Chapter 254: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 254 Marquis Is Over!

In the afternoon, Mr. Reed from Juding took initiative to find Colin at Marquis.

When Hui saw that no one was in the office, he glared at Colin fiercely, “Colin Ward! You’re the one that killed Wei!”

Colin looked at him faintly, “It’s not me.”

“Hmph!” Hui snorted, “It must be you! You don’t need to argue! I’m telling you, I’ve asked the people in the sauna house. After Wei entered, you’re the one who broke in with someone and I also saw that bunch of people that were beaten by you. You’re also the last one to come out. Who else would it be aside from you?”

“Who knows if he usually goes offending anyone else?”

“You! It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. I will sue you now! Also, your Marquis is over!”

After speaking, Hui turned around, slammed the door, and left.

Colin sat there and didn’t respond much.

Nina had been standing outside the door. Although she didn’t hear the conversation, after seeing Hui slammed the door and left, she knew that they definitely didn’t have a pleasant conversation.


Colin shook his head, “It’s fine. I’m just preparing for a tough battle lately.”


After Hui returned, he asked for his secretary.

“Go and inform the custom inspection to hold all the cargo ships of Marquis. No matter what the reason is. If they couldn’t find any reason, detain them.”

Juding is also one of the top 100 companies in the country. In the beginning, they didn’t go against Marquis because they didn’t want to be troublesome. It’s better to avoid trouble, but Colin was so cruel and killed Wei.

Then, he also wouldn’t let Colin live easily!


After Hui left, Ellie came.

“Does Wei’s death have anything to do with you?”

Colin shook his head as usual.

Ellie’s gaze was full of doubts. She also got the information that when Wei was in the sauna room, Colin was the last person that met him. Besides, Wei also happened to kidnap Colin’s wife. Colin is the only person that had the motive to kill him.

Ellie pressed her lips, “Colin, killing someone is illegal. Although I can’t deal with you, personally, I like you, so I hope that you won’t get into trouble.”

“Sorry, there’s nothing much to talk with you. I know my problems.” Colin replied lightly.

At this time, Jason came in with two policemen.

He looked at Colin meaningfully, “Colin Ward, someone reported you for deliberate murder. According to the surveillance record, you are the most suspicious one. So, please cooperate with us and come with us to help the investigation.”

Ellie immediately turned to look at Colin as she tried to find the slightest change.

However, Colin stood up calmly, “I have to assist the investigation.”

Jason still felt slightly complicated but he still let the policemen take Colin away.

Ellie and Nina both stood inside the office with different thoughts.

Nina was thinking that since Colin was taken by the police, if it was known to the other executives in Marquis, there would be a panic. Marquis wasn’t so stable in the first place and now they even met this situation. What should they do?

While Ellie thought that, although Colin looked calm, it was clear that this incident had something to do with him. Therefore, it gave her an opportunity to mess with Marquis.

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