After all, it’s not that scandalous. What’s wrong with him giving his girlfriend five million dollars to spend as Yolanda’s “boyfriend”?
“Auntie,” as soon as Chuck opened his mouth, a BMW drove out from inside the neighborhood just now, the window open, it was the heavily made-up Aunt Yolanda.
She looked at Chuck with disdain, no car at all, poor guy.
“Don’t rush me, I’ll be there soon, a few poor relatives are still squatting at the door, what are you doing? Waiting for the bus. Can they afford a car? Okay, here it is.” Auntie said, the gas pedal pounding away.
Yolanda’s mother saw it. Sigh even, “really relatives, when it comes to money, your own sister also dislikes yourself, you know her family used to but I helped them, alas .”
“Auntie, don’t be sad.” Chuck knew the feeling of being looked down on every day when he was at school.

However, speaking of which, Chuck was wondering if his old mother had any real sisters or something like that.
Chuck knew too little about this, I guess there were, Chuck also wanted to have cousins and cousins.
Of course, Logan didn’t count, Logan recognized her own mother as her sister, but Logan and her mother had no blood relationship at all.
Logan is not related to her mother at all. Yolanda’s mother sighs and feels very sad, but she also sees past it, as she has enjoyed a lot of glory in her first half of her life, and the rest of her life is no big deal.
At this time, Yolanda came back from buying water, “Mom, drink some water,”
Auntie was next, taking a sip, “Let’s just go home, daughter.”
“En.” Yolanda also wanted to see his dad, he must feel guilty, and his own mom needed to rest.
After a while, the bus came over, the three of them went up, well at this time of the day, there were few people on the bus and all three of them had a place to sit.

“Daughter, your boyfriend has a good personality.” Yolanda’s mother said.
Yolanda blushed, shook her head and said, “Mom, you misunderstood, he’s not my boyfriend.”
“What isn’t? Are you still trying to hide this from me? He just said himself that he’s been with you for months, so how come he still won’t admit it on your side?”
“Mom, it’s really not.” Yolanda was helpless, her beautiful eyes looking towards Chuck who was sitting behind her, grateful.
“People don’t dislike us, and you still don’t acknowledge him?” Yolanda’s mom was a little angry.
“Mom, well, it’s good, right?” Yolanda said, thinking that she had acted as Chuck’s girlfriend before, which was fine.
“Ugh, your father was cheated out of so much money this time, what should you do? What should we do if your aunt won’t lend us the money and we can’t find anyone else to help?” She was all sad thinking about it, her eyes were moist again, what should she do with this?
She was all worried about her heart.
“Mom, I really borrowed the money, Chuck, he lent it to me,” Yolanda pointed her finger at Chuck.
“What? Your boyfriend lent it to you?” The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your family. How can an ordinary family lend you five million?”

In her opinion, Chuck was too ordinary in terms of dress, so how could he be able to take out five million at once?
“Daughter, Mom isn’t a poor person who loves the rich, just that he likes you, there’s no need to lie to Mom.” Yolanda’s mother was serious.
“Mom, listen to me, he’s rich, and he’s also my old…” smiled Yolanda.
How could his own mother say that? Is Chuck too ordinary? She turned back to look at Chuck, refreshing hair, handsome features, very handsome ah, looking at the gaze is very bottomless, how can people without money Such a look?
But before she could finish her sentence, her mom’s phone rang and she took it out, “It’s your dad,…”
She answered, quickly panicked, hung up and cried urgently, “Daughter, your father is stuck, and now someone else has to make him pay back or Just cut off his hand!”
Yolanda was also shocked, “What?”
How did that happen?
Is this a loan shark? Yolanda was anxious, “Mom, where’s Dad?”
“Over in the suburbs, what to do, what to do? Now where to borrow the money?” Yolanda’s mother felt desperate, five million, how can we borrow this?
“Mom, it’s okay, I’ll take care of it, let’s go to Dad’s side first, if we go late, something will happen to Dad,” Yolanda forced herself to calm down.
“Good,” Yolanda’s mother decided in her mind to go to the rescue first, in case it doesn’t work, then she’ll die trying.
Yolanda stood up and ran to Chuck, “Chuck, my dad, my dad…”
“What’s wrong with Uncle?” Chuck was surprised, and Yolanda was on the verge of tears.
“My father is stuck and they want money.”
“Then hurry up and pay the money.” Chuck stood up, this was no joke, owing millions to someone else who was annoyed, who knew what they could do?
“It’s fine, I’ll go with you,” Chuck is serious, just pay the money, won’t you?

Yolanda was moved to wipe tears, the three of them to the next stop to get off, took a taxi to the place, is a piece of ruins like Chuck pulled the two of them, choose such a remote place, may not be so simple.
Chuck looked around and saw a piece of scrap iron, and he helped the uncouth piece of iron rod in the back, just in case.
It was only after doing all this that Chuck was a bit relieved, but he couldn’t go overboard in the gutter, at the very least, he wanted to ensure the safety of Yolanda and her mother ah!

“Come on, let’s go in,” Chuck nodded, and the three of them went inside.
Just saw about ten people who seemed like hooligans, guarding a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, he had been beaten and bruised, he seemed to have been tortured, he saw Yolanda coming over, he lowered his head in guilt.
Chuck’s eyes looked around, just these ten people, in case the others thought of something else, then Chuck wasn’t very confident that he could win, he desperately needed to learn to fight with his old mother now.
With his mother’s strength, then these minions, aren’t they just going to fight?
Chuck decided to go back and learn from his own mother, or Logan for that matter.

“Slow down, have you brought the money yet?” Headed by a stout man with a gold necklace, he looked like a riot.
“Dad.” Yolanda was annoyed that he actually beat his dad up like this? “By what right do you beat people? On what basis?”
She was tempted to go over there and shake the cranky man’s face.
“By what? By virtue of the fact that this old thing has lent me money and won’t pay it back, I won’t beat him?” The strong man snorted, “Did you bring the money? No, I’ll cut off one of his fingers right away!”
“No!” Yolanda’s mother came running over in tears, she was so worn out that she couldn’t take the shock anymore.
“Here’s the money, swipe the card!” Yolanda took out a card and stared at him!

Yolanda’s mother is nervous, is her daughter really rich? She looked at Chuck again and she sighed, Chuck didn’t look like a rich man!
“Ouch, where did you get the money? It’s not going to sell itself, is it?” The strong man sized up Yolanda with interest, of course, he knew Yolanda, why else would he lend money to this old man?
“Shameless! Yolanda stared at him, “I will pay back the money just now and you release my dad right away!”
The strong man left his head, and a little brother came over to take the card next, but didn’t forget to touch Yolanda’s hand.
This little brother’s heartbeat, this kind of beauty he has never seen before, that kind of club women can’t compare with the one in front of him, Yolanda ah! Of course, he didn’t want to let this opportunity go.
When Yolanda’s eyebrows furrowed, Chuck saw it, of course, he didn’t like it, walked over and slapped this little brother!

This little brother is just a skinny guy, how could he stand to be beaten like that by Chuck? The slap came down and the man was on his ass.
“Fucking’ hell!” This little brother was certainly annoyed.
He climbed up and stared at Chuck.
“Keep your hands clean!” Chuck’s face was expressionless, such a person was truly the life of a little brother.
“You kid who? The man who dared to hit me?” The strong man’s eyes shot out coldness, his little brother was beaten, how could he be the boss if he didn’t step up?
“I’m no one, your little brother doesn’t know the rules, I’ll teach it for you, collect the money and let him go.” Inside Chuck’s eyes were cold, making this strong man’s eyebrows furrow, “Collect the money first.”
This little brother was reluctant, but could only swipe his card first, making sure there was five million inside, he nodded.

The strong man unexpectedly looked at Yolanda a few more times and laughed, “Five million? Looks like you’ve really gone for it. What, you’re not interested in sleeping with me again? Ten thousand a night I can still afford to pay.”

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