Chapter 255: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 255 Accident, Who Planned The Explosion (1)
The annual meeting of the Yehuang Group was scheduled on the 20th, January.

The annual meeting was attended by all the staff of the head office, department managers of the branches, and many celebrities from the Sky City. At this time of the year, the company’s beautiful women are all trying their best to show off, and many of them are coming for Kerry. After all, there are a lot of women who love such a great guy, even if he’s married. Once they are attracted to him, they won’t have to live the life of buying luxury goods in the discount season.

The company’s annual meeting started at 8:00 p.m., and at 7:30 p.m., the entrance to the most luxurious hotel in Sky City was already full of luxury cars that came to the annual meeting.

“Am I okay?” Venus asked Kerry one more time, to be honest she was a little nervous, it had been a long time since she had seen so many people.

Kerry answered her solemnly again, “Very beautiful, don’t be so nervous, I’ll always be with you.”

Venus exhaled a sigh of relief, “I don’t know if Pingan will make a scene at home.”

“It’s fine, I bought him two toy cars in advance, I guess the annual meeting will be over when he finishes tearing them down.” Kerry said proudly.

“You’re quite prescient.”

“That’s right, no one knows a son better than his father.”

Originally, Kerry wanted to bring Pingan to the annual meeting and took this opportunity to introduce Pingan, but Venus vetoed the proposal, as she did not want Pingan to be exposed to everyone so early, especially when there was no news from Gavin. Of course, when they left, Kerry reinforced the security of the villa and strictly ordered Henry to kill anyone who trespasses.

At the hotel, Kerry took Venus with him, and as soon as they walked into the annual meeting, the hall immediately went quiet and all eyes focused over.

This was the first time Venus appeared in front of everyone after more than a year of separation, and she was inevitably a little nervous, but with Kerry holding her waist behind her, she didn’t go weak.

“Smile, and remember, you are the queen here.” Kerry whispered in her ear.

Venus smiled. She was confident now, and lifted her chin lightly.

They walked forward hand in hand, and the crowd automatically made way for them. Tonight, Venus was wearing a high-end custom-made Italian dress with short hair and a flirtatious charm, while Kerry was wearing a high-class black suit. They walked in a gentlemanly manner, immediately overwhelming everyone present.

A few people from the design department almost shouted in surprise when they saw Venus.

“Is that Venus? Is it Venus?” Miss. Li pulled the person next to her and asked excitedly.

“It looks like her, it’s too far away to see.”

Lina said with certainty, “It must be Venus. On an occasion like tonight, Mr. Ye won’t bring any other woman but Venus.”

The other one stood on her tiptoes and stretched her neck for several times and said, “It’s her, it’s her. She cut her hair, but she’s more beautiful.”

Miss. Li, pleased and disdainful, had a look at some women not far away and said sarcastically, “Well, some of them still want to hit on Mr. Ye on this occasion, and they don’t know if they are good enough.”

Lina covered her mouth and laughed, “Keep your voice down, it’s not good to be overheard.”

“That’s what I’m saying to them, I’m not afraid of them hearing it. Miss. Li looked to the center of the hall, “Venus is so lucky! I wish I could find a man who is half as good as Mr. Ye.”

“Don’t even think about it. Even if he’s only half, he’s still a super-rich one. It’s more practical for you to find a practical man.” Lina said to her.

“Don’t be so direct, it’s no crime to fantasize, understand?”

As they were talking, there was another commotion at the entrance. They turned their heads to look, and their mouths grew wide in surprise.

Wasn’t this the Yehuang Group’s sworn enemy, Tianye Mu, the president of the Mu’s Group?

Why was he here?

“Why is Tianye here? He’s not here to make trouble, is he?” Someone whispered.

“I don’t think so, no matter what, he’s the president of the Mu’s Group, a respectable person, he wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Have you forgotten how the Mu’s Group stole the project from our Yehuang Group? If it weren’t for the Mu’s Group, our year-end bonus this year would have been a lot more than it is now.”

Of course, there were also people who were fancying Tianye’s face.

“Gosh, how come I didn’t realize that Mr. Mu was so handsome before? So manly?”

“Who is that beautiful woman next to him? It seems like we haven’t seen her.”

Despite the whispers of the crowd, Xiran Xiao took Tianye’s arm and walked towards the front.

She was born as a queen, so she didn’t need to put on a show deliberately , and an indifferent look was all that was needed.

As soon as Venus saw them, she broke into a smile and said, “Xiran, you’re here, you’re so beautiful today.”

“I know.” Xiran said calmly, she has always been very confident about her beauty.

Venus had been used to her personality, smiled and asked, “Didn’t you say you weren’t coming? Why again?”

Xiran looked at her boyfriend next to her and said speechlessly, “If he hadn’t kept pestering me, I wouldn’t come to this occasion.”

Xiran told the truth, she had so many estates in the S city, and hadn’t been any annual meetings. Why she was here today, one reason was for the sake of Tianye and Venus, and the other was that Tianye told her that there must be many beauties give him cards. So she came here to solve problem for him.

Tianye received his sister’s derisive look and laughed, “What are you looking at? Do you think I want to attend the Yehuang Group’s annual meeting? It’s just for your sake.”

“Yes, yes, yes, it’s all my fault for interrupting you.” Venus put her hands together to apologize.

There were a lot of business luminaries of the Sky city attending this annual meeting, and they were clear about the feud between the Yehuang Group and the Mu’s Group, but the sudden appearance of Tianye made many people tense the strings in their hearts.

Could it be that the Yehuang Group will corporate with the Mu’s Group?

Ye Huang is already sitting on the top seat in the Sky city, if it corporate with the Mu’s Group, that’s like adding wings to the tiger, no one will dare to interfere them in the Sky city in the future.

“However, the Yehuang Group’s annual meeting is just like that, I thought it was so grand.” Tianye saw Kerry walking over, said deliberately.

Kerry did not take his words to heart, just said, “Then I’d like to see how high-end the Mu’s Group’s annual meeting can be tomorrow.”

“But I didn’t intend to invite you.” Tianye said.

Kerry said provocatively, “You don’t dare to invite me, for fear that I will be more popular than you?”

“Kerry, there is a phrase that I think suits you.”

“Just say.”

Tianye leaned in front of him and whispered, “Don’t pretend to be so arrogant, be careful of being struck by lightning.”

Kerry was angry, but in the end did not act out, just stared at him.

Xiran watched them talking, and said to Venus, “Have you ever felt that the two of them are actually quite compatible?”

“Huh?” Venus’ mouth grew wide in surprise, and then she couldn’t help but laugh, nodding her head in the scowling eyes of the two men and saying, “Yes, yes, you’re right.”

“What do you mean? Obviously, we are rivals.” Tianye said disdainfully.

Kerry concurred, “That’s right, and it’s the kind where enemies are extraordinarily jealous of each other.”

“See, now they’re united in opinion again.” Xiran said deliberately.

Kerry wanted to say something else, but the Yehuang Group’s vice president came forward and whispered, “Mr. Ye, it’s time for you to go on stage.

Kerry immediately returned to his elite appearance and said, “I know.”

A minute later, the crowd of thousands was silent, and all eyes looked at the man under the spotlight. He was so tall and handsome that a lot of women in the room fell under his blazer.

“Hello everyone, I am Kerry .”

There was thunderous applause.

“Thank you very much for coming to the Yehuang Group’s annual meeting. During this year, a lot of things have happened to the Yehuang, and we have gone through a lot of trials, but we have not been defeated. We have risen to the challenge and overcome many difficulties. Especially during the earthquake, we united together to overcome the difficulties, so that we could quickly get on the right track. Here, on behalf of all the top management of the Yehuang Group, I would like to thank everyone here for their contribution as well as every employee who was not here.”

Thunderous applause.

Venus quietly looked at the man on the stage, recalling in her mind the scene when he carried her down the stairs, perhaps it was at that moment that she was touched by his true feelings.

Xiran’s voice sounded in her ears, “Looking at Kerry this way, he is a little handsome.”

Venus smiled, and it was a miracle for Xiran to admit that Kerry was handsome. She turned her head and said, “He is still not as handsome as my brother.”

“Of course, no one can compare with Tianye.”

These words fell on Tianye’s ears, instantly shattering the exasperation just now, and the hand holding Xiran tightened a bit more.

“Today is the annual meeting of the Yehuang Group, I hope everyone can have a good night, and finally, I also hope that next year, we can work together to continue the glory of the Yehuang Group.”

Kerry stepped down from the stage to a burst of applause, and waltz ensued.

“Mrs. Ye, may I have the honor of inviting you for the first dance?” Kerry bent over, his hand reaching out to her, with a gentle smile on his face.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 255 Accident, Who Planned The Explosion (2)
“Of course.” Venus’ heart stirred, placing her small hand in his large one.

As the music bounced off the flying skirt, making a graceful arc, Kerry clasped her slender waist and embraced her in his arms.

Suddenly he remembered this time last year.

Venus had disappeared, and Kerry was too upset to dance, so after a simple speech, he found a deserted corner to drink. He had been asked to dance by many beautiful women, but they were all refused by him. He only wanted to dance with one woman.

This year, she finally came back to him.

The dance was a self-choreographed show by the staff. Venus was thinking of her acquaintances in the design department and then came to them after telling Kerry.

Miss. Li saw her at once and poked Meiling He’s arm, “Ms. He, Venus is here.” Meiling busily stopped talking to the others and waited for Venus with a smile.

“Ms. He, long time no see.” Venus greeted with a light smile.

“Mrs. Ye, hello.” Meiling said politely. In the past, when Venus was under her command, she could still call her by her name, but now, as the wife of Kerry, it was most appropriate to address her as Mrs. Ye.

But this title made Venus embarrassed, “Ms. He, you just call me Venus, it would be more friendly.”

“I’m afraid that’s not appropriate.”

“Absolutely not. Besides, I will continue to work in the design department after the year, and I will still be your man.”

Meiling was surprised, “Really? So you’re not going to study in Europe?”

“Well, it’s actually a refresher course, not a systematic university, one year is over.” Venus stammered, because the lie was not very credible.

But there was no doubt in the minds of those present.

“That’s good, and welcome back to the design department.”

“Venus, you’ve been away for a year, everyone has missed you.” Miss. Li said.

“I missed you guys too.” Venus was sincere in her words.

They were on good terms before, and now they were reunited, soon they were familiar again. Everyone ignored a woman who appeared, Yan Chu.

While Venus was catching up with her colleagues on this side, Kerry received a lot of prying words.

“Mr. Ye, I didn’t expect that your relationship with Mr. Mu is so good.” The person who spoke was a famous rich businessman in Sky city.

Kerry smiled politely, “Mr. Mu is my brother-in-law, so it’s natural that I have a good relationship with him.”

“Oh? But I heard some time ago that the Mu’s Group has also stolen a lot of business from the Yehuang Group, how can you tolerate this, Mr. Ye?”

Kerry glanced at Tianye Mu, who was still calm, and said, “It’s not a robbery, but I gave it to my wife, she has shares in Mu’s Group.”

The man obviously didn’t believe this, but there was no need to pursue it further, because he already knew that the Yehuang Group and the Mu’s Group would probably really put aside their old grudges and move forward together.

“Oh~ Mr. Ye is really doting on your wife, if you have any business in the future, just tell me.”

“Okay, we’ll definitely work together if there’s a chance.”

In addition to these business people, there were many men who came for Xiran Xiao, and they were all sent away by her with a few words.

Tianye was very jealous of this, “It seems that I really shouldn’t have brought you here tonight.”

“Now you know why I don’t like to attend this kind of annual meeting.” Xiran shook the red wine cup in her hand, looking at the program on the stage, with indifference on her fair face.

“Understood, I won’t force you to participate in the future.” Tianye’s tone was tinged with regret and guilt.

Xiran turned her head, seeing that he was quite depressed, smiled and comforted, “Alright, it’s nothing, you are here, so it’s not so boring.”

“Why don’t we go now?”

“Isn’t there a raffle later? I want to know if I am lucky, and maybe I’ll get the first prize.”

Tianye laughed, “You like that car? I’ll give it to you.”

“No, I’m just here for fun.”

After the show, it was time for the most exciting raffle, which included hundreds of shopping cards, a car, cell phones, cameras, bicycles, and other prizes.

Kerry was the main raffle winner, but after drawing a few numbers, he felt a little lonely standing up there by himself and didn’t draw any big prizes, so he took the microphone and said, “Everyone, I’d like to invite my wife to come up here and draw some prizes for you. Do you agree?”

For a split second, the shouts nearly toppled the roof, “Yes, yes.”

Venus was standing in the crowd, with red face. Why didn’t this guy let her spend the night in peace?

“What are you waiting for? Go.” Tianye was urging.

Venus was very shy, “Brother, I ……”

“What? You are the daughter of the Mu family, so what is this occasion? Besides, Kerry is there, so it’s enough if you go up there and smile sweetly.”

Venus was helpless, took a deep breath and lifted her dress onto the stage.

“You can press the button any time you want.” Kerry whispered in her ear. He was referring to the raffle button machine.

The host was warming up the scene, “Now it will be our Mrs. Ye who will draw the third prize for you, and the prize is a cell phone, there are fifteen of them, just press three sets of numbers. Mrs. Ye, are you ready?”

Venus nodded very meekly and placed her hand on the keypad.

“Okay, our big screen is now scrolling up.”

On the display, the numbers changed rapidly, and Venus silently recited three numbers, and pressed the button, “Stop!”.

The five numbers stayed on the big screen, followed by the cheers from below, as someone saw he had won the prize.

“Congratulate to the winners of the first round, the big screen is scrolling up again, and we will draw the second group.”

Gradually, Venus became more lively on stage and played with more ease.

“Next is the most exciting moment, we will draw the biggest prize of the night. Mr. Ye, who will draw the prize between you and Mrs. Ye?”

Kerry’s eyes were full of tenderness, “Of course it’s my wife’s turn to draw such an important award.”

“Wow, it seems that in the Ye family, it’s your wife who makes the decisions,” the host teased.

Kerry smiled more softly, “Yes, my wife is always in charge of our family’s affairs.”

There was another uproar from the bottom, and Venus)quietly pinched the palm of his hand, signaling him to stop.

“Your love is so sweet, I refuse to hear it.” The host followed everyone’s lead and then said, “Okay, let’s ask Mrs. Ye to draw the lucky winner for us tonight.”

As the numbers continued to roll on the big screen, Venus popped the button and the numbers stopped, number 286.

“The grand prize is born, please take a look at the number plate in your hand, is it number 286 ……”

Before the hosts could finish his words, they heard a boy in the crowd screaming, “Ah – it’s me, it’s me, I’m number 286.”

Venus and Kerry looked over and saw a young man holding a number plate in his hand, dancing with excitement. He was a new employee in the R&D department who had recently joined the company.

Kerry thought he looked familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

When he ran up to receive the award, Kerry finally remembered. More than a year ago, Venus was kidnapped by Hao Nangong, and she sent a distress message, that was sent to his cell phone, Kerry remembered, he was still a very energetic young man, riding a bicycle and carrying a shoulder bag. And Kerry also promised him, if he came to the Yehuang Group, just call him.

But later, he did not receive a call from the young man.

The young man excitedly stood in front of Kerry and said happily, “Mr. Ye, you forgot me, right?”.

“No, I still remember you, why didn’t you call me later?” Kerry asked with puzzlement.

The young man lifted his chin proudly, “I wanted to enter Yehuang Group with my own strength, so I sent my resume, but I didn’t expect that I really applied for the job.”

Kerry patted his shoulder and exclaimed, “Well, good job.”

Venus gave a large car key model to the young man and wished him well from the bottom of her heart, “Congratulations.”

He put his hands together and thanked, “Thank you.”

The lively raffle ended, and Kerry and Venus went down, and they were about to take a break on a chair when a hotel attendant came over with a large package.

“May I ask if this is Mr. Ye?”

“It’s me, what can I do for you?”

The attendant handed him a box, “Someone just brought this to the door as a New Year’s gift for you, and said that you must open it now.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 255 Chapter 255 Accident, Who Planned The Explosion (3)
Kerry Ye was confused, “Who sent this?”

“He didn’t say.”

Kerry took the gift box over, “Thank you.”

The waiter went out.

“What’s in it?” Venus Mu curiously leaned in and asked.

Kerry shook the gift box, which was a bit heavy and clanging when shaken.

“I don’t know. Forget it. Let’s leave it here for now and look at it after dinner.”

Tianye Mu came over and asked, “What the hell?”

“Not sure. The waiter said it was a New Year’s gift for Kerry and told him to open it now.” Venus explained.

“This may be a prank. We’ll talk later.”

Tianye’s heart jumped and he had a bad feeling about it. He pulled Kerry’s arm and his gaze turned cold, “I think it’s better for you to open it now.”

Kerry froze and looked back at him. They have been fighting for years and know each other well. They understand each other’s meaning with just a glance.

Seeing how cautious Tianye was, Kerry also became serious. He nodded and began to open the gift box in his hand.

Venus and Xiran Xiao leaned over to see what was happening. Kerry untied the silk ribbon and removed the outer pink wrapping paper, revealing a very ordinary paper box. When he opened the box again, the expressions on their faces all became rigid.

That was because there was a time bomb inside the carton. The red numbers were counting down a little bit, with only one minute and thirty seconds left.

“Fuck! Who’s so fucking vicious?” Xiran’s eyes revealed a hatred that had never been seen before. There were at least thousands of people in this venue. Even if there was a personal grudge, why let so many people die? It was simply deranged.

“What to do?” Venus grabbed Kerry’s arm.

“This man is coming for me. It’s too late to find a bomb disposal expert now. I’ll take it away.”

Kerry said unusually calmly.

“Kerry!” Venus’s tears instantly welled up. She knew what this meant. If the slightest thing went wrong, he would die.

Time was running out. Kerry didn’t have time to think about it much. He couldn’t let so many innocent people die, even if it meant letting him die.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” Kerry quickly closed the box. His voice trembled because he was nervous. He said to Tianye, “Take care of this.”

“Well.” Tianye responded. He understood that this was the most effective solution at this time.

“Where are you going?” Venus asked anxiously.

“I’m going to throw this into the ocean. It’s the only place that’s safe.” As soon as the words were spoken, his eyes instantly turned deep purple and he chanted the mantra in his mind. After a few seconds, time stopped.

Everyone’s expressions stopped. Even the tears in Venus’s eyes could barely hang from her lower eyelashes. He had no time to say goodbye to the woman he loved and Kerry disappeared into the venue in the next second.

The entire Sky City was as silent as an empty city, and the wind had stopped whimpering.

The crowds, the cars speeding by, the housewives cooking in their rooms, the numbers at the traffic lights, everything was frozen in this second.

Kerry was running madly through the air, not knowing how many minutes he would stop this time so he had to run until he was far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

He didn’t know how long he had been running for. But suddenly, the cold and lingering northwest wind moved. Then Kerry heard the sound of car horns and the noise of the crowd.

At this time, he hadn’t left the Sky City.

He couldn’t run like this. There was only a little more than a minute left and he won’t be able to run away from Sky City like this.

When he thought this, he who was flying in mid-air suddenly disappeared. He used time shift.

He could only use it three times. So every time Kerry transiently shifted, he did the best he could. As for where he could run to, he couldn’t think about it that much.

Therefore, in the first time he stopped at a suburban house. The family of five was watching TV when a man in a suit suddenly appeared in front of the TV screen, but he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“Just now, did someone appear?” The man rolled his eyes and blinked as if he was hallucinating.

“You saw it too? I thought I saw it wrong.” The Mistress froze as well.

“Where is he? Why is he gone again? Is that a ghost?” The man got up boldly and went to look around the house.

The elder sitting on the couch and sleeping was awakened by his son, “There are no ghosts in this world. I haven’t seen one even after living for over eighty years. It must be that you’ve seen it wrong.”

The girl nestled in the other couch played her phone as she said, “Dad, we are in a modern society. You have to believe in science, not feudal superstitions.”

“Didn’t you see that?” The girl’s mom asked.

The girl shook her head, “I was playing on my phone. I didn’t see it.”


And this family had the same doubts as a suburban farming family. It was late at night. A husband and his wife were making love. When a man appeared in the bedroom, the husband was so frightened that he could not make love immediately.

Kerry found it both funny and annoying. Without saying a “sorry”, he disappeared again.

“Just isn’t there a ghost?” The man got up from the woman, looking around.

The woman was on top of the man. Of course she didn’t see Kerry, who only appeared for a second. She slapped his husband and said, “What the hell? Get up off me.”

“That’s true. There was a man standing right here just now and smiling at me.” The man pointed to the side of the bed.

“Is that a man or a woman, fat or thin, tall or short?” The woman sneered at his sarcasm.

“I didn’t see it clearly.” The naked man said with a weeping face.

The woman pulled the blanket over herself and said irritably, “I don’t think you’re in your right mind. Go to sleep.”

The man was a little worried now. Would he be able to have sex later after all this? Was it possible that he saw it wrong? That was impossible. That man did smile at him.

He still thought of it. He put on his clothes and said, “I’ll look for it, in case there really is a ghost.”

“I think you’re sick.” The woman was about to have an orgasm but he couldn’t do it further. The woman was unhappy and it was merciful not to throw a pillow at him.

At the hotel’s annual meeting.

Venus’s tear fell steeply. Time began to pass. No one knew what had just happened, except for Tianye, Venus and Xiran.

Venus wiped a handful of tears and whispered, “I’m going to the beach to find him.”

Xiran grabbed her hand, “No. You can’t go now.”

“Xiran, I want to go.”

Tianye pressed her shoulder and looked at her anxiously, “Xiran is right. You can’t go now. Probably, the opposite party is looking at here with a camera right now. As soon as you leave, you’ll expose the fact that Kerry has suddenly disappeared.”

“But what if something happens to Kerry? What if he gets hurt? I’m going to save him.”

“Venus, calm down!” Tianye shouted in a low voice, “What are you anxious about? I’m still here, aren’t I? All you can do now is try to keep things as normal as possible. If someone comes looking for Kerry, just say that he has something to do and leave first.”

“Also, if they want to kill not only Kerry but also you, once you go out, won’t you just fall into the other party’s trap? Venus, don’t you forget that Pingan is still at home waiting for you to return.”

She sobbed and nodded her head as she was reprimanded by Tianye. After a while, her emotions stabilized a bit. And when she looked up, she smiled calmly.

Tianye gently shook her hand and comforted her, “This is our Mu family’s daughter. It would be fine. You have to trust Kerry.”

“I know, brother.”

Tianye didn’t dare to take half a step away from them. He didn’t know where their enemy was hiding and if they would harm his sister.

On the one hand, Tianye pulled out his cell phone and ordered his subordinates to go to the beach as soon as possible to find Kerry. On the other hand, he ordered the assistant waiting outside the hotel to immediately check the hotel’s surveillance to see who had just sent the gift.

After things were arranged, as expected by Tianye, a middle-aged man came over with a glass of wine. He was slightly surprised when he saw that there were only three people here.

“Mrs. Ye, why President Ye disappeared?”

Venus smiled faintly, “He’s got something to do and will be gone for a while.”

“President Ye is really busy.” The man didn’t ask too many questions and left after exchanging a few pleasantries.

Venus exhaled. She seemed calm outwardly, but inwardly she was almost crumpling her handbag. She didn’t even dare to think about what happened to Kerry right now. She just hoped that the God would take pity on him and let him be safe and sound.

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