aunt sit on the chair at the bus stop, the aunt looked at Chuck, “Are you my daughter’s boyfriend?”
Chuck was embarrassed, of course, he wasn’t, Yolanda was the strong female type, she probably wasn’t even planning on finding a boyfriend.
“Thank you for being willing to accompany her back even in this situation.” Auntie lamented this was considered to be true love in distress, and she felt glad that her daughter was able to find such a boyfriend.
In her opinion, Chuck looked down-to-earth and was a good match for her daughter, but she felt guilty because in the current situation of her family if any other boy would have run away long ago, the Chuck in front of her was good.
Chuck was so embarrassed by what he said, he just simply came over to accompany Yolanda to solve things, how to say that it’s busy over there, the square over there, and the newly bought land, all need to be handled.

“Auntie, you should,” Chuck said.
“No, young man, you’re nice, by the way, how long have you been with my daughter?” She was kind of looking forward to it.
Chuck was too embarrassed to say it wasn’t a couple, so he could only say ah, “A few months.”
“A few months?” Auntie was confused.
“En. Don’t worry about it for a few months, Auntie, Yolanda is already rich.”
“Rich?” Auntie sighs, “My daughter has been very sensible since she was a child, she earns her college money part-time and pays me back every year, she’s very capable, But $5 million is a lot of money. I remember last month she said she got a new job with a salary of over $10,000. Where is she going to find it? Over five million?”
She thinks that it was Yolanda who just gave himself a leg up, that’s why he said he found the money, but how could he have found it?
She sighed, and sure enough, the tree was falling apart.
“Someone gave it to her.” Chuck didn’t say that he gave it to her, there was no need, it would solve the problem anyway.
“Give?” Auntie is worried that her daughter is going down the wrong path, although she believes in her daughter, but the situation has forced her to do what The solution?
“Young man, you and I are going to have a good talk about who paid for my daughter.” Auntie was worried about asking, this is not the right thing to ask Chuck, she knew that it would cause problems in their relationship, but she could ask Chuck besides Who is it?

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