Chapter 255: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 255 Drop The Lawsuit?

Nina also went to the police station.

“Captain Brown, our chairman can’t be involved in a murder. Perhaps, it’s just a misunderstanding.” Nina explained anxiously.

Jason replied, “Everything depends on the evidence. I’ll try my best. But…. He instructed people to destroy all of Black Carp’s entertainment club and also he beat up Fox in the hospital….”

“If you want to win, we can only ask the victims to drop the lawsuit.”

Nina was dumbfounded, drop the lawsuit?

How is it possible?

Fox really hates Colin and it’s impossible to drop the lawsuit.

Black Carp’s businesses were also destroyed completely, he also wouldn’t drop the lawsuit.

And Hui was more terrible. Since it’s related to someone’s life, he wouldn’t drop the lawsuit.

“Assistant White, you have to find a lawyer quickly! It’s the best for him.” Jason advised.

Nina suddenly came to her senses. Right, she has to find a lawyer quickly. Perhaps, Colin’s name could be cleared if he has a lawyer.

However, when Nina returned to Marquis, Adam found her before she could start looking for a lawyer.

“I heard that the chairman was taken away by the police?” Adam asked nervously.

Nina didn’t dare to deny it was obvious that the police came to Marquis and a lot of people had witnessed it, “Right. But, I’ve asked about it. it’s just a misunderstanding and has nothing to do with the chairman.”

Adam asked suspiciously upon hearing that, “Then, where is the chairman now?”

“He has something personal so he has gone home.”

Nina couldn’t let people know that Colin was still at the police station now. Otherwise, Marquis would be more difficult to manage without a chairman.

Adam was slightly uncertain, “Okay then. Oh, by the way, there is something wrong with the cargo ships today. They are detained at the customs. This is quite urgent. Don’t forget to tell the chairman later.”

“I will.” Nina nodded.

After Adam left, Nina smiled bitterly. How could she tell the chairman about this problem? Just now at the police station, Jason didn’t even let her meet Colin!


The next day, Ellie came to the Marquis early in the morning.

In the reception room.

Nina managed to smile slightly, “Do you have any business here, Mrs. Ye?”

Ellie smiled slightly, “It’s an important one, which is to acquire Marquis.”

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