Chapter 255 – 256: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 255: Helping Yuan Liu to Complete the Task

A woman in red high-heel shoes and office lady’s clothes came in at the moment.

“Yuan Liu, come here.”

“Hong Xu, is there anything urgent?” said Yuan Liu, “I’m introducing our residence to my friends.”

Hong Xu interrupted her when Yuan Liu hadn’t finished her words. “Cut the crap, do what I ask you to do.”

“E.. Okay.” Yuan Liu looked at Mary and said, “Mary, wait for me. My colleague is calling me.”

“It’s okay. Go ahead, we will walk around first,” Mary smiled and took the residence booklet to read.

Yuan Liu went to Hong Xu and asked: “What’s up, Hong Xu?”

“Yuan Liu, what did I tell you?” Hong Xu pointed at Kris Chen and said. “How could a man in such cheap clothes afford our residence? You could tell that he is a loser from his clothes. I told you before that you need to observe your clients first. Don’t receive each client coming to you. You already came here for several days but not yet sell any house. How could I explain to the director?”

“But Hong Xu, they are my friends.”

“Friends? Don’t make friends with these poor wretches,” said Hong Xu. “Introduce briefly to them when you go back. We need to focus on accurate customers.”


“Never mind. I know you are embarrassed to tell them. Let me help you.” Hong Xu went towards Kris and Mary while she was talking to Yuan Liu.

Yuan Liu followed her in a hurry seeing Hong Xu went to her friends.

“Hong Xu, let me introduce. This is Mary, my classmate. And this is her husband, Kris.”

“Mary, this is Hong Xu, she took me into the business to sell houses. You can call her Hong Xu.” Yuan Liu introduced them to each other.

“Hong Xu, we want to buy a house with good lighting. It will be better if it could be a house with three rooms and two halls. Can you recommend a suitable house for us?” Kris asked after greeting.

Hong Xu looked at Kris carefully and frowned slightly.

His dressing up didn’t seem like the one who could afford Hejing Garden.

Hong Xu wondered how the guy could find such a pretty girl as his wife.

“Kris, all houses in Hejing Garden are refined decoration. The price of per square meter starts from 10000 dollars. Four rooms and two halls’ house is at least one hundred and forty square meters. Are you sure you want to buy a house like that?”

“Can we see the house?”

“How about this? Apartments are just launched out recently, and its down payment is just tens of thousands of dollars.” Hong Xu said after short-time hesitation.

“No, thank you. Hong Xu,” Mary smiled and said. “Just take us there to see the four rooms and two halls’ house.”

Hong Xu was a little bit unhappy. Why didn’t they listen to her? Did they know how much was it to buy a house with four rooms and two halls? The down payment would be at least four or five hundred thousand dollars. Did they have so much money?

A man in a suit and golden watch came at this time. And a heavily powdered woman went inside together with the man.

Hong Xu rushed up to welcome them as long as she saw them. She didn’t forget to pull Yuan Liu. Then she said, “Come in please, Sir and Madam.”

Hong Xu took them to the exhibition hall, then she introduced, “I don’t know what kind of house you want. But our houses here ranged from one hundred to four hundred square meters. It’s easy to recognize that you are a very successful man. So I will recommend to you our hit house, a house with five rooms and three halls, it is two hundred and ten square meters in total.”

The man was in his forties, and the woman beside him was obviously his lover.

As expected, the woman said to the man in a coaxing voice as Hong Xu’s words fell, “Honey, let’s have a look.”

“Okay, okay.” the man patted her hand and said. Then he said to Hong Xu, “Take us to have a look at that house. We will buy if we are satisfied.”

Hong Xu was happy hearing that. Then she said to Yuan Liu in a hurry, “Ask for the key from the director. Take the gentleman to the house.”

Yuan Liu bit her lip and looked to Mary and Kris. Then she said, “Hong Xu or you take them there? I have to introduce you to Mary…”

“Are you silly? ” Hong Xu asked. As the saying went, spare the rod and spoil the child. “You already talked with them for so long. They already bought it if they could afford it. Why you still want to waste your time on them?”

The middle-aged man got impatient and said to Hong Xu, “Will you take us to see the house? When do you want to get the key?”

“I will get the key right away.” Hong Xu smiled apologetically hastily hearing that. Then she said to Yuan Liu, “Did you hear that? Get the key now.”

“Why you still stand there? Hurry up. ” Hong Xu was worried so that she pushed Yuan Liu and said, “Don’t you want to sell a house? Don’t forget how poor your family is now. You still believe you are the young mistress?”

Yuan Liu gritted her teeth and bowed to Mary and ran out in high heels.

Ten minutes later, the middle-aged man and his lover came to the Garden following Hong Xu, and Yuan Liu, Kris, and Mary were walking behind them.

Though Yuan Liu was not hoping Mary could buy a house from her. But she couldn’t neglect her. After all, they were classmates.

That’s why Yuan Liu asked Mary and Kris to come together with them.

Hong Xu was unwilling at first, but she said yes finally.

“Ask that pretty girl to introduce for me.” the middle-aged man said and pointed to Yuan Liu.

“Yuan Liu, come here. What are you chatting there?” Hong Xu frowned and shouted at her.

Hong Xu thought in mind that Yuan Liu had a bad eye for clients. If she was as pretty as her, her performance would be excellent. Yuan Liu didn’t know how to take her advantages at all.

“Mary, walk around with Kris, I have to go there first.” Yuan Liu said with a sorry smile, then she went to Hong Xu.

The houses in Hejing Garden were nice, no matter its location or landscape engineering. Though it couldn’t compare with the Tianmeng Garden, but it was nice enough.

Yuan Liu took them to have a look at the house of three rooms and two halls, then to the house with four rooms and two halls, then the house with five rooms and three halls, the house with six rooms and three halls. At last, they came to a house with eight rooms and three halls.

“Sir, this is our largest house with eight rooms and three halls, covering four hundred and thirty square meters. Both of the main bedrooms are equipped with bathrooms. There are three secondary bedrooms, a study room, a gym, and a family theater in the house. Besides, each room is equipped with a bay window. The actual area can reach four hundred and fifty square meters. ” introduced Yuan Liu.

“Yes, Sir. What’s more, Westriver is in its north, and Pearl Tower is in its east. You can never find a second house like this in Westriver City. ” Hong Xu said immediately.

Besides the location, the equipment here was full-equipped. It could check in just with a bad.

“Honey, let’s buy this house. ” the woman said while holding the hand of the man. The man smiled and asked, “How much for one square meter?”

“It’s our hit house, forty thousand dollars per square meter. It’s seventeen million and two hundred thousand dollars altogether.”


Seventeen million and two hundred thousand dollars?

It was so expensive.

“It said on your booklet that the most expensive one was twenty thousand per square meter.”

“Sir, what you said was our small-sized house. ” Hong Xu explained to him. “What we are showing you now is the King Building of Hejing Garden. Of course, they couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.”

“Honey, let’s buy this one. I like it so much. And our baby in my tummy told me she loves it too.”


The man hesitated. The woman was his lover. He wanted to buy her a house because she had his baby now.

It’s okay to buy her one or two million’s houses. But it went too far if the house was almost twenty million dollars. How could he have so much money?

“Or let’s have a look at other houses. I don’t like its decoration very much…” the man began to be picky. He said it was too high, it was dangerous if the power was cut.

Then he said it was too big, so it was troublesome to clean it.

Was it not nice to live in a house with three rooms and one hall? It was easy-cleaning and cheap. But the woman never made sense.

“No, I want this one.”

The man began to sweat because he was anxious. He said in a hurry, “Dear, we change a big house when our baby comes out, ok? We buy a house with three rooms now, ok?”

“No.” His lover shouted and turned her head in another direction.

The man suddenly became severe and said: “I will buy you a house with three rooms with your name, or we go back now.”

The woman held the man’s arm seeing the man got angry and said “Don’t get mad. We will buy a house with three rooms if you want. But promise me you will buy me a big house after the delivery of our baby.”

“Okay, okay.” the man put his arm around her waist and said to Hong Xu, “Prepare the contract, and we will buy the first house we saw with three rooms.”

Though Hong Xu didn’t sell the largest house with eight rooms and three halls, but she thought it was also good to sell a house with three rooms and two halls.

“Sir, I have been in this industry for a long time, and you are the most forthright person I met.” Hong Xu was acclaimed. “Unlike some poor people, they only come to see our house but could never afford it.”

She pretended carelessly to look at Kris and said: “Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you.”

Kris just smiled and didn’t reply.

Then he said to Mary, “Baby, I think it’s good. Let’s buy this one.”


Did Kris want to buy this house?

Mary was worried because she only had four to five hundred thousand dollars. How could they afford a house worth over ten million dollars?

“Kris or we could buy an apartment. Then we will have no pressure to pay the loan. It’s nice.”

“It’s okay. We will buy a big one as long as we want to buy a house. It will be comfortable to live in.” Kris said with a smile.

As his words fell, the middle-aged man and his lover laughed.

What? The young man was showing off.

Hong Xu couldn’t help saying ironically, “You are good at bragging. If it violates the law, you would be in prison forever.”

“Who told you I can’t afford it?” Kris went forward without looking at her. Then he said to Yuan Liu “Yuan Liu, we will buy this one. Take us to sign the contract.”

“Hehe.. still showing off?” Hong Xu said to Yuan Liu “You asked them to help you to fulfill your tasks, right?”

Sales staff like them have tasks every day. They must have clients to see houses every day even though no deal was made.

Some slippery sales directors would ask their friends or classmates to pretend to be their clients in order to complete their daily tasks.

“Ok, Yuan Liu. I asked you to work here, kindly. I never expected you are so crafty. You asked your friend to pretend to be your client.” Hong Xu firmly believed that Mary and Kris were invited by Yuan Liu to pretend to be her clients.

“No, I didn’t, Hong Xu. I really did not.” Yuan Liu bit her lip and shook her head without stopping.

“You dare to argue with me.” Hong Xu shouts angrily, “I will tell the director later. Prepare yourself to leave.”

“No, Hong Xu. I beg you don’t do that.”

Chapter 256: A Godlike Man

Yuan Liu implored.

Now she really can’t live without this job.

“Ms. Hong, we got here seriously to see some houses. ” Mary Su walked over and said near Yuan Liu, “Though we can’t afford this mansion, we can buy an apartment as a substitute. “

“You mean it?” Hong Xu looked at Mary with suspicion, “You two really ain’t the fillers to make up the numbers?”

“Oh, no, indeed,” Mary shook her head.

“Alright, I just believe you for one time.” Then, Hong Xu took them downstairs.

On the way to the sales department, Mary asked Yuan Liu, “Yuan, what’s the matter with your family?”

Yuan Liu sighed and explained the crisis at home.

Seeing this, Mary understood.

Yuan Liu gave birth to a baby after her dropout and lived a life of affluence as a housewife.

At the end of last year, her husband, however, declared bankruptcy and owed millions of dollars because of the plummeting business.

In order to keep Yuan Liu free from the dilemma, her husband divorced her decisively.

Yuan Liu lived in a rented house with her daughter.

But most companies usually wouldn’t take her into consideration due to her lack of education and experience.

Neighbor Hong Xu took pity on the poor woman with a kid and gave her a recommendation as a real estate agent here.

In the hall, Hong Xu brought a residential purchase agreement. The middle-aged man looked at the contract and frowned, “Why the agreement said we should have a full payment? Have I said that I’ll pay in full?”

“Sir, do you mean…… a mortgage?” Hong Xu said in surprise.

“Of course!” The middle-aged man banged the table, “Have you noticed the galloping inflation rate? Since Chinese currency is facing such a sharp depreciation, getting a mortgage is the most cost-effective way.”

“What? Don’t pay in full?”

The woman near the man suddenly burst with rage and stood to say, “My name is on the agreement. Does that mean I should pay for the loan alone?”

“What are you yelling about? You think you a woman could figure out these things?” The middle-aged man said, “The value of RMB after decades would depreciate more than a dozen times. At that time, the same amount of currency would lose most of its value. That is to say, if we purchase the house in a full payment, the real estate developer would enjoy the fruit of money depreciation. Instead, if we get the house with a small down payment, we could use the rest money to make other more promising investments. This is the secret of money breeding more money. You understand?”

“Seriously?” The woman looked at the man with a grain of salt.

“Of course. Have I ever lied to you? ” the man looked at her with a seemingly sincere expression.

Their conversation drew sniggers from Kris Chen.

What the hell? Could he tell any truth that he was simply lacking in money? How ridiculous to take inflation as the pretext!

Hong Xu also turned annoyed.

Bullshit. She didn’t expect that this man was also a poor guy.

Despite the annoyance, they sold a house at least.

Then Hong Xu said, “Wait for a second, I’ll fetch the contract for you. “

The enthusiasm disappeared, and her voice turned emotionless.

“Yuan Liu, please give me the contract. ” Yang said, “We’ll purchase the house that you just showed us. “


Which house?

Yuan thought she got it wrong, “Kris, you mean…… Which house?”

“The one you just showed us, with eight bedrooms and three rooms for other uses. ” Kris smiled, “I’ve decided. Now please give me the contract. “

“Honey, you know…… we don’t have enough money.” Mary was vexed since they just had hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it was even far less than the number of down payment.


“It’s nothing wrong. Believe me. Now fetch the contract please. “

“OK. Fine. ” Yuan Liu reluctantly went over and got the contract.

At this time, Hong Xu saw the scene and frowned, “Yuan, what contract do you take?”

“It’s the contract of that luxury mansion. “

“What?” Hong Xu’s expression changed instantly, “What are you doing with this contract? Can they afford it?”

“I……I don’t know. ” Yuan bit her lips and shook her head.

“Well, I’ve told you earlier. Don’t make friends with the poor guys!” Hong was exasperated, “It’s quite clear that they are just yanking your chain!”

“Sister Hong, they won’t do this. Mary was my best friend during my college time. She won’t fool me……”

Yuan Liu dropped out after one-year college life since she got pregnant. She knew a little about Mary’s family thought they were good friends. But she believed that Mary was not that sort of person.

“You are too kind. Don’t you know that people will change?” Hong Xu said seriously, “It’s nothing to do with you now. “

Then she stood to walk over and smiled coldly to Kris, “Leave here please. You’re not welcomed. “

Just at that moment, the surrounding people looked over here.

“Look! Sister Hong gets really mad. I guess losers are coming here again to trick her. “

“See? The man wears a suit of bargain clothes. Does he look like the person who could afford the luxury mansion? How ridiculous!”

“Huh, it’s just another pretentious loser. “

In this job, they often come across some bastards with foul purposes.

For example, some fucking assholes would promise that they would purchase the house if the agent is willing to have sex with them.

Some naïve agents were really cheated by those tricks, and the result often is that the assholes get a free ride and take to their heels quickly.

Yuan Liu went over and whispered to Hong, “Sister Hong, trust me please, they won’t do this……”

“If you don’t leave, I’ll call the guard!” Hong didn’t listen to Yuan at all.

Hearing the noise here, the security manager brought over several sturdy guards.

“What happened?” The manager asked Hong Xu.

“Brother Wolf, this poor guy wanna make trouble here! ” Hong pointed to Kris and said to the manager.

“Really?” Brother Wolf turned ferocious. Damn it. Who dares to cause troubles in my place? Does he wanna die?

As Brother Wolf followed up Hong’s finger, he felt stunned.

He rubbed his eyes. Fuck, why does this guy look so familiar?

Have I ever seen him before?

Yuan was worried, “Brother Wolf, things are not as you imagined. Kris Chen is my friend, not the bad guy. “


Was his name Kris Chen?

The manager’s mind has gone blank at the moment.

He recalled the powerful influence of the name. The named owner and the person in front of him became one.

In an instant, a cold sweat crept across his back.

“Sorry. No offense, but May I make bold to ask that are you Sir Kris Chen?” Steppenwolf walked over and asked Kris politely.

“Who are you?” Kris frowned, “Who told you this?”

Hearing this, Brother Wolf’s heart was right in his mouth.

“Sir, I’m Brother Qiang’s follower. Sir could call me Steppenwolf. “

“Brother Qiang? Who is it?”

“His full name is Qiang Sun.” Steppenwolf gulped nervously.

“Oh, I remember,” Kris smiled, “What’s up? Why did he give up his bar business to the security service?”

“Brother Qiang appointed me here to be the security manager. Your Grace. “Steppenwolf wore a flattering smile. The last time Hai Su asked Qiang Sun for help, Steppenwolf also followed over.

As a result, Hai Su was severely beaten by Qiang Sun.

Walking outside Su’s house, Qiang still felt frightened. His followers asked him about Kris Chen.

Qiang Sun wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “I should call him grandfather. You know? He is a godlike man.”

At this, his gang was all astonished. All of them knew that Qiang Sun’s godfather was Heqiu Zhao.

If Kris was Qiang’s grandfather, then it meant Kris was Heqiu’s……

Alright. Kris nodded and thought, “Heqiu gets well alone with Guobang Liu, so it was usual to ask Guobang’s gang to help the security service. “

At this time, Hong Xu frowned and said to Steppenwolf, “Brother Wolf, why did you call him Sir Kris Chen? He is just a loser who can’t afford the house!”


Steppenwolf gave Hong a stinging slap, “Are you crazy, you bitch? How dare you?”

Then he gave her another slap to vent his anger.

“You son of a bitch! Can’t Sir chen afford your house? Are you kidding me?”

Onlookers were all transfixed by this scene.

Especially the several sniggering agents.

What the hell is going on?

Why was Brother Wolf so frightened by the guy?

Yuan Liu was stunned as well, looked at Kris, and can’t say a word.

“Come and apologize to Sir Chen!” Steppenwolf looked at Hong Xu ferociously, “If he doesn’t forgive you, then I will kill you.”

Brother Wolf almost scared Hong’s pants off her. Everyone knew that Steppenwolf was a gangster, and offending him means death.

“Sorry, Sir……forgive me please……”

“Alright, alright,” Kris waved his hand and said impatiently, “Now fetch the contract for me. Why is it so troublesome for me to buy a house?”

“Be quick, are you deaf?” Steppenwolf gave Hong a vicious glance, and Hong rushed to get the contract.

The middle-aged man and woman near them were looking at each other in dismay and at a loss for words. How unbelievable!

Mary also found it bizarre that it seemed she never knew about her husband.

He showed her a new surprise in each time.

Kris Chen, who are you?


“Collect 17.2 million dollars. “


Money had been transferred to the account!

At this moment, the surrounding agents were wrapped by envy and jealousy.

If they knew it earlier, they would serve him at first. Even though Yuan Liu was their friend, Kris could become their client according to the company’s regulation.

Hong Xu was bug-eyed in wonderment.

She never imagined that Kris Chen was so rich that he even didn’t blink an eye when paying.

She shivered with fear at the thought that she had offended a rich man.

“Yuan, why didn’t you tell me earlier that your friend is so rich?” Hong Xu showed a forced smile.

Yuan Liu didn’t speak a word and showed her a complicated expression. In fact, she didn’t expect Kris to be so affluent that he could afford over 17 million dollars in full payment.

At the height of his business, her ex-husband possessed but ten or more million dollars in total assets.

Mary really married well.

After the payment, Mary hugged Kris happily, “Honey, this is our common home in the future.”

“Well, our common home, that’s right.” Kris smiled though and considered secretly whether he should tell Mary the truth about his real identity.

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